• Published 21st Sep 2017
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Bully: Scootaloo's Story in Ponyville Academy - TwinSwords79

Scootaloo has been sent to school called Ponyville University for her serious behavior and to avoid juvenile detention, but she then realizes that this place is a serious dump.

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This Is What We Do To Ponies Around Here!

Scootaloo walked out of class with a sigh of relief with her new Chemistry textbook. unbeknownst to the teachers, she had a firecracker in the back pocket of her khakis. She has a chemistry set in her dorm room so now she can make on her own.
While she was putting her book and secret firecracker in her locker, the intercom turned on.

Scootaloo please report to the main office.

Scoots sighed. "Great...."

Scootaloo walked into Celestia's office and the principal smiled.

"It seems that you're making yourself comfortable here, Scootaloo."

The orange pegasus nodded. "I'm just trying to fit in, ma'am."

"Alright, but I've just received word that you had a fight with a bunch of colts from one of my employees."

"They started it..."

Celestia looked concerned. "Weather they started it or not, Scootaloo, that is not how we handle things here..."

"Ya could have fooled me, Ma'am, This place is full of bullies and maniacs..."

The white alicorn sat back and arched an eyebrow. "Is that so?"

"Yeah...I had to push away 3 bullies on my way here."

Celestia folded her hands on her desk and started to think. "Alright....Thanks for bringing this to my attention...I'll call a morning class assembly tomorrow, don't worry I'll keep your name anonymous."

"Thanks..." Scootaloo replied. "Can I good now?"

"Yes, you can go now."

Scootaloo walked to the door before Celestia stopped her.

"Scootaloo." The orange delinquent looked back. "I want you to at least try and behave yourself, you might learn something."

Scootaloo just nodded her head while mentally rolling her eyes.

As Scootaloo walked out of Celestia's office, she saw a male rainbow maned pegasus appear in front of her, he wore the same clothes that The Bullies clique wore

"Hey, I heard you snitching to Celestia!" The pegasus scowled.

Scootaloo looked at him with squinted eyes. "So what, you got a problem with that?"

The pegasus reached in his back pocket and took out a slingshot "Screw you New Kid, this is what we do to teachers pets around here." he stretched out the rubber band with a marble and aimed it at the orange delinquent.

"Don't you dare!" Scootaloo yelled, until she felt a sharp pain as the marble collided to the top of her chest. "OW!"

The rainbow pegasus laughed as Scootaloo growled. "You're Dead!!!!"

"You'll have to catch me first, bitch." The pegasus flapped his wings and flew out of the door, leaving a trail of rainbow behind.

"Come back here!" Scootaloo yelled as she ran after the flying pegasus.

Scootaloo burst out of the main doors and accidentally bumped into Sweetie Belle, who fell to the ground with her books, Scoots helped her up and dusted Sweetie off a little.

"Have you seen a male rainbow maned pegasus fly by?" she asked.

"Oh you mean Rainbow Blitz? Yeah I saw him fly towards the auto shop, why?" Sweetie asked.

Scoots patted her shoulder. "Nothing important, see ya later."

She ran past Sweetie Belle who just shrugged as she watched her jump over a railing.

Scoots ran to the auto shop and saw Rainbow Blitz with 3 ponies, two of the ponies were the colts she beat up outside of the girls dorm and the other was a green mare with a dark blue mane.

"There she is!" Rainbow Blitz told them. "Beat her down!"

The 3 ponies surrounded Scootaloo as Blitz opened the gates to the auto shop and ran away.

Scoots smirked a little and looked at the two colts. "Hey there, little colts how's your arm and face?"

The Green stallion wore a cast and the Purple stallion's face was black and blue from the impact of the bat.

"You are gonna seriously pay, bitch!" yelled The purple stallion who ran at Scootaloo with his fist out. Scoots ducked when he swung his fist and elbowed him in the stomach, which made him wheeze.

The green stallion ran up and Scootaloo grabbed his fist, turned his arm and herself around, pulled it over her shoulder, and making it loudly snap when her shoulder went up on it as she pulled it down. The green stallion screamed once again as the pegasus grabbed his shirt and kneed him hard in the nuts.

It was the mare's turn now, she run up to Scootaloo, who wasn't looking, and punched the back of her head. Scoots grunted and looked at the mare with an angry face. She grabbed her shirt and pinned her to a nearby stone wall, she grabbed her head and began to slam it into the wall over and over. When she stopped, she dropped the mare onto the floor and watched the green mare curl up into a ball and hold the back of her head.

Scootaloo looked back at the purple stallion, who stood with a scared look on his face, Scoots smirked evilly as she slowly walked towards the stallion. "Run..." she told him.

The purple stallion then ran toward her so he can run away, but Scootaloo grabbed him and stuffed him into a nearby garbage can. "Dumbass, you should've ran away from me, not towards me..."

Scoots ran through 2 garage doors and saw Rainbow Blitz flying over a pile of rubble, he was pretty scared too.

"What are you a psychopath?!" screamed Rainbow Blitz as he took out his slingshot. "Get away from me!"

Scootaloo looked to the left and saw a garbage can with a metal lid, she ran and did a front roll to the can and took off the lid, she put her hand in the handle and held it in front of her like a shield.

Rainbow Blitz fired the slingshot and it hit her metal shield with a loud 'clunk', he kept firing at a great speed but all that Scoots did was block every single one

The orange delinquent then threw the garbage lid at the pegasus and it hit him hard in the face, which made him grunt and crash down into the rubble.

Rainbow Blitz slowly stood up with a bloody nose and aimed again with anger in his face.

He shot at Scoots and it hit her square in the head, which made her stumble back in pain.

The orange pegasus smiled a little as she dropped her hand which had some blood on it. She looked up at Rainbow Blitz and rolled to the next garbage bin as he shot at her again.

Looking around, she saw a nearby brick, so she reached for it and grabbed it. After Rainbow Blitz stopped firing Scootaloo popped up and threw the brick. It missed by a few feet and it hit a piece of rubble at the bottom of the pile.

Rainbow laughed a little when he saw that the brick didn't even come close to him, but not until the pile creaked a little.

He looked down and saw that the pile was about to fall right under him, so he flew up as the pile crashed down right below him.

"Ha, nice try bi-AH!" He was cut off when another brick hit him right in the left wing. He crashed down to the ground and rolled on the floor.

Scootaloo stood up and walked over to the downed stallion who was slowly breathing on the hard ground. Scoots pushed him over on his back with her left foot and looked at his knocked out phase, she looked next to him and saw his slingshot, just sitting there...

She bent down on one knee next to his unconscious body and picked up Rainbow Blitz's weapon, examining it in her hand.

"Hmm..." she said, aiming the slingshot and pulling the rubber band back and shooting an invisible marble

She slipped it into her back pocket, and looked through Rainbow Blitz pockets, but found nothing that could be used as pellets for the Slingshot, looks like she has to find some ammo on her own.

She sighed as she casually got up and walked away from the scene while looking at her phone for the time, she still has some time left to get to class.

Author's Note:

Sorry.... :twilightsheepish:

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