• Published 21st Sep 2017
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Bully: Scootaloo's Story in Ponyville Academy - TwinSwords79

Scootaloo has been sent to school called Ponyville University for her serious behavior and to avoid juvenile detention, but she then realizes that this place is a serious dump.

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True Masterminds

"I can't believe it...out of all the things that happened this has to be the WORST. POSSIBLE. THING!!" Rarity cried, looking at a trophy case that was smashed open, Hoity Toity and Coloratura were next to her, comforting her.

"it's okay Rarity...we'll find who ever did this." Coloratura said. The girls then heard a door opening behind them, looking back they saw Scootaloo walking towards them.

"You did this!" Hoity said.

"Oh my god, what else am I gonna get blamed for?" Scoots said. "Just tell me what happened..."

Rarity turned around and looked at the pegasus. "Somepony stole our boxing trophies and our fashion awards!"

"Well it wasn't me, pretty girl so chill out."

"Well if you didn't steal them, who did?"

Coloratura put her hand under her chin and looked at Rarity and Hoity. "I bet it was those jock-straps (Wonderbolts)....I know it, they've always hated us." She looked at Scootaloo and pointed at her. "So much for peace in our time, passé!"

"What if it wasn't them?" Scootaloo suggested, Rarity shook her head.

"Impossible, everyone loves us apart from them."

"Not everyone loves you, you're all awful ponies...hell I can't stand you myself." Scootaloo admitted.

"Oh la dee da...the bitch finally tells us..." Hoity replied.

"Come on friends...its war!" Rarity announced, Scootaloo stopped them.

"Wait! Stay right here...I'll go get your awards back from The Bolts..." She proceeded to walk out of the room after rolling her eyes, The 3 Fashionistas looking at each other.

Scoots made her way back to the school by her bike and sees Rainbow Dash, Thunderlane, Sky Stinger, and 3 other Wonderbolt members hanging out on the bench near the dorms, they all looked at Scootaloo when she got too close.

"What do you want?" Rainbow asked.

"Did you guys steal The Fashionista's rewards?"

"No way...after we saw Garble set the gym on fire with Rumble by his side, we don't care about those fashion freaks..."

Scoots' ears perked up. "Rumble? The leader of the Street Sweepers?"

"Yeah, I think they hang out somewhere near the Weather Factory by the trailer park or something. Also Spitfire said that you're no friend of ours anymore and that we have to beat you up if we ever see you again. But...since you saved my ass from the fire, I won't tell her we saw you." The other members nodded in agreement, confirming that they won't tell their leader either.

"Thanks." Scoots replied.

"Don't get used to it kid...if we see you again, we won't be as friendly...now get out of here before I change my mind about telling Spit."

Scootaloo nodded and quickly got on her bike, riding out of the school and leaving The Wonderbolts to look at her till she was out of their sight.

The delinquent pedaled all the way to the area of the Weather Factory, parking her bike and walking around looking for the awards.

As she looked around she passed by a small red house and there she sees a pale, light grayish olive earth pony standing on the balcony of the house with a lit cigarette in her hand. She has a bright redish mane, orange eyes, and she had a light pink bow on top of her head, she wore a white crop-top that hugged her chest a bit, blue short shorts, and red sneakers. She had a scar on her left cheek and one on her stomach near her belly button, she also had a tattoo of an apple on her left arm.

She looked up at Scootaloo after blowing out the smoke she had in her mouth, speaking with a light southern accent. "What are you lookin at?"

Scootaloo stopped. "Uh...nothing..."

"Well it looks like you're lookin at me, bitch..."

"Like I said, nothing."

The earth pony got off the balcony, looking at Scoot with a scowl. "What the buck did ya jus' say?!"

Scootaloo put her hands up. "Calm down, I don't want to fight....I'm Scootaloo."

The earth pony sighed and threw the cigarette away. "Apple Bloom..." She looked at the pegasus' school uniform she was wearing, pointing it out. "Ah' went to Ponyville once...Ah' got kicked out."

"How come?"

"Well...lets just say that...Zephyr Breeze is a dirty creep."


"The school janitor...he always tried to hit on me, he even touched me one time...that's when Ah' had enough and told Celestia, she didn't believe me so Ah decided to take it in mah own hands and beat the ever livin crap outta him...of course, he got me expelled fer doing that...but he gets off scot-free after flirtin with me..."

Scoots smiled. "Hey...don't worry, I promise I'll get him back for you."

Apple Bloom smirked a bit. "Thanks, kid."

"No problem, I'll catch you around." Scoots said, waving a bit as AB looks on.

"Hm...kid's actually not bad...cute too." The earth pony then proceeded to go into her house.

Scoots walked around the Street Sweepers hangout before seeing a storage facility near a park. She approached it and looked around to see if anybody was watching her, the coast was clear as she entered it taking out her Slingshot 2.0 to use as a weapon.

