• Published 21st Sep 2017
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Bully: Scootaloo's Story in Ponyville Academy - TwinSwords79

Scootaloo has been sent to school called Ponyville University for her serious behavior and to avoid juvenile detention, but she then realizes that this place is a serious dump.

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New Move / Nightmare Night

Scootaloo walked to the school parking lot and saw the red stallion, who was leaning against the wall. He noticed her and stood straight up. "So you find one of my papers?"

"Yeah." replied Scootaloo, taking it out of her pocket and unfolding it. "It's a move called Butterfly Kick..."

"Ah, that's a great move." Red said, taking the paper from Scootaloo's hands. "It was the 2nd move I've learned. Okay...here's how to do it."

Red got into position and looked at the orange delinquent. " Okay so It's called a butterfly kick because at the apex of the kick, all the limbs are extended out from the body similar to the wings of a butterfly stretched out in flight. This kick is a fundamental move that serves as a starting point for more difficult moves like the log roll, or log roll splits."

"First: Face the direction you want your kick to land, The butterfly kick is a rotating movement, so during the kick your head will be facing the opposite direction from your legs."

Red did just that, he beckoned Scoots to back up with his hand. Scoots copied his movements a little bit. "Spread your legs a little bit more." Scoots moved her feet wider. "Alright good. Next: Swing your arms while turning your body."

Both ponies did it together, as Red nodded. "Good, now it's time for the kick, remember Scootaloo you always have to kick behind you when you do it, never the front, pretend like you're doing a cartwheel on an invisible wall. Here let me show you."

Red got into the first position again and did the butterfly kick, professionally.

"Alright, you try."

Scootaloo got into the position and looked at Red with a little bit of worry on her face, Red just nodded once, giving her the go ahead. "Remember, think of it like doing a cartwheel on an invisible wall."

Scoots breathed deep and closed her eyes. To her surprise, she did the kick and landed perfectly. She opened her eyes and looked at Red who smiled. "Nice Job, try again." She got back into position and did the butterfly kick again.

"Alright Scoots, you're a pretty fast learner. Now practice this on your spare time and make sure you land right, otherwise you can break your ankle if you land wrong. Come back here when you find another paper."

"Alright, thanks Red."

Scoots saluted him and went away to her dorm room, she was sweating a lot from that exercise she received from Red.

"I think I should take a shower..."

A few minutes later, Scoots got out of the shower and wrapped herself with a towel. Walking to her room she saw Diamond Tiara laying on her bed. Instead of her school uniform, she wore a pink and white dress with blue shoes. She was dressed like a princess and to be honest it does work since she has a tiara on her head.

"Hey there, Naked Scoots." Diamond said, looking at Scootaloo who held her towel. "I've put a costume on your closet door, go put it on."

The orange delinquent arched an eyebrow, looked over at her closet, and can see her costume hanging on the outside.

Sighing she walked over to her costume, dropped her towel on the floor after drying her mane with it, and began to get dressed.

The orange delinquent pulled the zipper up in the front of her costume and it was revealed to be a Wonderbolt blue and yellow combo rubber jumpsuit with a set of goggles. The jumpsuit she wore covered her entire body, including her hands and hoofs, which was cool but it was also a little uncomfortable, since the suit was hugging her breasts.

Scoots walked over to Diamond who sat up and looked at her. "You look pretty good in that."

"Thanks...but this thing is putting a lot of pressure on my torso..." the orange delinquent replied, shifting the rubber suit around a little.

"Oh, so that's why I can see the full outline of your boobs..."

Scoots grumbled. "Ha ha, very funny..."

"No, I'm serious, I can literally see your nipples poking through." Diamond said, slightly pointing at Scoots’ nipples, which were poking through the rubber.

Scoots rolled her eyes and sighed, crossing her arms over her chest. "Whatever, what's been going on?"

"Well of course you know that today is Nightmare Night." Diamond said. "We got the full night to ourselves, so maybe we can pull off a few pranks..."

