• Published 21st Sep 2017
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Bully: Scootaloo's Story in Ponyville Academy - TwinSwords79

Scootaloo has been sent to school called Ponyville University for her serious behavior and to avoid juvenile detention, but she then realizes that this place is a serious dump.

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Betraying The Family

Author's Note:

WARNING: This chapter might be a little disturbing so if you continue on, don't say I didn't warn you...:ajbemused:

(After Reading, Come back up to read this)
Yesh, That is just crazy...right? Also I just really love Scream so that's why I used the costumes for Rumble and Garble

Back at the dorm, Twilight was sitting at her desk reading one of her favorite books while wearing her pajamas, which consisted of a blue shirt with her cutie mark in the middle, magenta pajama bottoms made of cotton, and her plain fuzzy beige slippers. She then heard a magical teleportation 'pop' sound from inside her room. She turned around and saw that it was Ember and Sweetie Belle carrying an injured and slightly pale Scootaloo.

The purple alicorn went wide eyed and looked at the 3 girls. "Oh my god, what happened to Scootaloo?!"

Ember put one of Scootaloo's arms on her back. "She got stabbed..."

The purple alicorn looked at them with squinted eyes. "Why did you teleport here, in my room, and not the hospital or school infirmary?"

Sweetie Belle decided to answer. "Because the solar guards were closing in and I panicked. Besides if we sent her to the hospital they would ask questions and we're already on the run. I don't want to tell a lie that would make me feel guilty or tell the truth that would send us to juvie."

Twilight put a hand on her head and sighed. "Ok...put her on my bed..."

Ember gave a single nod and helped Scootaloo get on Twilight's bed and have her lie down. Scoots continued to hold her wound and began to groan.

Twilight leaned down next to the bed "It's ok, Scootaloo....I'm gonna help you." She looked behind her at the unicorn and the dragoness. "Get me a medical spell book from my shelf, dammit!"

Sweetie Belle raced over to Twilight's bookcase and skimmed through the titles, she finally found the book that had a green plus sign on it. She raced over to the purple pony and gave it to her, Twilight grabbed it quickly and skim through the book to find the right page.

"Scootaloo...lemme see the cut." Twilight said.

Scootaloo gritted her teeth and removed her hand from her stab wound, her hand was drenched in blood that actually began to drip onto the floor, she was also shaking like a dog in cold weather. Scootaloo's wound was not as big, but it was still disgusting to look at, her blood was still slowly sweeping out but it's nothing fatal.

Twilight looked at her book and conjured her magic from her horn, she stuck out her hand that was also glowing with her purple aura. "Ember, look in my shirt drawer and give Scoots something to bite on."

Ember walked over to Twilight's shirt drawer and took out a random white tank top. She walked over to Scoots and presented it to her but putting it in front of her face, which caused the orange pegasus to take the tank top in her mouth.

"Alright, Scootaloo...this may hurt a little. So once you feel pain, bite down on my tank top." Scootaloo nodded and watched as Twilight aimed her magic aura hand at her cut. It tickled a little at first but then she felt an extreme hint of pain, which caused her to bite down on Twilight's tank top and give out a muffled yell.

What Twi was doing was that her magic gripped Scootaloo's separated skin and she pulled them back together to form a bloody line, she looked at the book and then she released a slight heating spell to cauterize the blood.

After that little fiasco, Scootaloo's cut became a scar thanks to Twilight's magic, and Scootaloo's face was a sweaty, sweaty mess.

"I have no idea how she didn't go into shock...but whatever..." Twilight deadpanned. Scootaloo then got knocked out very fast. "Ah, there we go."

Before the 2 ponies and dragoness could do anything a creature in a Ghostface costume came in with a wooden bat and knocked out Ember, Sweetie Belle, and Twilight in 3 perfect swings. When they dropped to the floor, the assailant dropped the bat with a wooden clank and walked over to the knocked out Scootaloo while tilting their head.

Scootaloo woke up in a very uncomfortable position, she tried to move but she felt herself stay in place along with hearing a metallic clank. She looked up and saw that her hands were chained up to the celling, she looked around the room and saw that she was in some kind of basement with big windows showing that it's raining outside. She looked down at herself and saw that her clothes were gone leaving her with just a purple colored bra with matching panties.

Then out of the darkness, a Ghostface assailant walked up and Scootaloo looked at him with an angry look. "Who the hell are you?!"

The creature slipped off the mask and revealed himself to be Garble. Scootaloo looked on as he stripped off the costume robe and looked at her.

"I see that you're finally awake..." The red dragon said, as he walked up to Scootaloo and began to circle around her. "How's Rumble's stab wound treating ya?"

