Bully: Scootaloo's Story in Ponyville Academy

by TwinSwords79

First published

Scootaloo has been sent to school called Ponyville University for her serious behavior and to avoid juvenile detention, but she then realizes that this place is a serious dump.

The delinquent Scootaloo has been sent to Ponyville High School Academy after getting expelled countless times from previous schools, and Ponyville HS is her last chance for education otherwise she'll spend the rest of her childhood in juvenile detention and considering Ponyville's reputation...she knows it's gonna be hell...


The fillies and colts in this story are teenagers (Some will be 14, some will be 15, and so on)

Scootaloo is 15

The Mane Six in this story are gonna attend this school as students, so they're gonna be the same age range as Scootaloo.

(May contain slight [not major] cussing)

Video Game Inspiration: Bully (PS2)

Cover Image by ToxicScootaloo

All moves that are explained to Scootaloo are taken from WIkihow

Welcome to Hell....

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Scootaloo sat in her mother's car as a stallion drove her and her mother to Scootaloo's new school. The orange pegasus was wearing a black open hoodie with a white tank-top inside, some light ripped jeans, and clean white sneakers, she also had a silver earring on her left ear and wore purple fingerless gloves that were the same color as her mane. She slouched in her seat and looked at her mother, who was sitting quietly in the passenger seat.

"Mom, who the hell is this?" Scootaloo asked with a harsh tone pointing at the gray stallion driving the car. "I thought you told me never to talk to strangers..."

Her mother, who was a pink pegasus with a blue mane, looked back at her. "I told you this already Scootaloo, please behave yourself and be nice to your new step-father."

Scootaloo smirked a little and looked at the stallion. "Ok..."

She leaned back and started to kick her step-father's seat with her right foot repeatedly.

The stallion was getting angry and looked at her through the rear-view mirror. "Scootaloo, knock it off!"

"Bite me, bitch!" Scootaloo yelled back, as she continued to kick his seat.

"If you kick my seat one more time I will-!"

Scootaloo kicked it again with an evil grin on her face.

Her step-father growled and Scootaloo's mother looked back at her. "That's enough! I've had it with you, young mare!"

Scootaloo sat up in her seat and crossed her arms while keeping her smile. "We'll deal with you when we get back from our honeymoon.....next year!"

The orange pegasus's smile was put back to her uncaring state. "This is bull-crap...." she mumbled, while looking out the window.

"I heard that." said her mother.

5 minutes later

Scootaloo's step-father stopped the car in front of big gates, the orange pegasus looked at the gate and read the lettering on top of it, it said 'Ponyville Academy High School'. Scootaloo gripped her black duffle bag and got out of the car as her step-father called out to her.

"Have fun, Scoot." He said. "I'll think of you from our cruise ship."

Her mother smiled and giggled a little as Scoots rolled her eyes and sighed. "Whatever!"

She slammed the door and watched the car drive away from the school gates as Scootaloo sighed again. "Mom...why did you marry that phony, what is wrong with you..."

"You must be Scootaloo..." said an unknown mare voice. Scoots jumped and looked back at the mare behind her. She was a dark blue alicorn who wore a black suit top and skirt along with dark high heels her mane was also sparkling and flowing in the wind....except it wasn't windy...

"Where did you come from?" asked Scootaloo.

"That doesn't matter..." replied the alicorn. "Welcome to Ponyville Academy, I'm sure you'll be very happy here, very happy indeed..."

Scootaloo arched an eyebrow as the mare continued. "I'm Ms. Luna, I work at the front desk near Principal Celestia's office, speaking of which...my sister is expecting you in her study in the main school building."

Scootaloo sighed and nodded as she picked up her bag and walked with Ms. Luna to the main building. While walking she looked around the school campus and saw a lot of unsettling things...She saw a blue stallion give a purple stallion with glasses a wedgie, a white mare pushing a yellow mare and smack talking her, and she even saw an orange stallion stuff a filly no more than like 10 years old into a garbage bin and he laughed his ass off.

'This place needs a real clean up...' Scootaloo thought to herself.

They finally arrived in front of the office and Ms. Luna took Scootaloo's bag out of her hand while pointing to the door. "Go on in, don't be shy...My sister doesn't bite." Luna said with a smile as she placed the orange pegasus's bag near her as she sat down at her desk.

Scootaloo opened the door and walked inside, looking around she saw a white alicorn mare sitting at a desk she wore the same attire as her sister except it was magenta colored, she had the same type of flowing mane like Luna, but her mane color was very bright rainbow like colors.

Celestia looked at Scootaloo and smiled. "Ah, so you must be Scootaloo..."

Scootaloo rolled her eyes and sighed. "Uh huh..."

"I'm sorry, what did you say?" asked Celestia.

"I meant "Yes, ma'am"" Scoots corrected herself.

"Very good, please sit down."

Scootaloo walked to the 2 chairs in front of the desk and sat down in one of them, crossing her legs and looking at Celestia with an uncaring look.

The white alicorn took out Scootaloo's permanent record, her smile was erased into a serious look. "I've read your record and it's not pretty at all....Vandalism, Graffiti, Bad Language, Violent Conduct, Disrespecting Staff, Skipping Classes....I'm already very disappointed in you and yet we just met....tell me young mare, why should I even waste my time on you?"

Scootaloo shrugged. "I don't know..."

Celestia stood up. "Because it's what I do, little filly...I excel at fixing you up and make you into respectable members of our community here in the academy, I'm surprised to say this, but I've got a good feeling we are going to be great friends Scootaloo."

The white alicorn smiled at Scootaloo and requested a handshake from her . "Now, I've already arranged for your uniform to be in your room as we speak, great to have you on board with us Scootaloo..."

