• Published 21st Sep 2017
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Bully: Scootaloo's Story in Ponyville Academy - TwinSwords79

Scootaloo has been sent to school called Ponyville University for her serious behavior and to avoid juvenile detention, but she then realizes that this place is a serious dump.

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Scootaloo sprinted all the way to the gym where Sweetie Belle and Gilda were waiting for her. As she panted a bit, her two best friends looked at her.

"Scoots, look!" Sweetie shouted, pointing towards the gym.

Scootaloo looked at the gym building and saw that the building was up in flames, fire was coming out of the windows and the whole place was just burning up. "Damn, how the hell did that happen?!"

"YOU!!!!" The 3 friends looked over to their left and saw Spitfire, Thunderlane, and Sky Stinger walking towards them, all of them angrily staring at Scootaloo. "You did this!!!"

"I never did this!" Scoots said, Gilda and Sweetie Belle went in front of her to look at Spitfire face to face, unlike Sweetie Belle who was a little nervous, Gilda wasn't nervous a bit that she was standing in front of a complete brute of a mare.

"Get out of my way!" Spitfire shouted at the two teens, not looking as threatening like before since her arm was still in a sling and a cast. "That bitch ruined my life!!"

"Back up you pegasus buck!" Gilda snapped, pushing the injured mare a bit. "Sure, Scootaloo is no saint, but she actually tried to bring order to this school to stop all of the bullying!"

"Bullying?! Who gives a crap about bullying, when the gym is up in flames, you damn pigeon!!"

"Pigeon?! You want a piece of me bitch!!!?!" Gilda grabbed Spitfire's shirt and had her fist out, Thunderlane and Skystinger easily pulled her off of their boss and pushed her away. The griffin growled and went to get her again, but Scootaloo held her back.

"Easy, Gilda!" Scootaloo said. "Beating up Spitfire isn't gonna help!"

Almost immediately there were a few screams and coughs heard from inside the burning gym. "HELP!!!! HELP ME!!!! MY WING IS STUCK!!!! *cough cough* I C-CAN'T BREATHE!!!!! HELP!!!!"

Scoots let go of Gilda and she along with everyone in the area looked at the gym with widen eyes. "Who's that?!"

Thunderlane walked forward a bit and gasped. "That's Rainbow Dash!!! There's ponies trapped inside!!!"

Sky Stinger cling onto Spitfire, his right hand on her chest. "I'm really scared! Mommy!!" Spitfire growled and punched him in the face, knocking the pegasus to the ground as Scootaloo rolled her eyes.

"Jesus, you guys are pathetic...I'll get her...where's the fire extinguisher?"

"By the staircase, next to the locker room." Thunderlane replied, making the pegasus nod and jog towards the burning building.

Spitfire called out as Sky Stinger slowly got up, holding his cheek. "But don't think I've forgiven you, Scootaloo!" Sweetie Belle and Gilda looked at her with squinted eyes.

"Why are you being such a bucking bitch today?" Sweetie asked.

As soon as Scoots opened up the door, she was treated with a very hot breeze going through her mane which caused her to close her eyes and block the strong wind with her arm. "Damn...!"

"SCOOTALOO HELP!!!!" Scootaloo looked over and sees Rainbow Dash coughing and crying, trying to pull her wing out that was trapped under a basketball hoop. "I DON'T WANT A DIE!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!"

Scoots went over to the fire extinguisher and grabbed it, beginning to spray the chemicals on the places that the fire was. She went over to Rainbow Dash and sprayed out the fire next to her, she then took off her sweater and put it around her hands so she won't get them burned with the hoop.

She grabbed the basketball hoop and pulled as hard as she could, lifting up the hoop enough. "I GOT IT, CRAWL!" Rainbow crawled out from under the hoop and held her wing, which was bleeding and burned a bit. "GET OUT OF HERE!!!"

"NO NEED TO TELL ME TWICE!" Rainbow Dash limped out of the gym as Scoots shoots the fire extinguisher at the rest of the fire around the gym, the place turning into an ashy mess.

She drops the fire extinguisher to the ground and looked around the damage. "Who the hell would cause a fire this big?"

"Who else?"

Scootaloo knew that voice, she turned around and saw the one being she thought she'd never see again. "Garble?!"

"Howdy there, puny pony..." The red dragon walked up to Scootaloo who backed up slowly, staring at the dragon. "You actually thought you could get rid of me, that easily? Snitching me to that old bitch and to the feds? Well guess again, Scoot...cuz Garble's back!"

"Why did you start this fire?"

"Well...Diamond told me that she convinced Celestia to get me back into the school and told me that I can make you pay for what you did to me...giving my gang to that wuss of a dragon along with his whore he calls a 'friend'?"

"It was Spike's gang first! You just happened to butt in and be an asshole to everybody!"

Garble growled and grabbed her throat, picking her up and choking her. "It was MY gang...he was turning the entire clique into a bunch off ass-kissers! I actually made the gang into the fearsome, most badass dragons they were born to be! But now I don't need that pathetic excuse for a clique...I have Diamond Tiara...with her brilliant plans and my super-powerful brawn, nothing can stop us! You're fighting a losing battle Scoots..." She dropped her onto her ass, making her cough and hold her throat. "You should give up while you still can...catch you around...pathetic slut..."

Garble unfurled his wings and flew out through the back window of the gym so no one could see him. Scootaloo got up and held her throat as she limped a bit to get to the door.

Scootaloo opened up the door to see nearly the entire school stare at her, Spitfire glared. "So...you have something to say to us 'Gym Destroyer'?"

The orange pegasus growled a bit and pushed through the crowd, running away from the gym and everyone else as Gilda and Sweetie Belle called out to her.

But that was nothing but a blur when the voices of her friends hit her ears, she was actually forming tears in her eyes, which flew out into the wind behind her as she took a bike and rode out of school grounds.

"Damn it...what the hell am I gonna do?! Red, Spitfire, and Twilight are no longer my friends and Garble is back in school, lurking around every corner to catch me by surprise...Grrrrrr...this is just so bucked up!!!"

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