• Published 21st Sep 2017
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Bully: Scootaloo's Story in Ponyville Academy - TwinSwords79

Scootaloo has been sent to school called Ponyville University for her serious behavior and to avoid juvenile detention, but she then realizes that this place is a serious dump.

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Taking Down: The Fashionistas

Scootaloo got on her bike and saw Sweetie Belle nearby, she decided to get her attention. "Hey, Sweetie!"

The little green eyed unicorn looked at her. "Yeah?"

"I think I need a little help with what I'm about to do to those Fashionistas."

Sweetie Belle stood up. "What are you gonna do to them, now?"

Scootaloo gave a confident smile and stood up straight on her bike. "I'm about to box that Photo Finish mare."

The unicorn gave a surprise look. "What, Scootaloo are you crazy?! That mare is a 5 year champion boxer! It's a death wish to humiliation if you fight her!"

The pegasus didn't drop her smile. "I'm well aware, but Red said that's my best bet to take down those assholes."

"Red? Redospine?" Sweetie asked hesitantly, Scoots nodded. "I'd be a little cautious around him if I was you...he has a complicated past..."

Scoots arched an eyebrow for a second before shaking her head. "Whatever, that's not important right now. Can you tag a long and be like...my buddy in the sidelines?"

"Um...I don't know anything about fighting..."

"You don't have to do anything really, you just stay in the sidelines and cool me off after every round."

"Oh...OK I can do that, wait here I'm gonna get a squirt bottle and a towel."

Sweetie Belle went up the stairs and went inside the girls dorm while Scootaloo waited outside for her.

"It's time Rarity..." she said to herself.

Scootaloo cycled her way to the boxing gym with Sweetie Belle on the back pegs. When they got there, they made their way inside and saw Photo Finish with 3 other members of the clique, Scootaloo smirked a little and walked up to them with Sweetie Belle hiding behind her a little. The Fashionistas took notice and they all glared at them.

The white blond stallion who stopped Scootaloo's bike from Rarity's house walked up. "You have some nerve showing your face around here, square!"

Scootaloo looked at him with a frown. "My name is Scootaloo, jackass." The unicorn fumed with anger as the pegasus looked at the mare wearing a camera around her neck. "And I want to speak with Photo Finish."

The blue mare smiled and walked up as the stallion walked back to his friends. "Jeah, vat is it?"

Scootaloo smirked a little. "You and me in the formal art of boxing."

Photo scoffed. "Jou actually think you can beat me? I vas practically raised in that boxing ring."

"You're practically looking at the mare who will end your winning streak once and for all, so how bout' it?"

"Fine..." Photo Finish walked up to Scootaloo and looked at her straight in the eyes with a confident smile. "But after this....jou vill lick my lens cap clean."

Both mares continued to stare at each other with wide smirks until they both walked away from each other to get ready for the big match.

Scootaloo and Photo Finish both wore sports bras and boxing trunks, Scootaloo's was purple and Photo's was white, they both got in the boxing ring and put on their pairs of red boxing gloves.

They each sat in stools at opposite ends of the ring and the rest of the clique members, excluding Rarity, were in the audience.

Before the bell was about to ring, Sweetie Belle stood with Scootaloo and was giving her a shoulder massage.

"You can do it Scootaloo...take her down so we can get out of here..." Sweetie said as Scootaloo replied with a nod and stood up after Sweetie Belle put a mouth guard in her mouth.

The loud boxing bell rang and the two mares closed in on each other in the middle of the ring, not taking their eyes off of each other.

Scootaloo went for the first move, she threw her fist at Photo Finish but she easily dodged and punched Scoots hard in the stomach.

The orange pegasus stumbled back a little and threw a variety of punches, which were all guarded by Photo. Scootaloo then made an uppercut which broke Photo's guard and she managed so throw a few punches into her face. The blue mare blocked on of Scoots' punches and retaliated with 3 punches to the pegasus's face.

The 1st round ending bell rang and the fighters walked back to their sides. Scootaloo walked to Sweetie Belle with a black eye and a bruised left cheek. She sat down on the stool and Sweetie Belle picked up the water bottle, squirting some water into Scoots' mouth.

"You alright, Scoots?" She asked.

Scootaloo panted a little. "Never better..."

"You did a good job, so you ready for the 2nd round?" Scoots nodded and stood up after the 2nd Round bell rang.

