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An amalgamation of nice and spice. Controversial in every sense of the word.


Berry Punch has a horrible drinking problem, but all she sees is a cycle that she indulges in. She wants to get out of it now, but why move on from something that tastes so good? Why move on from something that becomes natural to do?

Chaos and death have the answers, and it sure isn't pretty.

Inspired by anonpencil's series of Berry Punch stories.

Please check out the artist of the coverart, Lupiarts!

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Thank you for writing this, I really enjoyed it. Hope to see more from you, and I'm really touched that something I created inspired you to create as well. :heart:

You're welcome! After reading the series over two times because I like it so much, I decided I needed to write something similar. I think I nailed it on the head if I got that reaction. :twilightsmile:

In addition, I want to thank you for the follow, and for the shoutout on your blog. I appreciate your support!

A cycle is a cycle, even if the god of chaos himself can't discern it... Any cycle, no matter how ingrained can be broken and be freed from if the force behind it is strong enough...

If you know someone like this, please... please help them... They may hate you, they may be violent, they may beg and wheedle their way down to something as innocuous as a beer... or three... or twelve or more because they can "handle" it....

If you have any love for the person, hell, even a friendship... Save them from their self and stop it no matter the cost...

this is pretty good, taking inspiration from anonpencil was a great idea. But unlike his/her, I don't know why this fanfiction doesn't give me the same remorseful/depressing vibe that I got from anonpencil. Maybe it was because I actually saw the side effects of Berry Punches liver failure, or maybe it was because of the sad love story between anon and berry. But the introduction of discord is very interesting. I hope you don't find my comment too negative. I love your fanfiction as much as anonpencil's.

Your comment is not negative at all, Muffinlover. Do not fret. I enjoy criticism as much as any author that wants to improve! I want to address your feelings as to why you didn't feel the same vibe that you got from anonpencil's Berry Punch. The main difference between my Berry Punch and anonpencils is that I wanted Berry to be seen in a state of her being told she is dying, versus the Berry that anonpencil has crafted in the latter stages of her liver failure. This was more of a coming to grips with reality story that depicts her trying to ignore her reality, be in denial of her reality, and then finally coming to "accept" her reality. The addition of Discord was to elaborate on those stages, but also give slight insight on his own reformation (so to speak).

This is just my reasoning, because every person interprets literature differently. With the usage of poetry, many interpretations could come up and cause different emotions to rise. So this blend of poetry and prose may throw your viewing of Berry Punch off as well, since anon used a more vivid prose format while I used a blending of poetry and prose.

Thank you for your comment and I appreciate the love and support! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

...Berry's still going to die from liver failure, isn't she?:fluttercry:

Whew... that was certainly something :pinkiegasp: Your style is very... interesting, not horrible by any means, no no, it's actually really neat! Just didn't expect it.

Good show.

Very very unsettling, in the best possible way.

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