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Bully: Scootaloo's Story in Ponyville Academy - TwinSwords79

Scootaloo has been sent to school called Ponyville University for her serious behavior and to avoid juvenile detention, but she then realizes that this place is a serious dump.

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Epilogue - Summer Time // Final Moves

3 days later (June 4th)

Scootaloo was inside her dorm room packing up her things, getting ready for the Summer Vacation she desperately needed after she finally finished off Diamond Tiara once and for all. She was wearing the clothes she wore when she first arrived at the school (A black open hoodie with a white tank-top inside, light ripped jeans, clean white sneakers and purple fingerless gloves that were the same color as her mane).

Apple Bloom appeared in her doorway wearing her school uniform, which consisted of an untucked red shirt with the PHS logo on the right side of her chest, tight blue short shorts, and red sneakers. "Hey babe, whatcha doing."

Scoots looks over and smiled at her marefriend. "Hey, I'm just packing up my things...for once, I'm actually excited on seeing my mother again..."

"She's on her way here?"

"Yeah." Scoots closed her suitcase and looked at it. "Can't believe it's already been a year...seemed like only yesterday when I first walked into this school." She looked over at AB. "And sure...for a complete crap-hole...I'm gonna miss this place."

Scootaloo took her hands off of her suitcase and walked over to where Apple Bloom was, passing by her and sneakily smacking her butt with a smirk.

Bloom gave a small squeak and a blush, smiling at Scoots. "Hey!"

Scoots stuck her tongue out at her. "Not my fault you got a great ass."

Apple Bloom blushed and kissed Scoots' cheek. "So, what are ya gonna do now?"

"Thought I pay a few visit to some creatures before I set off, I'll see you later at the school gates."

Apple Bloom nodded and watched her marefriend get out of the girls dorm. "That mare is something else."

Scootaloo's first stop was the library, she walked through the door and sees a few members of the Eggheads clique smile and they each said hi to her.

-"Hey Scootaloo."
-"Hi Scootaloo."
-"Hey Amiga."
-"Salutations Madam Scooter."
- "Uhm...S-Sup my gurl?"

The last greeting made Scoots laugh a little as she waved. She looked around and sees that everything was in place and the building was littered with new books on the shelves, despite just a few little bite marks on some of the shelves, tables, and chairs, the library was pretty much back to normal. But who she really came for was her Eggheaded friend Twilight Sparkle.

"Yo, Sparkle!" called Scoots, the alicorn took her nose out of her book and looked at her with a smile.

"Oh, hey Scootaloo!" Twilight got up and hugged the pegasus. "You heading out for the summer?"

"Yeah, my mom is picking me up. I'm certainly gonna take a nice looooong break after all the craziness this year gave us...you planning on doing anything?"

"Not really...I have a few more books I have to catch up on...and I'm totally busy with the summer reading we have to do...so yeah it's gonna be quite a doozy but I'm really fired up on doing it."

"Okay cool, do you know where Sweetie Belle is?"

"She's with Gilda and Ember near the gym."

"Perfect...I'm gonna say my goodbye's to them along with stopping by to see Spitfire and Rumble."

"Alright, as soon as I finish this book I'll meet you by the gates to say goodbye."

"Great, AB is already there so just look for her."

"Oh, right I didn't ask...How're things with you and Apple Bloom?"

"Oh its going great!" Scoots exclaimed with a smile. "AB is just awesome, to be honest...I kept wondering myself where she's been all of my life..."

Twilight giggled and patted Scoots' shoulder. "Alright, that's adorable. I'll see you by the gates."

Scootaloo nodded and gave Twilight a final hug before walking out of the library.

The orange delinquent arrive outside the gym to see Sweetie Belle, Ember, and Gilda just like Twilight said they'd be at.

"Hey guys!" Gilda, Sweetie Belle, and Ember looked at her and smiled. When Scoots came over, Sweetie hugged her and Gilda and Ember both gave her a fist-bump.

"How ya doin'?" Gilda asked.

