• Published 21st Sep 2017
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Bully: Scootaloo's Story in Ponyville Academy - TwinSwords79

Scootaloo has been sent to school called Ponyville University for her serious behavior and to avoid juvenile detention, but she then realizes that this place is a serious dump.

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Garble & Diamond: The Final Takedown

Garble growled and took a deep breath, blowing fire at the ponies in front of them and all of them dodged, AB and Scootaloo both did a side roll as Rumble, Thunderlane, Spitfire flew up, the fire not hitting them. Rarity and Coloratura both did a back-flip and landed on their hooves as the dragon stopped. All of the ponies hid behind various walls and rooms.

AB and Scootaloo looked at each other. "How are we gonna beat a freakin' dragon?" whispered AB, very nervous.

"I beat this guy before...but it was only because Twilight made me fire-proof." Scootaloo replied, looking around the corner at Garble who was slowly walking towards the ponies with a smirk. "I don't stand a chance without something that can protect me from fire..."

Apple Bloom looked around and saw something near the wall of Scootaloo's dorm room, whispering. "Scootaloo, the fire extinguisher."

Scootaloo looked at Spitfire who was the closest to it and beckoned her head towards it. The pegasus waited till Garble was close enough and she jumped out and punched him hard in the stomach, the dragon grunted and wheezed as Spitfire quickly grabbed the extinguisher off the rack and hit the dragon with it, kicking him to the ground.

Garble readied his fire-breath again but before he could, Spitfire sprayed the fire extinguishing chemicals onto him. "KNOCK IT OFF WITH THAT FIRE BULLCRAP!" she yelled.

Garble used his tail to whack the extinguisher away from the pegasus and smiled as he readies his fire breath again.
Spitfire looked and grabbed a nearby garbage can lid, holding it up as a shield, until a green flame came around behind her and torched Garble, causing him to grunt.

The green flame came from The Fire Dragon's leader, Spike. He held out his arm towards Spitfire telling her to backup and have him take over, which she obliged but still held the shield in front of her incase Garble tried something funny.

"Spike!" Scootaloo exclaimed with a smile as the purple dragon looked at her and Apple Bloom.

"Get everypony out of here!" He yelled. "I'll take care of this bastard..."

"Are ya sure?" asked Apple Bloom, Spike nodded.

"Yeah...it's about time I get even with this sorry excuse for a dragon..." Spike got into his fighting position as Garble laughed, Scootaloo leading AB, Spitfire, Rumble, Thunderlane, Rarity and Coloratura out of the building.

"OH...I'm a sorry excuse? At least I'm not a bucking suck up to that bitch Scootaloo." Garble snickered. "What did she do that made you change your mind about working with us? Did she let you feel her up like I'm sure what you and Ember have been doing?" She then motioned his hands to make it look like he was feeling up a mare's body, stopping when his hands squeezed where the mare's chest would be.

"Don't you talk about my friends like that..." Spike smirked. "And If anything, if that does happen, then it's proof that I get way more tail than you would ever get."

Garble growled and clenched his fists. "What the hell did you just say to me, wuss?!"

"You heard me, virgin." Spike replied, smirking.

Garble roared and ran towards Spike as the purple dragon did the same, both of them connected hands and proceeded to push each other with their own strength.

Scootaloo and her friends burst out of the door back into the outside riot, looking around to see Twilight, Sweetie Belle, Ember, and Gilda take out a few Fire Dragons, Eggheads, and Bullies that gone rogue from their respected leaders.

The 4 notice Scoots and the other leaders of the cliques, running over to them. "Scootaloo, you made it!" Sweetie Belle quickly hugged her best friend as Twilight put her metal baton away in her back pocket.

Scoots looked at them, pointing behind her at the dorm. "Garble is taken care of...Spike is on it...now, we just need Diamond..."

"We looked everywhere..." Twilight said. "She might be in the main building..."

Scootaloo looked at the building in the distance and nodded, she then took off her leather jacket and goggles giving them to Sweetie Belle, she stood there with just her tank-top that was under her jacket. "You guys wait here...I'm gonna deal with Diamond alone..."

"No way Scoot...you can't go in there alone!" Gilda exclaimed, Ember smirked.

"She won't be alone..." The blue dragon took out an Uzi BB gun from her own leather jacket, giving it to Scootaloo. "We all got a friend in the almighty."

