• Published 21st Sep 2017
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Bully: Scootaloo's Story in Ponyville Academy - TwinSwords79

Scootaloo has been sent to school called Ponyville University for her serious behavior and to avoid juvenile detention, but she then realizes that this place is a serious dump.

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Taking Down: The Fire Dragons

Scootaloo got up out of bed still wearing the tiger pelt bra that Zecora gave her and began to stretch her arms, she was feeling really refreshed after a well-deserved nap, even after that near-death experience she got from Garble. When she finished stretching, she heard a knock at her door, she walked over and opened it, revealing a very worried Twilight.

"Scootaloo, are you alright?" asked the purple alicorn still slightly rubbing her head after she got knocked out.

"Yeah, I'm fine. How's your head?" Scoots replied, leaning on the door frame.

"Still sore, but getting better...What happened?"

"Garble foalnapped me and began to cut me up with his knife...Red saved my ass and got me healed but, I'm out of the gang..."

"So, what now?"

"What do you mean "What now?" I'm gonna give him a piece of my mind!"

"But, Scoots haven't you seen for yourself that Garble is dangerous?"

"Yeah...but I'm 10x more dangerous when I'm pissed.....and oh boy....pissed doesn't even describe how mad I am right now!" Scootaloo said, while clenching her right hand into a fist and gritting her teeth so hard that it looks like they'll shatter in mere seconds.

"So, how are we gonna do this?" asked Twilight, finally dropping her hand from her head.

Scootaloo crossed her arms over her chest. "Grab Ember and Sweetie Belle...we're gonna plan this..."

Scootaloo walked into the lounge with a leather jacket with a tank top inside, her purple fingerless gloves, blue jeans, and sneakers. She sat down next to Sweetie Belle who was already with Twilight and Ember, with a map of the dragon's hangout.

"OK, guys. We're are gonna take Garble down right now!" Scootaloo demanded with anger. "I'm gonna storm in the front and shoot em all to hell."

The orange pegasus pointed at the front entrance. "Ember, I'm gonna have you and Redsopine stand at the front entrance, when I go inside, I want you and him to stay outside to make sure no one gets in or out..."

She moved her finger over the map and it stopped at the back entrance. "Sweetie Belle and Twilight, I want you guys to do the same to the back entrance, no one gets in or out."

Scootaloo's friends all nodded together, signifying that they understand. "OK, I already called Red and told him to meet us near the hangout with some weapons....Let's do this!"

The girls' bikes all screeched to a stop when they got to The Fire Dragon's hangout, and just what Scootaloo said, Red was already there staking out the place.

The girls all ran to him and he took notice. "Hey."

Scoots and Red fist-bumped. "Hey, you got the weapons?"

Red nodded. "Yeah, right over here." He walked over to a nearby bush and pulled a wooden crate out of it. When he opened it he looked at the girls and passed them their weapons.

"Dual Beretta M9s for Sweetie Belle.....Remington 120 for Ember.....Uzi 9mm for Twilight....Spaz 12 for me....and an M4 Carbine for Scootaloo."

The girls all grabbed their weapons and Red closed the crate. "OK guys, you ready for this?"

"Hang on." Twilight said, everyone looked at her as she looked at Scootaloo. "I want to give you something, Scoots."

"OK?" Scootaloo asked hesitantly, she then sees Twilight start to conjure up her magic into her horn and her purple aura surround Scootaloo, after a few seconds it created a slight flash, the aura left Scootaloo and the alicorn looked at her with a wink, the orange delinquent was still confused. "What did you just do to me?"

"You'll find out soon enough..." Twilight replied and she ran off. "Now, come on!"

Scootaloo shook her head quickly, and beckoned the rest of them to get to their positions.

Scootaloo got to the front door and after giving a nod to both Twilight and Ember, Scootaloo kicked open the door. Inside were about 15 dragons with a lot of guns, the orange delinquent gave a cross look. "Where's Garble?!"

The dragons responded with gun clacks as they all aimed at the orange pony, who opened fire on them. Scootaloo managed to get 5 dragons down but quickly had to run into cover behind a nearby couch as they fired back. She blindly fired her M4 over the couch and she managed to take down 3 more because of the grunts she heard.

She popped up from cover and fired her weapon in full auto, she managed to also hit 4 more but was met with a sharp pain in her head when a dragon shot her with a pistol, she ducked back into cover and rubbed her head from the pain.

"SCOOTALOO!" The orange pegasus looked to see who called her name and saw it was Red who was also firing back at the dragons along with Ember. "HERE TAKE THIS!" Red tossed something to her and she caught it with one hand, seeing that it’s a cylinder type of grenade. "PULL THE PIN AND THROW IT! WHEN IT EXPLODES, DON'T LOOK AT IT!"

Scootaloo did just that, she pulled the pin and threw it at the dragons. After a few short seconds the grenade exploded and what came out of it was a very bright flash. Scootaloo looked and saw the remaining 3 dragons all dropped their weapons and grabbed their eyes, while slightly screaming.

The orange delinquent saw this as an opening and got up from cover, she ran right at the dragons and bashed their heads with her M4 BB gun knocking them all out. When she thought it was clear, she ran over to the Red stallion. "What the hell was that Red?"