"What's going on?" Scootaloo replied.

"Well...I heard from my colligues that you knocked them out and you've done the deal yourself...then when you were getting a doctor's treatment from that alicorn bitch Twilight...Rumble and some of his gang came in and beat up most of my guys."

Garble stopped in front of Scoots. "Then after he came to me and I kicked his ass, I asked him 'Why did you attack my gang, we always were colleagues'.......he told me that a few of my guys attacked his gang during the deal and took the money and guns for themselves. He even gave me a description of the main creature who did it....an orange pegasus mare that had a purple tail and a short mane that can resemble a stallion's mane-cut. I put two and two together and found out it was you."

Scootaloo gritted her teeth with anger. "You know the penalty for betraying me, Scootaloo?" Garble reached behind his back and took out a switchblade with a dark smile on his face. "It's gonna be very painful...and also I asked Rumble to join me and he said that he was gonna get something from his hang out and meet up with me. But he hasn't come back yet...I guess I'll start without him..."

Rumble was running back into his hangout with a very bloody face and he saw all of his members were knocked completely out cold. He panted very heavily and wiped some blood off of his face. And when he looked behind him he saw a figure wearing a black cloak that was sprinting at full speed to him.

Rumble’s pupils shrank and he ran to the door, quickly shutting it and locking it. He slowly backed up from it, and slightly gave a smirk.

But it quickly faded and was replaced with a scared face and a scream when a red hand punched cleanly through the door. The red hand grabbed the lock and unlocked the door, it then went back outside and the cloaked figure kicked the door open. Rumble was whimpering and began to throw things at the creature but all it did was smack it away or just side stepped the objects as it walked slowly to him.

"G-Get away from me!!!" Rumble shouted as he stopped throwing items and took out his 6 in. hunting knife. He tried to put on a brave face and he ran at the figure but in one quick motion as soon as Rumble got close enough, the black cloaked figure grabbed his throat.

The gray pegasus looked at the creature with widen eyes as he dropped his knife and got on his knees. The figure took ahold of his hood and pulled it back, revealing that the assailant was actually Red.

Red punched Rumble in the face and took out a tranquilizer gun from his cloak, aiming it at his head. He let go of Rumble and looked at him with pure rage. "Where is Scootaloo?!"

"W-who's Scootaloo?"

"You know who she is! Where is she?!"

"I-I don't know what you're talking about!"

Red grabbed Rumble's head and kneed him in the face, knocking him down. Rumble slowly got back to his knees as he wiped off some blood from his mouth. "I saw you take Scootaloo and give her to Garble at the back of the girls dorm and you were wearing a Ghostface robe. I even overheard all the things you were gonna do to her....so where the hell is she you bastard?!"

"I don't know what you're talking about bud..." Rumble said with a sly smile. Red put the gun back in his cloak, and grabbed Rumble by the shirt with his right hand and picked him up off of his feet. Then out of no where, Red's eyes began to change...

His left eye stayed normal but his right eye began to change into a slightly reptilian one and it gotten 4 colors on his iris which consisted of red, blue, green, and gold...and his sclera became full black.

Red's left hand began to sprout 5 claws on all of his fingers and he showed it to Rumble as he looked on with pinprick pupils. When Red talked to him again, his voice sounded distorted. "I'll let you live if you tell me where she is..."

Rumble got back into his quivering brave state. "I-I-I'm not s-scared of y-you!"

Red smiled a little demonically and in one quick motion, he jabbed Rumble in the side with his razor sharp claws. Rumble screamed in pain as Red slightly twisted his claws inside the grey pegasus. Then his evil smirk dropped into a regular smile as he almost nearly tore the blades out of Rumble's side and looked at him as blood dripped from his claws onto the floor.

"You still alive, bitch?" Red asked, not dropping his smile. "I'll gladly continue if you want..."

Rumble shook his head as tears ran down his face and began to mix in with the blood that's already on his face. "NO NO NO!!! I'll tell you anything you want, just PLEASE STOP!"

"Where is Scootaloo?!" yelled Red.

"She.....She....She's in the basement of The Fire Dragon's hangout!!! Garble and me were gonna cut her up with our knifes and throw her into a dumpster so her wounds would get infected! Garble is already there and I bet he's starting to cut her up now...that's all I know!"

Red looked at Rumble with a blank expression, then he threw Rumble into a nearby wall, creating a hole and making his body drop to the ground completely unconscious. Red retracted his claws and his eyes returned to normal along with his voice.

He put his cloaked hood back over his head and walked to the door but not before looking at Rumble one more time. "Thanks, you piece of pathetic crap..." He then ran out of the door leaving The Street Sweepers gang in near shambles.

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