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Author of mostly cute/funny one-shots and a handful of heartwarming/uplifting stories. I also draw art on occasion: https://www.deviantart.com/pony-thunder

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Megusta. :pinkiesmile: Haven't read a Pinkie story as good as this in a loooooooooong time.


Thanks, I appreciate that! What makes a good Pinkie story in your opinion? I try to avoid making her overly quirky to a fault. Although, it wasn't so hard in this one since she couldn't even talk...

:rainbowlaugh:Lolololol :rainbowlaugh:

7541429 :rainbowlaugh: Yeah, I don't really know. I think her just being happy and bouncing along like her show personality. I think too many stories are all DARK! TORTURED PAST! ANGST! when I more consider her the most transparent character. I mean, don't get me wrong, I looooooooove Pinkie Personalities, but it's just like, really? Insane doctor causing a shit ton of trauma? The whole Pinkemena thing gets played too much in my opinion. I just like the whole "Pinkie sorts of bounces around and gets into shenanigans and is just really cute and bouncy and awesome" thing more than, like, 45 chapter stories about her past. Contraptionology is also great but the Pinkie depicted there just sort of rubs me the wrong way. I don't really know why. I'm the type of person who gets all hype when featured stories are one shots with a funny screenshot of an episode, and you know it's gonna be totally uncanon and you don't care, or it's some stupid thing happens and canon acting characters deal with it. Well, thanks for listening to my intense rambling! Also, I'm totally(probably)misusing the word canon, so... :trollestia: So yeah! Grade A stuff you have in this story! Hope it gets the featured box or whatever the "cool authors" are doing these days...


I don't read too much fanfiction...believe it or not...but I certainly enjoyed your ramblings. Unfortunately I don't think this one is gonna be too much of a hit. I've gotten featured one time a while back, but it was only for about thirty minutes. I think there's a couple stories I could have gotten up there had they been posted at a better time of day.

Thanks for reading!

"Wait...what was it you were trying to tell me earlier?" Rainbow Dash asked. "This was for hiccups, right?"

An entertaining and engaging little read. I especially liked Pinkie's run-on paragraph, as well as her excited little monologue at the start. :pinkiehappy: The resolution was nonsensical and silly, but it is a Pinkie Pie story, after all. :derpytongue2: Thanks for the share! :pinkiesmile:

Well," said Twilight, "actually I don't know any voice spells, but Zecora should be able to brew a potion for you."

Gods dammit, Twilight. There’s a hospital in town. Y’all have access to something that at least looks a bit like modern medicine if you squint, and you send her to the local naturopath selling “Ancient Secrets From My Homeland”. I expected better of you.

If a voice is what you seek, you'll come back here in a week,"

See!? You see that!? That zebra knows full well that laryngitis is a self-limiting condition. Next week she would have given Pinkie some snake oil (and that’s what she uses, Twilight. Literal snake oil. Every time you’ve gone to get one of her “miracle cures” you’ve been drinking literal snake oil. And no, you don’t wanna know how she separates the oil from the snakes.). She gives Pinkie some snake oil and claims credit for the normal functioning (for a given value of normal, cuz Pinkie) of her inate healing and immune systems. So disappointed.

Thanks! This story was definitely just for funsies. It seems like it got some attention all of a sudden. Did someone link it or do a reading/review?

Someone may have added it to a few *cough* groups *cough*... :twilightsheepish:

Much appreciated haha

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