• Published 21st Sep 2017
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Bully: Scootaloo's Story in Ponyville Academy - TwinSwords79

Scootaloo has been sent to school called Ponyville University for her serious behavior and to avoid juvenile detention, but she then realizes that this place is a serious dump.

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The Getaway

Scootaloo ran and rolled to the side of Rarity's House, as The Fashionistas started to throw eggs at her. The orange pegasus looked to her right and saw a white pegasus mare running towards her with her fist out, the delinquent grabbed her fist, pushed it away and kicked her in the stomach. The mare grunted as Scootaloo grabbed her, pinned her to a brick wall, and punched her right in the gut really hard. The mare's pupils turned into pinpricks as she spit out saliva on the grass and as the orange pegasus let go of her, she slid down the wall and gripped her stomach in pain.

Scootaloo ran to the back of Rarity's house and jumped her picket fence. Taking out her slingshot, she aimed it ahead of her as she walked slowly through Rarity's backyard. Leaning against the wall she began to sidle and stopped at a corner, sneaking a peek behind the wall, she saw a turquoise stallion with an egg in his hand.

"Alright...I'm not sure if this'll kill him but I hope it doesn't...." Scootaloo whispered to herself.

She began to dig inside her front pocket and took out her firecracker. After Scootaloo got dressed in her ‘conformist’ outfit she managed to go back to her locker and get her firecracker. She took out a lighter and lit the cracker. As it hissed she quickly placed it in the rubberband of her upgraded slingshot and pulled it back, before she fired it at the stallion and it landed right near him.

The stallion looked down at the fire cracker but before he could react it exploded with a loud bang. The stallion screamed bloody murder as his ears rang loudly in his head from the loud bang, every member of The Fashionista clique at Rarity's house looked at the stallion with surprised expressions and they all ran to him as he began to cry and fall to the ground holding his ears.

Scootaloo slipped her slingshot in her back pocket and ran back to the picket fence to jump over it again. She landed in the grass and began to run past the distracted clique when she got to the gate she tried to open it but the gate just clanked over and over, she was locked in.

"Crap..." she whispered. before looking back at the clique, they were still distracted with comforting the downed, now slightly deaf, crying stallion.

Scootaloo looked around the gate but couldn't find a key of some sort, but there wasn't anything like that nearby. She then remembered the mare she beat up earlier and sneakily ran over to her. She looked at her up against the wall holding her stomach and saw fresh tears down her face, Scoots got down on one knee and began to search the mare's pocket for a key and sure enough she felt one.

She slipped her hand out of the mare's pocket and held the key in her hand before putting it in her own pocket, She then began to slowly walk back to the locked gate.

"THERE SHE IS!!!!" yelled a Fashionista member, every clique member looked at the orange pegasus who looked at the ponies with widen eyes before she ran to the gate lock.

Most of The Fashionista members stood up, while some stayed with the stallion, and ran after Scootaloo with eggs in their hands. The orange delinquent took out the key and quickly unlocked the gate, but when she opened them she was met with an 3 eggs to the back and head.

"Gah! Damn it!" Scoots screamed before she opened the gate and ran out of Rarity's property with like 5 members of The Fashionistas following suit.

Scootaloo jumped on her bike that was nearby and was about to cycle away before some kind of force wouldn't let her move her body or bike. She moved her eyes around and saw she was surrounded by a light green magic aura, she then began straining to move her head and when she finally looked back, she could see that now the members are slowly walking to her and on close perspective she can see a white stallion with a blond and beautiful mane and tail was the one who stopped her and her bike from moving.

Scootaloo growled and began to fight the force as she slowly moved her hand into her pocket and took out a small light green circular grenade in her hand, slowly pulled the pin, and she managed to throw the grenade into the white stallion's hand when The Fashionista's managed to be right behind her bike. When the grenade landed in his hands the stallion and The Fashionistas all tilted their heads in confusion, before it exploded with a loud bang and everyone was covered in splashes of green liquid paint.

Every member of The Fashionistas screamed and cried as they all began yelling different things.

As they were having this 'crisis', the stallion let go of Scootaloo and she quickly cycled away from the ponies who were too busy complaining to even care about Scootaloo anymore.

The orange delinquent finally got back to the academy and her bike screeched to a stop in front of the girls dorm. Scootaloo panted heavily and ran inside the dorm, she got into her room and looked at herself in the mirror. She had some green paint on her diamond blue sweater and school pants but not that much, she was just caught in the crossfire, egg yolk dripped down her back and was dripping onto the floor, not to mention she was covered in sweat from all the running, fighting, and biking, she had to do to get away from The Fashionistas.

Scootaloo lifted her arm and took a whiff of her scent under her armpit before she whipped her head away from it. "Jesus Christ! I definitely need a shower!"

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