"Just fine, I'm gonna go away for the summer with my mom." Scoots replied.

"Aw, really?" Ember asked, receiving a nod from Scoots. "Well, that’s fair...after all the crap that happened this year, it's no surprised you want a take a vaca."

"True that." Gilda said. "You deserve it my girl."

"How have you two been?" Scoots asked.

"Well..." Sweetie began. "I've been given so many tasks from Principal Celestia...first off, I put up a petition on better school lunches."

"Which I for one, think is super awesome." Gilda replied, giving the white unicorn a small head rub, messing up her mane. "I'm still leading my fellow clique, but instead of The Bullies, we decided to rename ourselves to prove we changed our way of bullying."

"Really? What name did you settle on?"

Gilda smiled. "I was thinking of...The Rebels...what do you think?"

Scootaloo nodded. "Not too shabby, I think it'll be a good name."

"Oh yeah, we were talking about the name change to her clique before you got here." Ember said. "Me and Sweetie thought it was a good change."

"Well as Queen of Ponyville Academy." Scoots began with a chuckle, pointing at Gilda. "You and your clique are now dubbed, The Rebels!"

Ember, Sweetie Belle, and Gilda all shared a laugh with Scootaloo as the pegasus rubbed the back of her head. "Well, I hope I see you guys at the school gates when I depart, cuz Twilight and AB are already there."

"Don't worry, we'll all be there." Gilda replied for the three of them. "We'll grab Spike on the way."

"Good, I'm gonna go talk to Spitfire and Rarity." Scootaloo said, Sweetie Belle pointed behind her at the gym.

"Both of them are in the gym...I think Rarity and Coloratura is teaching Spitfire, Thunder, Rainbow, and Rumble how to box..."

"Alright, I'll see ya guys..." Scootaloo went passed her three friends and opened the doors to the main gym.

When Scoots entered she sees Rarity and Coloratura punching the air as a demonstration for their new students: Spitfire, Rumble, Thunderlane, and Rainbow Dash.

Rumble and Thunder were wearing blue boxing shorts and were shirtless, showing off their muscular torsos. Thunder easily had more define muscles than Rumble but the younger pegasus made up for it a little bit with having pretty cool looking scars on his torso. One was a small slash on the left side of his chest, the next one was a slash on his developing six-pack, and the last one was a stab wound on his right side.

Spitfire and Rainbow both wore form-fitting female boxing outfits. Spitfire had on a dark red sports bra with matching shorts and Rainbow wore the same expect they were dark blue instead of red. Scoots defiantly noticed that without the letterman jackets and the jeans, Spitfire and Rainbow had perfectly well-toned muscles on their arms and legs along with pretty good looking abs that showed just how much they work out in The Wonderbolts clique.

Rarity was wearing a purple boxing outfit and Coloratura was wearing a green boxing outfit. For Rarity, the purple sports bra she had on was seriously hugging her chest, while Coloratura was fitting in it just fine. All of them were wearing red boxing gloves except for Rarity, her boxing gloves were purple like her boxing outfit and had a blue diamond on both wrists.

"Yo!" Scootaloo called out. All of the ponies in the room looked at her and smiled.

"Hello Darling!" Rarity called. "We're just doing a little practice."

"Oh great, I can see all of you have gotten along." Scoots pointed out.

"Thanks to you." Spitfire said. "Oh and have you noticed?" She pointed to her arm and made a muscle. "The doctors took off my cast!"

"Oh yeah! Looking good there Spitfire, looks even better than when I broke it." Scootaloo replied, laughing.

Spitfire gave a small chuckle and nodded. "You're right, it feels awesome..."

"So, what's up?" Asked Thunderlane. "You must've wanted to find us all for a reason."

"Oh yeah, I wanted to tell you guys that I'm leaving for the summer." Scoots said, that was when everyone stopped their training and looked at the pegasus.

"Huh?" They all said at the same time.

"Yeah, my mom's picking me up today."

