• Published 21st Sep 2017
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Bully: Scootaloo's Story in Ponyville Academy - TwinSwords79

Scootaloo has been sent to school called Ponyville University for her serious behavior and to avoid juvenile detention, but she then realizes that this place is a serious dump.

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Attempted Blackmail

Thunderlane walked into Spitfire's office and see's his boss along with Rainbow Dash and an earth pony he's very familiar with, every time he looked at her, the dark gray pegasus felt a strong dark vibe.

Spitfire finally spoke. "Thunderlane, I bet you already know Diamond Tiara?"

Thunder nodded. "Yeah, I know her. So..." Thunderlane took out the pervy pictures from his pocket and placed it on the pegasus' office desk. "Here's your...smut..."

Diamond gave a smirk. "Great..." She then reached into her skirt pocket and took out more pictures. "Now...we can add it to the collection…"

She placed the pictures she had on the table showing the three Wonderbolt members what she had. She had pictures of Scootaloo throwing bricks at Rainbow Blitz in the Auto Shop, Beating up Rarity's members at the gym, Walking on campus with a suggestive outfit (the pelt bra she got from Zecora and her panties the Garble left her in), and even her kicking Sky Stinger in the face.

The members were shocked. "How did you get all of this?" asked Rainbow.

"I just followed her and took shots of her doing things that could get her reputation shot down with Celestia." Diamond explained. "Once we show these to her, Celestia will expel her on the spot and that bitch will be out of everypony's hair."

"Why don't we do it now? Get it over with?" Rainbow asked.

"Not yet...don't do it yet..." Diamond told her. "Now...you guys know what you have to do?"

Thunder and Rainbow both nodded when Diamond showed the picture of who she wants.

Later at night, Scootaloo walked with Sweetie Belle around campus and was talking about Operation Trojan Pony.

"So...did you guys find good things we could do to the field?" asked Scootaloo.

Sweetie nodded. "Yeah, I think we found enough problems we could cause that would take care of The Wonderbolts...Also I heard you were helping out Mr. Armor and Ms. Cadenza with Mr. Macintosh."

"Yeah, he's been causing problems for them so I decide to help them." Scootaloo replied. "Funny thing is that he was the one who broke up Gilda's attack on me when I first got here."

"Well...I guess that was good on his end, cuz he saved you from almost dying." Sweetie Belle slightly chuckled. "Well, I'll see you at the clubhouse tomorrow."

Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle both went separate ways, but as soon as Scoots turned around to look behind her, She saw Thunderlane and a Rainbow-maned colored pegasus come up to Sweetie Belle and prick her with a syringe to her neck, which made the unicorn grunt in pain.

Scoots turned around fully and yelled at them. "HEY! WHAT THE BUCK ARE YOU DOING?!"

The ponies looked at Scoots and grabbed Sweetie Belle, flying away with her. The orange pegasus growled in anger and chased after them on foot.

Scootaloo slid and jumped over fences and railings while keeping an eye on the ponies. After some more running Scootaloo finally saw that they went into The Wonderbolt clubhouse near the football field. She ran inside and looked around for the pegasi who foalnapped her friend.

"Where are you, bastards?!" screamed Scootaloo. Before she was met with a baseball bat to the back of her head, she fell over with a grunt and slowly blacked out on the ground.

Once Scootaloo regained conciousness she tried to move but she saw that she was strapped down to a chair. She looked forward and saw the one and only leader of The Wonderbolts, Spitfire, sitting in the chair on the desk along with Rainbow and Thunderlane standing on either side of the orange delinquent.

"Morning, little Scoot, did ya sleep peacefully?" asked Spitfire with a smirk.

"Where's my friend, you jock-strap buck?!" Scootaloo growled.

"She's alright for now, but if you want her to stay that way..." The yellow pegasus told her, standing up. "Leave our gang alone and disconnect yourself from every other clique..."

"Why would I do that?" asked Scootaloo.

Spitfire smiled. "I was hoping you would ask..." She reached behind her pants and took out the photos Thunder and Diamond took of Scoots. "These photos right here are very special photos...the kind of photos that will flush you and your reputation down the toilet! Along with your education here, meaning Ms. Celestia with immediately expel you, and only YOU, if she finds out these pictures existed."

"You took pictures of me?! I knew you athletic dumbasses were nothing but perverts and stalkers..." Scootaloo didn't notice Thunder looking shyly away with a blushed face.

"Well...we also want to know something else too..." Spitfire continued, putting the incriminating photos and locking it into her desk drawer. "What were you planning to do with that egghead leader and those stupid serpents"

"We weren't planning anything..." Scootaloo replied, shifting her hand to her back pocket, where her phone was.

"You sure about that?" Spitfire asked, waving the pictures around. "These will be all over the internet if you don't talk!"

Scoots was blindly messing with her phone and pressed the call button, she began to wait impatiently 'Come on Ember....answer...'

Ember and Spike were sitting down talking about the gang when all of a sudden Ember's phone began to ring. "Sorry Spike, its the boss."

Spike smiled and nodded as Ember picked up the phone. "Yo, what's up Scoot?"

Scootaloo's voice didn't come from her phone, it was actually a slightly muffled voice that belonged to Spitfire. "I swear to god, bitch if you don't talk you and your precious rep will go down the drain, never to be resurface again."

"You want me to tell you right now? Right here in The Wonderbolts clubhouse near the school football court?"

Ember and Spike gasped. "Spitfire has Scootaloo..."

"We have to get her..." Spike agreed.

Ember and Spike got out of The Fire Dragon's hangout and got on their bikes, riding as fast as they can to the academy.

"Alright then..." Spitfire said, taking out her phone and showing her the pictures are on there too and she just has to press the button to send them. "Little pegasus wants to play? Then say good..."


Everyone in the room paused and looked to where the voice came from and saw that it was actually Sweetie Belle, looking at The Wonderbolts with kill in her eyes. "Leave Scootaloo alone!!"

"She got loose! Rainbow, Thunder get her!" Spitfire screamed.

Thunder and Rainbow both ran towards Sweetie Belle but were met with repeated whacks to the face with a metal baton.
The wielder was Twilight who looked at Spitfire with a smirk. "Hello...Spit."

Spitfire growled and just before she hit the button on her phone, Scoots broke free with a tug and kicked the phone out of Spitfire's hand.

Ember and Spike finally burst in and Scootaloo shouted. "THE PHONE NOW!!!"

Both dragons looked up and blew fire at the Pegasus's phone, incinerating it into nothingness. Spitfire growled and looked at Scootaloo's crew, who completely surrounded her. But not for long...as Spitfire flapped her wings and smashed through Scoots, Ember, and Spike out the door.

The amount of force hurt Spitfire's wings and caused her to drop to the floor but at least she was outside. She then ran away from the group with the hard-copy pictures.

Scootaloo growled and pointed. "Let's get her!!!"

She then led her and her friends out the door and the chase began.

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