Scoots pulled the slide back of the realistic looking plastic gun, smirking. "Amen..." She looked at the gang leaders. "You all try to calm everyone down."

Apple Bloom put her hand on Scootaloo's shoulder, turning her around and giving her one final kiss. "Be careful..."

Scoots nodded with a blush. "I will." The pegasus then ran away from the group avoiding as much fights as she could to make it to the main school building, ready to take care of Diamond once and for all.

The orange delinquent burst through the door with her gun pointed in front of her, looking around to see that the place was completely empty, not a single teacher, student, or prefect in sight.

"Well Well Well..." Scootaloo looked forward with her weapon pointed as the main mastermind behind everything walked around the corner of the school staircase. "I was wondering when you'd show up Scootaloo...and hey have you been working out the last time I saw you at Rarity's house back in December?"

"Why did you do this Diamond?!"

"Cuz why not?!" Diamond yelled. "I won!! I tricked everyone! Starting with you and Sweetie Belle!! The cliques!! The prefects!! And even Celestia!! ME!!! I WON!!!!"

"You are a complete sicko!!"

"I maybe a sicko but I pull the strings!! Don't forget bitch, you've did all of my dirty work for me! It was like lining up dominos! It all fell together so perfectly!!"

"I'LL MAKE YOU FALL DOWN PERFECTLY ONTO THE GROUND WITH MY FOOT UP YOUR ASS!" screamed Scootaloo, earning a smirk from Diamond.

"Fine then! You want me? COME AND GET ME!!" Diamond yelled, running up the stairs as Scootaloo fired at her with her BB gun in full auto.

"Come back here you coward!!!" Scootaloo ran up the stairs after her, Diamond hid behind a locker and threw a fire cracker at the pegasus, making her back up with a growl.

Scoots fired her gun again and hit Diamond in the head, the earth pony grunted and continued to run, going into another staircase and climbing them all the way to the roof. The delinquent followed suit and looked up at the amount of stairs she had to climb as she heard Diamond talk clearly thanks to the echo in the staircase.

"You were always too trusting Scootaloo, from the start you were completely naïve. I suggested, let Scootaloo have her fun with Twilight, Gilda, Rarity, Garble, Ember, Spike, Spitfire, and Rumble and then wait for the right moment to just swoop down and take it ALL away!"

Scootaloo climbed up the flights stairs as fast as she could to the roof as Diamond continued to talk.

"Poor little Scootaloo, all alone in big scary Ponyville desperate for help from Gilda and her goons. I saw it in your eyes when we met Scoots, you had a lust for power but without intelligence to back it up, using you as a pawn was the perfect route for me to take over! While you were flashing your breasts and ass like a slut to Spitfire's camera, I was in the dorm planning. When you went away to see Red at the cemetery, my plan was already coming together since I manipulated him just like everyone else." She laughed evilly. "Oh, you should've seen him cry!"

As Scootaloo burst through the door to the roof, Diamond jumped her and made the pegasus drop her plastic Uzi off of the ledge, Scootaloo tucked her legs and kicked Diamond off of her as the earth pony landed on the ground then slowly got up, continuing to talk as wind blew through her mane and clothes along with Scootaloo's as dark clouds rode in and it started to rain.


"WHY DID YOU DO THIS DIAMOND?!" Scootaloo yelled.

"BECAUSE I CAN!!!" Diamond yelled back. "Because making little nobodies like you and the BUCKERS who run this place, eat out of the palm of my hand feeeels GREAT!!!!"

"I never did anything to you!!!!" Scootaloo replied.

"You know you would've if I given you the chance! I'm smarter than what you would ever be!!"

"Oh good for you! You're smarter than me! You hate everypony and everypony hates you!"

"That old bitch Sunbutt likes me!!" Diamond said. "I had her tied up, turn her entire school into a battleground, got kids expelled unfairly, put several of them into therapy AND SHE STILL LIKES ME!!!!"

Scootaloo grabbed Diamond. "YOU'RE SUCH A LOSER!!!!"


"YOU BITCH!!!!!"

Scootaloo slammed her fist into Diamond's face, the earth pony grunted and headbutted Scootaloo, the pegasus letting her go. Diamond roundhouse kicked Scootaloo's face, making her grunt and put out some blood onto the roof's floor.

