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Greetings true believer! It is I, the Wearer of Hats! I'm an aspiring writer and on here you'll find my dabblings into the world of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Enjoy! Hats off to y'all!

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What makes a pony special? Is it their cutie marks, their upbringing, their personalities, their names, their colors, or anything else obvious? That very question stumps so many and yet the answer can be found in the most simple of places; the heart.

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A day is defined by the sun and the night by the moon. Time is defined by the minutes making up each moment and by the events that occur in every minute. A definition can make almost anything seem clear after much confusion, but how do you define a pony? Is it what they do that defines them or who they are that defines them? Is a pony defined by what they know or by what they don’t know? For that matter, is it the question they ask or is the question they hide that defines them?

Most importantly, does it really matter who you are?

A/N: This was something I had to get out of my system as it was rotting my mind away. I’m very aware that there is almost no audience for this kind of thing, but I’m actually kind of proud about how this came out and I thought I might as well share this with my favorite community.

By the way, this little piece is indeed focused around one character in particular. In fact, her name is right there in the story if you know where to look. For the sake of maintaining that mystery, do not read the comments before you read this. See if you can figure it out!

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The ponies of Ponyville are typically noted to be the happiest, most well adjusted, and harmonious beings in all of Equestria. Whether this is because of their innate goodness, their close proximity to Canterlot, the continued presence of the Elements of Harmony, or just sheer happenstance, it is not uncommon for other towns to grow jealous of the pillar of perfection that the happy community appears to be.

However, whenever night falls in Ponyville, a different side of the town is exposed. Where the day is dominated by the bustling of ponies throughout the town, the night is occupied by only one being and he is something entirely different than what you would expect to find in the ‘paradise’. Bitter, cruel, rude, and sociopathic, this pony is an example of what happens when harmony fails.

Though his life had always been quiet, monotonous, and unimportant, everything changed as the walls of his sanctuary were burnt down thanks to a hapless accident. No longer hidden away from innocent eyes, Ponyville became a stage of sorts as the stallion was forced to start his life anew.

Take a moment and clear your calendar before you decide to burden yourself with entries from the diary of this stallion. Entries that detail the story of the happiest pony in all of Equestria, Ipsa Unica.


Cover art by Ghost Townsend

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Princess Celestia attempts to renew her friendship with Luna after being seperated for one thousand years, problems begin to arise when it becomes apparent that this will not be as simple as Celestia expected.

Fearing that she could lose Luna's love forever, Celestia tasks Twilight Sparkle with discovering a way to solve the problems the sisters are having. Unfortunately, this might be something that not even the Elements of Harmony can fix.

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