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Bully: Scootaloo's Story in Ponyville Academy - TwinSwords79

Scootaloo has been sent to school called Ponyville University for her serious behavior and to avoid juvenile detention, but she then realizes that this place is a serious dump.

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Maiming // Operation Trojan Pony: Planning

Twilight walked into the Dragon's hangout, seeing her friends along with Spike sitting in the office.

"So...what did you want my help with?" Twilight asked.

Scootaloo got up and walked over to her, putting her hand on Twi's back. "I just figured since you and The Wonderbolts aren't really on good terms..."

"No one is on good terms with The Wonderbolts..." Ember stated. "Even The Fire Dragons hate their athletic asses."

"Yeah..." Spike added. "There was one time that I was walking passed Spitfire, I glanced at her for a quick second and she bucking kicked me in the balls!"

"Sheesh...guess she must be dealing with some serious crap..." Scootaloo commented, she turned back to Twilight. "But anyway...we need to get her and her lackeys in front of the whole school and Spike said that the football game that's coming up is our best bet.

Twilight sighed. "OK...let's get started..."

Thunderlane looked at Spitfire like she had three eyes after the instructions she told him to follow. "Y-You want me to do what?"

"I want you to find and tail Scootaloo...and with this camera..." Spit put one finger on the digital camera that sat on her desk. "I want you to take pictures of Scootaloo...when she's getting changed in her dorm room..."

Thunderlane blushed at the idea. "But...Captain...we've never done nude blackmail before...plus we could go to jail!"

Spitfire shrugged her shoulders with a smirk. "Well, sometimes you need to do the wrong thing in order to accomplish your goals...and this is gonna be part 1 of my plan"

"B-But why me?!" Thunderlane said that with a raised voice, making Spitfire squint her eyes at him, he quickly changed his tone with a stuttering one. "Uh...I-I mean can't you get Crash or any other mare to do it? I mean they have access to the dorm room and they won't have to sneak around."

Spitfire stood up and loomed over him with her hands on her desk. "Are you questioning my orders, Lane Scrape?"

Thunder started to sweat. "Uh...No, Captain...."

Spitfire sat back down. "Good...besides the mares are training in the gym with Crash, and I can't do it cuz I'm the boss. meaning you follow my orders, Scrap! Now-"

Spit picked up the camera and threw it at Thunder, who barely caught it in his hands. "Buck off and go! Close the door on your way out."

Thunder sighed and walked to the office door but he stopped himself and looked at his Captain again. "Hey, can I ask you something ma'am?"

"Ask away." Spitfire allowed with a nod.

"You said that this is "Part 1" of your plan...may I ask what's part 2?"

"Don't worry about it, Lane, just worry about the task at hand, call me when you get to the dorm." The fiery maned pegasus replied with a surprisingly comforting smile.

Thunder nodded and gave a salute of attention. "Yes, ma'am"

After he walked out of her office and closed the door behind him, Spitfire's phone began to ring. She pulled it out of her back pocket and put it to her ear.

"Hello?" Spitfire answered.

"Spitfire...is Part 1 of the plan completed?"

"Diamond Tiara.....Don't worry, my colt is gonna do it right now, we'll make sure she's kept tame..."

"Good...now after you get the blackmail pictures, we'll add them to the collection I have...then I want you to nab somepony from the school." Diamond stated.

"Who would that be?"

"I'll send you a pic."

Diamond hung up on Spitfire and after a few seconds sent her a pic through text message. Spitfire saw that Diamond wants Spitfire to nab Sweetie Belle and take her hostage. Spitfire continued to look at her phone and saw that she received another text from Diamond.

'Don't mention my name when you got her and I'll take care of your gang.'

Spitfire didn't text back, she just nodded to phone with a determined face.

Twilight explained everything they could do to get The Wonderbolts during the football game 2 weeks from today.

"OK guys that's what I've got..." Twilight began, looking at Scootaloo. "Scoots will steal the mascot costume and disguise herself so she doesn't have to worry about The Bolts getting on her case...and while she gets the costume...." She looked at the other members. "Ember, Sweetie Belle, Spike, and I will go to the field and do a stake out of the place."

Twi circled her finger on the table. "And during that said stake out, we'll look around the field and come up with ideas on how to sabotage it. Then during the day of the game we'll tell Scoots our ideas and have her do them while she's wearing the mascot costume...how's that?"