Diamond swung her leg again but Scootaloo grabbed her leg, pulling it so Diamond could trip and fall down to the ground. Scoots pulled Diamond over to her and went on top of her, punching the earth pony's face repeatedly. "You turned my friends against me, you maimed me to Celestia, and you just MADE MY LIFE. A. LIVING. HELL!!!!"

The earth pony used her strength to turn them over, now she was on top and was punching Scootaloo's face. "OF COURSE I DID!!! AND IT FELT SUPER SATIFYING TO WATCH. YOU. SUFFER!!!!"

Scootaloo grabbed Diamond's fists and spit blood onto her face, Scoots then threw the earth pony off of her and wiped some blood from her mouth. She proceeded to grab Diamond and put her up against the door, slamming her head over and over on the door. Once she was done with that, she kneed her in the stomach and slammed her onto the ground, knocking a tooth out of Diamond's mouth along with her tiara that came off of her head.

Diamond coughed a bit, grabbing Scootaloo's ankles with her own and tripping her to the ground. Diamond then booted Scoots' face with her left hoof, making the pegasus grunt, more blood rolling down her chin as her eye went swollen.

Diamond slowly got up, holding her head as she spit some of her blood out onto the ground, she watched Scoots try to get up before the earth pony kicked her right in the stomach, making the pegasus stop. "It's over Scootaloo...after I'm done with you...you're gonna get out of here on a stretcher with handcuffs. I'll be the innocent victim...you'll be the one who caused all of this."

"N-Never..." Scootaloo groaned, holding her stomach as she slowly got up. "The one getting out of here in a stretcher...IS YOU!!!!" Scootaloo jumped up and tackled Diamond, both ponies then struggled a little before falling off the roof and landing on top of a scaffolding.

Scootaloo and Diamond continued to fight, slamming their fists into each others faces, kicking each other in the face, side, and stomach, and even slamming their heads onto the scaffolding's safety bar.

Diamond had Scootaloo up against the wall and had her arm press into Scootaloo's neck, beginning to choke her as she taunted the pegasus. "Once I'm done with you...I will remain the Queen and I'm gonna have all of your friends be my slaves that way NO ONE can stop me....not. even. YOU!!!!!!"

Scootaloo gasped a bit and yelled. "NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" She grabbed Diamond's throat and tackled her, their combined body weight breaking the scaffolding in half, the two ponies then plummeted all the way down towards the skylight, both of their eyes closing, bracing for impact.

Both mares crashed through the skylight and we’re heading straight for the floor, but when Diamond landed, she got hit in the side of the head very hard on something, causing her to get knocked out instantly, the impact giving her a huge bloody gash on her forehead.

Scootaloo landed onto the floor with a hard thud and after a few seconds of lying there in pain, slowly lifted up her head and coughed violently; she looked past her wet mane and saw Diamond’s bruised, bloody, and unconscious body, making the pegasus smile at her victory.

Scootaloo then looked upwards to see that the skylight they fell through landed them in Ms. Celestia's office and the thing that Diamond hit her head on was the principal’s desk.

Speaking of the principal, Scoots saw Ms. Celestia sitting on a chair with her arms and wings tied up along with her horn having a power disabling ring on it.

Celestia looked at both mares with widen eyes, till she saw Diamond which made her face turn into a furious one. "TIARA! YOU LITTLE MANIPULATIVE BRAT! YOU'RE EXPELLED!!!" She looked at Scootaloo. "Scootaloo, give me a hand here!"

Scoots slowly got up from the floor and dusted herself off. "Yes ma'am!" She looked at Diamond one more time before slamming her foot onto her stomach, earning a defeated grunt from the earth pony as she chuckled. "Sorry, didn't see ya there."

She walked over to Celestia and began to untie her as the adult mare spoke. "Ya know after everything you've done girl, I may have judged you unfairly." She got up from the chair after Scootaloo took off the power disabling ring from her horn. "Sure, a little rough around the edges but you are a beautiful gem stone Scootaloo, thank you."

"It was my pleasure, ma'am." Scootaloo used Celestia's ropes to tie up Diamond in case she tries to get away.

Celestia went over to her desk and sat down on it, beckoning her hand to Scootaloo to have her sit down on the chair in front of her desk, once the pegasus did, she felt a serious sense of Déjà vu, she was sitting in the exact same chair when she first arrived at the academy, now look at her, she just beat Diamond Tiara and it ended where it began...inside Celestia's office.

