• Published 21st Sep 2017
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Bully: Scootaloo's Story in Ponyville Academy - TwinSwords79

Scootaloo has been sent to school called Ponyville University for her serious behavior and to avoid juvenile detention, but she then realizes that this place is a serious dump.

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Scootaloo laid down on the cot in the School Infirmary with a bandaged leg and arm, as Sweetie Belle and Ember sat next to her in chairs.

The school nurse, Nurse Redheart, walked in with a clipboard in hand, catching the attention of the 3 friends. "You're gonna be alright Scootaloo. Just some minor cuts, that gash on your leg is pretty big but it should heal up in a couple of days, Thanks to the spell I put on it."

"Thanks, Nurse Redheart." Scootaloo said with a slight smile.

Redheart wrote something down in her clipboard with a pen and then looked at Ember and Sweetie Belle. "Alright, girls, would you kindly leave Scootaloo alone for a while? She needs to rest."

Ember and Sweetie Belle nodded and got up, Ember looked at Scootaloo and whispered. "I'll call you when you get out, OK?"

Scootaloo nodded and watched as Nurse Redheart escorted her and Sweetie Belle out of the school infirmary.

Scootaloo was about to rest before she heard a male voice. "Hey, Scootaloo"

She looked to her left and saw The Fire Dragon's second leader, Spike, standing in the doorway. He didn't have his girly apron with him, he just had on his Fire Dragons outfit that actually wore underneath the apron.

"Hey...um...Spike, right?" She replied.

The purple dragon nodded. "Yeah, Spike." He walked into her recovery room and took off his leather jacket. Placing it on the nearby coat hanger.

He walked over to her and sat down on the other side of her cot with just his regular school uniform (a light green PHS vest, a white button down shirt with a purple tie, blue jeans, and black boots).

"You feeling alright?" He asked.

The orange pegasus nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine....that Garble is a piece of work..."

Spike nodded and looked down. "I'm sorry about Garble...he's just such a bastard..."

"Yeah, we all kinda knew that already....but it's not your fault." Scootaloo replied. "Wait, why did you say it like it was your fault? Was he always like that?"

"Garble...had dealt with a lot in his life. He wasn't always the jerk he was today." Spike explained.

Scoots sat up. "What do you mean?"

Spike sighed. "Well..."


October 23 (2 years ago)

Spike sat at his cafeteria table talking amongst his friends and was eating lunch.

Spike: When I started the gang back in Freshman year...there was this one dragon that came up to me when I was talking to some friends...

A red dragon tapped the purple dragon's shoulder and he looked at him.

Scootaloo: Was that dragon, Garble?

Spike: Yeah...he wanted to join my gang, and I thought why not?

Garble talked to Spike and the dragon nodded and shook his hand.

Spike: He was actually a pretty nice guy when he joined, had a nice reputation too.

Garble was talking amoungst his new friends and were laughing with him.

Spike: He told jokes, had great stories...he was the best this gang had to offer.

Scootaloo: What happened?

Garble was now fighting a Fashionista member and he managed to stab the member in the stomach with a knife. The Fashionista member dropped to the ground holding his stomach as a little bit of blood poured onto the ground. Garble looked down with a scared look, but the look slowly turned into a crooked smile.

Spike: A-After a certain fight he had with a Fashionista member....he became....a whole different being.....he wanted more power...he became greedy and even blood thirsty.

Scootaloo: How did he take the leadership of the dragons?

Spike: *Sigh*

April 30

Garble walked into Spike's office in the Fire Dragons hangout, the purple dragon looked up with a little smile. "Hey, Garble how's it going?"

The red dragon looked at him angrily. "Cut the crap, Spike....I want you to make me the leader of the dragons....I want to turn this stupid excuse of a gang around."

Spike slouched a little in his seat. "Well sorry man, you have to earn it by climbing up the ranks, you're still a Rookie. Hell, Fireblast is a higher rank than you yet he still has little ways to go."

Garble squinted his eyes. "You are gonna make me leader, right now."

Spike slightly stood up. "I said no."

The red dragon's pupils turned into slits and he took out his switchblade, Spike looked at him with a shocked expression.

"Garble? T-This isn't like you, what are you doing?"

"You are gonna make me the leader, weather you like it or not!" Garble ran up and swiped his blade down at Spike, but the purple dragon stood up and pushed his side of his desk down, making the other side pop up and hit Garble in the face. The red dragon stumbled back from the pain and dropped his knife.

"Guards!" screamed Spike.

A blue and a green dragon both ran into Spike's office. Garble looked behind him in the corner of his eye as the green dragon ran up to him.

Garble quickly turned around and knocked the dragon in the face, the green dragon backed up while holding his face but couldn't react quick enough when Garble punched him in the gut and kicked his chest.

The blue dragon took out a Glock 17 BB gun, but Garble ran up and knocked it out of his hand while he punched his face three times. Seeing his knife on the floor, Garble quickly kicked it up to his hand, grabbed it, and slashed the blue dragon in the chest.

The dragon wailed from pain and dropped to the ground after Garble chopped his neck with the side of his hand, knocking him out cold.

Spike stood up and went to run out the door but Garble saw him and Roundhouse kicked right in his face. Spike grunted and slammed into the ground. He looked and saw the Glock 17 BB gun near him but when he went to grab it. Garble slammed his foot onto his hand.

Spike screamed in pain as he felt his bones crush a little as Garble put more weight on it. Garble smiled as he picked up the BB gun and pointed it at Spike's head.

"How does it feel, boss? To know that a 'rookie' kicked your ass?" Garble asked.

Spike groaned and began to cry a little as Garble continued. "You are gonna give me the leadership, right now. In fact I'll be nice enough that you can rule the gang along side me....but as my personal bitch."

Garble picked up his foot from Spike's hand and picked him up from his head scales, Spike's head and body followed as he was now face to face with the red dragon. He pressed the model gun to his chest and spoke again. "You are now my personal bitch, Spike. You do what I say, when I say it, no questions asked. And you must call me 'Master' whenever you address to me. Got that?!"

Spike gulped. "Y-Yes....M-M-Master..."

Garble gave a shark smile. "Good..."


Spike covered his face with his eyes. "He broke my hand and took over the gang for 2 years....then you came along." He uncovered his eyes and looked at Scootaloo. "I know you're true intentions for wanting to join the gang....you want to stop Garble once and for all, I know Twilight tried with her gang...but it didn't work. So I figured she'd go to you next since you have The Bullies and The Fashionistas in your arsenal.

Scootaloo slightly nodded. "Yeah...I'm just so tired of ponies, or in your case, dragons. Just hurting others for no apparent reason. But after what you told me about Garble....he's a complete psychopath."

"Yeah...but look Scoots. If you're going to fight Garble, please be careful, I don't want anyone to get severely injured by the hands of that asshole..."

"Don't worry, Spike. Before you know it, I'll have the key to your shackles..." Scootaloo said with a slight smile.

Spike gave a little smile. "I hope so....for my sake, anyway."

The purple dragon then got up and walked to the doorway after grabbing and putting his leather jacket back on. "I should go...Garble could be sending a hit squad to hunt me down as we were speaking..."

Scoots nodded. "OK, see ya."

Spike gave a single salute with two fingers and walked out of Scootaloo's recovery room. The orange pegasus continued to lay down on her cot and stared at the ceiling, taking in all the info Spike just told her.

Author's Note:

It's a little weird having this in a Bully story, I know.

But I wanted to give you some background info on why Garble is such a freaking bastard.

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