• Published 21st Sep 2017
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Bully: Scootaloo's Story in Ponyville Academy - TwinSwords79

Scootaloo has been sent to school called Ponyville University for her serious behavior and to avoid juvenile detention, but she then realizes that this place is a serious dump.

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New Move 2 & 3 / The Plan

Red walked over to Scootaloo and helped her on her hooves, she was still holding her neck and coughing after that stallion nearly tried to knock her out with choking her.

Red patted her back to help her cough out better. "You alright?"

Scoots breathed a little more. "Y-yeah..."

"I saw some interesting fighting going on here, but you apparently got bested by a choke hold." Red explained. "If it wasn't for me, you would've passed out or worse, killed."

Scootaloo dropped her hand from her throat and looked at the stallion that Red took down. "Is he gonna be OK? Because that's a lot of blood coming from his head."

Red looked down at the stallion too and he just swatted his hand down. "He's fine, he'll just have slight amnesia as well as talk funny for a long time."

Scootaloo nodded a little nervously. "Ah...alright..."

Red looked at Scootaloo and walked slowly to her. "Ya know I think you're gonna need some training...You can fight well, but those choke holes are definitely a flaw you have."

"Well..." Scoots started, taking out the paper she found. "I found another one of your papers, something about a Roundhouse Kick."

Red took the paper out of Scootaloo's hand and nodded. "Alright, that's an excellent move, come on let's go to the lot."

At the school parking lot, Red stood in front of Scootaloo and began to explain the new move. "A Roundhouse Kick is a special kick that my father taught me for my fourth move. It can actually take some serious practice to perfect the move, especially if you plan on using specialized kick techniques. So just be patient and devote plenty of time to your practice and soon you'll be delivering high-flying kicks like a serious pro."

Red backed up a little, faced his body away from Scootaloo, and got into his fighting stance.

"First lets practice executing the kick. The most important thing to do for this move is to keep your arms raised and get ready to attack and block. Make sure you get in the habit of keeping your hands up before and after you make your kick. When you do eventually need to use your moves in a fight, having your hands up by default will make you less vulnerable to your opponent's attacks and make it much easier to respond to the attacks they do make with your own."

Scootaloo copied Red's fighting position as he looked at her progress.

"Good, now the next step is to bring your leg up and to the side." Red lifted his leg to the side balancing perfectly. "As you raise your rear leg for the kick, bend it back upon itself so that the back of the calf is almost touching the thigh. Bring the bent leg up so that the knee is pointing out to the side, at this point, the muscle in the leg is bunched up and the lower leg is "chambered", ready to deliver a quick and crushing kick."

Scootaloo lifted her leg but she was wobbling just a little.

"Alright, Now we're gonna snap our legs forward and pivot on our other foot." Red did the kick and pivoted back to his guard position. "Pivot on your lower foot, turning your body so that your kicking leg moves toward your target. As you do this, extend the leg in a sudden but smooth motion, "snapping" it forward. You should make contact with the target before your leg is fully extended. In other words, your knee should still be somewhat bent when your leg hits the target — this delivers maximum power."

Scootaloo did the final step slowly.

"Good, now if you want you can try to hit your target with the top of your foot, the ball of your foot, or your instep for more damage. You can even hit them with your shin, It would really hurt your target a lot, but it's also very painful for you as well....Now after that kick you have to return to your stance after that, just to make sure you won't fall."

Scootaloo nodded and did just that.

"Great, now let's do it a little faster, watch me."

Red got into his stance and delivered a professional Roundhouse kick. "Now let's see you do it Scootaloo."

The orange pegasus began to sweat of nervousness as she got into the stance Red told her to get into and delivered an amateur Roundhouse kick.

"Alright. Alright. That's good, do it again."

Scootaloo did another one.

"Alright, you did great but the only problem you have is to keep your balance, Learn to keep your balance and you'll see your kick improving a lot."

"Alright, thanks Red." Scootaloo said.

"We're not done yet Scootaloo I just happen to find one of my papers and it just so happens to be the move that you definitely need to learn too." Red took out a paper from his pocket and showed it to Scootaloo.

The orange pegasus took it and saw that it said, 'How to Break out of choke holds.' "Awesome, now I won't let that accident happen again."

Red nodded and took the paper back from her. "Yep, now lets go."

"Now, there are two types of standing choke holds, a side choke hold and a back choke hold." Red explained. "So when in a Side choke hold, turn into your opponent’s body so your airway is no longer constricted. That will allow you to breathe so you can escape the headlock."

Scootaloo nodded and continued to listen.

"Next, you have to stun your opponent, if your attacker is a stallion use your hand closest to the front of your attacker’s body to strike his nuts. Also try to strike your opponent in the gut or ribs with your elbow. Striking your attacker in the gut and ribs works for both stallion and mare attackers. There are other things you should know for this step:

1) make sure to keep your outside hand free to attack his testicles, or to protect your face if your attacker tries to hit you.