"So it was you who took out this monsterous wretch wasn't it?" Celestia asked.

"Yep." Scoots nodded, as Celestia smiled.

"Wow, what a hero, a lone wolf."

"Well to be honest ma'am, I did have a lot of help with some friends...if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be here right now."

"Oh, do pray tell who are your partners in justice?"

"Well this girl Apple Bloom for one, she got expelled because she complained about the janitor hitting on her."

"Zephyr Breeze? Then he's fired, I hope the sicko rots in hell!"

"A couple of other members of cliques helped me out too: Gilda, Twilight, Spike, and Ember."

"Ah, then those 4 would be honored as well."

Scoots held out her hand. "Wait ma'am, there's one more pony I like to thank too."

"And who's that?"

"Sweetie Belle, she's a good friend of mine."

Celestia raised an eyebrow. "Who? I never heard of her, she goes to my school?"

"Yeah, also you might not know her considering she's kind of shy."

"Shy you say?" Scootaloo nodded. "The mare must be a genius, why she should become my apprentice!"

"Sweetie? Great idea!" The pegasus then scratched the back of her head. "Now...about that note to my mother...?"

Celestia's look then turned into a serious one as she looked down and opened up a drawer, taking out the note she wrote to Scootaloo's mother about her daughter's expulsion. She got up from her desk and walked over to a paper shredder, turning it on and putting the paper inside, shredding it into nothing as she looked at Scootaloo with a smile.

"What note?"

Scootaloo could only smile brightly as Celestia came over and held her hand out, which the pegasus gladly shook.

A few minutes later, The Solar Guards along with Paramedics arrived at the school. Scootaloo, Celestia, Luna, and the rest of the school watch as 2 SG's held onto Garble's arms handcuffing, his face a bruisy, bloody mess. They took him over to a squad car and it drove away with the dragon in the backseat.

"So long, sucker." Spike said with a smile as his face was only covered in a few bloody scratches.

Then the moment the school had all been waiting for (Scootaloo the most), 2 Paramedics had Diamond Tiara on top of a stretcher and she was handcuffed to it, just like what the earth pony said Scootaloo would be in.

Celestia asked the paramedics to stop and when they did, Celestia smiled at Scootaloo letting her know that she can rub it in that she won in the end. Scootaloo did just that, she walked over to Diamond's stretcher, seeing the pony breathing into an oxygen mask, she then whispered to the barely conscious pony who looked at her angrily. "I told you before when we first met...if you double cross me I won't hesitate to kick your ass...and it came through in the end didn't it?"

"B-B-B-B-Bu-ck...y-y-y-y-ou..." Diamond struggled to spit out as the paramedics continued to take Diamond, putting her inside the ambulance and driving away with her.

When the ambulance was out of sight, everyone slowly separated to go on with their own business, as Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Ember, Spike, Twilight, Gilda, Apple Bloom, and Rumble continued to stare off.

"So...what do we do now?" Ember asked. "It's all over..."

"Well, I know what I'm gonna do..." Scootaloo looked at Apple Bloom and wrapped her arm around her. "Gonna show my new roommate a good time~"

Apple Bloom smirked and kissed Scootaloo's cheek as Rumble looked at his watch. "I gotta go get Thunderlane, Mom wants us home by 7 for dinner. I'll catch you guys later!"

Rumble proceeded to jog away from the group to get his big brother, Twilight looked at the large clock on the main school building, gasping. "OOOOO! The new books are coming in just 10 seconds, I gotta go, bye!" In a quick flash of light, Twilight disappeared.

Spike and Ember said they have to clean up around The Fire Dragon's hangout after Scoots' destroyed nearly half of the inside when fighting the other members and Gilda said she wanted to talk to Red about some things. Finally, Sweetie Belle said good-bye to Scoot and AB, saying she has to get a head-start in putting up next year's special fundraiser events.

Now alone, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom looked at each other one more time, smiling before leaning in and kissing each other passionately on the lips.

"Finally...everything is sorted. Not like I'm saying we're all gonna live happily ever after or something like that....but life surely is gonna get easier now that Diamond Tiara is out of the picture and out of my life."

Author's Note:

It's not over juuuuuust yet :raritywink:

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