• Published 21st Sep 2017
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Bully: Scootaloo's Story in Ponyville Academy - TwinSwords79

Scootaloo has been sent to school called Ponyville University for her serious behavior and to avoid juvenile detention, but she then realizes that this place is a serious dump.

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Taking Down: The Bullies

Scootaloo walked into the dorm's lounge the next day and sat down on the couch, picking her feet up on a nearby coffee table and turning the TV on.

She started to watch her show, when Diamond came up behind her. "Hey, Scoots come on I've found something amazing!"

Scootaloo looked back at her. "Look...I'm already in too deep with getting in trouble Diamond...I can't get expelled again..." Diamond got in front of the TV and turned it off. "Hey!"

"It's always 'ME, ME, ME, ME' with you...I'm thinking of taking over this school clique by clique, and you are worried about getting into trouble? Jesus, Scoots I didn't know you were a punk-bitch!"

Scootaloo stood up. "Fine, what do you want to show me?"

Diamond walked around the couch. "It's on the other side of campus and don't worry about class, we have the day off."

Scootaloo followed Diamond to the dorm doors and the pale magenta pony opened them, while looking back at the orange delinquent. "Trust me Scoots, After I show you this, things will never be the same..."

"O...kay. Whatever you say Diamond..." Scoots replied, walking out of the door with the earth pony.

Diamond led Scootaloo to the school parking lot and they saw an orange mare, a dark diamond blue mare, and a lime green stallion talking to each other, all 3 of them wore the outfit The Bullies wore, so they must have been members.

Diamond smirked and walked up to the group. "Hey, idiots!"

The group looked back at them with angry looks, The pale magenta earth pony pointed to Scoots. "Scootaloo says she can easily kick your asses!"

Scoots looked at Diamond angrily too. "WHAT?!"

The 3 ponies now looked at the orange pegasus. "Hey, your that bitch that beat up all of our friends!" The stallion yelled.

"Damn right she is!" Diamond continued. "It's time she beat you 3 down too!"

The 3 ponies ran to Scootaloo and attacked her all at once. The stallion tried to punch her stomach but Scoots dodged, elbowed him in the face and pushed him away.

The dark diamond blue mare kicked Scootaloo in the stomach and punched her face. Scoots held her stomach, backed up in pain, and coughed.

The diamond mare prepared to elbow her, but her arm connected with Scoots' hand and got pushed it away. Scoots kicked the mare's right leg and punched her face, knocking her down.

The orange mare came up behind Scootaloo and got her in a choke-hold. Scootaloo gasped as she felt her airway get blocked by the mare's arm, she didn't want to black out so she decides to elbow the mare's ribs over and over. She still kept a firm grip on her throat, Scootaloo's world was beginning to fade away before she decided a last approach, she headbutted the mare in the face.

The mare grunted and loosened her grip a little, giving Scootaloo the ability to pry her off and back kick her in the stomach.

Scootaloo turned around and saw the stallion came back for more, as he ran back to her with his fist out. He swung his fist and she dodged, she countered by uppercutting him. The stallion backed up, holding his chin from pain, as he saw her walk up and punch him rapidly in his stomach. he coughed and wheezed as Scoots stopped and gave one final punch to his face, knocking him down to the parking lot floor, as he coughed up a little bit of spit mixed with some blood.

Scootaloo panted heavily as sweat trickled down her face and she turned to Diamond, who just watched the whole fight with crossed arms.

"Wow Scoots, nice job..." Diamond said, Scootaloo walked up to her.

"Why the hell did you have them attack me?! On top of that you didn't even bother to help me!"

"I just wanted to see your limit, Scoots. Don't take it too seriously, I just wanted to see how 'bad ass' you are."

Scootaloo crossed her arms. "So....?"

"You were pretty good, now let's go to the real place I wanted to show you..." Diamond led Scootaloo down some steps to a door that said 'PHS Employees only'.

Diamond opened the door for Scootaloo. "After you, m'lady."

Scootaloo rolled her eyes and knocked Diamond's tiara from her head. The pale magenta pony picked it up with an angry look which then turned into an evil smile as she followed Scootaloo, who walked inside.

Diamond and Scootaloo dropped down to a huge spacious circle with a little drain in a middle.

"What is this supposed to be?" asked Scoots.

Diamond Tiara circled around her. "This here my good friend is The Hole...this is the place that separates the stallions from the colts, the sinkers from the swimmers and all that bull crap.." Diamond snapped her fingers and lots of ponies ran around the circle around the outside of where the mares stood. They had at least 3 members in each clique, excluding The Bullies.

"What's going on?"

Diamond kept circling her. "I know you hate me Scootaloo...you always have an attitude when i talk to you and I'm sure you talk about me behind my back..."

"What are you talking about?" asked Scootaloo, arching an eyebrow, as Diamond stopped in front of her.

"Don't play innocent with me Scoot, YOU wanna run this school, I want to run this school! Only one of us is gonna make it..."

