• Published 31st Oct 2018
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The Miracle Phoenix. - Neutral Boy

Deciding to start her life somewhere from the chaos at CHS, Sunset encounters a boy who's blind & deaf as she now must protect him from danger and their past history.

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Prologue: Caretaker visit.

Ever since the Fall Formal incident, Sunset Shimmer had a hard time of adjusting to reformation after Princess Twilight Sparkle and the five girls that Sunset bullied defeat and purified her demon form. Though unexpectedly before the Battle of the Bands, Sunset somehow found love interest of Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie on different days. After the siren sisters were defeated by the Rainbooms including the helps of Twilight and Sunset, their loving bond grew more and they decide to have a sleepover.

Things were looking up for Sunset and the girls. . . . .

Until the Mystable Account user started to appear online at CHS that's causing secrets exposed and friendships torn apart in classes like clubs, math, chemistry, gym, computer, library, cooking, auditorium, music, and outdoor activities.

In the hallway commotion, there we see Sunset and her five girlfriends arguing over with Sunset being blamed for creating the horrible account. Although Sunset tried her very best telling her girlfriends that she's innocent and being framed by someone else, she wasn't prepared for what her girlfriends would say next.

"You're not our friend!"

"You secret stealer!"

"How could you do this? After all we’ve been through together?!"

"Ah’m sorry, but you did this to us. Tell whatever secrets you want. But we don’t have to listen.”


It felt like the whole world crumbled around Sunset when hearing those hurtful words from them and thinking that she went back to her old way. Yet after hearing them enough, she didn't break down on the floor and showed tears.

"Fine." Sunset said in a venom tone which got the girls paused and confused.

"If that's how you all truly feel about me, then we're no longer in a relationship anymore."

Then as Sunset was about to walk away from them, she says something to each of the five girls that would later make them sad, depressed, guilt, broken, and regret for their own actions n hurtful words against their own girlfriend.

"I'm really hurt that you girls would even dare to toss me away, like an old childhood reject toy."

As Sunset walks off without looking back, no student notice a small tear leaving her face.

During the lunch hour, Sunset sneaks off from detention after getting into a fight with Gilda and her goons, with them getting brutally beaten by Sunset as she heads over to her locker. She grabbed all the things she needs including her magic journal. Before heading outside, she walks over to the principal's office and pulls out a paper to write.

'Dear Principal Celestia,

Sorry if this maybe pains you later. Due to the unknown Anon-A-Miss user of causing amount of chaos in this school and me being framed by it, I can no longer attend to this stupid school that would turn their backs on me, just because I used to be bad and wanted to make up for my foolish mistakes. I'll be going somewhere else that'll perhaps help me and no, I'm not going back home Equestria. Not yet at least and don't even bother of looking or finding me.

Your former student/ex raging she-demon, Sunset Shimmer.'

'P.S. To everyone at CHS, have fun dealing with magical disasters on your own without me nor Twilight helping you.'

'P.S.S Please cut down on your favorite snacks, Principal Celestia and Vice-Principal Luna.'

Nodding to herself, Sunset folds the paper, pushes it under the door, and head out the doors.

After heading outside, Sunset walks over to the statue and slowly slides down to the floor beside the portal.

"I really wish you were here right now, Twilight." Sunset whispered.


When her name was spoken, she lifted her head up to see Flash Sentry as she frown and glares at him.

"What are you doing out there? Shouldn't you be back to class?"

Sighing to herself, Sunset gets up and begins to walk up to Flash.

Confused on why she didn't answer, Flash didn't expect her to kick him in the groin. He yelps in pain as he uses both his hands to cover the pain, but not really helping out.

"That, was for being a dumb-ass during the Battle of the Bands competition, hurt Twilight's feelings, and never even of sticking up for me of being wrongfully accused."

Feeling a bit better, Sunset turns around and walks away from him. After passing by the statue, she stops for a moments and glances towards Flash.

"Goodbye Flash." She says with a small smile before resuming her walk.

Stuggling to get up or even crawl, Flash looks to see Sunset walking further away and tries to speak up.


~*5 hours later. . .*~

After walking into some several difficult routes, Sunset was finally out of Canterlot city.

"Hum. It's the first time of leaving Canterlot behind without my demon form to crumble it all down."

"Bummer, would've love to see their terrified faces and my exes. Now where should I go to next?"

Follow. . .

Sunset pauses for as she looks for the strange from both directions before she shrugs.


Follow the small flames. . .

She stops from walking further as the voice grew a bit loud. Her eyes focus on multiple small images of white flames and go forward out in the distance away from Canterlot. Sunset shook her head, not knowing of what is really happening here.

"What are these flames leading me at?"Sunset's mind question before she follows the flames.

"Okay, I'll follow these stupid flames. Frickin voice."

As Sunset followers the unknown white flames for a few mins, she looks to discover a beautiful building with a sign near it called the Everfree Caretaker Center.

"Huh, a caretaker center."

When she walks further close to the building, she notice the white flames have vanished at the door.

"The white flames disappeared inside the building."

With her eyes narrowing at the door, she proceeds to walk up and knock on the door.

"Hello?" Sunset called out.

She waited for about a minute or two, but no one answered her.

"I'm sure no one doesn't mind that I can come in."

Sunset reaches for the door handle and surprised that it's unlocked. She opens the door and walks in before closing it. She then turns around and her eyes widen in shock and surprise. There were many kinds of different kids with blindness, deaf, scar, bald, crippled, etc.

"I never knew there would be so many kids with serious bad problems." Sunset muttered sadly.

She tries to greet them politely to them, but most either ignore her or not paying attention.

Frowning that it didn't work, she walks slowly looking for where the white flames are hiding at.

Look by the window corner. . .

Answering the voice, Sunset turns her head to see a grown kid sitting in the corner in a fetal position. The white flames that Sunset tries to look for appears in front of her feet and proceeds to move forward slowly towards the boy as they circle around and disappear.

"Is this the one? He doesn't seem different, except no one is paying attention to him or why he's in the corner."


Startled, Sunset yelps and turns her to see a little kid with an eyebrow raised looking at her.

"Can I help you lady?" The kid said in a rude tone.

Sunset decide to let that one slide and answers politely.

"Hello there little one. I was actually wondering on who's the kid in the corner?"

When Sunset points her finger to the boy in the corner, the kid turns his head and glares at the boy.

"That's Kimba."

Author's Note:

Keep in mind that this is a very difficult story to make since I can't go to the same route as the Miracle Worker, but perhaps in a different dark direction. It took me some time to work on it, but I finally got it.

Anyway, Happy Halloween everyone!

1/22/2019 update: I forgot to mention that some new characters will appear later in the chapters. :derpytongue2: