• Published 21st Sep 2017
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Bully: Scootaloo's Story in Ponyville Academy - TwinSwords79

Scootaloo has been sent to school called Ponyville University for her serious behavior and to avoid juvenile detention, but she then realizes that this place is a serious dump.

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The Bike Race

Downtown - The Bike Race Starting Line: 4:00PM

Garble and The Fire Dragons were waiting at the starting line on the beach near the bike shop. Garble looked at his watch and tapped his boot in the sand.

"Where is this, stupid pony?" he asked himself out loud.

"Maybe she's too much of a chicken to verse you in a race Garble." Suggested a blue dragon.

Garble smirked a little. "Maybe you're right...it's a shame though, I can't watch her cry when she loses." The dragons all began to laugh.

"In your dreams, lizard jackasses..." said Scootaloo, revealing herself, Ember and Sweetie Belle walking on the beach with an Orange Mountain Bike.

The dragons (Excluding Ember) looked at her with a couple of smirks and some angry expressions, some even had their hands over their Airsoft Handguns stored in their belt holsters.

"So...little pony actually showed up..." Garble stated with his hand on his Red Racing Bike.

"Yeah, I never back down from a challenge..." Scootaloo said with a confident smile.

"By the way, where did you get that bike? The garbage dump?!" teased the red dragon, the dragons laughed with their boss.

"Mine's a whole lot faster than that cheap ass pile of junk you call a bike." Scootaloo spoke back.

Garble stopped laughing and stared down at Scootaloo. "I'll have you know that this bike is a C785 the best racing bike there is!"

"Who gives a freakin crap about some letters and numbers on a bike, lets do this!" Scootaloo said.

Garble and Scootaloo lined up their bikes evenly and Ember went in front of them with a checkered flag and explained the race to them. "Alright, so the track starts here on the beach, through the forest, then the suburban area in Downtown. Go around the loop at the end of that street then come back the way you came, once you cross the finish line, Sweetie Belle will take a picture with her camera."

The orange pegasus and the red dragon looked at each other with squinted eyes as Ember added something. "Let's make this a clean race shall we?"

Scootaloo and Garble looked in front of them as Ember raised the flag. "On your mark!"

Just after that last word, Garble took off unfairly. "See ya, sucker!"

Scootaloo growled and rolled off too. "You jackass!"

Ember just stood there with a confused expression. "Go?"

Scootaloo and Garble biked through the forest and past flags that the other dragons placed earlier.

Garble looked straight ahead with a crooked smile on his face.

"Come on, little horsey, is that all you got!" he yelled.

Scootaloo was falling behind after that unfair stunt Garble pulled, but she stayed calm, she's wasn't gonna let Garble get under her fur and skin.

Scootaloo was just about to catch up right behind Garble before she was smacked in the face by Garble's tail. Scootaloo lost her balance a little bit and slowed down as the red dragon laughed.

She stopped her bike near the end of the forest and Garble rode his bike faster. Scootaloo rubbed her cheek a little before she rode on her bike again with an angry face.

Scootaloo finally caught up to Garble in the suburban area and the red dragon watched as she went next to him, making them neck and neck.

Garble looked at Scootaloo a little and was met with a hard punch to the face and a side kick to his bike by her. Garble stumbled a little and fell off his bike, due to the speed he hit the ground and rolled on it as the orange pegasus took the advantage of cycling faster, finally gaining the lead.

Garble got up and felt a sharp pain on his face, he put his hand where it was and he spotted blood on his hand. Apparently after that hard hit to the ground and roll, he managed to get a bloody scrape on his face.

Garble closed his hand and formed a fist, with smoke rising from his nostrils, he takes out a radio that he stored in his pocket that was still safe.

He pressed the button and spoke into it. "I'm losing here, deal with her!"

Scootaloo circled around the loop and began her way back to the beach. But then she got hit in the back with something and she grunted in pain. She looked behind her and saw 2 Fire Dragon members on bikes and were shooting at her with Mk.23 SOCOM Airsoft pistols. She got shot again and she growled a little, she kept on cycling fast and caught a pebble from the ground while balancing herself.

She blindly threw it behind her and it actually hit one of their bikes' wheels. Thanks to that one of the dragons fell off his bike and hit the ground.

The other dragon caught up to her and he and Scootaloo exchanged punches back and forth. Thanks to him distracting her she didn't notice that Garble was catching up.

Garble finally fully caught up and when he finally approached Scootaloo, she knocked the other dragon off of his bike and just when they were in the final stretch to the finish line, Garble reached over and grabbed the handle of her bike. That made Scootaloo swerve a little and she managed to launch herself and hit the sand close to the finish line when she hit a large rock hidden within the sand.

The red dragon smiled victoriously as he crossed the finish line and Sweetie quickly took a picture with her camera making a bright flash happen. Every dragon there cheered as Garble closed his eyes and listened to all of his members cheer for him. He walked over to Scootaloo and looked at her with a smirk. "Looks like I win little pony."

Scootaloo looked up and stared at him angrily from the ground but she then heard Sweetie Belle yell out. "Wait!"

Everyone looked over at her as she held up the picture she took. "Scootaloo won!"

"What are you talking about?" asked Ember.

"Look." Sweetie said, handing Ember the picture

Ember took the picture from Sweetie Belle and sees that Garble's wheel was near the finish line, but where Scootaloo landed, her hand was already on the other side of the finish line.

"Oh my god....Scootaloo won!" Ember yelled happily, Garble stomped up to her angrily and snatched the picture out of Ember's hand, looking at it.

"She didn't win crap!" he yelled. "This was a BIKE race, BIKES and the rider cross the finish line only, those are the rules. Her bike is right over there and she is right there!"

Everyone saw that Scoot's bike was right next to the rock she it and Scootaloo herself was at the finish line.

Ember snatched the picture back from him and put her index finger right on his chest, speaking to him while looking straight in his eyes.

"Says the guy, who cheated by starting early and asking for his friends to take down Scootaloo just so he can win unfairly!" Garble was about to retort but stopped himself and looked down a little with anger. "Scoots won fair and square Garble, so she's in our gang now, got that?!"

Garble growled and pushed Ember away from him. "Whatever, bitch..."

He looked at his dragon friends and beckoned them to follow him. "Come on guys, let's get out of here..."

All of them got on their bikes and rode back to their hang out, leaving Sweetie Belle, Ember and Scootaloo alone.

Scootaloo picked herself up but was met with a sharp pain from her knee, she looked down and saw that there was a blood spot on her jeans. She quickly sat down and pulled up her pants leg, saw that she had a huge gash on her knee that was slightly oozing blood.

Sweetie Belle and Ember ran over to her and saw the nasty cut she has. Sweetie Belle looked at the rest of Scootaloo's body and it looked like her hoodie's right sleeve ripped and it showed a long cut on her arm.

"Scootaloo you alright?" Ember asked.

The orange pegasus breathed a bit. "Never better..."

"Can you walk?" asked Sweetie Belle.

Scootaloo tried to stand up but the sharp pain from her leg hit her again and she dropped back down to the ground with closed eyes and gritted teeth. "Not gonna happen...."

Ember looked at Sweetie Belle. "Looks like we'll need to carry her..."

"I got it." Sweetie said. She conjured her magic and lifted Scoots off of the ground with a light green aura surrounding her.

"Thanks Sweetie." Scootaloo said with a slight smile.

"Come on, lets get you cleaned up."

Author's Note:

Sorry for the wait, dealing with Real Life High School....😒

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