"Hm..." Sweetie Belle started. "That's actually a pretty good plan...I'm down with it."

"Yeah, that could work..." Scootalo agreed. "Thanks Twi, ya know...we should get the costume right now, so we don't need to worry about it..."

"I was hoping you say that." Twilight said. "I got 4 binoculars, so we can start the stake out while you get the costume."

"Alright, let's go." Spike said.

Everybody got out of the planning office and got onto their bikes, Sweetie Belle had to ride with Scootaloo by standing on the pegs at the back.

Once they got to the football field, Scootaloo separated from the others so she can get the costume and they can start their stake out. Twilight and Spike went to the stands, Ember went near the scoreboard, and Sweetie Belle went up a tree near the field. Scootaloo walked a little and saw the school mascot, A giant pink alicorn, finish up practice and was on the way to the locker room to change.

Scootaloo gave a thumbs up to Twilight and she quickly followed the mascot inside the gym.

Scoots walked inside the gym and was glad to see it was empty, she quickly went to the locker rooms and pressed her back against the wall, peering into the locker saw a female black griffin taking off the mascot costume, revealing her white tank top and black shorts. She went over to the mascot locker and stuffed the costume inside, locking it with a special key.

The griffin sighed. "Ugh...that costume is really stuffy...I didn't even want to be the mascot." She walked to her locker and got her bookbag out. "But surprisingly, it's actually pretty fun"

The griffin walked to the locker room entrance completely unaware of the orange pegasus nearby. Once she rounded the corner, Scootaloo quickly grabbed her and put her into a chokehold, her arm pressed hard onto the griffin's windpipe causing her to try as gasp for air. After a few moments, the griffin became drowsy and went limp into Scootaloo's arms, completely unconscious.

The pegasus dropped her body on the floor and walked to the mascot locker, she looked at the lock and tried to pick at it with her metal nail file but the lock stayed locked, apparently her lock-picking skills weren't good enough for this type of lock, she needed the key.

She walked back to the griffin on the ground and digged into her pockets, finally finding the key in her back pocket. Scoots collected the mascot costume and put it in a duffel bag that was also in the locker. After putting the lock back on and the key back into the griffin's back pocket, she decided to put the unconscious student on a nearby bench, to make it look like she was sleeping.

With the mascot costume in her possession, she ran back to the girls dorm. Not knowing that when she got close, a certain dark gray pegasus was watching her from a nearby bush.

20 minutes ago - Before Scoots was getting the mascot uniform

Thunderlane closed the door to Spitfire's office and looked at the camera in his hands. "I can't believe I have to do this...I have to be a creep to a mare that can easily kick my ass without batting an eye...I have to make sure I'm not seen..."

After Thunder walked out of the Wonderbolt Clubhouse near the field he saw all his friends training for the upcoming game, even though it doesn't start until 2 weeks later. He even saw Gabby in the mascot costume, he knew she didn't really want to be the mascot, she wanted to be a cheerleader, but Silver Spoon wouldn't let her in since she failed the tryouts.

But it was nice of Silver Spoon to vouch for Gabby on trying to have her be the school mascot, it was the next best thing, sadly, but the black female griffin is still giving it her all.

In the distance of where he was standing, Thunderlane could see Scootaloo with a white unicorn, a purple alicorn, a purple and green dragon, and a blue dragon, all of them separated and went into different spots for some reason.

Thunder ran to the nearby staircase and looked at Scootaloo and her friends, he saw the orange pegasus gave a thumbs up to the purple alicorn and she ran up the nearby staircase that Thunder was hiding near.

The dark gray pegasus sneakly walked to the staircase and saw that Scoots was out of his sight when she turned the corner to enter the gym. This gave him the chance he needed and he ran to the girls dorm.

Thunder did a dramatic dodge roll into a nearby bush when he got to the girls dorm. He pulled out his phone and called Spitfire and tried to be as quiet as he could.

"Captain, I'm at the girls dorm." Thunder said.

"Good, now I want you to take lewd pictures of Scootaloo" Spitfire instructed.

"Like how lewd?" asked Thunder with a blush.

"I don't know....Shower, Changing, maybe when she's bending over?"

