I figured that if I'm going to get watchers who are waiting for me patiently, then I might as well give them material that ain't mine to keep them satiated. This one here takes a real shine to grabbing your attention one way, then slowly flipping the mood in a way that you can't help but agree with, if any of that makes sense. It may not here, but I guarantee that while reading through it, you will.

Lost in a Terrifying World

By Erisn

Slender Man. Destroyer of worlds. Nemesis of gods. Harbinger of destruction. Really tall guy.

The Eldritch are constantly attracted to our worlds, often bringing death and chaos with them. But why do they hate us so much? Is it because we smell bad? Do we taste really good? Are they just bored? Nope. It's because they think we're all mindless pests, and are trying to get rid of the infestation known as life. Go figure.

Slender Man is one such unearthly being. One day, on his way to sow more fear and despair across the multi-verse, he gets lost and ends up in Equestria. He then proceeds to do what he does best. There's lots of screaming. But along the way, Slender finds that ponies might actually be smart. That perhaps, just maybe, the beings-from-beyond have been killing a bunch of sentient life, and not squashing cockroaches.

Will Slender be changed by this realization? Or will he decide to erradicate all life in Equestria? Not even the Ancients know the answer to that.

This is a variable rollercoaster of tones, each tone being of an extreme in its own right, from the anxiety of the horror, to the giddiness and mirth of the comedic moments, and even getting to those laugh-worthy moments from the tense ones are a trip in itself, leaving the funnier moments all the more funny after getting off from the high of being on the edge of your seat.

And the exposition of the "world" is so marvelously well-balanced that it doesn't feel over-explained. They blend in things that people who are even minimally knowledgeable of internet lore know of into the story in a way that makes sense and contributes to the story usefully.

But the most important part that needs to be kept largely in mind, and something that blew my mind the further I dove in is this: Everyone stays in character. Everyone. Even though Slender Man is mostly up to interpretation, the blending of world and his outlook make him feel like the most Slendy Slender Man that could ever be in this situation and have it still happen. It's deliciously good.

Seriously. Read it.

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Quotes, From Yours Truly.

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It's never too early to regret everything you've done as a teenager.

If someone did it, anyone can do it. If no one did it, be the first. Just don't kill people.

Reading these words means you understand something, so at least try to understand everything.

Don't do bad things. They're bad.

Do good things. They're good.

You'll know what's good and bad. Just don't talk to me about it.

These quotes get worse the more I write them.


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