She walked through the facility seeing lots of items containing various items from birdbaths, chairs, TVs, and other stuff people probably want to actually store or just pretend they don't have anymore. She sees a few members of the Street Sweepers walking around like guards, which caused Scootaloo to sneak around, since she wants to find out where The Fashionista's awards were not start a fight.

She slowly walked upstairs and could hear a mare speaking. "Make sure none of them come out." Scoots walked over to a nearby wall and pressed against it, she looked around the corner seeing a stallion and a mare putting a full jar of parasprites into a crate. Scoots opened up her phone and started to take pictures.

"Don't worry I got it...unlike you, I'm careful with how I put parasprites inside a crate." The stallion said, pouring jar after jar of parasprites, once he finished he closed the crate, Scoots was able to see the crate's label, seeing that the crates at the library where they get their books have the same label meaning that the Street Sweepers were the ones who gave the crate of parasprites to the library and caused all that havoc.

"Heh, just imagine, all the little Eggheads screaming and running around as the sprites eat their precious books." The mare said as Scootaloo kept taking pictures of them. "Alright...that should be enough, we better get to the docks."

The delinquent put her phone away quickly and went over to a stored bookcase, hiding behind it and watching the mare and stallion walk down the steps and out of the back door, to which she quickly followed.

She tailed the 2 teens all the way to the docks, hiding behind buildings, trash cans, and even some doors they came across. Still holding her phone she sees the teens going onto some kind of abandoned cargo ship and in the distance she can see them along with other members of the Street Sweepers, even Rumble was there and to her surprise, Apple Bloom. It seems that AB was a member of the Street Sweepers.

The all went in a circle around something, wanting to know what's going on, Scootaloo saw a nearby ladder and climbed up to the top of a nearby crane used to load up crates onto ships. She opened up her phone and looked at what the Sweepers were circling around and saw The Fashionista's boxing trophies and fashion award ribbons.

"So they were the ones who took them..." Scoots said, beginning to take some pictures.

She gasped a bit when she sees Rumble picking up a tank of gasoline and pouring it onto The Fashionistas' awards. She then watched as the leader put the gasoline can down and out of the shadows of the ship came Garble and the mastermind behind everything....Diamond Tiara. The earth pony looked at Garble with a smirk and nodded, making the dragon take in a deep breath and lit the awards on fire with his fire-breath, burning them all to a crisp.

Scootaloo finished taking pictures and quickly climbed down the ladder, running over to a parked bike and stole it, riding her way quickly back to the boxing gym to tell Rarity the news.

Scootaloo saw Rarity and Coloratura standing outside of the boxing gym and quickly jogged over to them, Rarity was interested on what she found out.

"So...did you find out who did it, 'boss'?" Rarity asked.

Coloratura put her hands behind her back. "Yeah, who took our awards?"

Scootaloo was about to speak before Rarity cut her off. "Oh wait...don't tell me...it was the tooth fairy."

Coloratura laughed. "Either it was the tooth fairy or the jock-straps." She then poked Scootaloo as she said each word "I. (poke) Wonder. (poke) Which. (poke) One. (hard poke)"

Scootaloo sucked her teeth, pushing her hand away and looked at them. "It was either of them you spoiled pansies...It was The Street Sweepers."

"Which Street Sweepers?" Rarity asked.

"The ones who hang out by the Weather Factory...what other versions of The Street Sweepers are there?"

"Why don't you answer my next question instead, What would they want with our trophies?"

"I bet to frame me, but not this time....this time I got a picture to prove it!" Scootaloo took out her phone and showed them the pictures she took of Rumble's gang burning the trophies on the boat. "And it's not only that, those guys did everything! They helped Garble set the gym on fire, they let the parasprites into the library, everything-including your awards.

"Why?" Coloratura asked, looking at the pegasus as she puts her phone into her pocket.

"Because I listened to Diamond..."

"So in the end, this is all of your fault." Rarity said.

"No, it was Diamond's fault...she wants you guys to think I did all of this when she's the true mastermind of everything that happened!"

"Yeah but if you haven't listened to her in the first place, none of this wouldn't have happened now would it?" Coloratura stated.

Scootaloo growled a bit. "You dumbasses are missing the point!!"

"News Flash Scootaloo: Nobody cares about you or Diamond." Rarity looked at her friend. "C'mon Rara, lets leave this 'Queen of the school' to her pathetic little fantasies."

Rarity and Coloratura started to walk away as Scootaloo called out. "I got a picture of them destroying your awards!! Why aren't you gonna help me?!"

"Because we now know that the Street Sweepers would've left all of us alone if you haven't been sent to this school, so why would we help the pony who caused them to be destroyed? Ta ta bitch."

Colouratura and Rarity continued to walk away as Scootaloo growled and punch the boxing gym's wall. "Diamond.....!!!!"

Author's Note:

So yeah, The Street Sweepers were gonna be the Townies gang all along :ajsmug:

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