Rumble walked up to her. "Well damn Scoots, you could've told us sooner... we would've thrown you a party or something."

Scoots swatted her hand down and shook her head. "Nah, that's not necessary...if anything it would mean a lot to me if you guys could come and see me go at the school gates."

"Of course Darling, we'll all be there, right guys?" Rarity asked, looking at everyone in the room, which on cue made everyone nod, acknowledging that they would all be there.

"Great, I'll see you guys there." Scoots said, walking out of the gym as everyone watched her with a smile.

As Scoots was walking past the school's parking lot she heard someone call her name. "Hey, Scootaloo..." She looked and saw her trainer and ex-friend that tried to kill her at the graveyard, Red.

Scoots wasn't all that happy to see him. "What do you want psychopath?"

Red didn't walk up to her, knowing full well what he did and knows that Scootaloo pretty much doesn't want anything to do with him anymore. "Listen...I'm terribly sorry for what I did back at the cemetery…"

"I have nothing to say to you Red...I get that you said that Diamond poisoned you...and I forgive you for that. But you nearly sticking your demon-esque claws into me along with nearly squishing my head like a melon, I just can't forgive you for those things...and that's saying something considering that the friends I made punched and kicked me so much...but you with the claws and the intention to kill me...that's just way too bucked up to forgive and forget about..."

"I get it..." Red said, looking down. "I won't bother you again..."

The red pegasus was about to walk away from her before Scootaloo spoke up and made him turn around. "But....you did save me from Garble along with saving my life by getting me to that zebra chick...that's another thing I won't ever forget."

She looked down at the ground, thinking before looking back up at Red and opening up her arms for a hug. "Bring it in you demon bastard."

Red smiled and went over to the pegasus, hugging her tightly along with speaking. "Just know Scootaloo...I will do anything I can to protect you from now on."

"I'm glad...but promise me..." She stopped the hug but still held onto his arms. "When you have doubts about me...just talk to me...no attacking...just talk."

Red nodded. "I promise..."

"Now...let’s go to the school gates...everyone's already there."

"Actually, I was wondering if you wanted to learn 3 more moves before you leave...?" Red reached behind his back and showed Scoots that he found the last of his papers. The final moves he was gonna teach her was used for instant knockouts: A Temple Punch, A Jaw Knockout Punch, and A Knockout Kick.

"Oh, sure...I haven't learned any new moves since I had to teach Rarity and her clique some manners." Scootaloo smiled, following Red into the parking lot.

The two pegasi stood in the parking lot as Red spoke, taking out a training dummy from a nearby garage. "Now, the final 3 moves I'm gonna teach you have to deal with instant knockout..."

"The first one I'm gonna teach you is the 'Temple Punch'." Red got into his stance as Scootaloo watched him. "When we sparred I saw you're powerful with throwing punches with your right hand. So in order to do this...just get into position, place your left leg in front of you and your right leg back. Your knees should be slightly bent."

Scootaloo followed his movements as he continued. "As you gain momentum, make sure your body is relaxed. It will increase your momentum and the force of the hit. Most importantly, make sure you're aiming for the temple, the temple is the area on the side of a creature's face, between the hairline and the eyebrows, at eye level. If the temple is accurately targeted, the punch will cause the brain to swing violently against the skull lining, causing a blackout."

Scootaloo nodded as Red continued speaking. "Then, clench your fist and follow through. It's sometimes easier to use the palm of your hand for hitting, but in this case a fist is more accurate. Aiming at the side of the creature's face, and hitting them from the side, is extremely hard to do with force when only using the palm, so a fist is more accurate and effective."

Red did the movements perfectly as Scootaloo copied. "Finally, use your hips to generate force, not just your arms. Generate more force with a hit by twisting your hips while you move into the target. If you want to put more force into your swing, be sure to use your hips as well as your arms."

Red walked up to the dummy and did everything he just explained to Scoots and did a perfect temple punch, he moved out of the way for Scoots to try.

