• Published 21st Sep 2017
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Bully: Scootaloo's Story in Ponyville Academy - TwinSwords79

Scootaloo has been sent to school called Ponyville University for her serious behavior and to avoid juvenile detention, but she then realizes that this place is a serious dump.

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Athletic Jerks

"Fighting that punk bitch Garble was a complete headache that finally died down. After I kicked his ass, I told Celestia about the whole incident. She called the guards and Garble was immediately apprehended, I wasn't really there for this part...but I think Celestia even expelled him. Probably for past reasons that I only heard a snippet of from Spike. By the way, helping Spike get the leadership throne back while also giving my friend Ember the leadership role was well worth it and I'm actually pretty happy about it, I bet they're gonna be okay. But sadly, my work isn't over yet...."

Scootaloo and Red stopped sparring and dropped their hands to their sides. Scootaloo wiped the sweat from her head while wearing a white tank top, short beige school khakis, and her purple sneakers, while also wearing her fingerless gloves.

Red took out a water bottle from a nearby duffle bag and poured it on his head in order to cool down a little, he wore a black t-shirt, his black school khakis, and white sneakers. After shaking some water off of him, he got up and looked at Scootaloo with a smile.

"You've...really improved....Scoots....nice job." Red said, while panting a little.

Scoots smiled back. "Thanks...yer not....so bad yerself..."

"That's all thanks to my dad." Red walked up to the orange pegasus and gave her another water bottle that he owed.

"By the way....you always talk about your dad...where is he now?" Scootaloo asked, Red looked down with a sad face and a sigh.

"H-He's dead..."

"O-Oh....I'm sorry..."

Red waved his right hand. "No...No, No, it's fine. You didn't know..."

Scootaloo and Red stood in awkward silence for about a minute before the orange pegasus broke it. "So....uh....same time tomorrow?"

Red picked up his head and nodded. "Yeah...see ya then." Scoots gave a single nod and left the parking lot after putting the rest of her school clothes back on. Red watched her leave and when she was out of earshot, he clutched his head with both hands, fell on his knees, and drops of tears began to fall from his shadowed covered eyes. "D-Dad....I-I'm so s-sorry...."

Scootaloo walked up to Sweetie Belle who was sitting on the steps of the main building and was eating an apple. She sat down next to her and the white unicorn looked at her. "Hey, how was sparring?"

"Tiring...but I enjoy the work..." Scootaloo replied with a slight chuckle. "I mean...I have to keep my guard up in case anyone else wants a fight."

Sweetie nodded and took another bite of her apple. "So...what about Diamond?"

Scootaloo now gave a slight disgusted look, just hearing Diamond Tiara's name was enough to make her puke up her insides. "I haven't seen her....but If I overhear somepony say I used to be a stallion and had a sex change...or that my father slept with the alicorn sisters to get me in here. I always think to myself that it's Diamond..."

Sweetie Belle sighed and nodded. "Yeah...and she even called me cute...she says it like I'm a 4 year old."

"Well, I guess she's not always wrong..." Scootaloo replied.

The unicorn looked at Scootaloo with a cross look, she really doesn't like being called cute. "I'm not cute!"

"Oh yes you are...." The delinquent replied with a slight smile. "You're the cutest thing I've ever seen."

Sweetie Belle sighed and got up after finishing her apple. "Whatever...I gotta go..." She walked down the stairs and before she turned a corner, she accidentally bumped into a stallion and fell to the ground.

The stallion she bumped into was a dark gray pegasus with light gold eyes and his mane was a light blue mulhawk with some white streaks. He was walking along side another pegasus stallion who had a blue coat, light blue eyes, and also kind of had a mulhawk type mane but his front bang was zig-zaged a little like a lightning bolt. Both of them wore the same clothes as The Wonderbolts clique (blue and yellow letterman jackets over light orange PHS vests, blue and white sweatpants, and gym shoes.). They both saw Sweetie Belle walking towards them but they didn't even bother to move out of the way.

Both pegasi chuckled a little and looked down at the unicorn on the ground. "Maybe next time you should watch where you're going..." said the gray pegasus.

Scootaloo oversaw this and stood up. "Hey, assholes!" The pegasi stallions looked at Scootaloo who walked up to them.

"Hey, Thunderlane look. It's the 'Badass'." The blue pegasus mocked.

Thunderlane walked up to Scootaloo and looked down at her, since he was taller than her, standing at 6 feet (Scootaloo is 5,6). "Oh I'm so sorry psychopath, did I hit your girlfriend?"

The blue pegasus nodded. "Yeah bitch, are you gonna try and kick our asses now?"

"Trust me it's gonna happen...." Scootaloo said coldly, the stallions mocked her even more.

"OOOO, Trust me it's gonna happen....when you least expect it I'm gonna throw a weak punch that's gonna hurt me like hell...Ha ha ha-Guh!?" The blue pegasus didn't finish when out of no where Scootaloo punched him hard in the gut.

Thunderlane was surprised. "Sky Stinger!"

Both ponies watched Sky Stinger get on his knees and hold his stomach, Scootaloo then swung her leg and knocked him right in the face, knocking him down with a bloody nose. The orange pegasus now looked at Thunderlane who slightly shivered.

"Grab your friend and get out of here!" yelled Scoots.

Thunderlane went over to Sky Stinger and picked him up, blood was slowly dripping from his nose. He looked at Scootaloo angerly with tears in his eyes. "Y-You're gonna...p-p-pay for this y-you bitch!...I-I'm telling the c-captain A-And she's g-gonna beat you up!"

As the stallions walked away, Scootaloo yelled one last taunt. "Go have some fun in the locker room showers." She put her hands on her chest. " 'Oh....It looks like I just dropped my soap, can you please pick it up for me?' Punk ass bitches!"

Scootaloo looked at Sweetie Belle who was still on the ground and she afford to give her a hand, the white unicorn grabbed her hand and she was picked up off of the ground.

After Scootaloo dusted her off a little she looked at Sweetie Belle with a sly smile. "Come on, Sweetie, I think we found some new ponies to have some fun with..."

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