• Published 21st Sep 2017
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Bully: Scootaloo's Story in Ponyville Academy - TwinSwords79

Scootaloo has been sent to school called Ponyville University for her serious behavior and to avoid juvenile detention, but she then realizes that this place is a serious dump.

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Meeting the Cliques

Scootaloo walked to the main school building, where she met Diamond near the front door.

"Hey there Scoot." Diamond said. "Now let me show you around." She opened the door and let Scootaloo walk in first before walking in herself.

"Welcome to the crappiest hellhole!" Diamond told her as Scootaloo looked left and right inside the building. "Now come on."

Diamond and Scoots then started to jog towards some lockers and Scoots saw the griffin who punched her to the ground.

"Over there is Gilda." Diamond said. "She's the leader of a clique called The Bullies."

Gilda looked to where the girls were standing and walked over to them, angrily. "What are you looking at?"

"You..." Diamond replied.

The griffin growled a little. "Well you better knock it off Tiara, otherwise i'm gonna stuff you into a locker..." She then looked at Scootaloo. "And you....I'll be seeing you later..."

The white griffin walked away from the girls and was out of their sight, Diamond Tiara leaned next to the delinquent's ear and whispered into it as it twitched. "Her locker is right over there, let's steal something from it...it's a padlock."

Scootaloo smirked at the sound of that idea and walked over to it, She crouched down and reached into her back pocket, taking out a small metal nail file. She then picked up the lock with her left hand and began to pick the lock with her right.

Diamond moved to the corner and looked at the delinquent again. "I'll keep watch for the prefects, they don't really have a sense of humor, they will give you detention if they see you doing stuff like this..."

Scoots just scoffed and got the lock to click open. "Jackpot."

The orange pegasus put her nail file back in her back pocket and stood up. She opened the locker and looked inside, it had lots of stuff which consisted of books, a backpack, and a gym bag. Something caught the orange delinquent's eyes in the locker. It was a brand new soccer ball.

Scoots loved soccer, she was apart of a team when she was in 2nd Grade and she always led her team to victory, but she never had her very own soccer ball, so she took it out of Gilda's locker and closed it.

Diamond heard the door close and looked over in Scootaloo's direction and saw the ball in her hands. "Cool Soccer ball."

"I love Soccer." Scootaloo said, she let go of the ball and began to juggle it with her knees.

A yellow stallion prefect walked by and saw Scootaloo juggling the ball. "Hey, No Sports in the main building!"

Scootaloo then stopped and looked at him. "If I catch you doing that again, you'll have me for detention, and I have little patience for your generation..."

The prefect walked away from the fillies and after about a few seconds of silence Diamond leaned near Scootaloo's ear as it twitched. "I told you."

Scootaloo lightly pushed her away from her. "Anyway, I have to put this in my locker." She said. "Celestia gave me the locker number and my school schedule that she provided with my room."

The orange delinquent put the ball under her arm and dug into her pocket, pulling out a piece of paper. "My locker number is 281...."

"That's on the second floor, come on." Diamond replied, she then led Scootaloo to her locker on the 2nd floor, the locker was in the green row, and it was near the red row, and the blue row. The orange pegasus opened up her locker and placed the ball inside of it.

"Alright, now that that's done, let's go to the cafeteria, I'll show you who's who." Diamond said.

Diamond and Scootaloo jogged down the steps and went into the cafeteria. Scoots looked around and saw a lot of colts and fillies in the cafe, they all had different colored school vests. She even saw 4 groups of fillies and colts that wore the same colored vests.

"OK, Scootaloo here's the deal." The pale magenta earth pony said, pointing at some of the groups.

"Over there are The Eggheads." Scootaloo looked to where Diamond was pointing and saw a group that were sitting at a table near the wall, of course by the name, they do look like eggheads. They wore different pants and shoes, But they all wore mint green PHS vests, some of them were very slim, while others were quite chubby. "Of course they're complete social outcasts..."

"Ya know, they look pretty harmless..." Scootaloo said, Diamond snickered a little.

" 'Don't judge a book by it's cover' Scoot, They're very sneaky bastards...they're turf is the Library, their leader is usually studying and reading besides having fun..." She replied before pointing at the group next to them.

"Those are The Fashionistas." Scootaloo saw that these ponies were wearing different colored khakis and were all wearing diamond blue PHS vests, their shoes, shirts, and pants look more expensive and fashionable than her own arsenal of clothing. "Of course, in their name, they're all fashion and money.....but mostly fashion, they tend to criticize other students of their clothes being 'Too dull', 'The colors don't match perfectly', or some other crap... Their leader, That white mare over there, really wants to turn the school into a freaking paradise fashion mall."

"Wow...she must have problems..."

"Tell me about it, Scoots...." Diamond replied, she pointed to the next group. "Now over there are The Fire Dragons."

The pegasus looked and saw that the dragons wore either black or blue flame leather jackets over their dark red PHS vests, and they all wore blue jeans with either black or brown boots. They were standing and talking about something.

"They think they're badass and that no one in this school can take them on." Diamond explained. "Their leaders, plural, are completely different...one is annoying and mean, while the other one is pretty nice and cool."

"They at least try to look badass...where's their turf?" asked Scoots.

"Oh, they hang by the Auto Shop near the old abandoned school bus." The pale magenta earth pony replied. "And finally, last but not least, The Wonderbolts."

Scootaloo saw that the ponies looked pretty cool , they were wearing blue and yellow combo letterman jackets over light orange PHS vests, blue and white sweatpants, and gym shoes. One particular dark yellow mare with a mane that resembled fire had goggles on her head and was wearing purple aviator sunglasses. She must have been the leader of the clique.

"Those ponies rule the school." Diamond explained. "They're on the school's football team and are very athletic flyers and runners, so don't screw with them...they will kick your ass, especially their leaders. Gogglehead over there is one of them, Spitfire. Don't get on her bad side."

Scootaloo scoffed and smirked. "Whatever, I'm not afraid of her or them..."

"You'll learn soon enough..." Just then the loud school bell rang, alerting everyone that classes are about to begin. "Well... see you later, I've got Algebra." The pale magenta earth pony then jogged to the classroom, leaving Scootaloo alone in the hall.

The orange pegasus took out her schedule from her back pocket and it said she had Chemistry first, making her groan.

Author's Note:

Sorry it took so long...

School is a bitch...:ajbemused:

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