Scootaloo went into the stance Red showed her and she did a temple punch on the dummy, the red pegasus watched with a smirk. "Good. Good...didn't mention it before but you're a fast learner."

"Now the next one is The Jaw Knockout Punch." Red got into his stance as Scootaloo got ready too. "First, put your left leg forward. If you are going to strike with your right hand, then your left leg should be in front of your other leg. Keep your knee slightly bent and your left leg back. Feel a loose bounce in the stance."

Scoots did just that as Red nodded. "Practice twisting at the waist. Pull your right elbow in close to your body with your fist clenched as if you are about to punch. Your body should be facing to the right. Then, practice twisting your upper body to face your opponent. This will give your punch more force."

Scoots began to start twisting her waist like what Red said, earning a nod from the trainer as he continued talking. "Make sure you tense your body. Right before you throw the punch, tighten your body. Remember to breathe. This will focus your body and tighten your muscles releasing more power. Also it keeps you calm and this will help in the event of a continued confrontation."

The orange pegasus tensed up her body as Red went over to her and put his hands on her to change her position a bit to the correct stance. "Now aim for the jaw or the middle of the chin. Hitting your opponent in the jaw or chin is more likely to cause a knockout. There are one of two ways you can hit the jaw: Either an Uppercut or a Sideswipe. For an Uppercut you want the recipient's head to snap straight up and for a Sideswipe, you want the recipient's head to snap to the side, causing a blackout."

Scootaloo nodded as Red held her hips. "Remember, use your hips to generate force, not just your arms. you will generate more force with a hit by twisting your hips while you move into the target. This movement should look familiar to baseball players, they use this strategy to generate more force when they swing the bat. Got it?"

"Yeah...but can you please not grab my hips...makes me think you're gonna try something..." Scootaloo deadpanned, making Red nod and take his hands off of her hips.

"Good point..." He walked around her and towards the dummy. "Don't forget to follow through with your arm. Your goal is to clip the target's jaw from the bottom or on the side. If performing the Sideswipe, make sure your range of motion is a bit curved. You want the path of your punch to be more circular than linear."

Red did a Sideswipe knockout punch to the dummy then an Uppercut knockout. "Here, try both of them." He moved to the side, which in turn made Scoots walk up to the dummy and preform the knockout punches, first she did the Uppercut then the Sideswipe. "Great job...now its time for The Knockout Kick."

Scoots backed up from the dummy and watched Red get into a new stance. "For this one...stand in a solid stance. Place your feet about shoulder width apart and plant them firmly on the ground." The orange pegasus did just that as Red continued. "Make sure to protect your face. Bend your elbows and keep them locked. Then, put up your fists so that they are guarding your face."

Scoots guarded her face as Red kept explaining. "Now for the kick...lift your right leg up. Swing your right leg upward and aim for the area of your opponent's face just below the jaw." Red executed the kick as Scoots did the same. "Expect that your opponent will snap their head back and fall off-balance."

Red went over to the dummy and did the kick to it, when Scootaloo walked up she did the same thing to the dummy. "Great job, Scoots...it seems you learned all of the moves my father taught me...I'm proud of you."

Scoots looked at him and smiled as he grabbed the dummy and put it back in the garage. "Thanks Red and hey can I tell you something?"

"Sure..." Red walked up to Scootaloo and was met with a swift punch to the temple, getting knocked unconscious almost instantly. Scoots looked at the downed pegasus and picked him up, carrying him firefighter style all the way to the school gates.

When she got close to the gates, she put Red down and took out a water bottle, pouring it on Red's face. The pegasus woke up and looked at Scoots angrily. "What the hell was that for?!"

"That was payback for nearly killing me..." Scoots said, as he got up.

"I thought we were good!" Red exclaimed.

"We are...but I wanted to get a free shot on ya since before you didn't listen to me about Diamond...this was your own fault."

Red wanted to argue but he couldn't since Scoots did make a point. "Grr...fine...can we just get to the gates?"

