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Spike isn't used to having so many girls interested in him! Or... any girls interested in him, to be honest. But now he has tickets to a big royal ball, and also a big decision to make. There are four ladies who seem to be crushing on him, but he can't decide who to take to the ball! So, he turns to the princess of love herself to help him out. Unfortunately, Princess Cadance's words of wisdom might not be the ones he wants to hear.

Warning: Contains a little mean-ness to Spike. But only a little.

Written as a commission for the wonderful Olden Bronie, who would be a great date to take to a royal ball. :)
Art (and inspiration for the commission prompt) by Cogweaver, so go give him some love.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 35 )

omg cadence in the icon

"Love me tender, love me sweet"-Elvis Presley

I love that image. I'm so SO glad Olden suggested it as a prompt for this commission. :)

YEP! That's the one ;)

Spike written by Anonpencil?


I was paid. That's how you know I did it. :moustache:

Poor bastard

OMG, this was awesome! Thank you so much!

This reminds me of myself in high school. It ended more hurtful for me than it did for Spike. At least he had fun! Cadence was just the best, though! Poor Spike! Always the bridesmaid and ever the nice guy.

I'll never be able to look at that picture in the same way!

And you're pretty cool yourself, pencil! ;)

As long as you enjoyed it, then my job is done. :)

Was this before or after School of Friendship?

Plot twist: it's a long plan by Princess Cadance. All four actually were interested in, but Cadance told him otherwise to get him with Flurry. That way, once she's fully grown, the two will have bonded enough for romantic feelings and get married, making Spike and Flurry the new rulers of The Crystal Empire, much to the crystal ponies' joy.

-shrug- I dunno. I didn't really intentionally set it anywhere in particular in the timeline, except that Starlight is there. And I guess Spike doesn't have wings yet according to the picture that was the prompt so... there you go!

"Little" I call bullshit on that one

Huh... with Spike’s Celebrity Status and Flurry Heart’s capacity for mass destruction...

I'd bring them all. Herd tactics for the win!

I...I um...well that just built a new ship.

This needs a sad tag…

I'd be surprised if spike's heart isn't crushed into powder. I teared up. Even with the funny ending; everything that came before just made it seem bitter…


Man, I actually thought you were going to be a little nice to Spike for once. How wrong I was.

While a funny ending, it kind of paints Cadence in a bad light. She mocks Spike for his crushes though apologises and tries to make amends only to troll him.

Spike deserves nothing good.

This is why I can't have nice things.

“S-spike,” she said, still chuckling under her breath. “You… you know none of them are flirting with you, right?”

Well... I never expected that anyone would make me hate Cadance, of all ponies.

Cute! I can totally see a "married for a couple hundred years" Spike and Flurry Heart looking back on this moment and Spike admitting that he really didn't want to go with her. Haha. Both are immortal, so...it can work!

Ah ha ha. This is funny.

Brutal honesty always comes out and seems mean, but isn't. Tough love. I'd rather have this and the rude reality check than not, but that's just me.

I liked it.

Did the baby say yes, though?

Wow, Cadence is a jerk.

Well... she didn't say no. :trollestia:

YAY! Thank you!
Only thing: It's called "Love Me Tender"
The chapter title is "Love me true"

Didn’t read it, just making sure all the authors do know

Well then thank you most kindly. :)

Next time, on the deleted scenes of Anonpencil's "Too hot for fimfic"!

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