Scootaloo arched an eyebrow and took Celestia's hand and shook it, while smiling a little bit. "Thanks ma'am, can I go now?"

"Yes you may."

Scootaloo walked out of the office and grabbed her bag back from Luna, she walked out of the main building and looked around.

"So here I am, at possibly the worst school in the country, whose specialties are creating arms dealers, serial killers, and corporate lawyers. Heh...that old alicorn freak thinks she can tame me? We shall see my friend, I only give ponies what they have coming to them...."

Making New Friends and Enemies

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Scootaloo walked with her bag on her shoulder and slid down the banister of the steps. She looked around campus and continued to see bullies picking on other ponies...she didn't like seeing that one bit. She maybe a bad girl, but she knows what's right and what was wrong.

Scoots was about to go into the girl's dorm till a couple of stallions with white shirts stopped her. One was a green stallion and the other was a purple stallion with a wooden baseball bat, both students had white un-tucked button down shirts with a PHS logo on them, blue pants and grey sneakers, they looked to be about 16 years old and were a foot taller than Scootaloo.

"Hey there, New Kid..." said the green stallion. "You ok?"

Scootaloo mentally sighed, she knew these two wanted trouble. "Can you move?"

"Well...I can't do that, cuz ya see we do something around here to new blood, we give them what they're gonna expect to get everyday...."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah...a very bruised and bloody beat down..." The stallion said as he started to crack his knuckles.

Scootaloo wasn't fazed, she just kept her uncaring look. "You really think it's a good idea to screw with me?" she asked.

The stallion and his friend laughed and looked at each other. "Oh, little filly thinks she can kick ass?" he turned back to her at got into a fighting stance. "Alright then girly, I'll let you throw the first punch..."

Scootaloo sighed, placed her bag on the floor, and got into a fighting stance too.

"You think you're so tough then why don't you hit me?!" screamed the green stallion.

Scootaloo ran to the stallion and punched him in the arm, a loud and sick 'crack' echoed in the air. The stallion just stood in surprise and fell to the ground, gripping his arm while crying a little.

Scootaloo then looked up and smirked at the purple stallion as he stood with widen eyes and pinprick pupils, he then growled and gripped his bat tightly. "YOU BITCH!!!!"

The stallion ran up to Scootaloo, only to have her move out of the way and trip him to the ground. The stallion got up quickly with the bat as Scootaloo ran up to him and landed an uppercut to his jaw. The purple stallion dropped his bat and slowly walked backwards away from Scootaloo as he gripped his jaw. Scoots then picked up his baseball bat and whacked him across the face with it making him spit out a little blood and spit, she then turned the weapon around and thrusted the butt of the bat into his stomach, while gritting her teeth angrily, making the stallion hold his breath from the constant pain and drop to the floor.

The purple stallion started crying a little, while Scoots smiled and threw the wooden bat on him. She then picked up her bag till she heard a loud slam, she looked over at the girls dorm and saw a white griffin with the same type of attire as the stallions.

She saw some of her guys on the ground and looked at Scootaloo, she began to growl and yell. "Your dead, New Kid!"

The griffin ran up to Scoots, with her fist out and before the orange pegasus was able to block, the griffin successfully punched Scootaloo in the face, making some spit fly out of her mouth as she fell to the floor. She slowly stood up and was about to fight back until a male teacher ran up to the girls.

"Break it up, you two!" He yelled, he then looked at Scootaloo's clothes, as the griffin walked away calmly. "Why aren't ya in your uniform, young mare?! Go change right now!"

Scootaloo sucked her teeth and picked up her bag, she slowly began to walk into the girls dorm as the teacher watched her go inside.

"Bastard..." She mumbled.

The orange pegasus looked around the dorm and was about to walk to her room until a voice stopped her in her tracks. "Hey...your the new kid aren't you?"

Scootaloo turned and saw that the voice came from a pale magenta earth pony with a purple mane and white mane highlights, and she had a tiara on her head, she wore a white short sleeved shirt with a light sky blue vest that had the same pink PHS logo on the right side of her chest, a dark navy skirt, white socks and black shoes. She was leaning on a wall near the door, like she was waiting for Scoots.

"Yeah, what's it to you?" snapped Scootaloo.

The magenta mare stood up straight and walked up to her a little. "Friendly, much?" she asked.

"Gimme a break, loser..."

"Hey, easy pal you're all pent up, go easy or they'll put you on medication...they did it to a lot of kids here...."

"OK...i'll keep that in mind, now get out of my way..."

The pink pony grabbed Scootaloo's arm. "I said "relax!""

The orange pegasus pulled her arm back. "Don't touch me! You do that again and I'll break you!"

"Listen to me, 'wannabe bad ass', you just arrived in the toughest school in the country and i'm offering to be your friend...trust me, in a place like this you're gonna need friends."

"Alright...but if you double cross me I won't hesitate to kick your ass..."

"OK sure. I'm Diamond Tiara by the way."


"Alright Scootaloo, let me show you around."

Diamond beckoned Scoots to come along, which she did. They stopped in the lounge, where some girls were watching TV, doing homework, or playing cards. "This is the lounge...we just use this place to screw around, nothing more...there's a soda machine right over there if you ever get thirsty."

Diamond walked over to the soda machine and put some money in it, taking the soda out as it dropped out of the slot, she threw the pop at Scoots which she caught with one hand. "It's Grape..."

"Thanks..." Scoots said, opening up the can and drinking the whole thing in one go, she then crushed the soda can with her hand, threw it in the air, and kicked it right in the trash can.

"Nice..." Diamond said. "Also, you should probably change into your uniform if you don't want to get in trouble..."

