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First time of writing my own stories on here since the first episode of my little pony friendship is magic.


In the Anon-A-Miss chaos fiasco thing and breaking up with her girlfriends, Sunset needed to find a way to stay away from everyone at Canterlot and CHS until she comes across a caretaker school. Deciding this would be a good idea to start, Sunset walks inside before her face was in shock of seeing kids with problems like disability, dyslexia, blind, deaf, etc. This is where her life restarts where she encounters a lonely boy who is both blind and deaf.

*Inspired by the amazing/sad/depressing 1962 film; The Miracle Worker*

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Well.........it's a bit rush and the Grammar could be a lot better.

Sorry about that, I didn't mean to make it rush and it's making me real nervous of writing it.

Well glad to see a new story still can't wait for your other anon a miss stories tho

Dyslexia and blindness are mutually exclusive.

It's ok the start was nice, the letter was ok, but take your time, and remember this has no deadline, unless you make one for it.
The bit on Flash felt a little too much but...He never did stand up for her, so that leaves so many possible reasons why, one being too cowardly or dumb to stand up or her is one of them.

I'm sad the girls lost her, nd really hope they kick their little siblings butts all over the place.
thou they got what they wanted, doesn't mean they stop, like it was in the comic, things got out of hand, and everyone started to send in secrets, so they kept it up.

How much they get punished depends on how bad things get, if students start to get into fist fights, or damage each other lockers or stuff for secrets revealed.
In and out of school, they could face from the usual detention to police charges, to jail time.
Again depends on how bad things get, because of the site they made,

Is more coming or is it going to be like your other stories and never updated past chapter 1? And yes i am bitter about that i like those idea but they never went any where

Sorry, I had a lot of troubled things plaguing my mind recently in the past weeks. Like with the whole plots, stuck on moving forward to another chapters, good & dark turns, that sort of thing. Not really the best time of writing, but I'll try to update soon perhaps. Expect one of the stories that'll update and I'm not gonna say which one.

Ah ok that’s understandable thank you for telling me hope that gets better soon

Nice start, but I'm not gonna lie, I forgot that this story existed...

A quick note about your description before I read you story. People with dyslexia do not get sent to those kinds of schools, they stay in classes with other students. Sometimes students who are diagnosed will be in a special learning class as an elective. Individuals with sever autism or downs syndrome would be more appropriate.

Dude. When there’s a Chibi Sunset Shimmer. There’s not a lot of people who can resist.

Oh boy, dogs really do sense evil...

why do people think that chibi looks cute i mean look at the teen titans reboot series is it cute?

Ok sunset, I understand your upset and all that, but that’s not an excuse to be a dick. Also, how old is kimba?

"Heed my advice Sunset; If anything should ever happen to him, I won't be very nice next time."

I already got a bad feeling about rain.

So Esbern had no choice, but to knock her out in the head and carrying her on her back.

She gonna be mad as sh*t. Also, I’m a little bit confused. And, is this going to continue?

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