• Published 21st Sep 2017
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Bully: Scootaloo's Story in Ponyville Academy - TwinSwords79

Scootaloo has been sent to school called Ponyville University for her serious behavior and to avoid juvenile detention, but she then realizes that this place is a serious dump.

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Dealing with Fire

"I've finally taken down those annoying fancy trend and money flashing ponies....but my work is far from over. With Rarity's Fashionista freak show taken care of, It's time to aim at those asshole lizards and their fake ass material they call leather...."

Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo both sat in the lounge inside the girls dorm and were both talking.

"Looks like you finally taught those Fashionistas a lesson." Sweetie said.

Scootaloo smirked. "Yeah....those bastards picked a fight with me and i showed them whose boss.

"Well you should know that Diamond Tiara picked that fight so you gonna teach her a lesson now?"

Scootaloo shook her head and dropped her smirk. "No, Diamond's a bigger problem...she'll have to wait."

Before either mare said anything else, Twilight ran into the lounge, completely out of breath and covered in cuts and bruises, Her clothes were even ripped up enough that ponies can see a little bit of her bra.

"SCOOTALOO!" yelled Twilight, running towards the other two mares. "Scootaloo, I need you're help!"

Scoots arched an eyebrow and looked at her. "What's wrong, and why are you're clothes all jacked up?"

"It's...The Fire Dragons...." Twilight wheezed out before sitting down after Scoots moved over. "Y-You were right....I am on The Fire Dragons' kill list....After winning the Student Counsel Presidency..."

"I thought you said you could handle them." replied Scoots.

"I could've because I have a very close friend in the gang who is actually one of the leaders."

"You have, then why are The Fire Dragons attacking you if your close friend is one of the leaders?"

Twilight looked down. "It's because of Garble..."

Scootaloo gave a slightly cross look. She heard of that name before when the dragons were talking to Twilight before the Council speech. "Garble? That's the second time I heard that name...who is he?"

Sweetie Belle decided to answer. "Garble is also the leader of The Fire Dragons, along side that Spike guy that Twilight said."

"But why can't Spike just take control?" Scootaloo asked, Twilight looked down.

"He's too scared....He's basically a slave to Garble.....and Garble is a complete jerk, he runs the entire gang with an iron fist. No questions asked and everything he says goes."

"Why not try to knock him out of his leadership position?" Sweetie Belle suggested.

"Me and my clique tried." Twilight continued. "But by the looks of me right now...it didn't go so well..."

Scootaloo looked away and started to think. "OK...so we need to find a way for him to get out of his leadership...but how?"

Sweetie Belle came with a solution. "How about we find a dragon that can stir the gang on to our side?"

"That could work, but who would want the Dragons leadership badly?" Twilight replied.

All 3 mares started to think until Sweetie Belle came with a solution. "How about Ember?"

"Ember?" Scootaloo asked, while looking at the white unicorn. "Who's that?"

"She's a light blue dragoness who's also in The Fire Dragons. She said she's sick of being Garble's errand girl and wants to rule the dragons along with Spike, who is also a good friend of hers"

"Oh yeah, I remember Spike mentioning her..." Twilight said while nodding.

Scootaloo looked at both mares. "Where do I find her?"

"I think she normally hangs out in the Sugarcube Diner on Ponyville Central." Sweetie replied.

"Alright then." Scootaloo got up. "I'm gonna go find her, Sweetie Belle guard Twilight till I get back."

The orange pegasus walked out of the dorm as the two mares stared at each other awkwardly.

"What do you wanna do?" asked Sweetie Belle.

Twilight shrugged and stood up. "I don't know about you, but I'm gonna clean myself up...."

She walked out of the lounge and went into her room, leaving Sweetie Belle alone in the lounge.

Scootaloo walked into the Sugarcube Diner and looked around for Ember in the small eatery. But then a slightly husky blue mare walked up to her and spoke with a motherly voice. "Welcome to Sugarcube Diner, Table for 1?"

"Oh, no, I'm actually looking for Ember." said Scootaloo.

"Ember?" asked the blue mare.

"Yeah, she's a blue dragoness?" added Scoots "My friend told me she normally hangs out here." The blue mare began to ponder a little until it finally clicked in her mind.

"Oh, Ember." She said with a nod. "Yes deary, she's sitting at the booth table in the back."

Scootaloo nodded "Alright, Thanks."

The blue mare walked behind the counter and into the kitchen, as Scootaloo walked towards Ember's table.

The blue dragoness sitting in the booth wore the same attire as The Fire Dragons (an open black leather jacket with a flames design on it and with a dark red PHS vest inside, blue ripped jeans, and black boots). She was eating nachos with salsa and drinking regular cola in a tall plastic cup with a straw, she didn't take notice of Scootaloo before she was a few feet in front of her.

"What do you want?" asked Ember, looking at Scootaloo.

"Your Ember, right?" asked the pegasus.

Ember sat back and looked at the pegasus with a slightly cross look. "Who's asking?"

"Who's asking, "Who's asking"?" Scoots slightly repeated.

Ember gave a sly smile. "Huh...you're awfully cagey...even for a pony....New Kid."

Scoots gave a smirk. "Name's Scootaloo."

"So, what do you want from me, Scottaloo?" Ember asked with a little bit of an annoyed tone.

"Scootaloo." The orange pegasus corrected. "I came here to make a proposition."

"A proposition?" repeated Ember. "What's it about?"

Scootaloo sat down in Ember's booth as the dragoness ate another salsa covered nacho chip. "Well, a certain somepony told me that you're sick of Garble ordering you around like an errand girl."

Ember groaned and rolled her eyes. "You don't know the half of it....that bastard always gets on my nerves...he abuses his leader power and actually tries to flirt with me. Ugh, I rather cut myself deep than have him talk to me for even a second..."


"Yeah, and on top of that he gives my good friend Spike a hard time. I'm sure you're aware that Spike is now basically a slave to him than a second leader of the gang."

"Yeah, i'm aware of that."

"I mean, poor Spike. He's such a nice guy yet he lives with a collar and leash around his neck while that son of a bitch runs the clique....I just hope someone would teach that jackass a lesson..."

Scootaloo smiled a little. "Well....for your information, I practically have The Bullies and The Fashionistas eating out of the palm of my hand."

Ember looked at her with a little bit of concern. "You're planning to take on The Fire Dragons?"

The orange delinquent nodded.

"I would be careful with them Scoot, I tried to take down Garble myself. And I nearly got myself killed, Deep cuts, black and blue, broken bones, etc. These guys are absolute brutes."

"Hey, It wouldn't be the first time." replied Scootaloo nonchalantly.

Ember looked on with an anxious face. "That's pretty ballsy."

"So about this proposition I was telling you about." Scootaloo brought up.


"If I take down Garble for you, I'll personally force him to step down from his ranks and have him give the leadership to you. That way you can lead The Fire Dragons however you see fit along with Spike." explained Scootaloo.

"What's the catch?" asked Ember, crossing her arms.

"You give me access to everything in the gang and do whatever I say." replied Scoots.

Ember gave a small chuckle. "So, Goodbye Garble and Hello, Scootaloo?"

"It's either that, or more of you getting yourself and your clothes dirty from being used as Garble's doormat."

Ember started to think a little before she stood up and gave her answer. "I'm in."

Author's Note:

Special Thanks to Redsopine for providing this plan for taking down The Fire Dragons

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