"Flashbang grenades, found some when I was collecting the guns, thought it would be useful." Red explained.

"Well, it certainly was..." Scootaloo said. "OK...you and Ember stay down here I'm gonna get Garble."

Red gave a single nod and watched her run and climb up some stairs.

During all the commotion downstairs, Garble gripped his Colt 1911 BB gun tightly and aimed it at the door. Spike was nearby and he had a Single Action Army revolver. "OK...that stupid pony is gonna come open the door and when she does we are gonna fire on her ass, got it?

Spike looked down slightly. "Yes, Master..."

Scootaloo kicked the door open and Spike aimed his gun at her, but before he could fire, Garble threw his weapon to the ground, took a deep breath, and breathed fire straight at Scootaloo. When he said, 'Fire on her ass', he meant literally!! The orange delinquent screamed as she was engulfed in flames and Spike watched with horror and sorrow.

"NO!" Spike ran to Garble and tackled him to the ground, making him cancel out his fire attack. "I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE, YOU STUPID BUCKER!" Spike flipped Garble over and began to beat up his face with his fists and elbows.

After a few punches, Garble grabbed Spike's fists and breathed fire in his face, making the purple dragon grunt and thanks to that destraction, The red dragon punched Spike in the face so hard that the purple dragon practically fell right off of him. Garble slowly got up and looked at Spike's knocked out phase. "You traitor! I'll kill you!" But before he could do anything he heard a voice from behind him.

"Hey! We have other important matters we need to discuss." Garble looked behind him and saw a shocking sight

Scootaloo was still standing, she wasn't covered in any burn marks from the fire, in fact it looked like the fire didn't even lay a little smoke on her. "Impossible, who the buck are you?!"

Scoots held up her arm and a purple glint came off of it. "I am Scootaloo and I must say thanks to Twilight after this..."

Scootaloo ran at Garble and tried to swing a punch only for the red dragon to duck and give a heavy punch to Scootaloo's stomach. She got out of the pain pretty quickly and punched Garble in the face, making him grunt and back up. She attacked again with a roundhouse kick but Garble blocked it with his arm before it came close to touching his side.

Garble pushed her leg away from him and tried to punch her face, only for Scoots to grab it in her right hand. She used her left hand and began to chop at his arm, hitting some pressure points, she pushed it away and kicked him in the stomach so hard that Garble slid a little.

The red dragon growled and took out his switchblade, he brought it up to his snout and breathed a little bit of fire on it. Making it turn red and steamy, Garble gave a smirk and charged at Scootaloo with the red hot knife. He gave a few slashes at Scootaloo and missed a couple of times when she kept dodging, but he actually managed to slash the top Scootaloo's chest during a dodge, making some blood fly on to the floor.

Scoots ignored it and grabbed Garble with her hand on his knife arm and she guided him to the wall. When he pushed him up against the wall, she began to slam his knife hand into the wall repeatedly, making him finally drop it. She kneed him in the nuts, grabbed his shirt, and she managed to throw him over his desk, making him slide off of it and taking all the items from his desk with him on the floor.

Garble slowly picked himself up from the floor with a bloody nose and saw that Scootaloo has his knife. She threw it at him and the knife jammed deep into his right shoulder. "GAH! Same goddamn shoulder!"

Before he could take it out, Scootaloo ran and dropped kicked him in the face after she jumped over the desk. The red dragon was slightly shivering from the pain. The orange pegasus grabbed the knife from his shoulder and took it out for him with a forceful yank, making the dragon gargle a little, She sat on his stomach and grabbed his head scales with her right hand, pulled it back, and put the knife right near his fully exposed neck.

"Had enough, you lizard bastard?" Scootaloo asked.

Garble panted and slowly smiled. "Well, Well, Well.....I guess I finally met my match...alrightly then grass muncher, what do ya want?"

"Give your leadership to Ember, I also want you to let Spike go." Scootaloo explained.

Garble slightly laughed. "You think I would listen to a bitch like you?"

Scootaloo grit her teeth and took the knife away from his throat. She then slashed the top of his chest making him scream again.


"ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, I GIVE!" Garble yelled back.

Scootaloo threw the knife away, grabbed Garble's shirt, and pulled him close to her face that her muzzle was touching his snout. "I better not see you face near me or my friends anymore, ya got that?" Garble growled angrily and nodded.
"Good..." With that said, Scootaloo slammed Garble's head to the floor, knocking him out.

The orange pegasus panted heavily and looked up at the celling while she continued to sit on Garble's body. While taking a breather she heard a grunt come from the other side of the desk. She slowly got up and saw that Spike was slowly getting up with a bloody nose.

Scootaloo went near Spike and the purple dragon looked at her. "Is it over?"

The orange delinquent gave a single nod. "It's over...no more 'Master and Slave' for you."

Spike gave a very bright smile and embraced Scootaloo into a hug. "Oh, Thank you so much! You have no idea how happy I am....I am forever in debt to you!"

Scootaloo slightly chuckled with a blush as she patted Spike's back. "Hey, it's no problem...just take care of this gang with Ember, Okay?"

Spike gave a single nod after he broke the hug. "You got it!"

Author's Note:

3 down 2 to go :rainbowdetermined2:

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