• Published 21st Sep 2017
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Bully: Scootaloo's Story in Ponyville Academy - TwinSwords79

Scootaloo has been sent to school called Ponyville University for her serious behavior and to avoid juvenile detention, but she then realizes that this place is a serious dump.

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A Message

After Scootaloo snapped her fingers, The Fashionista and Bully cliques began to attack The Street Sweepers. Rumble's gang all ducked as Fire Crackers, Eggs, and Slingshot pellets all came at them at once after it ended they all grabbed their own BB guns from their pants pockets. Rumble took out a USP BB gun from his pants pocket and fired at the creatures attacking his gang. He managed to hit most of them as they fell to the ground in pain.

There began an all out war between The Street Sweepers, The Bullies, and The Fashionistas. Fire Crackers banged loudly and pained screams ensued in the alleyways.

Scootaloo, Ember, and Sweetie Belle all ran behind a dumpster with the BB guns to avoid most of the firefighting. Ember opened up the crate filled with the realistic looking plastic guns and the 3 teenagers each took out a weapon. Ember picked up a Remington 12 gauge, Sweetie Belle picked up two semi-automatic Glock 17s, and Scootaloo took out an AK-47.

Scootaloo held up three fingers at the mare and dragoness and began to count down, as soon as she held up her index finger she gave a single nod and the three friends popped up from the dumpster and they all fired their BB guns at once.

The little pellets hit Rumble's gang as some did dramatic like 'death slides' when they got hit. Rumble was hiding behind a waist high crate and saw that his gang was dropping like flies. Rumble fired at The Fashionistas and The Bullies with precise aiming and took down nearly all of their members. He reloaded his gun with a click and fired at them again, which made some of them retreat out of fear.

Rumble along with 2 other members of his gang are standing their ground as the 3 friends' felt their hearts beating fast. Scootaloo started to sweat as she looked at her two friends. "Stay here, I'm gonna get this asshole."

Ember nodded and gave Scoots her Remington, as the orange pegasus gave her the AK. Scootaloo popped up and fired her BB gun, making the bullet hit one member. She did a roll and got behind a nearby garbage can while avoiding some plastic bullets being shot at her.

Rumble looked at his friend. "Go distract her while I flank her."

The last member of The Street Sweepers aimed his gun at Scootaloo who was still ducking down behind the garbage can and began to slowly walk up to her.

When he was about 3 feet in front of her Scootaloo popped up to try and shoot him, but when she pulled the trigger it clicked of emptiness.

The stallion smiled and just when he was about to pull the trigger, Scootaloo wacked him in the face with the gun itself. The stallion grunted and backed up as she threw the gun down and kicked him in the side of his torso. He dropped his gun and tried to punch back, but she ducked and punched him in the gut.

The stallion coughed a little and then he elbowed Scootaloo in her head. The mare hit the ground and just before he could stomp on her head, she grabbed his grounded knee and pulled it, making him fall onto his back. The orange pegasus quickly got up and went on top of him, grabbed his throat, and jabbed her fist into his eye in a quick motion.

The stallion grabbed his face and started to cry as Scootaloo got up and looked at him. The pegasus then looked around and looked at her two friends who stood up with their weapons, Scoots walked in front of a crate.

"Where's Rumble?" She asked, and in one quick motion, Rumble popped up from behind the crate Scoots was near and grabbed her from behind.

Scootaloo was about to elbow him but it was not until she saw that he was holding his 6 inch hunting knife that she stayed still. Ember and Sweetie Belle aimed their weapons at them but then they saw that Rumble was looking at them with pure rage.

"Drop your goddamn weapons!!" he screamed before he brought his knife to Scoots' neck. "Or I'll slit her throat!"

Ember and Sweetie were hesitant, but saw that Scootaloo nodded slightly at them. They dropped their weapons to the ground.

"I don't know what the hell you bitches think I am...but no one screws with me!" Rumble yelled. "Let me talk to this one alone..." He beckoned his head to Scootaloo who was in his grasp. "GO!"

Ember and Sweetie Belle got out of the alleyway and went behind a corner as Rumble looks at Scootaloo with the corner of his eye. "Garble will definatly get what's coming to him missy, no one ever screws with me and gets away with it." So I want you to relay a message to him...."

Scootaloo gritted her teeth. "And what would that be?"


Rumble put his hand on Scootaloo's mouth, pulled his knife hand back, and stabbed Scootaloo into the side of her torso. Scootaloo let out a muffled scream as he plunged the knife deeper into her, making the handle hit her fur. Scoots began to breath rapidly with tears rolling down her face as Rumble whispered into her ear. "You feel that?......That is what screwing with me feels like....never forget it...."

Rumble slowly took the knife out of Scootaloo and let her go, making her hit the ground with her stab wound. He then heard the sounds of Solar Guard sirens approaching the area. "Damn it...well...I guess I'll see ya around...." the gray stallion opened his wings and took flight, away from the downed and bleeding Scootaloo.

Ember and Sweetie Belle ran up to her with shocked expressions. "Scootaloo, Are you ok?!" asked Sweetie Belle.

"I've been stabbed, of course I'm NOT ok..." The orange pegasus replied with gritted teeth. "The guards are on their way we gotta go....Sweetie Belle?"

The white unicorn nodded. "I'm on it." She conjured up her magic and in a quick flash, She, Ember, Scootaloo, The gun crate, and money were out of there in a nick of time.

In the park, Garble's guys woke up from their 'nap' that Scootaloo provided for them on the bench.

The orange dragon rubbed the back of his head. "Ugh....What happened?"

The purple dragon shrugged. "I don't know..."

The orange dragon looked down for a bit. "Weren't we supposed to do something that Garble assigned us to do?"

The purple dragon, scratched his head. "I...I think so?"

"Wait...." The orange dragon got up. "We were supposed to do a deal of some sorts with The Street Sweepers..."

"Yeah...and wasn't Ember there too?"

"And then we heard a slight yell and then we ended up here..."

The purple dragon then got hit with realization. "That pegasus...was holding a bat! She knocked us out!"

The orange dragon smiled a little. "I knew that bitch was up to something, now....lets see what Garble's gonna do to her..."

Author's Note:

Here, have another one. :raritywink:

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