2) If it's a life-or-death situation, biting is totally on the table and it is an excellent way to injure an attacker if he is not set up properly.

3) Be aware that if he has you in a proper choke hold (elbow joint is aligned vertically with your esophagus, and his choking-arm hand is on his opposite bicep, with his opposite hand on the base of your skull), attempting to bite will give him an easy chance to pull your neck towards him, rendering you unconsciousness.

You got all that?"

Scootaloo nodded.

"Alright, Next you need to reach to your attacker’s head. Use your outer arm to reach around and up to your attacker’s face. If this is a life-or-death situation, use your fingers to try and gouge her eyes, reach underneath her nose with your hand or fingers to pull her head back, or reach underneath her chin with your hand to pull her head back. Keep your other hand on the arm or hand that was head-locking you....Another side note: The body has to follow the head. That is why pulling her head back will render her unbalanced."

"Next step is to stand up and attack. As you pull back your attacker’s head, stand straight up to disarm him even more (his back will be curved). Use the hand that was holding onto his head-locking hand and arm to attack him again in the ribs or groin and push him away from you....And if you think you can't beat them that will give you time to run and escape"

"Here I'll show you, put me into a side choke hold."

Scootaloo walked up and put Red into a side choke hold, but making sure not to actually choke him. "Alright, so I can use my free hand to knock you in the ribs or the gut, since you're a mare."

"I reach for your face and push it back, which will make you loose your balance and make me escaping easier."

"Now let's discuss how to escape a rear choke hold."

"First things First for escaping this choke hold." Red explained. "Is to protect your airway."

"Turn your head toward the side from which your attacker is choking you. This will ensure that your airway doesn’t get cut off. Use your hands to grab onto your attacker’s arm, with your fingers on the inside of her arm, near your chin."

"Next is to tuck your chin. Raise or shrug your shoulders so you create a space where you can tuck your chin down to your body and get your fingers into the space between his arm and your chin. Aim to tuck your chin into the crook of his elbow; that is where there will be the most wiggle room. Sink down in his hold by bending your knees a little. it would make it more difficult for your attacker to lock his arm onto your neck."

"Next, you have to step back. On the side that your attacker is choking you, step your foot back behind her foot to lock in her leg, Don’t arch your back backwards. Instead, keep your back curved forward. If you lean back, you render yourself defenseless with no balance and Don't step out to the side, but back, behind her foot so your legs are calf-to-calf."

"And finally, Turn out and throw him down. Bend your knees and turn 180° toward your stepped foot. Your hands should still be on his arm, in between your chin and his arm. Once out of the headlock, pull diagonally across your body to throw your attacker to the ground. Make sure to keep your opposite foot strong so you can use it to trip your opponent as you throw him to the ground across your body."

"Alright, now put me into a rear choke hole, and i want you to try and actually choke me."

Scootaloo ran up behind Red and put him in a rear choke hold.

As Red was choking he did all the instructions he said and he manage to trip the orange pegasus and slam her to the parking lot ground.

"See what I just did?" asked Red.

Scootaloo was dumbfounded as Red picked her off of the ground and also dusting her off a little. "Now, it's my turn."

In one quick motion, Red went behind Scootaloo and put her into a rear choke hold. Which he was actually choking her.

She grabbed Red's arm as it went deeper in her neck. "Come on, Scoots show me what you've learned unless you want to die from strangulation!"

Scootaloo began to form tears in her eyes and she did all the moves that Red taught her, tripping him and actually slamming him to the ground.

Red looked at her from the ground and smiled as she was desperately gasping for air. "Alright, Scootaloo!"

Scoots nodded a little and finally calmed down her coughing. "Alright, thanks for helping me Red."

"No problem, happy to help."

Scootaloo smiled a little. "But, how do I beat those Fashionistas into submission?"

Red started to think a little. "Hm...Well, what have you tried so far?"

Scootaloo held up her hand and began to count what she's done to the Fashionistas. "Random Violence, Vandalism, Widespread Destruction, and Gratuitous Sadism."

Red shook his head. "I'm not gonna ask about that last one.....but what you said would never work, The Fashionistas feed on revenge when someone does something bad to them...what you gotta do is you need to prove that you're better than their best pony, maybe you should try boxing Photo Finish..."

"Photo Finish?" asked Scootaloo.

The red stallion nodded. "Yeah, that German accent pony with the camera around her neck?"

"Her? She's the better boxer?"

"Yep, a 5 year champion."

"Wow...maybe I could use that to my advantage..." Scootaloo started to think. "Not bad Red. Not bad. I'll see ya later."

Scoots than began to run to the girl's dorm to get her bike as Red called out to her.

"Kick their asses, Scootaloo!"

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