Scootaloo sighed and rolled her eyes, walking to her assigned room, she placed her duffel bag on her bed and took out her uniform, which consisted of a white button down shirt, a purple PHS vest, and khakis. Scoots closed her closet and began to change into her uniform.

Scootaloo looked into the mirror with her uniform on, she decided to make it her own style. She unbuttoned the top button of the white button down shirt and popped up the collar, she untucked her shirt, and rolled up the sleeves.

Scoots sat on her bed and was deep in thought, till she heard a knock on her door. She looked up and saw a white unicorn with a curly purple and pink mane, her uniform was a pink button down shirt with a dark blue vest, dark navy khakis, and white shoes.

"Hi...you must be new here...right?" she asked.

Scootaloo nodded.

"I'm Sweetie Belle, nice to meet ya." the unicorn said, holding out her hand.


Both mares shook hands, as Sweetie asked her something. "Hey, you ok? You look down..."

"I'm fine..." Scootaloo said quickly as she stood up. "It's just that I've been here 5 minutes and already ponies want me dead..."

Sweetie shrugged as she walked near the orange delinquent. "Well...Welcome to Ponyville Academy...it's a dump..."

"Just great...I've been expelled from anywhere halfway decent..."

"Hey you guys gonna make out or what?" asked Diamond from the doorway.

Scootaloo turned around. "What the hell did you just say?"

"You heard me, Scoots...I'm just messing with ya, so I see you've met the dorm's mascot...Sweetie, don't you have any imaginary friends to go annoy?"

"Leave me alone, Diamond..."

"Aw, come on what's your problem, Belle?" Diamond Tiara walked up to Scoots while putting her hand on her shoulder. "I'm just being nice to the new kid, as she passes through the academy on her inevitable journey to prison..."

Scootaloo swatted Diamond's hand off of her shoulder and she walked to the door. "I gotta unpack, would you two please get out?"

"Alright, and hey when you're done meet me near the main building and I'll show you around." Diamond said, as she and Sweetie walked out. Scootaloo closed her door and laid down on her bed to think.

"This place is gonna be a bitch..." she said.

Meeting the Cliques

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Scootaloo walked to the main school building, where she met Diamond near the front door.

"Hey there Scoot." Diamond said. "Now let me show you around." She opened the door and let Scootaloo walk in first before walking in herself.

"Welcome to the crappiest hellhole!" Diamond told her as Scootaloo looked left and right inside the building. "Now come on."

Diamond and Scoots then started to jog towards some lockers and Scoots saw the griffin who punched her to the ground.

"Over there is Gilda." Diamond said. "She's the leader of a clique called The Bullies."

Gilda looked to where the girls were standing and walked over to them, angrily. "What are you looking at?"

"You..." Diamond replied.

The griffin growled a little. "Well you better knock it off Tiara, otherwise i'm gonna stuff you into a locker..." She then looked at Scootaloo. "And you....I'll be seeing you later..."

The white griffin walked away from the girls and was out of their sight, Diamond Tiara leaned next to the delinquent's ear and whispered into it as it twitched. "Her locker is right over there, let's steal something from it...it's a padlock."

Scootaloo smirked at the sound of that idea and walked over to it, She crouched down and reached into her back pocket, taking out a small metal nail file. She then picked up the lock with her left hand and began to pick the lock with her right.

Diamond moved to the corner and looked at the delinquent again. "I'll keep watch for the prefects, they don't really have a sense of humor, they will give you detention if they see you doing stuff like this..."

Scoots just scoffed and got the lock to click open. "Jackpot."

The orange pegasus put her nail file back in her back pocket and stood up. She opened the locker and looked inside, it had lots of stuff which consisted of books, a backpack, and a gym bag. Something caught the orange delinquent's eyes in the locker. It was a brand new soccer ball.

Scoots loved soccer, she was apart of a team when she was in 2nd Grade and she always led her team to victory, but she never had her very own soccer ball, so she took it out of Gilda's locker and closed it.

Diamond heard the door close and looked over in Scootaloo's direction and saw the ball in her hands. "Cool Soccer ball."

"I love Soccer." Scootaloo said, she let go of the ball and began to juggle it with her knees.

A yellow stallion prefect walked by and saw Scootaloo juggling the ball. "Hey, No Sports in the main building!"

Scootaloo then stopped and looked at him. "If I catch you doing that again, you'll have me for detention, and I have little patience for your generation..."

The prefect walked away from the fillies and after about a few seconds of silence Diamond leaned near Scootaloo's ear as it twitched. "I told you."

Scootaloo lightly pushed her away from her. "Anyway, I have to put this in my locker." She said. "Celestia gave me the locker number and my school schedule that she provided with my room."

The orange delinquent put the ball under her arm and dug into her pocket, pulling out a piece of paper. "My locker number is 281...."

"That's on the second floor, come on." Diamond replied, she then led Scootaloo to her locker on the 2nd floor, the locker was in the green row, and it was near the red row, and the blue row. The orange pegasus opened up her locker and placed the ball inside of it.

"Alright, now that that's done, let's go to the cafeteria, I'll show you who's who." Diamond said.

Diamond and Scootaloo jogged down the steps and went into the cafeteria. Scoots looked around and saw a lot of colts and fillies in the cafe, they all had different colored school vests. She even saw 4 groups of fillies and colts that wore the same colored vests.

"OK, Scootaloo here's the deal." The pale magenta earth pony said, pointing at some of the groups.

"Over there are The Eggheads." Scootaloo looked to where Diamond was pointing and saw a group that were sitting at a table near the wall, of course by the name, they do look like eggheads. They wore different pants and shoes, But they all wore mint green PHS vests, some of them were very slim, while others were quite chubby. "Of course they're complete social outcasts..."

