• Published 21st Sep 2017
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Bully: Scootaloo's Story in Ponyville Academy - TwinSwords79

Scootaloo has been sent to school called Ponyville University for her serious behavior and to avoid juvenile detention, but she then realizes that this place is a serious dump.

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Setting A Deal

Scootaloo received a call on her cell phone after she walked out of the infirmary, She answered it and it was Ember on the other line.

"Hey, Scootaloo." Ember said.

"Hey...So what's going on?" asked Scootaloo, slightly rubbing her arm that was still bandaged.

"Garble wants to see both of us...it's about a job he wants us to do."

Scootaloo gave a smirk. "Ok...do you know what it is?"

"No, he's gonna tell us."

"Alright, I'm on my way."

"Oh and before you go, Me and the dragons got you a new closet and we left something in it for you."

"Really?" Scootaloo smiled.

"Yeah and I even slipped something in there too as a special bonus."

"Alright then."

Scootaloo hung up her phone and ran to the girls dorm to see what the blue dragoness left her.

The orange delinquent opened up her closet and saw a black leather jacket with blue jeans and brown work boots inside. Scoots smirked and when she grabbed it she felt something weird. Confused she unzipped the jacket and looked inside, she saw some kind of gun in a brown holster, her eyes sparkled a little as she grabbed the grip and took out, revealing it to be a Beretta M9 BB gun.

"Oh my god..." Scootaloo said, amazed as she held the realistic looking, but actually plastic, BB gun in her hand. She took the clip out of the gun and began to mess around with it a little bit.

She aimed the gun and pulled the trigger making a click, she then crouched down and did a side roll, firing the empty gun when she went upright.

She got up and slipped the clip into the gun, then she put it on her bed and began to take off her sweater and shirt.

The orange Pegasus walked to her mirror and looked at her new outfit. She gave out a sly smirk as she revolver spun her BB gun and slipped it in the holster inside her jacket.

Sweetie Belle walked to Scootaloo's room and saw her in the getup. "Hey Scoots, gonna deal with Garble?"

"Yeah, Ember said he wants us to do a job for him."

"Alright, you know what it is?"

"No, Ember said that's why Garble wanted to see us."

"Well Good luck out there."

Scootaloo looked at Sweetie and nodded. "Thanks."

Scootaloo screeched to a stop on her bike and got off of it when it stopped in front of The Fire Dragons' hangout. She saw that Ember was at the door, waiting for her.

"Hey, nice threads." Ember said, noticing Scoots as she jogged up to her.

"Thanks, oh and also thanks for the piece." Scootaloo replied.

"No problem, but keep that between us, ok? Garble and the gang don't know I gave you one."

Scootaloo nodded and had Ember open up the hangout entrance and led Scootaloo to Garble's office. The blue dragoness opened the door and both girls see Garble, fiddling with a Colt 1911 BB gun.

Garble looked up at the girls and sneered at them, putting his Colt in a drawer. "So...I want you two to watch over a couple of my guys...."

Scootaloo arched an eyebrow. "What for?"

Garble looked at her. "Let me finish!" The orange pegasus's eyes looked away from him. "My guys are gonna do a deal with a gang of dropouts called The Street Sweepers.

Ember put her right hand on her hip and stuck it out to the side a little. "What are we dealing?"

"BB and Airsoft weaponry." Garble answered. "We got a whole big crate full of them, ranging from Glocks and Mac 10s to Remington 870s and M4 Carbines."

"And how much is the profit?"

"500 bits." Scootaloo and Ember looked at each other with widen eyes but Garble calmed down their excitement. "Don't get your hopes up, most of the money will go to me and my guys, you two will get the left over change."

"So, are we getting any weapons ourselves?" Asked Scootaloo, looking at him with a slightly annoyed face.

Garble stood up. "Yeah, sure." He reached under his desk and took out a baseball bat. "You two can fight over who gets the bat."

Ember looked at Garble and grabbed the bat. "So where's the deal going to happen?"

"In an alleyway near Southern Ponyville. My guys are waiting near The Sugarcube Diner, so run along cuties."

Scootaloo and Ember mentally rolled their eyes and walked out.

The girls exited the hangout and walked a little far to get out of earshot from anyone.

"Ok, Scoots." Ember started. "What are we gonna do about this?"

"Well, I think I might have a plan..." Scootaloo answered with a smirk.

"I'm all ears."

"So, first we get Sweetie Belle from the dorm."

"Why do we need her?"

"I'm getting to that....So after we get Sweetie Belle we'll get Garble's guys from Sugarcube Diner and we'll use the bat to knock them out cold!"

Ember nodded and continued to listen.

"Then Sweetie Belle comes in and will erase their memories about what their supposed to do."

Ember arched an eyebrow. "How's that gonna work?"

"Sweetie Belle told me she learned a new spell that Twilight taught her in case of emergencies. So she'll be able to erase other ponies/dragons memories."

"OK then what?"

"We'll take the crate and we'll do the deal."

"We do the deal?"

"Yeah, but in order for us to weaken Garble we have to say that something has gone wrong."

"And how are we gonna do that?"

"Don't worry, I'll take care of that."

Ember shrugged her shoulders "Alright then. I guess you know that you're doing."

"Go, wait for me at Sugarcube Diner with the bat and I'll bring Sweetie Belle."

Ember gave a single nod and got on her bike, quickly cycling away to the diner.

Scootaloo walked to her bike and got on looking at the hangout with a smile.

"Hope you're ready Garble...cuz Scootaloo's coming for you."

Author's Note:

Again, this is not what you normally see in a Bully game, but I want to make it feel like not just a normal Bully story, to me this is just boiling hot water for a plate called The Fire Dragons Finale dish :pinkiehappy: :raritywink:

Also please try not to hate the story because of this chapter, I'm doing my own vision here. :applecry:

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