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Some of them want to use you, some of them want to be used by you/Some of them want to abuse you, some of them want to be abused.


The human poet Sappho seeks her Muse in Equestria, and finds her in the mysterious Princess of the Night.

Inspired by Bliss Carman's Sappho: One Hundred Lyrics.

(2019-01-26) Featured on Equestria Daily!

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Well this certainly seems like it’ll be interesting. I’m kind of hoping that you avoid having Sappho play a major part in the creation of Nightmare Moon so that we can get a story about the early Sisters without that hanging over our heads, but regardless, you have my attention.

Ice Star #2 · Dec 6th, 2018 · · · I ·

You might want to add the 'other' tag for Sappho, y'know. Only Luna is tagged thus far.

I think the "Human" tag implies the presence of a human character outside of the "Other" tag.

Not really, considering humanized stories are a thing. 'Other' is just used for anyone who doesn't have a tag, and that would include Sappho. The tags make it seem like a humanized Luna story, and people searching the other tag won't be able to find stories like this. People who would want to filter this story/the other tag out in a search because it wasn't their cup of tea wouldn't be able to because you didn't have the tag.

Fair enough. Changed, thanks.

Oroboro #7 · Dec 6th, 2018 · · · I ·

A certainly unique take on the HiE genre. A human lesbian going to equestria is already rare enough it is. Let alone a Lesbian with a capital L.

Not much super engaging actually happens in the first chapter here, but Sappho's culture provides a fresh viewpoint through which to experience the world. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.

I suspect much of the Greek stuff here is more "theme park Greece" rather than truly steeped in historical realism, but I mean, who gives a shit other than history nerds anyway?

Huh, what's with the like/dislike ratio? This was pretty well written.

Carabas #9 · Dec 6th, 2018 · · · I ·

This is excellent. Besides the neat prose, Sappho makes for a unique and really cool protagonist for an HiE, she feels authentic to her time and culture, and the perspective she brings as an Ancient Greek clashes and fits with Equestria perfectly - she's well-placed to recognise the fabulous beasts around her, though only in the context of the myths she knows. On that front, good job on integrating the Bellerophon story as well. Your Celestia and Luna are also nicely done, and I'm looking forward to how they and Sappho get along in future chapters.

Not bad at all. :twilightsmile:

I like to think of it as more "I took Intro to Classics 101" Greek than "theme park" Greek, but yes, I'm definitely not an expert in the field, and I'm really hoping that no one who actually is reads this.

That's a lotta dislikes. Still gonna read it anyway, probably people buttmad over the title

Good use of a literal title.

I'm definitely interested in where this goes. I love a good historic mythical crossover.

Apparently not ALL the early inter-dimensional nonsense was Starswirl's fault. Artemis, you should be polite to neighboring goddesses and not just dump humans in their throne room.

If it WAS Artemis. Pirene, just who are you and what are you playing at? Your mythic backstory implies some connection to Equestria and Artemis both, but of an ambiguous nature. For those curious, Pirene was a nymph whose son was accidentally killed by Artemis. In her grief she became tears, a sacred spring. The spring, in fact, where Belerephon found Pegasus.

But yeah, seriously, the Olympians should watch themselves with shenanigans like this. Zeus and Ares in particular are probably just bucking for a rainbow to the face, as I recall...

Also Luna, Celestia, not wanting to be worshiped doesn't make you not a goddess. Just because Equestria is crazy enough that you're middle tier as far as gods go doesn't change that.

Yeah, no idea what the heck is up with that.

Equestria meets ancient Greece? Color me intrigued!
Also, kudos* for clever names like Tender Heart and Silver Sword!

*Haha, Greek

I find it fascinating how Sappho has become the symbol for lesbians when she was actually bisexual. It’s funny how history warps people’s perspectives.

It’s like how people assume Leonardo da Vinci was straight, when he was a gay man.

Now I am trying to remember the details of Artemis's connection to the moon. I need to brush up on my Geek mythology again. :derpytongue2:

Well, fascinating. These types of stories are far too rare and it's more so rare to find one this well written. I want to see where this goes.

What DOES being a god mean anyway? They have destiny-ordained control of the celestial bodies of their world plus vast power above and beyond any other pony. Of course, that probably makes all ponies at least on the same level as naiads, dryads, and sylphs and such. At a minimum those with a Talent for something related to world maintenance.

Puts their fear of the Everfree, which is beyond their power, in a new light doesn't it? :pinkiehappy:

(Also Merlin was an Oracle and Dumbledore is strong and skilled but not that exceptional)

Sappho’s poetry sucked ass and so did Sapphism.

Do not get me wrong I am interested in reading. Seeing new ideas is rare. I just had a classical poetry class and the delusional “professor” worshipped Sappho. We spent 4 weeks on that crap and the Sapphist movement. We spent 1 period on Euripides. I was ready to blow my brains out after seeing and listening to that cow dance around while reciting that junk.

she would be reunited with her family in Hades' realm

That's not really how Hades worked.

I really cannot comprehend all the downvotes this has, it’s quite good as a slice-of-life story. Don’t let them get to you, regardless.

The ability of certain teachers to kill what should be fascinating subjects should itself be a subject of study. Pretty sure every English-speaking student on the planet would love nothing more than to travel back in time and throttle Shakespeare, for example.


That butterfly. I think someone is keeping an eye on the situation they instigated.

This conversation alone probably knocked Nightmare Moon a few decades back.


I think the problem is they treat it as Somber Serious Business, when they're actually full of comedy and drama. Even the tragedies are stuffed with witty banter.

