• Published 21st Sep 2017
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Bully: Scootaloo's Story in Ponyville Academy - TwinSwords79

Scootaloo has been sent to school called Ponyville University for her serious behavior and to avoid juvenile detention, but she then realizes that this place is a serious dump.

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All Downhill From Here // The Revenge of Shining Armor and Scootaloo

Scootaloo backed up as Red walked to her menacingly, his claws waving around.

“Red!! What are you doing?!”

“Diamond told me...she told me everything...you were gonna stab all of us in the back when you found an opening!!!”

The red pegasus backed Scoots up into a large tombstone. “The only way for me to prove you’re not lying is to fight me!!”

Scoots pushes him away from him and he grunts his response as he backed away. “I won’t fight you...you’re my friend!!”

“STOP LYING!!!!” He retracted his claws and he socked Scoots in the face, knocking her down into the grass.

“Diamond is playing you!!" Scootaloo slowly got up and looked at her friend, her fists clenching.

"Wrong...you played us all..." Red kept walking slowly towards Scoots.

The orange pegasus gritted her teeth as Red's fist went towards her, she grabbed it and elbowed his face, making him back up. Red grabbed his face and saw some blood dripping from his nose, he clenched his fist tightly. "You're Dead!!!"

"You forced me to do it." The orange pegasus got into her fighting stance. "If talking won't open your eyes to the real enemy...I guess my best chance is to beat it out of you."

"Show me what you got..."

Scootaloo ran over to Red, ducking to avoid a punch from him as she knocked him in the stomach. The red pegasus grabbed her when she bent over and started to kick her repeatedly in the torso, finishing the attack with a downward elbow to the head, making her drop to the ground.

The pegasus grabbed his leg and made him trip to the ground, but then Red delivered a foot to face kick to her, making Scootaloo grunt and fall backwards onto her back. She put her hands on the ground by her head and she kipped up, jumping back onto her feet, wiping blood from her mouth.

Red got up after her, turning his legs around and putting his hands near her head like Scootaloo did but he jumped back and landed on his feet. Scootaloo thrusted her fist out towards Red, who in turn, caught it and pushed her face along with her body back to the ground.

The stallion growled and kicked her while she was down, making the pegasus give out a grunt with a cough, He then moved his leg over near her face and raised his foot up, getting ready to stomp on her head till he felt a sudden hard chop on his neck, he lost all feeling in his body as he fell to the floor, but he didn't slam face first since the being who knocked him out held him by the shirt and placed him down gently.

Scoots looked up and saw the being who helped her. "Gilda?" The griffin smiled and offered a hand to her, which the pegasus gladly accepted as she stood up. "How did you find me?"

"I followed you here, thought you might needed backup." She looked at Red's knocked out state. "Turns out I was right...the hell was with Red's problem?"

"Bucking Diamond Tiara is the problem..." Scoots replied, rubbing her head after she wiped her bloody nose. "She manipulated him to attack me..."

After she said that, Scoot's cell phone rang loudly, she saw that Sweetie Belle was calling and she answered it, putting it on speaker so Gilda could hear too. "What is it Sweetie?"

"U-Uhm...Scoots, there's something terribly wrong..."

"What do you mean?"

"Well you know how you want to restore peace to the school and stop the bullying? Well...lets just say that won't exactly happen..."

"I've only been gone for like a half an hour Belle, what the hell is going on over there? If someone wants to fight me, I'm right here."

"I think Diamond might be behind all of this...but trust me when I say this: Everyone wants a fight." Scootaloo gave a slight gasp as Belle continued. "I'm sorry Scoots...but it seems like you won't keep that popularity till senior year after all...look I gotta go to my next class, I'll call you later."

After her best friend hung up, Scootaloo puts the phone in her pocket and looks at Gilda who was looking down. "God Dammit...what's gonna happen now?"

"We have to get back to school, c'mon." Scootaloo and Gilda got onto their bikes and quickly rode them back to Ponyville Academy.

When Scoots and Gilda arrived back at school, the girls felt like the atmosphere had completely changed, everyone was either looking at each other like they were enemies or just bumping shoulders as a standard 'Don't buck with me'.

"Is it just me...or does this place feel like an even bigger dump than it was before I came to this school?" Scootaloo asked, looking at Gilda who was looking around the school, squinting her eyes and nodding.

"Yeah...something is definitely wrong." Gilda replied. "I have a bad feeling about this...I'm gonna go find Sweetie Belle, see if she's okay, you go see what's going on around the school."

Scootaloo nodded as the griffin ran off to go find Sweetie Belle, the pegasus walked around the school to see why the atmosphere has changed.

While walking, she managed to get to the parking lot where she normally met Red for training practice. She looked around the corner of the wall leading to the lot and she sees Shining Armor was sitting down on a bench and drinking another bottle of liquor near the auto-shop where The Fire Dragons normally hang out when on school grounds.

"Mr. Armor?" Scootaloo walked over to her English teacher, who waved at her.

"Oh hey, Scootaloo." He hiccuped. "Long time, no see..."

"You're my English teacher, we see each other everyday." Scoots then grabbed the bottle from his hands. "Sir, should you really be doing this? You promised Ms. Cadence."

"I know I did, but life is unfair." He tries to reach for the bottle but Scoots moves her hand so it was out of his reach, she shook her head, which made him sigh and look down. "Why does this happen to me...I have a simple and normal vice yet I get punished for it, while Macintosh gets away with getting bribes from his pupils and walks away scot-free."

