• Published 21st Sep 2017
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Bully: Scootaloo's Story in Ponyville Academy - TwinSwords79

Scootaloo has been sent to school called Ponyville University for her serious behavior and to avoid juvenile detention, but she then realizes that this place is a serious dump.

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Dealing with Pests

Author's Note:

IT LIVES!!!!!!!! :pinkiecrazy:

Spitfire sat at her desk in The Wonderbolts clubhouse cleaning her goggles until she heard a knock on her door. Sighing, she dropped them on her desk and walked to the door, opening it to find Thunderlane carry a crying and bloody nosed Sky Stinger.

"What happened?" Spitfire said, a little concerned that one of her strong colleagues got beat up.

Sky Stinger picked up his head, fully showing his bruised cheek along with his bloody nose, he was stuttering a lot because of how much he cried. "T-That b-bitch, s-she kicked m-my f-face...."


Thunderlane decided to answer. "That orange pegasus with the purple mane, the one who single handedly took down The Bullies, Fashionistas, and just recently those flaming lizards."

"You screwed with her?!" Spitfire practically yelled, making Sky Stinger close his eyes in slight fear, the yellow pegasus threw her hands in the air while turning around to her desk. "Great! Just great! Now that bitch is coming after us now..."

"What are we gonna do, Captain?" asked Thunderlane after he helped Sky Stinger walk to a nearby chair and setting him down on it.

"We need to fight back...." Spitfire replied. "But it won't be easy...we need a fiery way to deal with her...the type that makes her feel completely embarrassed about."

"Well, Captain." Thunder said. "You think maybe we should wait this out....see if she's actually gonna come after us, I mean she just kicked Sky Stinger in the face, I doubt she'd do anything more with us..."

Spitfire looked at the celling while spinning in her comfortable chair. "Alright...but I do have an idea how we can maim that bitch..." She reached under her desk and placed a digital camera on top of it. "Thunderlane, I want you to go on an important errand, we need this as a trump card in case that bitch comes after us."

Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle sat in The Fire Dragon's hangout with Ember and Spike. They're in a room that resembled a planning room, it had a planning board, a long table, and even some refreshments.

"Thanks for letting us use this room for our plans from now on, Spike and Ember." Scootaloo said, sitting at the head of the table while the other three sat on the sides, Sweetie Belle and Ember sat on the left side and Spike sat alone on the right.

"Hey, it's no problem, Scoots." Spike replied. "You helped me so I helped you, also since you're our new boss..."

"That's right and make sure you and the other dragons don't forget it."

"Don't worry, we won't"

Ember put her hands together and leaned, putting her arms on the table and looked at Scootaloo. "So, which clique you don't like now?"

"Spitfire's crew, The Wonderbolts."

"Them?" asked Spike. "What did they do to piss you off?"

"Some of Spitfire's boys had the balls to talk up to me....and they even pushed Sweetie Belle to the ground." Scootaloo explained, looking at Sweetie Belle who looked down. "She may have bumped into them but they didn't even bother to move or say 'excuse us'."

"Is that is?" asked Ember a little confused that Scoots wants to beat up The Wonderbolts for not saying 'excuse me'.

"I also pretty much screwed up backing out because I roundhouse kicked one of the stallion's faces, making their nose bleed..." Scoots said with a slight smirk.

Ember slowly put her hand on her face and shook her head. "Of course you did....."

"So, we need a plan to take them down, but the twist is that I want to make it happen in public so everyone can see that WE are superior. So, any ideas?"

Everyone at the tables began to ponder on how they can take care of The Wonderbolts in the most public way possible. They sat in silence until Spike got an idea.

"Wait guys...." The girls looked at him. "Isn't the next football game coming up?"

"Spike...we're trying to kick a clique's ass." Scootaloo replied. "Could you please not put your sports-loving hormones onto the planning table?"

"No, Scoots, you're not getting it. The big football game is gonna be huge, everyone at the school is gonna be there."


"That could be the publicity you want, you beat up the team right in front of the whole school!"

Scootaloo started to think, that was actually not a bad plan, but it would take serious planning, the type of plans that could outshine their recent ones. She's gonna need some help, Egghead help...

Twilight was just sitting in her room and doing homework like she always does on a daily basis, but now, she can finally read with a smile on her face and with a clear conscience again. Knowing that Garble is expelled and that her closest friend and brother-figure is alright.

The purple alicorn closed her book after finishing and almost immediately her phone rang, making her jump slightly. She looked at the I.D. and saw that it read Scootaloo's name. After taking down Garble and helping Spike out of his clutches, Twilight now considers Scootaloo to be a great friend, so great that they exchanged phone numbers so in case either of them needed help they could just ring each other.

She pressed the answer button and pressed the phone on her ear. "Hello?"

"Twilight, I need your help with something." Scoots said on the other line.

"Let me guess...there is another clique that you don't like..."

"Heh, you know me so well, Sparkle."

"It's all we normally do now..." Twilight walked over to her desk chair and sat down. "So....who's the special clique you want to shove your fist up now?"

"One, that sounded weird....Two, it's The Wonderbolts."

The purple alicorn leaned forward fast, completely shook. "OK, Scoots now I know you have to be insane, Spitfire is a total brute, she doesn't even believe in the word mercy! You even LOOK at her the wrong way she'll shove her foot straight up your ass!"

"Your getting me even more excited than I already am, Spark. But after we take her down, I can finally show the whole school that I'm the daddy!"

Twi deadpanned. "OK, THAT was weird..."

"Shut up, I need help with some planning....and uh....you know where I'm going with this..."

Twilight sighed. "Alright sure, where are you?"

"At The Fire Dragons' hangout, this will be our planning place from now on."

"K, I'm on my way."

Twilight hung up and began to get her shoes, what has Scoots got her into this time?

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