• Published 21st Sep 2017
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Bully: Scootaloo's Story in Ponyville Academy - TwinSwords79

Scootaloo has been sent to school called Ponyville University for her serious behavior and to avoid juvenile detention, but she then realizes that this place is a serious dump.

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Taking Down: The Street Sweepers

Scootaloo stormed into the dorm as Twilight, Spike, Ember, Sweetie Belle, and Gilda were waiting for her in the lounge.

"Yo, Scoot you alright? Twilight told us everything..." Ember walked over as Scoots put her head on the wall and slid down it till she was on her knees. "What's up?"

"I've been expelled guys..." Scoots said, clearly not in the mood.

"What?!" Gilda said, getting up from her chair. She then rolled up her sleeve. "I'm gonna teach that bitch some manners!"

"NO!" Scootaloo held up her hand and stood up. "Celestia is not the problem... it's those Street Sweepers, Garble, and Diamond..."

"What are we gonna do?" Sweetie Belle cried. "Scootaloo's expelled...everyone hates us." She puts her head down. "Let's face it...Diamond won."

"Like hell she did!" Spike snapped, slamming his fists down on the table they were sitting at. "I will not let some stupid little bitch and a jerky bastard, walk all over me like a door mat...we are gonna stop them, one way or another!"

Scoots looked at Spike and knew he was right, Diamond Tiara is not and will never win after everything she's done for the school, she's gonna take care of her, Garble, and the rest of The Street Sweepers...in fact, maybe someone could help.

"You're right, Spike..." Scoots stood up. "But if we're gonna take on those Street Sweepers we're gonna need some backup...and I know just the pony who might be able to help..."

Scootaloo (now in her original outfit but still retained Spitfire's goggles) and her friends rode on their bikes all the way to the red house where a certain pony Scoots had in mind lives in. The orange pegasus walked up to the house and knocked on the door, the pony who opened it looked at her with an uncaring look. "Oh...it's you."

"Hey Apple Bloom, I need some help, I gotta talk to Rumble."

Apple Bloom took a cigarette out of her pocket. "Why? I don't think he'd want to talk to you..."

"We have to take care of Diamond Tiara and Garble..."

"Oh, those guys? Heh, no prob." AB said, getting out of her house and closed the door. "I don't know why...but there was something about that mare that I didn't like...in her eyes all I could see was just simply...psychotic."

"Exactly. So you with us?"

"Sure...I'll grab my bike." Apple Bloom went to the back of her house and got her bike, as Scoots and her friends rode with the southern pony in front of them, leading them to The Street Sweepers new hangout spot under The Weather Factory.

The girls and Spike made it to the hangout under the factory and burst through the front door, the members inside looked at them. "Hey, isn't that the pegasus who screwed up our deal!?" "Yeah, that's her! get them!"

Scootaloo kicked one of the members in the chest and flipped them over by using her strength. She roundhoused kicked a unicorn trying to punch her, but it missed and the unicorn grabbed her leg, pushed it away and kicked Scoots in the side.

Twilight was using her metal baton to whack her pursuers, along with kicking the males in the nuts, and uppercutting females in the jaw. Two members then ganged up on her and grabbed her baton, throwing it away, the alicorn then delivered an elbow to the face and a down kick for one and a hard sock to the jaw from another.

Sweetie Belle, the weakest of the group, kept grabbing objects such as plate, chairs, and vases to defend herself from The Street Sweepers which was surprisingly working for her.

Spike and Ember were tag teaming, throwing each other and kicking at enemies, using their tails to whack them if they got too close, along with swiping their claws and roundhouse kicking them.

Apple Bloom was fighting too, despite The Street Sweepers being her friends. She was flipping over some of them and kicking them into walls, she headbutted a few members along with crotch kicking the males. She was even using her flips to kick the ponies, dragons, griffins, and changelings in the gang.

Soon enough, all of The Street Sweepers were laying on the ground, completely hurt. Scootaloo looked at Apple Bloom who was panting a bit, along with wiping her forehead. The two ponies made eye contact and smiled at each other.

"You sure got some moves there Bloom..." Scoots said.

"For a little twerp...You're not so bad yourself Scoot..." AB replied, smiling before they all heard a griffin member coughing a bit as he held his chest, blood coming out of his beak.

The 7 friends made their way over to him, Scootaloo being the one to go down on one knee and grab the griffin's shirt. "Where's Rumble?"

"H-He's...H-He's in The Weather Factory...upstairs..." The griffin took out a keycard. "Take this keycard...it'll get you through the door to the Factory..."

Scoots grabbed the card and slipped it into her pocket, looking at her friends. "I'm gonna go after Rumble...you guys wait here..."

The 6 friends nodded as Scootaloo ran up the stairs to finish off The Street Sweepers' leader.

Scootaloo used the keycard to gain access to The Factory, looking around as the sounds of thunder rang in his ears and strong gusts of wind flowing through her mane, she walks further into the factory and she heard a voice. "Well Well Well...if it isn't my old stabby buddy Scootaloo..."

The orange pegasus looked up and saw Rumble standing on a platform with a smirk. "Sorry I couldn't make it to your stabby fest last month...but I got worked up over someone...and yet now that I see you...shouldn't you be dead from all that infection from the dumpster?"

"You can't get rid of me that easily Rumble...also I don't want to fight you...I just want to talk."

"TALK?! You want to talk after you beat up my gang and cause my friend Garble trouble? I'm sorry but I don't see that." He pointed to himself. "I told you before, nobody screws with me! You should've learned from when I stabbed you!"

"Well...now I feel like screwing with you even more..." Rumble growled and pulled out a slingshot, firing at Scootaloo as she dodged and opened up a gate. "It's over Rumble!"