"What?" Scoots replied, putting the bottle next to her and sitting down on the bench next to him.

"Yeah, he actually sells advanced copies of standardized tests to the kids of his friends and nopony says a word." Shining puts a hand on his head.

"To who?"

"Well...uh...Hoity Toity for one, he's been really generous with this stunt that basically nearly the entire school is cheating, all thanks to that bastard Macintosh."

Scoots stood up, putting two fingers on her chin. "I can't believe he's actually selling tests."

"Exactly! Nopony ever believes me because I don't have any evidence to back it up...in fact, maybe that's why the reason I drink, I'm so stressed out that Macintosh gets away with everything." Shining grabs the bottle from the ground and takes another drink.

Scoots looks at her teacher. "What if...I get evidence of him doing it?"

"Then I don't have any reason to drink again." Shining replied. "I can finally put the bottle down once and for all."

Scootaloo smiled and nodded, taking out a camera from her pocket. "Don't worry Mr. Armor, I've got this."

"Oh Scootaloo, here." He reached into his pocket and gave her a tape recorder. "The data is clean so don't worry about taping over something."

"Where'd you get this?" She asked, putting the recorder in her back pocket.

"Cadence gave it to me...saying that when the time is right, It'll be used...and sure enough, it's ready to be used." Shining smiled, patting Scoots' head and having her run off to get Macintosh caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Scootaloo went over to Macintosh's classroom and she sees him writing something down, talking to himself. She took out a tape-recorder and pressed the record button, recording what Macintosh is saying. "Ah' gotta get that Shinin' Armor out of ere once and fer all...Ah' can't have him here if he's getting this close to actually catchin' me with what Ah'm doing..."

She saw him put papers into his bag and he stood up, Scoots quickly stopped the recording and she ran to a nearby wall. Hiding behind it and walking Mac get out of his classroom and out the back door. She follows him and he leads her to a clearing near the very back of the school. Scoots hides in a bush, taking her camera out and pointing it at Macintosh who looked around to see if he was being followed.

Scoots then sees Hoity Toity come out from behind a tree and smiles at Mac, he takes out his wallet and gets out a big wad of cash which made Mac smile a bit, he takes out the test answers and they do the exchange. Macintosh getting the money and Hoity getting the answered tests.

Scoots picked up her camera and made sure the flash was off, snapping pictures of Hoity holding the money and giving it to Mac, along with Mac giving Hoity the test answers. She even got them giving each other a firm handshake. He watched both of them go their separate ways as she checked to see if the pictures were good enough, smiling at her success.

An hour later, Macintosh has brought Principal Celestia to Shining Armor who was still waiting in the auto-shop for Scootaloo.

"Ma'am, Shinin' Armor drinks on school grounds. This is setting a complete bad example fer the students, he can run this school's rep right down the drain." Macintosh said, making Celestia look at Shining.

"Shining Armor, this was brought to my attention countless times by Macintosh that you've drink on school grounds, I'm sorry but I will terminate the employment of someone setting a horrible example to the students."

That was Scoot's cue to enter the conversation with a sly smirk on her face. "Is that so? Then I feel like you might want to hear this." She handed the tape-recorder over to Celestia.

"What's this?" Celestia asked pressing the play button, which started the audio Scoots recorded of Macintosh talking to himself.

"Ah' gotta get that Shinin' Armor out of ere once and fer all...Ah' can't have him here if he's getting this close to actually catchin' me with what Ah'm doing..."

Macintosh's pupils shrunk down to pinpricks as Celestia looks at him suspiciously, which was the perfect time for Scoots to give Celestia the pictures she took. "And if you want to know what he was doing...the pictures I took show that this evil redneck hypocrite was selling test answers to The Fashionistas, Fire him!"

Macintosh looked at her and growled. "You little piece of crap!!!"

Celestia looked at Macintosh with a disappointed expression. "Macintosh...how could you do such a horrible thing? And to think I trusted you..."

"Nononono, please Ma'am." Mac tries to have her reconsider, but she held up her hand making him shut up along with looking at him with an angry expression.

"You're Fired...get out of my sight!" The red earth pony put his head down and sadly sighed, walking away from the group and getting in his car, driving away and never coming back to the school ever again. Celestia then looked at Shining again. "And as for you, Shining...it seems as though Mr. Macintosh was wrong about you, but I'm warning you, I better not hear anymore of this 'drinking' business."

Shining smiled and nodded. "Yes, Ma'am." He and Scoot watched her walk away from them and as soon as she was out of their sight, Shining went down and picked up Scootaloo giving her a very tight bear hug. "Oh Scootaloo! You are a freaking saint, thank you for everything you've done!"

Scoots chuckles and smiles. "It's no problem at all." Shining puts her down and she dusts herself off a bit. "So, i trust you're done with the drinking?"

Shining went over to the bottle he hid and he threw it in a nearby trash bin, giving Scoots a thumbs up. "I'm gonna be completely sober from now on. Thanks again for all of your help Scootaloo."

He takes out 30 bits from his pocket and he gives them all to Scootaloo, ruffling her mane as he then walks away from her. Finally relieved that the ball and chain around his ankle, being Macintosh, was completely off of him.

Author's Note:

IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!

And yes, I have finally finished with Shining and Macintosh's arc. Macintosh got fired and Shining got off the hook

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