"Ya know, they look pretty harmless..." Scootaloo said, Diamond snickered a little.

" 'Don't judge a book by it's cover' Scoot, They're very sneaky bastards...they're turf is the Library, their leader is usually studying and reading besides having fun..." She replied before pointing at the group next to them.

"Those are The Fashionistas." Scootaloo saw that these ponies were wearing different colored khakis and were all wearing diamond blue PHS vests, their shoes, shirts, and pants look more expensive and fashionable than her own arsenal of clothing. "Of course, in their name, they're all fashion and money.....but mostly fashion, they tend to criticize other students of their clothes being 'Too dull', 'The colors don't match perfectly', or some other crap... Their leader, That white mare over there, really wants to turn the school into a freaking paradise fashion mall."

"Wow...she must have problems..."

"Tell me about it, Scoots...." Diamond replied, she pointed to the next group. "Now over there are The Fire Dragons."

The pegasus looked and saw that the dragons wore either black or blue flame leather jackets over their dark red PHS vests, and they all wore blue jeans with either black or brown boots. They were standing and talking about something.

"They think they're badass and that no one in this school can take them on." Diamond explained. "Their leaders, plural, are completely different...one is annoying and mean, while the other one is pretty nice and cool."

"They at least try to look badass...where's their turf?" asked Scoots.

"Oh, they hang by the Auto Shop near the old abandoned school bus." The pale magenta earth pony replied. "And finally, last but not least, The Wonderbolts."

Scootaloo saw that the ponies looked pretty cool , they were wearing blue and yellow combo letterman jackets over light orange PHS vests, blue and white sweatpants, and gym shoes. One particular dark yellow mare with a mane that resembled fire had goggles on her head and was wearing purple aviator sunglasses. She must have been the leader of the clique.

"Those ponies rule the school." Diamond explained. "They're on the school's football team and are very athletic flyers and runners, so don't screw with them...they will kick your ass, especially their leaders. Gogglehead over there is one of them, Spitfire. Don't get on her bad side."

Scootaloo scoffed and smirked. "Whatever, I'm not afraid of her or them..."

"You'll learn soon enough..." Just then the loud school bell rang, alerting everyone that classes are about to begin. "Well... see you later, I've got Algebra." The pale magenta earth pony then jogged to the classroom, leaving Scootaloo alone in the hall.

The orange pegasus took out her schedule from her back pocket and it said she had Chemistry first, making her groan.

This Is What We Do To Ponies Around Here!

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Scootaloo walked out of class with a sigh of relief with her new Chemistry textbook. unbeknownst to the teachers, she had a firecracker in the back pocket of her khakis. She has a chemistry set in her dorm room so now she can make on her own.
While she was putting her book and secret firecracker in her locker, the intercom turned on.

Scootaloo please report to the main office.

Scoots sighed. "Great...."

Scootaloo walked into Celestia's office and the principal smiled.

"It seems that you're making yourself comfortable here, Scootaloo."

The orange pegasus nodded. "I'm just trying to fit in, ma'am."

"Alright, but I've just received word that you had a fight with a bunch of colts from one of my employees."

"They started it..."

Celestia looked concerned. "Weather they started it or not, Scootaloo, that is not how we handle things here..."

"Ya could have fooled me, Ma'am, This place is full of bullies and maniacs..."

The white alicorn sat back and arched an eyebrow. "Is that so?"

"Yeah...I had to push away 3 bullies on my way here."

Celestia folded her hands on her desk and started to think. "Alright....Thanks for bringing this to my attention...I'll call a morning class assembly tomorrow, don't worry I'll keep your name anonymous."

"Thanks..." Scootaloo replied. "Can I good now?"

"Yes, you can go now."

Scootaloo walked to the door before Celestia stopped her.

"Scootaloo." The orange delinquent looked back. "I want you to at least try and behave yourself, you might learn something."

Scootaloo just nodded her head while mentally rolling her eyes.

As Scootaloo walked out of Celestia's office, she saw a male rainbow maned pegasus appear in front of her, he wore the same clothes that The Bullies clique wore

"Hey, I heard you snitching to Celestia!" The pegasus scowled.

Scootaloo looked at him with squinted eyes. "So what, you got a problem with that?"

The pegasus reached in his back pocket and took out a slingshot "Screw you New Kid, this is what we do to teachers pets around here." he stretched out the rubber band with a marble and aimed it at the orange delinquent.

"Don't you dare!" Scootaloo yelled, until she felt a sharp pain as the marble collided to the top of her chest. "OW!"

The rainbow pegasus laughed as Scootaloo growled. "You're Dead!!!!"

"You'll have to catch me first, bitch." The pegasus flapped his wings and flew out of the door, leaving a trail of rainbow behind.

"Come back here!" Scootaloo yelled as she ran after the flying pegasus.

Scootaloo burst out of the main doors and accidentally bumped into Sweetie Belle, who fell to the ground with her books, Scoots helped her up and dusted Sweetie off a little.

"Have you seen a male rainbow maned pegasus fly by?" she asked.

"Oh you mean Rainbow Blitz? Yeah I saw him fly towards the auto shop, why?" Sweetie asked.

Scoots patted her shoulder. "Nothing important, see ya later."

She ran past Sweetie Belle who just shrugged as she watched her jump over a railing.

Scoots ran to the auto shop and saw Rainbow Blitz with 3 ponies, two of the ponies were the colts she beat up outside of the girls dorm and the other was a green mare with a dark blue mane.

"There she is!" Rainbow Blitz told them. "Beat her down!"

The 3 ponies surrounded Scootaloo as Blitz opened the gates to the auto shop and ran away.

