• Published 21st Sep 2017
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Bully: Scootaloo's Story in Ponyville Academy - TwinSwords79

Scootaloo has been sent to school called Ponyville University for her serious behavior and to avoid juvenile detention, but she then realizes that this place is a serious dump.

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Some Real Egging

Author's Note:

The long awaited Chapter is here :yay:

After showering and putting her original clothes back on, Scootaloo got back on her bike and rode her way back Downtown. When she passed by the outside market, she saw Gilda talking to the stallion that sold the orange delinquent the eggs. Her bike screeched to a stop by the market entrance and she made her way to the different creatures talking, when she got closer she can see that Gilda was getting angry at the stallion that she grabbed his apron along with his shirt and picked him up a little making him go on the tip of his hooves.

Scoots picked up her walking speed and stopped next to them. "Gilda, what are you doing?!"

Gilda looked at Scootaloo while still holding the stallion. "This asshole called me a bitch!"

The stallion stuttered and started to cry a little. "I-I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Please don't kill me-he-hee!"

"Gilda, let him go." Scootaloo said.

Gilda looked at Scootaloo and sighed, she dropped the stallion who grabbed the stand's counter a little to regain his balance.

"Jesus, that girl is strong!" said the stallion who went next to Scoots and looked at her. "Oh wait, you're the pegasus who bought the eggs from me...how did it go?"

"Not what I was hoping" Scoots replied. "I've actually learned something, don't trust fashionistas..."

"Fashionistas? Oh you mean Rarity's gang?" asked the stallion, Scootaloo nodded.

"Ya know, I heard from my dad that her parents are inviting him to a party at the country club this afternoon, So if I was you you can take this time for a little payback."

Scootaloo looked away a little and started to think. "I have an idea, but I'm gonna need some more eggs..."

"Sure thing." The stallion walked back to his stand and placed an egg carton on the counter.

Scootaloo paid for the eggs and got Gilda's attention. "C'mon Gilda, we got some fancy ponies to beat up."

Scootaloo and Gilda's bikes both screeched to a stop as they were in front of Rarity's house,

When both girls got off of their bikes, Scootaloo gave Gilda a white hockey mask and gave herself the werewolf mask she used from Diamond's little heist. Both girls went onto the unicorn's property as Scootaloo took the eggs out of her bag and looked at Rarity's house with an evil grin under her mask.

She passed some eggs to Gilda and both girls began to throw eggs at Rarity's house, egg after egg the girls threw them outside the house and even chucking it in the windows just to get it inside the house.

As they continued to throw the eggs, a green mare saw them. "Hey!"

Both girls looked at the member and Gilda threw an egg at the Fashionista member, the mare shook some egg off of her and ran to the girls with her fist out.

Scootaloo quickly passed the eggs to Gilda. "Keep going, I'll handle her."

Scootaloo grabbed the mare's fist when she got close enough and punched her in the gut. The mare wheezed but got out of it fast and punched Scootaloo in the face.

When the orange pegasus backed up, the green mare grabbed Scootaloo's shirt, ran to the nearby wall, and slammed her into it. Just when the green mare was about to take off her mask, Scootaloo grabbed her hand and punched her face.

The mare let go and now its Scootaloo's turn to grab her shirt and slam her into a wall. The pegasus let go and just into town on her, punch after punch from her face to her chest and to her stomach.

The mare grunted and grunted as Scootaloo finally stopped and threw her on to the grass, slamming her foot down on her back.

The orange pegasus breathed heavily and looked at the downed mare, she lifted her mask a little and spit on the green mare's knocked out phase. After she covered her muzzle again, she looked at Gilda and saw that she threw the final egg at Rarity's house.

Scootaloo walked over to her and tapped her on the shoulder "Come on we got to get out of here, before somepony else sees us."

Gilda nodded and both girls got back on their bikes and cycled away fast.

Scootaloo and Gilda got back to the girl's dorm and quickly went inside the orange pegasi's room. They finally took off their masks and both girls panted heavily from how fast they cycled away from the house.

Scootaloo sat down on her bed and looked up at GIlda with a smile. "Thanks for giving me a hand, Gilda. We definitely taught those assholes a lesson not to mess with us."

"Hey no problem Scoots. I'm Happy to help." replied Gilda. "If those Fashionista bastards hurt my friends they answer to my fist in their face."

Scootaloo chuckled and nodded. "Alright. Alright, I'll see you around, Gilda"

Both girls fist-bumped and the white griffon walked out of Scootaloo's room.

Rarity walked on the pathway to her house with some grocery bags in her arms, when she got in front of her gate she saw 5 members of her cliques in front of her.

Rarity arched an eyebrow. "What's going on darlings?"

The Fashionista members all looked down and showed Rarity her egged house. The white unicorn gasped and dropped her bags, she ran up to her house and looked at it from top to bottom where she was standing, there were eggs on every part of the wall, her windows and even her front door. She then ran inside and saw that some things were even egged inside, there were on the couch, the television, on a lamp, and even on the glass casing that kept all of her fashion show trophies from over the years and one even landed on the first trophy she ever received.

Rarity went on all floors and cried her eyes out, not caring that her makeup was getting ruined. One of the clique members walked up to her and began to rub her back for comfort.

Rarity slowly looked up with a look of pure rage on her face and spoke with a growl.

"I'm gonna do something that bitch Scootaloo will never forget!"

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