Scoots shrugged. "Alright I'm down."

"Cool, come on let's get Sweetie Belle, I got her a really nice costume." Diamond led Scoots out of her room and found Sweetie Belle in the lounge, she was dressed like a little cheeseburger.

"Diamond, why did you have get me a costume?" asked Sweetie.

"It's because I care." Diamond replied.

"But why did you get me a cheeseburger costume?"

"It's because you look deliciously cute, literally I can eat you up."

"That's disgusting..."

"Hey, it's not my fault you make a very cute and delicious cheeseburger."

"Alright, guys can we get on with this?" Scoots said, breaking up their argument.

"Yeah sure come on."

Diamond, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo walked out of the dorm and looked around. Everypony on campus were wearing costumes and they even saw some students throw eggs at each other.

"Alright, so what first?" asked Scootaloo.

"Wanna egg the boys dorm?" asked Diamond, taking out some eggs from a bag she was carrying.

"Yeah sure."

The ponies ran to the boys dorm and began to throw multiple eggs at it, Scoots then looked around and saw Rainbow Blitz near by. Smiling she hucked an egg at him making it crack on impact, covering his Spider-Pony costume in sticky egg insides.

"Why does this keep happening to me?!" he asked out loud, shaking his hands clean from the sticky eggs.

Diamond, Scoots, and Sweetie Belle walked around some more, having students walk up to them to ask if only Scootaloo could help them with their pranks, from stink bombs to an exploding volcano experiment. But she does know that most of the ponies that asked for help just want a closer look at her chest and ass since they're being hugged tightly by a rubber suit. Which doesn't bother her that much, but at the same time it does.

The 3 mares stopped in front of the main building and Diamond had a wicked idea. "Okay guys, how about we plant a very big Stink bomb inside of the teachers lounge."

"How big?" asked Scootaloo.

"VERY big, a stink bomb that can stink up a whole apartment building from top to bottom in just 2 seconds."

"Wow...that is big..."

"Yeah and I got it right here." Diamond reached into her bag and took out the super stink bomb, Scoots can see that Diamond installed a timer on it. "Pretty cool, huh? Let's do this thing."

"I'm not being apart of this anymore." Sweetie suddenly said, slightly waddling away cutely with her cheeseburger costume.

"Whatever, Sweet." Diamond replied, now looking at Scootaloo. "Looks like it's all up to you and me, Let's just do this thing."

Diamond and Scootaloo walked through the back door of the main building and sneaked their way to the teacher's lounge, wearing werewolf masks. Scoots took out her nail file and began to pick the lock as Diamond kept watch. Hearing the click, Scootaloo opened the door slowly and Diamond handed her the bag.

"Just stick it under the desk and begin the timer, it's that easy."

Scoots nodded and walked over to the desk, so she can begin to set up the bomb. She took it out, took off the tape protectors and sticked it right under the desk. "Now all I need to do is set up the timer." she whispered to herself, Scoots took out the timer and pressed the red button. Now she and Diamond have 10 seconds to get out of there.

Scootaloo race walked out of the room and motioned Diamond to get out of the building right now.

Both mares ran out of the building and the bomb went off making just a tiny explosion.

The mares ran inside the girl's dorm and took off their masks, Diamond was really happy. "WHOO we did it!"

"Yeah!" Scoots said, running to the vending machine and took out 2 grape sodas, giving one to Diamond. "We actually pulled it off."

The 2 ponies toasted their soda cans after opening them and took a drink. "So we gonna call it a night?"

"Yeah, I'll see ya in the morning." Diamond told Scoots, finishing up her soda and threw it in the garbage bin. Scootaloo listened and heard the sound of a room door closing.

Scoots finished her soda too and walked into her room, closing the door. She then grabbed the pull tab on her zipper and unzipped her costume, she couldn't help but let out a long sigh, as she finally released her chest from their rubber prison, and she can finally breath normal again.

Author's Note:

Hope you have a Happy Nightmare Night! :pinkiecrazy:🔪

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