• Published 21st Sep 2017
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Bully: Scootaloo's Story in Ponyville Academy - TwinSwords79

Scootaloo has been sent to school called Ponyville University for her serious behavior and to avoid juvenile detention, but she then realizes that this place is a serious dump.

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Fashion Paradise

Scootaloo got on her bike that she built in Shop class and went to her dorm to dress in her original outfit (a black open hoodie with a white tank-top inside, some light ripped jeans, clean white sneakers, and purple fingerless gloves that were the same color as her mane). She then got on her bike again and cycled her way to the Downtown Gym that The Fashionistas owned.

Her bike screeched to a stop in front of the building and she looked up at it. She saw a banner on top of the main doors that showed a picture of a mare wearing a sports bra, shorts and boxing gloves, and she was boxing a punching bag. Next to the picture it said "Boxing Gym" in white lettering.

Scootaloo got off of her bike and continued to look up at it. "I guess this must be it..."

She walked into the gym nonchalantly and looked around. She saw punching bags, dumbbells, sports equipment, and even a boxing ring. She even saw more members of The Fashionistas using the equipment or just walking around.

She walked in a little bit and saw a member of the clique walking up to her. The member was a bluish gray stallion with a light bluish gray mane that had a light gray stripe in the middle, and he was also wearing shiny purple aviator glasses along with what looked like a ruby red scarf that was tucked inside his white buttoned up shirt.

"May I help you, madam?" he asked in a some kind of 'upper-class' American accent.

"Yeah...uh, some cameramare with a German accent asked me to come around here..." replied Scootaloo.

"Ah, so you must me Ms. Scootaloo am I right, darling?"

"Just 'Scootaloo' and don't call me 'darling'."

"Yeah, sure...now listen the boss needs your help upstairs...but I doubt she wants to see you when you have-" He looked down at Scoots' outfit. "-that hideous outfit on..."

Scootaloo looked down at the 'hideous' outfit she had on. "What's wrong with the way I'm dressed?"

"Well...I wouldn't call it that hideous...I mean black is definitely your color. I love the mixed black with white, it is exquisite, especially those gloves matching your mane. But maybe put something else on my good mare? Something less um...how do you non-fashion ponies say it....um... like your in the thug life?"

Scootaloo blinked. "OK so what you're saying is...your boss needs my help?" The Fashionista stallion nodded. "And in order for me to see her, I have to wear something else other than the clothes I have now?"

The stallion nodded again. "There's actually a clothes store near the barber shop on Grass St., maybe get something a bit more.....ya know....fashionable."

Scootaloo sighed and walked out of the gym. "I can't believe I have to deal with this bullcrap...."

Scootaloo walked back into the gym wearing a Fashionista Diamond Blue PHS sweater over a tucked in white button down shirt with a yellow and blue striped tie along with her school pants and sneakers, she still kept her gloves on though.

The same stallion walked up to her again with a smile. "Ah, that's better you look radiant Scootaloo."

"This was 30 bits and I feel like a freaking conformist..." Scoots replied.

"Ms. Rarity is upstairs waiting for you. The name is Hoity Toity by the way madam."

Scootaloo rolled her eyes and walked up the stairs next to her.

When Scoots got to the top she opened the doors and saw 3 ponies, 2 ponies were unicorns and one was an earth pony, talking to each other. One unicorn was a white mare with a slight swirly purple mane and tail, the other unicorn was a gray mare with a brown mane and tail, her mane was wrapped in a ponytail and she was wearing glasses, and the earth pony was a yellow mare with a blue mane. The unicorns both wore The Fashionista clique outfit while the earth pony wore a long blue strapless gown that had some colorful gems on it.

The white unicorn looked up at Scootaloo then looked back at the gray mare and spoke with a British-like accent. "Sorry Splice, but I have to handle something with this mare, The dress design is magnificent but maybe just add some extra sapphires and get back to me, OK?"