Scoots smirked a little and looked at the two colts. "Hey there, little colts how's your arm and face?"

The Green stallion wore a cast and the Purple stallion's face was black and blue from the impact of the bat.

"You are gonna seriously pay, bitch!" yelled The purple stallion who ran at Scootaloo with his fist out. Scoots ducked when he swung his fist and elbowed him in the stomach, which made him wheeze.

The green stallion ran up and Scootaloo grabbed his fist, turned his arm and herself around, pulled it over her shoulder, and making it loudly snap when her shoulder went up on it as she pulled it down. The green stallion screamed once again as the pegasus grabbed his shirt and kneed him hard in the nuts.

It was the mare's turn now, she run up to Scootaloo, who wasn't looking, and punched the back of her head. Scoots grunted and looked at the mare with an angry face. She grabbed her shirt and pinned her to a nearby stone wall, she grabbed her head and began to slam it into the wall over and over. When she stopped, she dropped the mare onto the floor and watched the green mare curl up into a ball and hold the back of her head.

Scootaloo looked back at the purple stallion, who stood with a scared look on his face, Scoots smirked evilly as she slowly walked towards the stallion. "Run..." she told him.

The purple stallion then ran toward her so he can run away, but Scootaloo grabbed him and stuffed him into a nearby garbage can. "Dumbass, you should've ran away from me, not towards me..."

Scoots ran through 2 garage doors and saw Rainbow Blitz flying over a pile of rubble, he was pretty scared too.

"What are you a psychopath?!" screamed Rainbow Blitz as he took out his slingshot. "Get away from me!"

Scootaloo looked to the left and saw a garbage can with a metal lid, she ran and did a front roll to the can and took off the lid, she put her hand in the handle and held it in front of her like a shield.

Rainbow Blitz fired the slingshot and it hit her metal shield with a loud 'clunk', he kept firing at a great speed but all that Scoots did was block every single one

The orange delinquent then threw the garbage lid at the pegasus and it hit him hard in the face, which made him grunt and crash down into the rubble.

Rainbow Blitz slowly stood up with a bloody nose and aimed again with anger in his face.

He shot at Scoots and it hit her square in the head, which made her stumble back in pain.

The orange pegasus smiled a little as she dropped her hand which had some blood on it. She looked up at Rainbow Blitz and rolled to the next garbage bin as he shot at her again.

Looking around, she saw a nearby brick, so she reached for it and grabbed it. After Rainbow Blitz stopped firing Scootaloo popped up and threw the brick. It missed by a few feet and it hit a piece of rubble at the bottom of the pile.

Rainbow laughed a little when he saw that the brick didn't even come close to him, but not until the pile creaked a little.

He looked down and saw that the pile was about to fall right under him, so he flew up as the pile crashed down right below him.

"Ha, nice try bi-AH!" He was cut off when another brick hit him right in the left wing. He crashed down to the ground and rolled on the floor.

Scootaloo stood up and walked over to the downed stallion who was slowly breathing on the hard ground. Scoots pushed him over on his back with her left foot and looked at his knocked out phase, she looked next to him and saw his slingshot, just sitting there...

She bent down on one knee next to his unconscious body and picked up Rainbow Blitz's weapon, examining it in her hand.

"Hmm..." she said, aiming the slingshot and pulling the rubber band back and shooting an invisible marble

She slipped it into her back pocket, and looked through Rainbow Blitz pockets, but found nothing that could be used as pellets for the Slingshot, looks like she has to find some ammo on her own.

She sighed as she casually got up and walked away from the scene while looking at her phone for the time, she still has some time left to get to class.

Slingshot Training / Helping a 'Friend'

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After English class, Scoots walked into the girl's dorm with her backpack and soccer ball. She walked into her room and placed the books on her desk along with her bag next to it. She sat down on her bed and reached into her back pocket, taking out her new slingshot she stole from Rainbow Blitz. She started to examine it in her hands some more, feeling the wooden grip with the palm of her hand and the thick stretchy rubber band with her fingers.

She then heard a knock at her door and saw Diamond Tiara leaning against it. "Hey there, Scoots." Diamond said. "What do you have there?"

"It's a slingshot." Scootaloo replied showing it to Diamond. "I stole it from some rainbow stallion after I kicked his ass."

Diamond stood up on her two feet and walked closer. "Cool, do you have any pellets for it?"

"No...I have to find some on my own..."

The pale magenta earth pony reached into her pockets and took out something when she balled up her hand, taking it out of her pocket, she opened her hand which showed 9 marbles.

"I have a few marbles here, maybe we can do some target practice, you may need it."

Scoots stood up. "Alright, where should we start?"

Diamond turned her head to the door. "Hey, Sweetie Belle, come here!"

The little white unicorn walked in and she was covered in cream and raspberry jam from her face to her pants, on her face was an angry expression. "Could you maybe setup some kind of shooting range outside the dorm so I can show Scoots how to use a slingshot?" Sweetie just left, probably agreeing.

Scootaloo arched an eyebrow and looked at Diamond. "Uh...why the hell is she covered in cream and jam?"

"Oh, I threw a couple of pies at her a few minutes ago."

"Uh....why would you do that?"

"Just because." Diamond replied, shrugging her shoulders. "Come on, let's go."

Diamond walked out of Scootaloo's room and walked out of the front doors, while the orange delinquent just blinked and shook her head.

Outside of the dorm, Scoots saw that Sweetie belle made a cool shooting range, with bottles and paper targets.

"Alright Sweetie, go get cleaned up." Diamond said as Scoots stood next to her.