Diamond walked to a little ladder that led out of the circle and turned back to the delinquent. "AND IT'S GONNA BE ME!!!!!"

Scootaloo watched as Diamond climbed the little ladder. "I don't even want the school!" yelled Scoots.

"Well I do "pal" and I intend to get it, alone...you are just thwarting my plans in achieving it..."

Diamond raised her arms to get everyone's attention. "Ladies and gentlecolts! Bitches and assholes, put your hands together for....Gilda!"

The Bullies' leader climbed down the ladder and stood in front of a surprised Scootaloo as the other cliques' claps and cheers echoed through the basement.

Scootaloo looked back up at Diamond with an angry expression as Diamond just smiled evilly. "Oh, you daughter of a bastard!"

Gilda smiled and cracked her knuckles. "I'm gonna enjoy making you pay for hurting all of my friends..."

Scootaloo looked back at Gilda and got into a fighting stance, as a drop of sweat trickled down her face. "Let's go then..."

Gilda walked up to Scootaloo, still keeping her smile. "So, you gonna throw a punch or what?"

Scootaloo balled her fist tightly and went for a punch but Gilda pushed her fist away and punched Scootaloo in the face. The orange delinquent grunted a little and began to throw a variety of punches towards the white griffin. The griffin still continued to smile as she blocked all the punches Scootaloo managed to throw and countered with a hard gut punch.

"Guh!" Scootaloo grunted, as spit came out of her mouth as she held her stomach and went on her knees.

Gilda's smile then turned into a serious one. "Not much of a fighter aren't ya? *sigh* I knew you'd be a waste of time."

Scootaloo smiled and laughed a little, just as Gilda arched an eyebrow of confusion, Scootaloo chopped at her ankle. Making it crack loudly.

Gilda screamed as she dropped to her hurt ankle and everyone in the room, except Diamond, winced from the sound of the crack.

Scootaloo's legs shook as she slowly stood up and she began to attack again. First she grabbed Gilda's head and kneed her in the face, knocking her down with a thud, she then went on top of her, grabbed her, propped her up to a wall and went wild on her with punches. punch after punch after punch, Gilda kept grunting from the pain Scootaloo was giving her.

Scootaloo didn't care, she just kept beating Gilda's face over and over, as her spit slowly turned into blood. the orange delinquent stopped for a second and to look at her work. Gilda's face was really bruised up, from black and blue cheeks, to a black eye.

Scootaloo looked back at Diamond for a second and saw she was enjoying this, hence the smile on her face. Scootaloo figured it was finally time to put this to an end, she turned back to the bruised Gilda, grabbed her and made her stand up.
The white griffin wobbled from side to side with her eyes looking at the pony who kicked her ass. Scootaloo turned away a little and did the move Red taught her. Scootaloo Butterfly kicked Gilda, which made the white griffin spit out a tooth and fall to the ground in defeat.

The whole circle went silent from what they just witnessed all they could here was Scootaloo's deep pants of tiredness and Gilda's slow breathing, The New Kid just beat THE leader of the bullies.

Scootaloo looked at Diamond with a furious expression as she was drenched in sweat from the battle. "You happy now, sicko?!"

Diamond laughed a little. "Yeah...I love to watch two mares beat the living crap out of each other!"

"Why did you do this to me Diamond? I thought we were friends!"

"Friends? You and me? I'd rather swim in a pool of acid with hungry sharks if I ever considered to be your friend. I'm taking over this school...and you are just a pathetic loser! See ya around bitch!"

Diamond and the rest of the cliques walked out which just left Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle, who also watched the whole fight, Sweetie tried to cheer her up. "Way to go, Scootaloo."

The orange delinquent sighed. "Thanks...you got any water?"

"Yeah..." Sweetie Belle reached into her back pocket and took out a full bottle of cold water. "Here." she threw the bottle at Scoots and she caught it with one hand.

The orange delinquent walked to the downed Gilda and squirted water on her face. Gilda woke up and Scoots helped her sit up.

"Hey, you ok Gilda?" asked Scootaloo wiping a little bit of blood off of the griffin's beak.

She grunted a little and nodded. "Yeah I'm fine...you sure got some moves kid.."

"Thanks, look I'm sorry about hurting your friends but they all started this in the first place. I have a proposition to make....I want you to stop bullying weak students."


"Because, they're a lot of students here who need a beating and your picking on some who don't so I want you to leave me..." She pointed behind her at Sweetie Belle. "and her alone."

Gilda smiled a little. "Alright, Scootaloo....you have my utmost respect...least I can do is make it up to you...now maybe can you take me to the nurse?"

Scootaloo smiled a little. "Yeah, sure." she looked back at Sweetie Belle. "Sweetie Belle, can you help me out?"

The white unicorn nodded and helped the orange pegasus carry Gilda up the ladder and out of the basement to the nurse's office.

Author's Note:

Phew...finally finished...:ajsleepy:

1 clique down....4 to go :rainbowdetermined2:

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