"Just try it, bitch!" Rumble ran up a staircase as the orange delinquent followed him, there were 3 Street Sweepers upstairs as their leader got close to them. "It's Scootaloo!! She's coming up the stairs, kick the bitch!"

"Okay boss!" The three members went down the stairs to Scootaloo who was in the middle of the staircase. A dragoness swung her fist which made Scootaloo duck and rams her fist into her stomach. The dragoness coughed as Scoots went around and elbowed her, making the dragoness fall down the stairs and hit the ground with a thud and a grunt.

The second member was a griffin who kicked Scootaloo, which made her fall down the stairs as well, hitting her head, her back, and her arms. She reached the bottom and slowly stood up as the griffin and the other member, an earth pony mare run down to get her.

Scootaloo strafed a bit to the left and pushed the griffin away, along with swiftly kicking the mare in the leg when she got too close. The mare went to the floor on one knee and looked at Scoots, grunting as the pegasus socked her in the face, knocking her down.

The griffin came up behind her and put her into a choke-hold, as she started to choke, the griffin unfurled his wings and started to fly up which made Scoots look down as the floor was getting further and further away.

Scootaloo then swung her elbow at the griffin repeatedly, knocking him in the side a few times. "Hey...careful, I let go, you fall."

"I-I'll t-take my...c-chances!" Scoots managed to sputter out, knocking the griffin in his head and causing him to drop her. Scoots fell for a bit before grabbing a pipe at the last second, she used the pipe to flip herself onto another platform which was actually the top of the stairs Rumble climbed.

She looked at the pipe then at her feet as she walked further onto the platform. "I didn't know I was an acrobat..." She then continued running after Rumble, locking the griffin out of another gate she came across and ran down the stairs the gate lead to.

She reached the bottom of the steps and was met with a hard whack to the face with a rusted pipe, which caused her nose to bleed a lot.

"I told you Scoot...nobody screws with me!" Rumble yelled, being the one who whacked her. "It's time for you to pay..."

Scoots gritted her teeth and spit blood onto his face, which made him wince in disgust. The orange pegasus took the opportunity to grab another pipe and rip it off the wall with her bare hands.

After wiping his face, Rumble opened his eyes and was met with a pipe whack to the face just like he did to Scoot. The gray pegasus held his muzzle as blood dripped through his fingers, Scoots saw that on his belt was the knife he used to stab her, so she took the knife out of the holster and threw it away, making it land in a vat of rainbows.

Rumble came to and the two pegasi began to fight with pipes, hitting each other in the sides and faces, along with hitting them together like swords. Scoots slammed the pipe into Rumble's stomach which made him cough, Rumble in return, pounced her and started to punch her face repeatedly with his fists.

Scoots growled and tucked her legs under him, pushing him off of her. She got up and the two began fighting with their fists.

Rumble swung his leg around, trying to kick her in the side but Scoots quickly grabbed his leg, but she didn't see Rumble throw a punch, which connected to her face hard. The pegasus dropped Rumble's leg and slapped him in the face, leaving a red handprint on his left cheek. The orange delinquent then looked down and smirked, swinging her leg in between Rumble's legs and nailing him straight in the nuts.

Rumble's pupils shrank to pin-pricks as he put both of his hands on his privates, tears rolling down his face a bit. Scoots took the opportunity to roundhouse kick his face, making him hit the ground face first.

She looked down at him as Rumble looked at the pegasus and started to crawl backward, afraid of her. Scoots slowly walked closer. "You had enough? Do you want some more?! You still think bucking with me is a good idea?!"

"N-No! Nononono! You win alright! I'm sorry!" Rumble cried, a bit high-pitched considering the hard kick Scoots delivered to his balls.

"Good...now, explain to me what made you think it's a good idea in the first place to doing all of that stuff you did in Ponyville Academy?"

"I hate that school..." Rumble confessed. "My parents couldn't send me there and now I'm stuck in this dump of a town...and was giving Garble a hard time too...Diamond said we'd make them all pay."

"Diamond and Garble will backstab you when they get the chance Rumble...heh also I bet Diamond told you guys could take over the school or some other garbage..."

Rumble looked at her with widened eyes. "How did you know?"

"Cuz she told me the same bullcrap! Didn't do me any good either..." Scootaloo held her hand out and helped Rumble onto his feet. "Come on...you are gonna help me and my friends make her pay for her lies...and the first way to do that is to don't bully any more kids and give me access to all of your gear and guys." Rumble nodded as Scoots continued. "Also...cut your ties with Garble and Diamond completely, they are our enemies...got it?"

Rumble nodded again. "Got it...also can you help me walk out of here? My nuts hurt like a lot."

"Yeah, sure..." Scootaloo put his arm on her back and helped him walk out of the factory.

Scoots walked with Rumble out of the factory where some of the Street Sweepers got into their fight positions to fight the orange pegasus but Rumble held up his hand, telling them to stand down. "Scoots is our friend now...we're gonna help her get back at Diamond and Garble for lying to all of us..."

The Street Sweepers stood down and nodded, agreeing with their leader as Scoots gave the pegasus to Apple Bloom.

AB took Rumble and smirked at Scoots, leaning forward and kissing her cheek, making the orange pegasus blush as she watched AB carry Rumble away from her 5 friends who smiled at the pegasus.

"Ooo, you scored a pony, Scoots!" Ember said.

"Yeah, and you know..." Scoots looked at Apple Bloom. "She's great..."

"So what now?" asked Spike.

Scoots looked at her friends. "Now that Rumble's gang is on our side...we can now prepare for the final battle..."

Author's Note:

Yes, I'm shipping Scootaloo and Apple Bloom. :pinkiehappy:

I think they'd be cute together :rainbowkiss:

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