Sweetie still kept her angry face and walked back into the dorm, as the pale magenta earth pony looked at Scootaloo. "Alright Scoots, here's how to use the slingshot." Diamond reached behind Scoots and grabbed the slingshot from the delinquent's back pocket, while also taking out a marble.

"Just put a pellet, such as a marble/gumball/paintball/pebble, and put it right in the middle part of the rubber band." Diamond put her marble in the rubber band. "Now either squeeze the rubber band and the pellet together or put two fingers on it, whatever floats your boat, and pull it back." She pulled the rubber band with the marble back. "Don't forget to aim, I usually aim with one eye. Also a little side note: The more you pull it back, the farther it'll go, and the closer you are to your opponent, the more it'll hurt them." Diamond closed one eye and aimed at a water bottle. "Hold your breath and let go."

Diamond inhaled and held her breath as her hand let go of the rubber band and the marble hit the water bottle, making it fall backwards and hit the ground with water pouring out of the new little hole she made. "Another side note: Think of firing this thing like a mini bow-and-arrow." She threw the weapon to Scoots who caught it with one hand. "Now you try."

Scootaloo grabbed one of Diamond's marbles from the earth pony's pocket and put it in the slingshot, she pulled it back and aimed at a paper target. Scoots kept her eyes on the target, she concentrated so much that she felt everything around her go mute, it was just her and her beating heart that she can feel and hear clearly.

Scoots let go of the band and the marble flew right through the paper target, hitting a bullseye.

The orange delinquent smiled and dropped her slingshot hand to the side, as Diamond patted her back. "Nice job, Scoots. You're a pretty quick learner."

"Thanks...let me shoot something else." Scoots said, she looked around and from the corner of her eye she could see Rainbow Blitz has regained consciousness and was rubbing the back of his head. He was still covered with fresh bruises after his fight with the orange delinquent, he was a good distance away from the girls dorm. Scootaloo smirked devilishly "Perfect..."

The orange pegasus grabbed another marble, turned to his direction, and aimed at him. She pulled the rubber band back to its limit, and let go of it. The marble flew right towards Blitz and it hit him square it the head, very hard.

Blitz screamed and fell to the floor holding his head. "AHH! SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!"

Scoots and Diamond laughed at the downed stallion, who was rolling side to side on the floor in pain. The two girls calmed down their laughter as Scoots slipped her slingshot back into her back pocket.

DIamond handed Scootaloo a purple pouch. "There are 20 marbles in there, they're mine, but you can have them."

"Thanks, I guess." Scoots replied, taking the pouch and put it in her back pocket too. "I'm gonna go look around campus...see what's up." She walked up a little and looked behind her. "I'll see you later."

"Alright." Diamond replied, walking back into the dorm.

Scootaloo walked into The Library and looked around, it was pretty fancy for a High School Library. She walked around the library while looking at some books on the shelves, which consisted of History, Science, Fiction, Non-Fiction and Anime. Scoots took out a manga book from the shelves called 'Death Note' and began to read it.

"So you're the new kid, huh?" asked a voice, Scoots looked up and saw a timid yellow pegasus mare, she wore the same clothes as The Egghead clique, but unlike the other members of the clique, her body structure was actually perfectly curved in the right places.

"Yeah...what's it you?" asked Scoots sharply, putting the book back, the mare whimpered a little.

"N-Nothing...Everypony's talking about you...I just heard that your friends with that sociopath Diamond Tiara..."

"What do you mean, Sociopath?"

"It means..." the mare sighed a little. "Never mind...forget I said anything. Can you maybe help me?"

Scoots crossed her arms. "You want ME.....to help YOU?"

"I've borrowed some animal books that need to be returned, but I'm too scared to go to my locker."

"Do I look like a librarian?"

"No, but please I need your help, I'll pay you 2 bits!"

"2 bits, are you serious? make it 5 and I'll help you."

"Alright, if that's okay with you...."

"Great." Scoots patted the mare's back. "I'll help you, I'm Scootaloo by the way."

"I'm Fluttershy" the mare said softly.

"Huh?" asked Scoots.


"Fluttershy?" The timid mare nodded. "Alright then, come on."

Scoots then led Fluttershy out of the library with her arm around her.

The two mares walked into the main building and Scoots turned her head to Flutters.

"Where's your locker?" she asked.

"I-It's on the second floor..."


Scootaloo and Fluttershy walked up the stairs to go to her locker but were stopped by a red stallion who wore a Black PHS vest with a light gray dress shirt and black tie, beige khakis, and black dress shoes. "Hey there ladies, how you doing today?"

Scoots wasn't having it "Could you move?"

"Nah, I think I'm good here...so New kid I heard you can kick serious ass, am I right?"

"Yeah, and I'll kick yours if you don't move."

"Ooo, you're a feisty one aren't you?"

Scoots moved Flutters to a nearby wall away from the two as she stared the red stallion down. "I'm not kidding, I will stuff you into a locker if I wanted to."

The stallion balled his hand into a fist and punched Scootaloo hard in the face. Scootaloo backed up holding the spot where he punched her as Fluttershy looked at her with a scared expression.

"I want to see if you are as what they say you are..."

Scootaloo wiped her mouth from the punch she received and smirked a little, allowing her mane to shadow-cover her eyes.

"Gladly..." She whispered.

The Fight [Edit]

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Scootaloo ran up to the stallion with her fist out and swung at him. The red stallion blocked it by grabbing her hand, he pushed it away and punched Scoots in the gut two times.

Scoots coughed as the stallion turned her around and knocked her right under her spine. The orange delinquent arched her back and yelled.

Scoots turned around from pain and began throwing a ton of punches at the stallion who just parried every single one of them by pushing them away. The stallion slammed his fist down at Scoots' head, knocking her down a little, before Scootaloo kneed him in the gut, and elbowed his face.

