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A man who spent his life feeling cheated from his earnings dies in a police chase in New Mexico. He wakes up near a city of crystal with his hair replaced by a genius intellect and a want to use it.

A story created as a deconstruction of LOHAV stories as well as looking at the only way to write a legitimate Breaking Bad crossover without writing a complete fusion fic. Warning: May contain major Breaking Bad spoilers.

Chapters (5)
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Could I get some feedback from readers without prejudice, please?

4526555 1 V 1 M8 Ill trickshot u off and end ur career M8

Wait. A LOHAV that actually makes sense as to why without being "oh they were cosplaying at the time"? And has a specific character arc in mind?

Well color me interested, 'cause this dun b good.


will read after I watch all of Braking Bad or this makes the Featured Box; whichever comes first


after I watch all of Braking Bad

For those accidents where all the poor victims had to do to save themselves was brake correctly :trollestia:

first LOHAV fave in a while. been long since the group had a new reasonable entry and thought behind it

This looks promising. You can string more than two sentences together in a coherent fashion and you actually have a plan that (presumably) doesn't involve getting shit faced and throwing post-its at the wall. Faved and upvoted.

This looks good, will read later. :twilightsmile:




No. No no no no! This should be SAPIENCE. There is a difference!

4529440 Crap, you're right. I can't believe I actually missed that. That's actually a big deal for me, and I'll change it right away.

EDIT: Fixed, and thanks.

this concept shows promise

4529594 Then as my want, I will promise to show this concept.

To not know who LD is supposed to be then you need to be effectively Internet handicapped AND must have been living under a rock for the last few years

Spelunker huffed. "They're minerals, not rocks. Sheesh, Sally."


wait :rainbowhuh: if the guy who's taken WW's form knows about the show wouldn't he recognize the character allusion for what it is?

4536154 I suppose, but stress is a weighing factor pressuring him to stay in the now and keeping him from thinking about the show and more about how they're magical, sapient, English-speaking horses.

Plus, it was one line delivered by a guy who's job is cave rocks. The allusion is very minor.

...I noticed something. A man who got turned into Walter White, known by Breaking Bad viewers to make crystal meth, ended up in the Crystal Empire, which has been the butt of tons of jokes about being a crystal meth hotbed. Not sure if intentional or not.

4536526 It actually didn't become intentional until I noticed it when writing the pun for the short description.

Spelunker huffed. "They're minerals, not rocks. Sheesh, Sally."

Comment posted by Hot Blooded Hero deleted Jun 14th, 2014

I think i know what this crystal is....
Yes, i know it's fucking Methamphetamine.

is lighting dust going to be the jessie pinkman:derpyderp2::pinkiehappy:?

4547488 It's not just meth, it's magic meth. Oooooh~

4548980 I thought that was made to be obvious, but very much yes.

I've never watched breaking bad, but this fic might just make me watch it!

4526690 I may actually regret saying this, and you may regret following it, but if you truly wish to not spend the time watching the entire series (don't know why you wouldn't) before reading this fic not-in-the-know, then watch this. It might be missing a few crucial or really good moments, but it gives you most of the plot you need plus the really, really good moments.

Hell fucking YEAH ! Breaking bad. Pure angel dust is coming to the market !

Lightning Dash

Something seems wrong here...

4573087 Fuck, where was that?

EDIT: Found it, and fixed.

No shit google is your friend while in college and your entire life

4573156 Yeah, but I guess even I wasn't expecting meth dealing info. I thought I'd have to run TOR for that.

4573223 Well the world is full of wonders. By the way great chapter really like the idea of angel dust making with mr white and his pure stuff

Maybe this is why Sombra was so obsessed with crystals. :raritywink:

You can find out a lot about drugs through Google.


Now remember kids, drugs are goo- I mean bad. So if you find any. Give it to old Powder_Sniffer and I will get rid of it. :pinkiehappy:

I'm sure it's a great story.
It's just... I HATE ones that involve drugs.. EVERYONE is doing it.

4600846 Really? Where? Why haven't I heard of this new-fangled craze of drug fics?

4600858 Well, it's like clopfics. They're in the feature box when they shouldn't be. they're just not as frequently seen as clopfics

4600877 That's seriously very odd if I haven't seen them.

Well hello there. :twilightsmile:
I see that you are working on this story for some time already and now decided to enter it in our little mayhem contest.
Story so far is good and looks promising. Keep it up. Faved and liked for means of following and appreciation.
Have a nice day. :pinkiehappy:



Dude, you're a loser. Everybody does drugs these days.

*snorts coke*


bats was going to write me a fic where my OC Methdancer smokes the entire Crystal Empire, but then he forgot.

4654449 I know I saw Regidar do one for you, I didn't see anyone else.


Regi did 2 of them actually, she's in his listen and learn sequel

4654496 I'll need to check that out. If you'd like I could place a cameo, or even a character allusion.

4654524 Ha, might as well be just a cameo. That's pretty much every unnamed customer.

4654524 Actually, she might make a good Tuco allusion...

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