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So, there's this one universe, filled with rainbows and sunshine and ponies. You know that one, right? Well, about two dimensions to the left was this other universe with just about the same stuff, plus a few other things. One of those few other things being me, and another being a pony me. And no, we didn't screw... much.

(All of those downvotes are from before the rewrite. And it truly was awful. Trust me when I say it's much better now.)

Chapters (4)
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I like this more then chocolate and I like chocolate oh one more thing FIRST!

Well well well. I am impressed. You have gotten me to reverse my vote. I really think this is a lot better than before, I've never read anything where the protagonist finds what I interpreted as a ponified version of his own family. Keep this up.

"Hear that? That was the door to the padded cell that held the brony in me since I woke up that morning. And at that point, he broke out using the dynamite that Abyx smuggled in through my ears."
Oh god my sides:rainbowlaugh:

I must say, you do not disappoint. I was expecting something mediocre, I got greatness. You have earned yourself a fav/track. Kudos to you for being the first author to have completed a turnabout (if you'll forgive the Phoenix Wright terminology:twilightsheepish:, I can't think of a better thing to call it). You managed to reverse my opinion of this story. It has potential, so keep up the good work. I'll be watching.

Well then things just got interesting.

Yesss why jasper why did you freak out explain that! :rainbowlaugh:

And that's why bronies with little self control shouldn't go to Ponyville and try to keep MLP a secret. It just doesn't work, some one always sees through the cover up. Anyways, I like the direction this story is going, and I encourage you to continue.

RIP Eduard Khil

im a fourth reader:derpytongue2:

great story bro


Damn, i wish the chapters were longer :rainbowkiss:
Definitely tracking this one bro, so pretty pwease don't dissapoint me and continue the story <3

742114 /)(\.brohoof dude. And I love the story and it is hilarious! I laugh my ass off for 5 minutes straight. Now my chest and throat are sore but I digress...anyway. Like and fave done! Have a pony!-->:twilightsheepish:

Oooh! Alt-verse where everyone is ponies, including the unexpected visitor! Heck, I'm in!
The Doctor has a loooot of explaning to do...

Its still the most unique twist on HiE I've seen yet. I hope you continue this soon.

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