Scootaloo and Photo Finish walked to the middle of the ring and fought again. The orange pegasus delivered a few punches to Photo's stomach and face, Photo returned with a variety of punches to Scoot's face and stomach. Both mares were grunting from delivering punches and getting hit with punches.

The 2nd round ending bell rang and the fighters walked back to their sides again. Scootaloo was now panting and was sweating a lot, she also happened to have some blood on her mouth, Sweetie Belle took the towel she bought and wiped the blood off of Scoots' mouth and the sweat off of her forehead while also giving her some more water.

The white unicorn put the bottle down and gave Scootaloo another shoulder massage. "Scootaloo this is the last round you have to end it here and now!"

Scoots nodded and stood up after the 3rd Round bell rang.

'OK...' She thought. ' The first two rounds were kind of basically copies...I have to end this right now. Let me try to corner her...'

Just as she planned, Scoots dodged an upcoming punch from Photo Finish and then she began to throw a lot of punches at her. Photo Finish blocked every punch and began to move back as Scootaloo moves forward, just when Photo noticed she hit the ropes, Scoots uppercutted Photo making her come out of her blocking position.

The orange pegasus then went to town on Photo Finish, punching her a lot in the face and stomach, The blue mare grunted with each punch and was slowly sliding down the ropes as Scoots kept on going. Droplets of sweat, blood, and spit flew everywhere and landed on the ring's floor.

Scootaloo finally stopped and saw that Photo Finish laid on the floor with a bloody nose and a black eye. She didn't bother to get up, she just laid there groaning in pain.

The orange pegasus gave a confident smile and yelled out to all The Fashionista's in the Gym. "Who's the baddest? ME!, Who's the strongest? ME!, Who's the badass?! ME!, YEAH THAT'S RIGHT, ME, SCOOTALOO! REMEMBER THE NAME OF THE CHAMPION! NUMBER FRICKEN 1!"

Rarity walked down the stairs and wondered where the shouting was coming from and she saw a happy and cheering Scootaloo in the boxing ring with a beaten up, now ex-champion, Photo Finish.

"What's going on? What's she doing here?!" asked Rarity, a green unicorn mare decided to explain.

"That bitch is a complete psycho. She took down Photo Finish, Rarity. She's our new boxing champion." the mare explained.

Rarity looked at the mare angrily. "What?!"

The green mare pointed at Scootaloo. "She broke Photo Finish's 5 year winning streak, which makes her our new champion."

Rarity growled a little and walked to Photo Finish who was slightly shaking from the pain on the ring floor. "You disgust me!" Photo Finish groaned a little and dropped her head, completely knocked out.

Scootaloo dropped from the ring and looked at the ponies with a smirk. "So, fashionista freaks, I think it would be best to surrender now, seeing as how I just beat up your best boxer. So what do ya say, are we going to do this the easy way?" She cracked her knuckles. "Or the 'Me kicking your asses' way?"

Rarity smirked a little too. "You think that beating up our boxing champion, would advise us to surrender? Well it doesn't my little passé friend...that was only the beginning, the real battle has just begun."

"Heh, alright..." Scootaloo got into her fighting position. "Ass kicking it is then..."

Rarity looked at Scootaloo with a cross look and snapped her fingers. "You guys rough her up a little."

The white unicorn then ran past the group and took 3 ponies with her, leaving 5 to fight Scootaloo. The ponies all ran to Scootaloo at once and she got up on the outer part of the boxing ring. She gripped one of the rope holders and managed to kick 3 of them in the face. She dropped down and ran to one of the ponies with her fist out.

One of the ponies she missed was a yellow earth pony. The mare grabbed her fist, pushed it out of the way, and kicked the side of Scootaloo's leg. The pegasus grunted and responded with a mane grab and 2 punches to the face. She let go of the mare and elbowed her face, finally knocking her down.

The pony that she also missed was a red unicorn. She ran up and gave him a punch to the face, knocking him down, the stallion got up and managed to punch the pegasus's face and knee her in the stomach.

The mare got up and kicked the stallion in the nuts. The stallion went wide eyed and dropped down to his knees with his hands covering his crotch. The pegasus walked up and swung her leg, making her foot smack the stallion straight in the face, knocking him down.

Scootaloo then noticed that the 3 ponies she kicked when on the rope holders were slowly getting up. The pegasus acted fast, as she grabbed a nearby paddle on the wall and wacked them in the face all at once, finally knocking them out.