"Sure." Scootaloo and Red got to the gates and saw all of Scoots' friends there, along with a surprise visit from Mr. Shining and Ms. Cadence.

Mr. Shining waved at her. "Scootaloo, my little filly. It's great to see ya."

Scootaloo walked over to them. "Mr. Shining...Ms. Cadence...you came to see me go?"

Cadence chuckled. "Why of course we did sweetie, its the least we could do after everything you did for us."

"Wow, thanks guys..." Scootaloo went and hugged Shining and Cadence who gladly returned the hug. "See you soon Scootaloo..."

Shining and Cadence both walked away from the kids, Scootaloo watched them till they were out of earshot and that was when she turned to her friends.

"Now..." Scootaloo pointed to each creature she called. "Ember, Spike, Spitfire, Rainbow, Thunderlane, Twilight, Rarity, and Coloratura...get in a straight line in front of me."

The eight ponies did just that with Twilight in front. "Now...you guys have done bad against me...such as not believing in me when Diamond was framing me for everything."

"But we all came back to your side!" Thunderlane barked.

Scoots called him out. "Shut up!"

"Now...the punishment for betraying me and pushing me aside...is pain. I already punished Red with a knockout punch because he tried to kill me at the cemetery and he didn't believe me when I said that Diamond was using him...and Rumble gets a pass because of the amount of pain I put on him at the Weather Factory was enough of a beating for all of the sins he and his gang have committed. So you eight are gonna deal in different pains...the amount of pain varies on what you did wrong...and you are gonna take it like a man and/or a woman."

"Now...Twilight..." Scootaloo looked at the alicorn and saw she was sweating from how scared she was. "You and your clique were the first to betray me....but you were the first to come back to me...so your punishment...is a slap to the face..." Twilight tensed up as Scootaloo slapped her hard in the face, leaving a red handprint on Twilight's cheek.

Twilight looked at her sadly with tears in her eyes, which in turn made Scootaloo give her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "I love you little egghead...now, move for the next one."

Twilight moved to the left with a small smile but her face still hurt. Scootaloo saw the creature next was Ember and behind her was Spike. "Spike...you and Ember will receive the same punishment...stand next to her."

Spike moved and stood next to Ember as Scoots talked to them. "You two....claimed that I was the whole reason that Garble came out of prison and went back into the school...you guys didn't listen to me at all when I tried to explain myself and you betrayed me...In order for me to get you guys back...I had Twilight tell you everything...So your punishment...Is a punch in the gut."

Ember and Spike both tensed up and Scootaloo punched them both in the gut individually. Both dragons coughed as they got on their knees. The pegasus helped them both up and hugged them both. "I'm gonna miss you guys..."

"W-We're...gonna...m-miss you t-too..." Spike wheezed out with a smile, him and Ember both limped to where Twilight was standing, seeing that the handprint on Twilight's face already fading away a bit.

The next creature was Spitfire and lucky enough, Rainbow Dash and Thunderlane were behind her. "Rainbow, stand next to Spitfire...Thunder, stand next to Rainbow." They both listened. "All three of you are receiving harsh punishments..."

Scoots walked over to Spitfire. "Spitfire...you didn't believe me when I told you that I didn't burn down the gym, you beat up me and Twilight, and to top it off..." She grabbed Spitfire's shirt and pulled her towards her, her forehead touching Scootaloo's as the fiery maned pegasus started to sweat. "You...bucking destroyed....my BUCKING phone. When I had proof of Diamond and The Street Sweepers doing all of those acts to frame me..."

"Hey, you destroyed my phone!!" Spitfire barked back, Scootaloo punched her in the face.

"SHUT IT." Scootaloo snarled. "You destroyed EVERYTHING I had on Diamond, Garble, and The Street Sweepers! If it wasn't for YOU...I would've gotten Diamond out of here in a flash...so your punishment...is a punch to the gut and a roundhouse kick to the face..."