"You're making this very hard for me, Captain..."

Spitfire chuckled a little. "Speaking of hard...try not to get one, buddy." And with that, Spitfire hung up on him.

The pegasus sighed and put his phone away, he then began to hear walking near him and saw that Scootaloo was near the girls dorm now.

Thunderlane saw Scootaloo carrying a PHS blue duffle bag on her shoulder and watched her go inside the girls dorm through the front entrance. The dark gray pegasus decided to find another way in then just waltz through the front door like an idiot, so after searching around a bit, he found vines that led to an open window in the attic, so seeing he as little to no options, he began to climb them.

Thunderlane entered the girls dorm through the open window and began to sneak around the girls dorm, hiding in closets, around corners and even rolling to get passed open doors faster.

He was finally close to Scootaloo's room and hid behind a wall near the door. He heard rustling in the room and a phone beep. "Twilight, I've got the clothes, what do you want me to do now? ……. Ok, got it, I'll call you later." He heard her hung up the phone and then groan. "Ugh...I really need a shower...I've ran a lot lately."

Thunderlane eyes widen when he heard her coming to the door, so he raced as quietly as he could to crouch down near a potted plant. He saw Scootaloo carrying bath supplies and a towel on her arm, she made her way to the showers with Thunderlane following close behind.

The gray pegasus entered the bathroom with Scoots ahead of him, who had her back to him, not knowing of his existence,. He got on one knee and aimed the camera at Scootaloo.

'OK, Lane...just relax and keep this professional...don't get aroused...' He thought to himself, but it was shot down as soon as Scootaloo took off her white shirt and her black bra. What was worse for him though was when she turned her body (except her head) to his direction and unintentionally showed off her big but still developing breasts. Even though they were still developing, they were big enough for any teenage stallion to drool over, which is exactly what was happening with Thunder.

Thunder blushed a deep shade of red. "Oh, dear god..." he whispered to himself.

He quickly shook his head and focused on the task at hand with his now completely red face. He took pictures of the naked Scootaloo about to enter the shower, once she entered, Thunder moved a little bit to get a few shots of her actually in the shower. After the shots were done he ran to a nearby stall and hid there while Scootaloo got out of the shower and wrapped herself with a towel.

Hearing her barehooves walk out of the bathroom, Thunderlane got out and followed her back to her room. Scoots closed the door behind her, but didn't lock it, so The dark gray Wonderbolt had to slowly open the door a crack and took pictures of Scoots dropping her towel on the floor and getting dressed. After a few pictures, he looked both ways and to his horror he saw a yellow pegasus mare look in his direction a good 10 feet away.

"AHH!!! THERE'S A PERVERT WITH A CAMERA IN HERE!!!!!" The mare screamed, making Thunder run away from Scootaloo's room door and out of the back door of the dorm, he was lucky that the mare was too far away to get a description of him.

Scootaloo finally put on her leather jacket after getting dressed until there was a loud scream that pretty sure alerted everypony in the dorm.


Scoots recognized the voice being Fluttershy's, she ran out of her room and looked at Flutters across the hall. "Where are they?"

"They went out the back door!" screamed the timid pegasus.

Scootaloo ran out the back door making her open leather jacket flow behind her, she opened the door and looked around there was nopony there, he must've got away. Scoots had a concerned look on her face.

"Damn...what the hell was that all about?" She asked to herself.

Author's Note:

Here guys, another Bully Chapter.

I decided to do like a different point of veiw thing with his chapter cuz I feel like it would've been appropriate considering the pictures thing was a real mission in Bully, and Thunderlane was the one doing it to Scootaloo. Kind of like how Jimmy was doing it to Mandy in the real game, ya know?

Also...The name: Operation Trojan Pony, I took it from the Original game too, it was called Operation Trojan Cow in the Bully mission, The Big Game.

I also gave Tunderlane his own Wonderbolts nickname (Like Rainbow Crash [Rainbow Dash] and Clipper [Soarin])

I decided to go with Lane Scrape. Beacause during his first Wonderbolt practice of running, he tripped and scraped his wing on the track. And since lane can be like a running lane, I decided to go with Lane Scrape. Because he scraped his wing in the running lane

It's not the smartest or cleverest of Wonderbolt nicknames but I wanted to take a crack at it.

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