The stallion grunted as Scoots backed up and kicked his arm, making it crack, paralyzing it. The stallion grabbed his arm in pain and smacked Scoots with the back of his hand. While she was distracted, he did a leg sweep and knocked her off of her feet, she tried to get up but the stallion slammed his foot on her head, keeping it and her down.

"Not much of a badass now are ya, toots?" The stallion asked rubbing his foot on Scootaloo's head.

Instead of wincing in pain, Scoots was actually smiling a little, the stallion arched an eyebrow."I wouldn't be so sure of that, bud..."

"Huh?" was all the stallion said before Scoots moved her right hand and did a karate chop on the top of his ankle, which made him yell in pain and crash down to the floor, hitting his head hard. Scootaloo then quickly got up and grabbed her slingshot, she then ran up to the stallion and planted her foot on the top of his chest, while aiming her slingshot at his head.

Scoots laughed a little. "Not much of a stallion now are ya, little colt?"

Now it was the stallion's turn to smile. "Nice job, New kid....you actually beat me."

"Hell yeah, I did." Scoots replied, she then moved her sights down to his crotch and aimed her slingshot there now. "Unless you want me to go further?"

"That won't be necessary." The stallion said, not even scared that she was now aiming at his balls. "I want to make it up to you."

The orange delinquent arched an eyebrow. "I'm listening..."

"Can you maybe get off me first? I'm not gonna attack you again, don't worry."

Scoots stopped aiming and put her slingshot away, while she removed her foot from the top of the stallion's chest. The red stallion got up on one leg since of his paralyzed ankle and dusted himself off with his left hand since Scoots also paralyzed his right arm. He then grabbed his right arm and looked at her with a smile.

"I see you know about pressure points....you actually paralyzed my ankle and arm without breaking them."

"Ha...yeah, I learned that on my own, when I fought in a lot of fights at my old schools. Yes i said schools, plural."

"Figures...but hey I heard a lot about the fights you were in lately so I thought I see for myself, sorry about the sudden attack..."

"Whatever, man. We're cool."

"I can actually help you learn some new moves, if you want that is...I've had extensive combat training with my father back home, so maybe I can pass some of that knowledge to you...Fun fact is that when we were fighting I was cutting down on what I've learned from my dad, since I just wanted to see how you fought. But If I did use them, I would've literally broke every single bone in your body."

"Okay...what's the catch?"

"Oh right, the catch is that I've lost some papers that I've made to help me remember the moves to a very strong gust of wind...you find a paper and I'll teach you the move that's on it."

"How many are in total?"

"6, so if you find 6 papers you'll learn 6 new moves."

"Alright...I'll get back to you if I find one..."

"Cool, come by the parking lot if you find a paper. Name's Red by the way..."


"Alright, Scootaloo...see ya soon."

Red hopped away on one leg down the stairs as Scoots looked at the shivering Fluttershy. "Sorry you had to see all that, come on."

Fluttershy nodded nervously as Scoots led her to her locker."It's right here..." Fluttershy said, opening it up and grabbing her library books. "Thanks so much Scootaloo." Fluttershy reached into the back pocket of her khakis and took out the bits she owes Scoots. "Here's the money, I can finally tell my mother that not everypony at school is mean..."

Scoots grabbed the bits from Flutters' hand and watched her walk away happily. She then looked at her clock and saw that it was getting close to 6:00. "Welp...time to go back to the dorm..."

Scoots slid down the stair banister and ran out of the building to the girls dorm.

The next day, Scoots got her books and was about to walk out of the dorm when all of a sudden the intercom turned on, and Ms. Luna made an announcement.

Attention all students, Today's speeches for Student Council will be held in the auditorium after school, whoever is running, please hand in your speech paper to the office at this time.

The intercom turned off and Scoots just blinked. "Student Council? Damn, I should've made a speech so I can run for Treasurer...I always got away with stealing bits when I counted them. Oh well, maybe next time..."

Scootaloo then walked out of the dorm and went into the main school building for her art class to, art had always been her favorite subject no matter if she liked school or not, she always liked to draw.

Scootaloo walked into the classroom and sat down at a random desk, letting her art teacher began the lesson, as Scoots began to draw her masterpiece to show to the entire class.

She was also still thinking about who was gonna run for Student Council, more specifically who's running for Student Council President?

Student Council Campaign

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Scootaloo walked out of her art class with an A+ on her picture, she always loved art. Scoots walked the hallway and put her picture inside her locker, and decided to just walk around.

Scoots walked the hallways of the school and something caught her eye when walking, she saw a poster on the wall that had an purple alicorn mare with the same attire as The Egghead clique on it, she actually had the same curved body structure like Fluttershy, on the bottom it said, 'Vote Twilight Sparkle for Student Council President.' and it also had a purple and pink sparkle star cutie mark on it.

"Wow....she must really want to win if she put up a lot of posters..." Scootaloo said to herself.

Scoots kept walking and saw the same mare on the poster when she was about to turn a corner. "I guess that must be her."

She can see Twilight Sparkle hanging up another poster for Student Council. Until she was stopped by two dragons from The Fire Dragons clique.

"Hey there pony, how goes it?" asked one of the dragons.

Twilight looked at them. "Greetings fellow classmates, how goes it?"

"No reason we were just passing by and noticed that you're running for Council President..."

"Yep, that's me." Twilight walked over to her poster. "I feel like I'm the most suitable candidate for this position. But I will congratulate Garble if he wins the presidency."

Scoots arched an eyebrow. "Garble? Who's that?" She shook it off and continued to listen.

"Yeah...here's the thing, Sprinkle...”


"Whatever, We have been told that Garble wants to win...by any means necessary...."