Scootaloo let go of Spitfire and punched her in the gut, the fiery maned pegasus wasn't ready, she coughed heavily and dropped to her knees, after that she looked at Scootaloo and saw her swing her leg very fast, her foot connecting to Spitfire's face and sending her crashing to the ground head first. Scoots went over to grab her mane to lift her face from the ground where she saw Spitfire bleeding profoundly from her nose, she whispered into her ear. "Also...I'm not gonna give you back your goggles...I'm keeping them." She then kissed her cheek. "Gonna miss you..."

Spitfire coughed. "G-Gonna miss you t-too..." Scootaloo lightly placed Spitfire's face back on the ground and got up, walking over to Rainbow.

"You don't get that harsh of a punishment...all you really did was kidnap Sweetie along with beating me and Twilight up with Spitfire...so your punishment is a punch to the face and an uppercut..." Scootaloo backed up and punched Rainbow in the face, giving her a black eye. She then proceeded to uppercut Rainbow in the jaw, making the rainbow pegasus back up, holding her chin. Scootaloo walked over to her and gave Rainbow a hug. "Gonna miss you..."

"H-Heh..Im goa mish ou toh" Rainbow said, not speaking so good cuz of how hard Scoots uppercutted her jaw.

"Don't worry, your jaw will me fine is a few minutes." Scootaloo told her, she then walked over to Thunderlane who was already shaking. "Now...Thunderlane...during the past 3 days...it came to my attention that you were the one who took those dirty photos of me...you disgusting pervert..."

"B-But it was all S-Spitfire's idea! She was my boss what was I supposed to do say no?!"

"Yes..." Scootaloo deadpanned. "And for doing the dirty act...your punishment... is a knee to the balls."

"Wha-?" Before Thunderlane could finish the word he was met with a very hard kick straight into his balls courtesy of Scootaloo. The orange pegasus made sure her knee was digging into his nuts which only added to Thunderlane's pain. The black pegasus dropped onto his knees and held onto his balls with his hands.

Scootaloo went down and hugged Thunderlane, but he didn't hug back because of the amount of pain he was in but he could still speak, just in a higher pitch than his normal voice. "I'm...g-gonna miss you...too Scootaloo...T-Take c-care...."

The last ones in line were Rarity and Coloratura. "Rarity...Coloratura...You two didn't believe me when I said that I didn't steal your boxing and fashion awards...I even showed you a picture of The Street Sweepers, Diamond, and Garble torching your trophies...but you dumbasses still said I did it...so your punishment...is 3 bitch slaps across the face and a gut punch..."

Scootaloo stood in front of Rarity and gave her 3 hard bitch slaps across her face with the back of her hand and then punched her really hard in the gut. She did the same to Coloratura and watched them both fall to the ground on their knees, their cheeks were red from the slaps. Scootaloo helped them up and hugged both of them just like Spike and Ember. "See you when I get back..."

"N-No problem...D-Darling..." Rarity wheezed out with Coloratura giving out a 'Mhm'. They then heard a car horn from behind them and saw it was Scoots' mother and her step-father.

Apple Bloom walked over to Scootaloo and handed the pegasus her suitcase. "See ya soon, sugarcube...Imma miss ya..."

Scootaloo smiled and pulled Apple Bloom into a loving and passionate kiss, after separating, Scoots smiled. "I'll see ya when I get back..."

Scootaloo waved goodbye to her friends as she got into the backseat of her step-father's car with her suitcase. Her mother looked at her as her step-father started driving away from the school. "How was your school year, sweetie?"

The orange delinquent started to think. "Well mom...I'll tell you this..."

"My school year.....was actually....interesting and adventurous..."

All Scootaloo's mother could do, was smile at her daughter.

Author's Note:

THERE....NOOOOW IT'S DONE :yay::yay::yay:

Hope you all enjoyed the Epilogue to Bully...now it has a proper ending :twilightsmile:

Boy, what an adventure it was writing this...thank you guys so much for reading this, as you can tell it took soooo much time to finish but I managed to do it. :raritywink:

Again, thank you all so much for reading this :rainbowkiss:

Brohoof /)

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