• Published 21st Sep 2017
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Bully: Scootaloo's Story in Ponyville Academy - TwinSwords79

Scootaloo has been sent to school called Ponyville University for her serious behavior and to avoid juvenile detention, but she then realizes that this place is a serious dump.

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Teacher Rivalry

"After taking down Gilda, I mostly thought my troubles in Ponyville were over...but this place is like an onion...peel off a layer and there's another one beneath..."

Scootaloo walked out of her class and opened her locker to put her books away when a pony called out to her in some kind of German or Austrian accent, Scoots didn't know. "Hey, New Kid."

Scoots leaned back and saw a mare with blue fur, short white mane, and purple glasses. She wore the same attire as The Fashionistas clique and she had a digital camera around her neck. "You're that mare that beat Gilda?"

Scoots closed her locker. "Yeah, what's it to you?"

"Look my good mare, believe it or not but vue actually like to box."

Scoots arched an eyebrow. "Really? I thought you guys were strictly making dresses and fashion shows and all that crap..."

The mare gasped a little bit. "How dare you call fashion crap! We love to make exquisite fabrics and start fashion shows, all of those beautiful dresses and suit colors matching up perfectly and me taking beautiful pictures with my camera." She happily sighed of affection before she quickly cleared her throat. "But believe it or not, we actually like to box in our spare time, you know so we can keep our beautiful figures in shape. So vue bought a gym in Downtown to keep us occupied at the end of the day. I vas wondering if you would want to come down and join us sometime."

"I'll keep that in mind..uh...what's your name?"

The mare held up her hand. "Enough talking, I must go!" She then ran down the nearby school steps, leaving a confused Scootaloo alone.

"That was weird..." the orange delinquent said, putting her backpack on and walking away from her locker.

Scoots walked the hallways of the main building and she suddenly heard some teachers talking in the English classroom, she peaked inside the keyhole to see what was going on, It wasn't just to be nosey, she was just curious. She saw her English teacher, Mr. Shining Armor, sitting down at his desk and the teacher who spoke up to her on her first day, he was a red stallion with a blonde mane. He was actually holding up an obvious liquor bottle that was covered with a paper bag in front of Shining.

"The rules are crystal clear Armor, No alcohol on school grounds!" screamed The stallion in a hard southern accent, placing the bottle on top of the English teacher's desk. "You disgust me, what kind of pony drinks in front of foals!?"

Shining Armor stood up. "A parent!"

"A disgraceful one, yes. But it's about time Ah' get ya sacked!

Shining sucked his teeth and growled. "Do what you want, Macintosh! You always do!"

"Celestia will hear about this, Armor..."

Scootaloo could now hear hoof steps coming towards her, she quickly ran to a nearby wall and leaned against it. When she heard the door open she peeked around the corner and could see Macintosh walk out of Mr. Armor's classroom and went upstairs to the main office.

Scoots went away from the wall and looked inside the classroom, Shining was still drinking, he actually looked a little depressed. The orange delinquent walked into the classroom towards her English teacher. "Mr. Shining, you alright?"

Shining looked at her. "Ah, Scootaloo....yes I'm alright. I'm half drunk and I'm about to get fired...everything is peachy..."

"Well, alright? But you should really put that away..."

Shining took another drink. "I know...but, I'm just under a lot of pressure...I tried everything: meditating, exercising, looking up dirty sites on the internet...but...nothing's better than just drinking your problems away..."

Scootaloo reached over and grabbed the bottle out of her English teacher's hand. "Give me that, let's get rid of these before you get busted."

Mr. Armor smiled a little. "God bless you, Scootaloo-" he reached under his desk and took out 3 more bottles. "Take them to Ms. Cadence, she's the only one who know about my...'Problem'...she'll know what to do with them. I think she's at the parking lot..."

Scoots grabbed the bottles and stuffed them into her backpack. "Alright, don't worry. Ms. Celestia won't find out."

She was about to leave before Shining called he again."Oh and I also lost 3 bottles around the school could you maybe look around them?"

Scootaloo gave him a "are you serious?" look. "Really?"

Shining laughed awkwardly. "Yeah...."

The orange delinquent sighed. "Alright..." she walked out of the classroom and looked around the school for the missing bottles.

After finding the first bottle in the girl's bathroom and the second bottle in the cafeteria kitchen, Scootaloo walked through the hallways with 5 liquor bottles clinking against each other inside her backpack. When she was closing in on the principal's office, she heard Mr. Macintosh talking to Ms. Celestia. She tried to be as casual as possible while walking passed it and slightly listening to the conversation they were having.

"Ah'm telling you, he's drinkin' on the job." said Macintosh.

"Shining Armor has been with me since the school first opened in 2006 and he's been dating my niece for about 3 years now...so it's hard to see him drinking alcohol during his line of duty." Celestia replied.

When the orange pegasus passed the office she looked inside the trophy case right next to it and she saw the last bottle inside it, Scootaloo rolled her eyes and sighed.

"Really?" she asked herself, as she tried to open it, but of course it was locked. "Figures as much..."

She took her nail file out of her back pocket and looked at it with grace. "Lock Picking Mode, don't fail me now..."

She inserted her nail file in the lock very carefully and began to pick it, she also looked around to make sure no one could see her do it. After a few seconds she finally heard a click from the lock, she put her nail file away and slowly opened up the case. She grabbed the bottle from the case and slipped it into her backpack, before she could go...something else caught her eye, it was a folded up piece of paper next to one of the trophies.

She grabbed it, unfolded it, and saw that it was another one of Red's move papers on it it shows a pony standing in a fighting stance and the other pictures shows him picking up his leg while bending it and the last pic shows him kicking high.

Scootaloo read the title and saw that the move was named 'Roundhouse Kick'.

"Alright..." Scoots said, putting the paper into her pocket. "Looks like I'll be seeing Red after this...."

Scoots closed the case and quickly went to the parking lot without getting any suspicion from the prefects or teachers.

Scoots ran to the parking lot and mentally sighed of relief when she saw Ms. Cadence, her art teacher, drinking coffee near the old school bus.

The orange delinquent went up to the pink alicorn and took off her bag. "Ms. Cadence, I-uh...have some things that Mr. Armor needs to get rid of..."

Cadence tilted her head in confusion until it popped in her head. "Ah, OK...show them to me."

The orange delinquent opened her bag and showed the teacher 7 liquor bottles inside. "I think this is all of them."

Cadence sighed, zipped up Scoots' bag and picked it up. "I'm gonna take your bag, if you don't mind...I'll put it in your dorm room when I get rid of the bottles." She then dug into her pocket and took out 10 bits, giving them to Scootaloo. "Take these for your troubles."

Scoots nodded and took the bits. "OK."

She then watched her art teacher walk away with her bag on her shoulder as she slipped the bits into her pocket. "Alright...after Shop class, I'm gonna see what those fashion ponies have to offer..."

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