• Published 21st Sep 2017
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Bully: Scootaloo's Story in Ponyville Academy - TwinSwords79

Scootaloo has been sent to school called Ponyville University for her serious behavior and to avoid juvenile detention, but she then realizes that this place is a serious dump.

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As Scoots was walking around campus, she sees Twilight, Fluttershy, and two other members of The Egghead clique were outside of the Library complaining about something.

She walked over to them, but as she got closer, Twilight noticed her and looked at her angrily. "This is all your fault Scootaloo!!!"

The orange delinquent looked at her a bit confused. "What? What did I do?"

Fluttershy went over to her, angry as well. "The library is full of parasprites! And I have my written animal-medical exam next week, you're such a jerk!"

An egghead who looks like Twilight but has totally different colors, a unicorn, and glasses spoke. "Some 'Queen' you turned out to be!"

"I never put parasprites in the library!" Scoots looked at The Egghead's leader. "C'mon Twilight, you're one of my best friends!"

"I WAS your friend! You ruined my life Scootaloo!!" Twilight yelled. "The parasprites are destroying the one place I could go when I want peace and quiet, and its all your fault!" As she said that, she poked Scoots' chest making her back up.

Scoots shoved Twilight a bit, walking passed her. "Ya know what, if it makes you dorks happy, I'll clear away the parasprites!" She walked into the library after sucking her teeth, pushing the door with a bit of anger.

Inside the library, there are a huge swarm of parasprites flying everywhere inside the library, eating books, bookshelves, and tables. She saw the librarian, Ms. Cheerilee, standing on her desk, shrieking out of fear. "Scootaloo is that you?! You have to get these pests out of here!"

"Don't worry, I'm on it!" Scootaloo ran deeper into the library, waving her arms a bit to try and get the sprites to go to one place. "Come on you pesky little bastards! Get out of here!" Some parasprites flew over to where Scoots was shooing them to while some continued to fly all about, destroying everything in the library. "Ms. Cheerilee, do you have a vacuum?"

"No, what are you planning?"

"I'll be right back, stay put!" Scootaloo ran out of the library, looking at The Eggheads clique who stared back at her with angry expressions along with hands on their hips or arms crossed over their chests. The pegasus rolled her eyes and ran passed them, going inside the main school building.

She went inside a nearby work closet and took out a vacuum, smiling. "This should take care of those little bastards."

"What did you say?!" Scoots looked over and saw a school prefect who looked at her angrily. "What are you doing with the vacuum, you're not allowed to use that! Drop it and come over here, I want you to repeat what you just said to my face."

Scoots looked at him for a few seconds before closing the closet slowly, she then picked up the vacuum's dust bag and ran away from the prefect who started to chase after her. "Stop right there, you little crap!!"

Scootaloo kept running with the prefect on hot pursuit around the main building till she raced out of the back door, she hid near some stairs as the school authority figure looked around for her. "You're lucky I'm feeling generous today young lady." He opened up the door and looked out, still not knowing where she was but still talked like she could hear him. "I'm gonna let you off with a warning..."

He closed the door which made Scoots let out a huge sigh of relief, walking away from her hiding spot with the vacuum and going back to the library.

She burst through the library door and she saw that the parasprites were multiplying, the numbers nearly gulping up the entire building, Ms. Cheerilee was now under her desk. Scoots called out to her. "Ma'am, I'm back!"

"Oh thank god! Please get rid of these pesky sprites before my entire library is destroyed!" Ms. Cheerilee yelled, cuing Scoots to turn on the vacuum and point it at the parasprites.

"Eat this!!" Scoots ran around the entire library sucking up parasprites into the vacuum cleaner, after around 20 minutes the entire library was parasprite free. "Alright Ms. Cheerilee, you can come out now."

The moderate cerise earth pony poked her head up from her desk and looked at Scootaloo who had a victorious smile on her face. "C-Check those crates...see if any of them are still in there..."

Scoots walked over to the crates Cheerilee were pointing to. "These?"

"Yes, there were multiple parasprites in that crate when we ordered new books."

"Hm...everything looks okay miss, I think I managed to get them all." Scoots got up and walked to the library exit and pushed the vacuum cleaner outside, calling out to Twilight. "The parasprites are all in there, get them out of here!"

Twilight looked down at the vacuum and sighed, mumbling under her breath. "Once again, I'm helping her get out of another one of her stupid problems..." She conjured up her magic and she teleported the pests out of the vacuum cleaner and put them somewhere far away enough that they'd never find this school ever again.

"You got your library back Twilight, you happy?"

"Yeah of course, but I want you to take a second look inside." Twilight said, Scoots looked inside the library again and sees all the damage the parasprites caused: books were on the floor half eaten, bookshelves were laying on the ground with hugs bite marks in them, and there were barely any desks and chairs left.

"I can't believe you Scootaloo...the once place I love to be by myself in is ruined...you are the worst pony ever!" She looked at her clique members. "Come on guys..." The Eggheads all gave Scoots the stink-eye as they walked away from the library and the orange pegasus.

Scoots just stood there a bit stunned. "What the hell just happened?" After saying that, her phone started to ring, she answers it. "Hello?"

"Scoots, get over here right now!!" Gilda was on the other line, she was panicking. "I'm with Sweetie Belle near the gym, how fast can you get here?!"

"I'm on my way, stay put!" Scoots closes her phone and begins to sprint towards the gym, wondering why Gilda sounded hysterical.

Author's Note:

So yeah, Twilight is no longer Scootaloo's friend....guess who could've done that? :ajbemused:

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