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Twilight and her friends know the routine. The Cutie Map summons one or more of them by making their cutie marks glow and flash. They come to the castle to answer the summons then depart to some distant part of Equestria to solve a friendship problem. They've all done it many times before.

But whose cutie mark is that? It's not anypony in Ponyville. Or anypony Twilight's friends have met.

What's a pony to do when one morning their cutie mark starts glowing, and they have no idea why?

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Cute start to a story. I wanna see where it goes.

this is kinda on twilight for not informing the public that this can happen and what to do when it does. also canot wait to find out what he called for

She was supposed to know this could happen to random ponies she's never met HOW?!

Kudos on the pun and correct location :pinkiehappy:

WAAH! I've said it before, but Dusty Rose is probably one of my favorite OCs ever.

I'm ready for Chapter 2 already :eeyup:

fair. at least she will now know that it can and will likely plan for it. gonna be funny with our mc trying to figure things out that and twilight serching for a random pony

This is nota that creative, but is sonewhat new, and it's interesting, it could be better later on, si i Will he reading this :D.

I wonder where this will go.

Classic punchy set ups with specialists bring a smile to my face. Have fun with this one! I wanna see what you can do with the premise.

I can see that on the specialists it would be like being referred to a foot doctor for brain surgery.
As to the fact the map indicated a random pony till something happens or there are indications it can happen its generally assume what happened before is what will continue to happen

gonna guess twilight will try find the pony being summoned. mabey she will think the map made a mistake and go where the map is pointing herself and make whatever is the issue worse?

That was pretty fun. Fave'd!
A whole week... Oh boy. Better hope that friendship problem isn't urgent!

The opening lines made me think this was a mock mmo late into mlp g4 or a video game to capitalize on its success.

Well. Lets git this truck on the road

Can't wait to see what happens next

Huh, I thought the title refers to me being summoned, as in the reader... Well, not what I expected, but consider me hooked in this fic by the first chapter alone :pinkiehappy:

Wonder what's the friendship problem is all about that the map chooses a seemingly random pony from Baltimare? Kinda curious to know~

A new hand has touched the beacon!

prolly should have read the tags lmao

You have my curiosity and my attention.

It did happen to Sunburst while he was in the Crystal Empire once. To be fair, we don't know if this story is set before or after that.

but in the case of Sunburst, he was summoned along with Starlight. And Starlight knew him. so there wasn't much confusion as to the "who" of the situation.

11086986 That's true, but Twilight should have realized at that point that the Crystal Map was capable of summoning ponies without any direct connection to the map, and doing so from across Equestria. That would have been the time to take out ads in all the papers "Hey, is your butt glowing? Get on a train to Ponyville!"

Fair point.

Our small equines don't always think ahead, though. Not even Purple Smart.

Well I'm hooked! Glad to have seen its evolution from its more beta form!
Keep it up!

is more comming?

Yes, more is coming. I've encountered a slight delay from RL and too many other stories pressing on my brain. My plan for this is a minimum of four chapters, likely six or seven.

cool i look forward too them.

She might have made the same assumption I did - that the Map spreads it's connection via links of Friendship, and therefore no-one not already close to somepony who had already been called would be affected. (Of course, if that was the case, she seems to have miscalculated.)

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