• Published 31st Oct 2018
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The Miracle Phoenix. - Neutral Boy

Deciding to start her life somewhere from the chaos at CHS, Sunset encounters a boy who's blind & deaf as she now must protect him from danger and their past history.

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Chapter 1: A volunteer job.

"Listen girl, if I were you I wouldn't be friends with him. He's just a trouble making piece of s-"

"Jacob!" A loud girl voice shouted.

The boy known as Jacob froze and slowly turns his head to see a woman glaring at him. Sunset also sees her and decides to not intervene while looking at her. The girl has on mix blue/green/lime ponytail hair, one right eye covered by her hair, blue jacket, purple shirt, black jeans, and purple goggles on her top head.

"What have I told you about not being mean to Kimba and name calling?"

"B-But I-" He was cut off when she taps one of her feet.

"In the corner, now." She says in an ordered tone.

Jacob flinches and shakily nods his before walking away from the three people.

The ponytail hair girl sighs and turns her head looking at Sunset and smiles.

"Sorry about that, my name is Rain. I work here as a long time volunteer." Rain said offering a handshake.

"Sunset Shimmer." Sunset says as she gladly shook her hand.

"Rain, why was that boy Jacob being rude to Kimba?"

Rain glances over to Kimba as she makes a sad sigh.

"Kimba has a very long bad past history than almost everyone else."

"How bad exactly Rain?"

Rain then leans over to Sunset's right ear and whispers to her.

"To put it in short; Kimba is both blind, deaf, and can't speak very well."

Sunset's eyes widen and looks over at Kimba who's hiding his head under between his legs.

"That's why me and my group are like very protective guardians to him since then."

When Sunset is feeling pity, worry, and sympathize of Kimba's bad past that perhaps is more painful than hers, she thought up of some thinking in her mind before an idea popped up and talks to Rain again.

"Hey Rain?"


". . . Is it okay if I can have a volunteer job?"

Rain stares at her and tilts her head.

"You want to join in a volunteer job here?"

"Yes and to well uh, maybe join in on protecting Kimba?"

Rain hummed at the idea of Sunset joining before she agrees and have a talk with Sunset later.

"Alright, I'll talk to one of my friends and they can take you to our boss in a few minutes."

Rain eventually walks over to Kimba, bends down on her knees, and lightly shakes Kimba's black hair.


Kimba turns his head and slowly opens up his eyes, only it shows white eyes.

"I'll be back soon, I promise." She says before kissing his forehead and gets back up.

Rain then heads over to Sunset as she suddenly puts both hands on her shoulders and whispers to her.

"Heed my advice Sunset; If anything should ever happen to him, I won't be very nice next time."

Sunset shakily nods as Rain retracts her hands, walks over to the coat racks, and calls for someone.


"Yes Rain?" A girl voice answers back.

Rain turns her head to see her friend Scarlett walking towards her. She has on a mix magenta hair, two pony pig tails, brown eyes, right eye covered by her hair, nurse t shirt, and black shorts.

"Keep an eye on those two while I'm here or perhaps I have gone off somewhere."

Scarlet nods to Rain as she grabs her coat, talks to a friend of hers, and heads outside to somewhere while Scarlett watches Sunset try to somehow find a way to interact with Kimba as Scarlett lets out a small giggle.

'This should be interesting.' Her mind says as she hums and takes out her favorites book and reads it.

'I wonder what else is going to happen next?'

Outside, Rain is seen jogging fast until she stops at one of the shops.

She takes out her cellphone and dials numbers on it as it rings.

The number then picks up as Rain frowns and talks to someone on her phone.

"It's me, are you still available? Good, I need to speak with you. It's very important."

A minute or so later, Rain hangs up her cellphone and heads inside a bar shop.

Author's Note:

Hey everyone, sorry it took so long to finish the chapter.

Got held up on internet troubles, racking up some game coins, and other stories.

Well anyway, nothing much to say so see ya later.