Through the Well of Not-Pirene

I do wonder what time period this is set in. Trains probably aren't a thing to break Sappho's mind, so I guess a couple of thousand years back?

A quick look at her biography places her around 630 – 570 B.C.

The class was awful too. Most were lit majors that held similar fascination with crap. I was the only one going for social work and counseling. Needed the humanities credit which is dumb because that was all I did it seemed.

Interesting. Will need to dig up my old mythology book.

i more meant pony history. How many years before Nightmare, etc

Not the first story I've seen that involved a capital-L Lesbian, but definitely a good one. No idea why or how it got that bevy on downvotes; it's done nothing to deserve them. Eagerly looking forward to more.

Well! Whatever else, she certainly has nerve to make public art of her and the Princess being so...so.

The hasty Luna retcons are kindof hilarious and very realistic.

Oof, Sombra Time. Maybe they can talk in dreams while the princesses are busy on errantry.

Aren’t category mismatches fun? She’s not being awkwardly charmed by a horse, she’s being awkwardly charmed by a goddess. Totally different.

Ah well, if she needs justification for herself there’s always Zeus.

I'm a pegasus with a green coat and a teal mane. The mare in the painting is a pegasus with a teal coat with a green mane. My cutie mark is a paintbrush, and hers is an easel. See, we're completely different ponies!

Original character, do not steal.

Sappho salvaged what could have been a disaster, helping Luna see the humor in the situation rather than devastate her reputation. And the courtyard. I just hope Luna is still able to see the lighter side of things after facing down Sombra...

Wooo, go Sappho

That verse number is surely a coincidence. Surely.

Sapho's values continue to clash, but at least it's regarding gods mortals and the relations thereof. All things considered could be much worse. Good thing they talked it out.

Gods mortals and tragedies...yep.

Healthier communication than at least ninety percent of Greek myths, but I fear it could still end in tragedy. We'll have to see where the couple and the kingdom go from here.

Who was Sappho, and why did Wonder Woman keep saying her name?

A Greek poet from the isle of Lesbos in the Aegean Sea, lived from about 630 to 570 BC. It's because of her that we have both the words sapphic and lesbian in the English language to describe homosexual women, although Sappho herself was more likely bisexual than homosexual (inasmuch as either label can really apply to the Greeks, who had a somewhat different, or at least more complicated conception of sexuality than what we have today).

Apart from that, she was a very skilled and prolific poet; she may have written as much as 10,000 lines, and her poems were highly regarded in the Classical era. Most of her surviving poems are lyrical; that is, they are intended to be recited while accompanied by a lyre being played; she is known to have composed other kinds of poems in her era, though none survive today.

Her family was exiled to Sicily some time around 600 BC for reasons unknown, though probably it had something to do with her family's political conflicts on Lesbos. She and her family was allowed to return to Lesbos later.

This is a far better tale than the downvotes would indicate. I guess some folks just want to be offended.

Nicely bittersweet. Good job.

That's sad. So she did contribute to Nightmare Moon, but not the way we expected.

Now there's whether Luna can find her. And whether, with the different time flows, it will be before or after her banishment.

Yay! A happy ending! So few Greek heroes (and almost none of the heroines) got one, so it was nice that you didn’t take the opportunity to follow that example. Pony stories do have happy endings.

Happy ending. And a portal to Ancient Greece! Very sweet. Was a fun ride.

Wonderful stuff from start to finish. Brilliant work in climax and epilogue both. Thank you for it. Here's hoping future readers look past the inexplicable downthumb swarm.

Definitely interesting and a welcome break from the mostly drivel I see stumble across the screen here. I like seeing new ideas and ideas less travelled. Glad I gave this a chance.


So fucking glad that ended happily. Mah hart wasn't ready for the oofs. Wonderfully written and entertaining.


yeeeaah boi. we reject your greek bad endings and substitute with poni poni

A wonderful read. Thank you for it. I have an inkling that I know why this is such a controversial story, but it has a place amongst my favorites. Sappho was nicely realized and the Greek rendering of mythos nicely woven into her actions and reactions. It was nice to see the journey from scared woman amongst gods to loving woman amongst friends.

I also appreciated the depiction of Luna as a figure at once upset with her lot in life, and able to look past it when given a helping hand to see herself as having value outside of her sister's light.

Just a few word misplacements here and there on the mechanical side, but otherwise solid, and it did nothing to distract from the world built and the romance shared.

Once again, thank you.

This is the sappiest thing I've ever read! I love it. Also the best Human in Equestria fic I've ever read, though that's a fairly small set.

I have the impression that Luna was like, right on the verge of going full Nightmare Moon when Sappho showed up. In the early chapters, she had apparently "forgotten" huge swaths of her favored identity. Like someone who isn't even trying to cope anymore. She was almost nakedly hostile toward Celestia. The way she did controllably NMM-ish things to fight Tirek.

I enjoyed the way Sapphos gradually learned to follow her heart over duty whose neglect wouldn't hurt anyone and she could get away with ignoring, but then she went and left Equestria and Luna out of duty to Equestria. The setup and payoff was very neatly done. It was a cute story arc, metaphorically.

Also, it was literally cute. I'm not sure how exactly you managed to turn such a relatively straightforward romance into interesting reading. It was fairly predictable, except for Tirek. I feel like that should have made it boring, but it was just cute and sweet and perfect somehow. I don't quite understand it.

I don’t always recommend HiE fics, but when I do, this will be one of them.

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