Splice nodded and beckoned the dressed up earth pony to follow her out of the other set of doors to the right of the room.

The white unicorn which Scootaloo might've guessed was Rarity walked up to her a little. "So, you must be Scootaloo am I right?" The orange pegasus nodded. "Nice diamond blue sweater it looks arrogant on you."

"Thanks...listen, that Hoity Toity stallion said that you needed help with something."

"Ah, yes..." Rarity began to walk around a little. "Now I know that you're aware of Macintosh talking smack about Shining to Ms. Celestia....am I right?"

Scoots nodded, Rarity stopped and looked at her. "So, me and the others are planning a little revenge on Macintosh, That poor dear Shining can have a drink if he bloody hell wants to, so we were thinking about egging his house."

"Really? Cool."

"Yes so we were wondering if you want to tag along, So are you IN my good mare?"

"Hell yeah!"

"Wonderful, now you get some eggs from the market a few blocks away and meet me and the others back at my house on Sapphire Avenue. OK?"

"Why do i have to do it?"

"It's because I need to do some planning on how we can infiltrate the premises and I need my friends to help me, since you aren't my friend you do the stuff that barely anyone cares about. So hurry up darling your wasting fabulous time." As Rarity said that she flicked her right hand over and over at Scootaloo telling her to get out of here.

Scootaloo rolled her eyes and picked up her hands. "Fine..."

Scootaloo walked through the outdoor market and looked around, there were ponies buying all sorts of items from different stands, which ranged from meat, plants, jam, clothing, etc. Scoots finally got to the stand that sold eggs, the pony handling them was a slightly muscular green stallion with a dark blue mane, he looked pretty young, like he was in his early twenties.

Scootaloo got to the front of the line after a few minutes of waiting and the stallion smiled at her. "Welcome" he said. "What can I get you?"

"Oh...I need a carton of eggs."

"Sure." The stallion reached under the stand desk and put the carton of eggs and a bag on top. "That'll be 5 bits, please."

Scootaloo took out the bits and handed them to the stallion, who then gave her the bag with the carton of eggs.

"Thanks." Scoots said.

"Have a good day." The stallion replied as he watched her walk away from his stand and out of the market.

Scootaloo parked her bike at Rarity's house and walked up to her and 3 other members of The Fashionistas. One of the members tapped Rarity's shoulder and pointed to the approaching delinquent.

"You got the eggs Scootaloo?" asked Rarity. '

Scoots took the eggs out of the bag. "Right here." she replied.

"Great, hand them over."

"Here." Scootaloo handed Rarity the carton and the white unicorn smiled.

"Perfection." the white unicorn's smile faded and turned serious. "Now, Scootaloo....did you say I plagiarize other ponies' dress designs in fashion?"

Scoots arched an eyebrow. "What?"

"Because, I've won a ton of fashion rewards for original pieces of delegate dresses when I was just but a young filly."

"Uh, No Rarity I didn't say that. Fashion is not really my taste...so your dress designs are your business."

"Don't lie, Scoot." replied a female voice that Scootaloo was very familiar with.

Looking to the source, Scoots looked at the mare angrily. "Diamond....."

Diamond smiled. "You said that Rarity is a démodé."

The Fashionistas all gasped and looked at Scootaloo who raised an eyebrow. "A what?"

"You also said that all of her friends are squares and are a disgrace to the fashion community." The clique looked at Scootaloo out of intense anger as Diamond smirked evilly.

"Rarity?" The white unicorn looked at the pale magenta earth pony as she pointed at the orange pegasus. "You're not gonna take that kind of crap from this bitch, are you?"

Rarity looked at Scootaloo with pure rage on her face as she passed the eggs to one of the clique members. "Deal with this passé!"

Rarity walked away with a smirking Diamond as Scootaloo got into her fighting stance.

Author's Note:

I'm trying my hardest to get the updates in...:applejackconfused:

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