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Most of the time, Pinkie Pie is the happiest, most cheerful of ponies, but she often has a hard time coping with loss.

Today we see just how hard, as Pinkie says goodbye to a special friend.

Written for the "Keep Pretending" Writeoff.

"I Love to See You Smile" (cover art), by Zaid Val'Roa, was part of the art competition and served as the specific inspiration for this story.

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Comments ( 30 )

Pitch-perfect Pinkie, and an excellent use of Mrs. Cake as her second mother. Thank you for this.

This needs the dark tag something fierce.

I.. did not expect that. I'm still a bit sad though :(

This was a very well written Pinkie Pie story! I loved how you had Mrs. Cake confront and comfort her. Caring enough to to help but firm enough to push Pinkie forward.

I really thought it was Gummy or Rainbow sitting next to Pinkie at first. You really did a nice job with the suspense of that revealation.
Poor Pinkie! She really cares about all her friends!

Mrs. Cake reached over and took Pinkie's hoof in hers, pulling it away from the rotting, lifeless husk. "Pinkie, this has to stop. It's decaying. Badly."

Nothing a bit of formalin can't fix! :pinkiehappy:
Although, for the bigger ones of Mrs. Cake's examples she'll probably need liquid nitrogen and cryoprotectants.

What you mean "eh" ???:flutterrage:
That was beautiful!!!! *Clap clap clap* :pinkiesad2::fluttercry::applecry:

"Goodbye, Mr. Turnip. I'll never forget you," she said. Then, with all the courage she could muster, Pinkie Pie turned and walked away.

:raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry: I dont wanna say goodbyyye!!!!:raritycry::raritycry:

Not sure if I should facedesk or applaud you, maybe applaud by fecedesking?

Same. I was thinking Gummy

Well written, good characterization! I like it! :pinkiehappy:

I kinda caught on that it wasn’t someone pretty quick. Namely, I still kinda thought it might be Gummy, but at the same time, I thought Mrs. Cake was taking it a little too well and with too much ease for Pinkie to actually be sitting next to a rotting corpse. As such, it didn’t surprise me too much when it turned out to be Mr. Turnip. Still, well done though, it left just enough doubt to keep me wondering. :raritywink:

....... well alright then.

You can only have three genre tags, and (unfortunately) you can't add warning tags if the story is E (I'd label it Death if I could). I wish I could put trigger warnings like Death on my E stories. I've asked for that ability but Knighty shut down the possibility, which is unfortunate because it defeats the purpose of having the trigger warnings in the first place. They're there so readers can be warned about content that might upset them even if the way the subject is handled is appropriate for all audiences.

I think the three genres I selected are a little closer to expectations than Dark would be. Nothing too dark happens apart from a frank discussion on death and Pinkie Pie learning to deal with loss. I think the darkest thing here is actually how difficult it is for Pinkie to deal with such a minor tragedy, because it shows just how much she needs to grow as a pony. But I agree the Dark tag could fit the story too. :pinkiesmile:

Not gonna lie, reet. She looks canny fuckin creased in that pic like.

I was expecting it to be Gummy. I was very pleasantly surprised by the twist. Thanks for this insight into something very Pinkie-like that still handles the subject of loss. It feels really... kid friendly, too? Maybe that's odd to say, but it might be intentional. Just like the episode with Rainbow and Tank, loss is handled maturely and in a character-entrenched/focused way. However, Dash didn't deal with final, unalterable loss, like with Pinkie and Mr. Turnip. This is among the kinds of stories that have a soft, episode-like mood to them and I could imagine wanting to show to younger fans of pony. It makes sense for there to be no teen rating and death tag, too.

This sounds like...

...I've been bamboozled!

As soon as I read Turnip, I lost it, I had to walk away laughing.

Oh God, you troll!

And the really funny thing is, to me (and many readers) the story doesn't have a lick of comedy to it. It's supposed to be sad that Pinkie has such a hard time with something so simple.

This may be many of us when G4 ends.

"Now if you could return Madame le Flour to the rest of the baking supplies before she goes, that would be great."

I know right? I don't know how Im gonna deal with it. Wait.. don't think about it:applecry: I will not cry at the thought...

:raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry: too late, Im crying


That will be a hard day indeed.

ha ha ha... ahh... hah hah hah hah ha.... wahh... wa.. wah...

Well, I liked it. :pinkiesmile:

Oooh, this is the saddest story I've read in...in the last ten seconds. Oh, will my heart ever heal?

Yeah, I'll be okay.:pinkiehappy:

I feel like I just got Rick-Rolled. I thought for sure it was going to be Mrs. Cake who was dead. It was not. I laughed, though. I did laugh.

I don't know if I am supposed to cry or laugh.

That's why I love this fic now.

Oh gosh .. I'm howling! :rainbowlaugh:

Well that ending caught my surprise...

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