• Published 5th Apr 2018
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The Sun Sets on Motherhood - Sudrian Engineer

Sunset Shimmer has returned to Equestria and has been forgive, but when a young boy from the real word is brought to the land of ponies, will Sunset have what it takes to become a mom?

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A Party and A Special Wish

Meanwhile, at Sugarcube Corner, a certain pink mare was busy baking and gathering supplies for the party. Twilight walked in, and was about to speak, but was interrupted by Pinkie Pie bouncing over and hugging her. "EEEEEK I am SO excited for the Yay, Sunset is back and Celestia adopted her party." The lavender alicorn was about to ask Pinkie how she already knew, but changed her mind, shivering as the remembered the Pinkie Sense incident.

"Sounds good Pinkie," she replied, smiling as she continued. "I can go tell the other girls, since this is a spur of the moment party." At the party pony's nod, Twilight teleported away, telling the pony versions of Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Fluttershy. As she teleported to each place, she made sure to teleport a bit away from each pony, as to not scare them. On some of her first uses of the teleportation spell, she had appeared directly in front of the ponies, and gave them quite a scare.

Once the Princess of Friendship had told her closest friends about the party, she headed back to the castle, wanting to check on the Sun Princess and her new daughter. As she arrived, she heard laughter coming from the room the pair had been in when she left. Getting closer, she began to hear Sunset speaking between laughs, causing a smile to appear on Twilight's face. "So, there I am, painting calmly, when she bursts in, excited as usual," she heard the amber unicorn start to say. "She starts painting her canvas, splashing me with various shades of yellow, orange, and red. Finally, she finishes and, when I look over, she somehow painted a picture of me."

Celestia giggled a bit and was about to reply, but Twilight walked in at that moment and blushed before speaking. "I hope I am not interrupting anything..."

"Not at all," the regal white alicorn stated, "Sunset and I were just talking about some of her experiences in the other world."

"Well, if it is ok with her, thoes stories will have to wait untill later."

Sunset blinked in confusion before replying, "What do you mean Twilight?"

"Well, I may or may not have asked Pinkie to throw a party for you two."

Princess Celestia smiled, even giving a small laugh. "It has been a while since I enjoyed a party thrown by the Element of Laughter, it should be quite fun," she replied in joy.

Sunset had a more nervous smile, a bit worried, nd voiced her concerns as such. "Is that the best idea? What if your friends think I am still evil Twilight?"

The purple alicorn just gave Sunset a hug and replied, "I have been telling them of your adventures, they know you are reformed, and have been for a while." This made the bacon haired mare less nervous and her new smile reflected it. Soon, Pinkie and the others arrived, the party soon in full swing. At various times, Sunset told stories of events from the workd beyone the mirror, from helping Sci-Twi, to saving Camp Everfree. One such thing, however, caught Celestia's attention.

"Sunset," she began, "You say there were seven gems, and they helped you save the day?."

The unicorn nodded, walking to her saddlebag looking for hers. Weirdly, as soon as she brought it to the group, it glowed for a moment. Suddenly, it flashed brightly and, when said light faded, it was no longer a gem on a string, but a necklace with a sun shaped gem in the middle, much like what the Elements of Harmony used to look like. At this, Celestia had a wide smile and began to speak again. "I thought as much, congratulations Sunset, you are now the Element of Forgivness."

The girls were all confused at first, but Celestia continued, "It is true I only used 6 elements back when I was forced to send Luna to the moon, which is why only 6 were claimed to be known. However, there was a 7th that Luna and I hadn't been able to activate. We obviously found the 6 we knew seemed to work, but the 7th remained a mystery, untill now. After hearing how you discovered said gemstone, and all your exploits, it is clear what this element represents.

Sunset began to tear up a bit, emotionally taxed by this reveal. "I, I never expected this, thank you your highness," she said.

Soon, it was decided they needed to go to the Tree of Harmony, and so they did. As soon as they arrived, they watched in awe as the tree began to grow a new branch, a sun shaped gem hole in said new limb. Sunset took the gem out of her necklace and took a deep breath. She levitated the gem into it's spot and smiled.

Soon, they returned to the party and, that night, she wrote a message to her mirror world friends, explaining what had happened that day. As time went on, she got reaclimated to Equestria, and lived in peace. Little did she know, her life would soon be thrown another curveball...

***Meanwhile, in a different world***

In the heart of the Southeast, in the peach state to be specific, there was a small orphanage on the outskirts of a small town. It was rather run down, and not run that well. The owner was a frail old woman who loved the kids in the home, but was stuck at home due to her age. Her children, sadly, were only in it for the money, and couldn't care less about how the orphans were treated. While not extremely abusive, they didn't hesitate to slap, spank, and sometimes beat, the "guests" when they did something the owner's children considered bad or wrong.

One such resident was a 6-year-old named Matthew Hope. Now, you may think I am going to say he was a perfect little boy who never did wrong. The fact is, however, he isn't, he has Autism and can get angry easily. A few times he fought other kids, but he did do his best to behave. His only posessions were a set of 26 books, known as The Railway Series and a stuffed bunny that he named Mr. Cuddles.

This paricular night, he was in his bed, looking at the stars, thinking about himself. As he stared, he made a choice, not knowing it would change his life for the better. He looked t9 the brightest star he could find, and closed his eyes. "I wish," he began, "I wish to have a mom that loves me even when I get upset and understands who I am." Soon, he fell asleep, dreaming of a mom, not knowing what was happening in another land.

Author's Note:

*Insert excuse for the long gap and apology here*

But seriously. I AM sorry everyone... hope some people are still reading... I PROMISE the next chapter will be out sooner.

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Published in 2018, read by me in 2021.

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