The pegasus panted heavily and dropped the paddle on the floor. She began to look around the room for Sweetie Belle before she heard some grunting and groaning from Sweetie and a stallion from the other side of the boxing ring.

Scootaloo arched an eyebrow and walked around the ring to see Sweetie Belle slamming her foot down on a stallion who's nose was bleeding.

Scootaloo smirked a little and ran to Sweetie Belle, taking her away from the groaning stallion she beat all by herself.

"Alright. Alright, Sweetie Belle, he's down." Scoots said calming the little white unicorn down.

After calming down, Sweetie Belle smiled. "That was amazing, I never felt so alive."

"Yeah, that's good. Remember that feeling and no one will screw with you." Scootaloo encouraged. "But I want you to get out of here, leave Rarity to me."

Sweetie Belle nodded and handed Scootaloo the water bottle. "Alright, good luck."

Scoots watched as Sweetie Belle ran out of the gym door, leaving her alone. The pegasus drank the last bit of water from the bottle and threw it on the ground.

"Alright...time to end this." she said to herself.

Scootaloo burst through the upstairs room door and when she saw Rarity she was met with a paddle hitting her back.

Scoots grunted in pain and hit the floor, looking up she saw Rarity and the 3 stallions with paddles looming over her. Rarity had a wine glass full of cider in her hand.

"Well. Well. Well. If it isn't Scootaloo..." Rarity said. "it seems that you've beaten my colleagues downstairs...but I should warn you, these 3 ponies are my best fighters and fighting me would be the last thing you want...so let me make this easy for you..."

Rarity drank the last of her cider and walked to the bar in the corner of the room to place her glass down on the counter. "Leave now...and me and my friends would leave you alone for the rest of the school year."

Rarity walked back and place her foot on Scootaloo's head, keeping it down. "What do you say, darling?"

Scootaloo winced on the floor and her response was grabbing Rarity's ankle and making her trip onto the ground.

The orange pegasus stood up with anger. "In your dreams!"

Rarity growled from the floor. "GET HER!!!"

The three stallions ran at Scootaloo with their wooden paddles and swung them at her. Scootaloo back flipped and grabbed a nearby fire extinguisher and sprayed the white chemicals into the stallion's faces which made them cough.

When the white cloud disappeared the stallion's couldn't react quick enough when Scootaloo slammed the fire extinguisher into each of their faces.

All three stallions dropped to the floor and they all dropped their wooden paddles. Scootaloo stared at Rarity with an angry look as she threw the extinguisher down and picked up one of the stallion's paddles.

"It's over, Rarity!" yelled Scootaloo walking up to her as Rarity backed up, a little frightened. "It ends right here!"

When Rarity hit the nearby wall, Scootaloo closed it and pointed the paddle making it touch the top of the white unicorn's chest.

Rarity and Scootaloo began to have a dramatic stare off for about a minute. But finally, in one quick motion, Rarity grabbed Scootaloo's paddle and managed to punch her face hard.

Scootaloo backed up from the pain and Rarity tackled her to the ground, making Scoots drop her paddle. Rarity then went to town on Scootaloo, punching her face repeatedly with quick movements.

"You...Ruffian! You...Think...It's....Still...A...Good....I...dea.....Screwing....With...Rarity....Belle?!" The white unicorn yell punching Scootaloo with each word she spoke.

Scoots finally stopped this and grabbed Rarity's fists with each hand and managed to slam her fist into her face after letting one of Rarity's hands go quickly.

That distracted her enough to have Scootaloo throw her off and exchange positions with her. Now she was on top and Rarity was on the bottom.

Scootaloo grabbed Rarity's shirt and bitch slapped her across the face with the back of her hand.

Rarity looked up at Scootaloo with widen eyes as Scootaloo talked to her. "I told you it's over! Now who's the boss now?"

The Fashionista leader stayed silent until the orange pegasus smacked her again. "ANSWER THE FRICKEN QUESTION, BITCH!"

"Y-you are..." Rarity mumbled.

Scoots smacked her again. "LOUDER!!!"

"YOU ARE!" She screamed.

Scoots smacked her again, just for the hell of it. "GOOD!"

Scootaloo got up off of Rarity and just when the white unicorn tried to get up, Scoots planted her foot on the top of Rarity's stomach which caused the pony to grunt and cough a little.

Scootaloo leaned in a little. "You work for me now, Belle. You understand?!"

Rarity quickly nodded while crying a little. Signifying that she surrenders.

Author's Note:

2 down 3 to go 😏

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