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A man who spent his life feeling cheated from his earnings dies in a police chase in New Mexico. He wakes up near a city of crystal with his hair replaced by a genius intellect and a want to use it.

A story created as a deconstruction of LOHAV stories as well as looking at the only way to write a legitimate Breaking Bad crossover without writing a complete fusion fic. Warning: May contain major Breaking Bad spoilers.

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Years after their show ended, the Warner Siblings are still living in the Warner Studios Water Tower, but causing considerably less havoc due to being distracted by today's modern society. However, when Wakko comes across an actually decent cartoon made for little girls, the Siblings decide that it's time for a move, and to get back to old roots.

Pinkie Pie, in this story, is based on the story The Truth About Pinkie Pie. However, none of the other Mane Six know what she is yet.

Also, the key genre for this story is Random, but only because the only other genres that I'm sure are in it are Comedy and Crossover (the Human tag may be added later).

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After learning the secrets of the Multi-verse and of a ginger's weird heritage, two teens decide to go screw around in multiple universes, starting with the MLP fanon. Oh, and they also have to fulfill some prophecy and blah blah blah, that crap.

This is the first in a series that will go across many fandoms. Everything FiM related will go into here, including crossovers.

If you have any fanfic requests for the friends to travel to, don't hesitate to comment.

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So, there's this one universe, filled with rainbows and sunshine and ponies. You know that one, right? Well, about two dimensions to the left was this other universe with just about the same stuff, plus a few other things. One of those few other things being me, and another being a pony me. And no, we didn't screw... much.

(All of those downvotes are from before the rewrite. And it truly was awful. Trust me when I say it's much better now.)

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