Twilight looked to the left and saw the other dragon walk to her poster and breathed fire on it.

"NO!" Twilight screamed who was running towards him before the dragon who talked to her grabbed her tail and threw her towards the wall.

"Have fun with the speech, pony bitch!" The two dragons then high-fived each other and walked away, laughing.

Scootaloo walked towards Twilight and helped her up. "You alright?"

"Yeah...thanks." The alicorn said, dusting herself off. "You'll vote for me, right?"

"Yeah, No."

Scoots was about to walk away before Twilight called out to her. "What if I pay you?"

Scootaloo turned around. "I'm listening."

"I've always known I was a born leader..."

"Yeah, but unless you can get everypony's vote your never gonna win, cuz the dragons are definitely gonna ruin your speech at the debate after school."

Twilight started to think until an idea popped in her head. "Unless I have a security watchman!" She put her hands together, went on her knees, and began to beg. "Please, Please, Please help me!"

"Ehh...I don't know...security watchmen cost a loooot of bits...." Scootaloo walked away a little.

“I have bits! I can pay you, just pick a number!"

"Okay...I'll help you, for 20 bits."

"Alright, done!”

Scoots smiled and patted Twilight's shoulder. "Good, I'll watch your back while you do your speech."

Twilight grabbed Scoots’ hand and smiled brightly. "Thank you so much."

Scoots dropped her hand and took out her slingshot. "I'll just use this to cover you."

"A slingshot?"

"Yeah, I'll snipe them from a distance."

"I think I have something better and will help more than a normal everyday slingshot..."

Scootaloo arched an eyebrow. "Really, what do you have?"

"Come with me." Twilight beckoned her hand so Scoots could follow her.

The purple alicorn led the delinquent to her locker and she opened it up, taking out something and showing it to Scootaloo.

"This is The Slingshot 2.0." Twilight said, giving it to Scootaloo. Scoots put her normal slingshot in her back pocket and grabbed The Slingshot 2.0 from Twilight and held it in her hand, she was completely amazed.

"It has a pistol grip with a "Stepping" texture on it so it can dig into the hand which prevents slipping if your hands get sweaty or....wet in general, So you don't have to worry about slipping and getting a bad splinter like your old slingshot can give you. I also imported it with a scope so you can aim precisely at your target if you really want to hurt them. It can also shoot up to 10 feet away and one hit in the right place can take a pony straight down. It packs quite a punch."

"Well I'll be damned, Sparkle...." Scoots said, looking through the scope. "I've never used a weapon like this my whole life and the way you explained it...this is clearly for pros..."

"You've never used one of these before because I just made it from scratch, but I haven't tested it yet, so I was thinking that this favor you're doing for me would make a perfect test run." Twilight explained, as Scootaloo stopped aiming and put the 2.0 in her back pocket.

"Cool, so I guess I'll see you later." Scoots said.

"Yeah, I'm counting on you...Uh...what's your name?"


"I'm counting on you Scootaloo, thanks again."

Twilight walked away happily as the orange delinquent watched her and sighed. "Well I guess it's time for the next class..."

Scoots put her school uniform back on after gym class was over and she heard the intercom turn on with Ms. Luna speaking into it.

"Attention all students, it's time for the Student Council debate. We ask that all students report to the auditorium immediately and take their seats. Ponies who are running for Student Council must go to the office to pick up their speech and then go behind the stage with their speech in hand as soon as they enter the auditorium."

"We all wish you good luck to all the ponies running for council."

Scoots sighed and took out her new slingshot, looking down on it with a smile of confidence on her face. "It's time..."

Scootaloo walked into the auditorium and saw every student in the school sitting down in chairs, looking around for a vantage point she can see empty balconies at the top of the auditorium.

Looking around to make sure no one can see her, she slowly walked up the stairs and got to the balcony.

Walking to the balcony fence, she can see the entire auditorium.

"Alright now...I just have to wait till Twilight goes on stage...."

A few minutes later, Twilight cautiously walked on stage with some flashcards in her hands and a smile on her face.

"Greetings everyone." She began. "I'm Twilight Sparkle and I wish for you to pick me for Student Council President..."

Scootaloo took out The Slingshot 2.0, looked in her pocket for a marble and looked through the scope. "Alright here we go..." The orange delinquent looked around the auditorium and saw a dragon about to throw an egg. "Oh no you don't!"

She aimed at the dragon with the scope and fired at the egg in his hand making the sticky insides stain his clothes, "Ah, Dammit..." The dragon said, before Scoots fired at him again, hitting him straight in the nuts. "AH GOD DAMN IT COME ON!" he screamed, dropping to the floor and holding his crotch in pain

The orange delinquent continued to cover Twilight during her speech, shooting multiple dragons who tried to throw eggs at her.

Twilight was beginning to wrap up her speech. "In closing, I sure hope you'll pick me to be Student Council President, I'll make this school great again. Thank you."

The auditorium then roared with claps from everypony inside, including Scootaloo was clapping after putting the slingshot in her back pocket.

After the applause died down, Scoots saw a piece of paper on a seat from the corner of her eye. She walked over and picked it up with an arched eyebrow. She can see 3 drawing of a pony in different fighting positions with numbers next to each one, with the words "Butterfly kick" at the top.

"This must be what Red wanted..." She folded the piece of paper and slipped it in her pocket. "Better get to the parking lot after I talk to Twilight.

Scootaloo crouched and sneaked down the balcony stairs to the back row of seats, as an orange earth pony with a blond mane and a cowboy hat walked on the stage to the microphone stand.

A few hours later, after everypony cleared out of the auditorium, Twilight walked up to Scoots and wrapped her into a hug.

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!" she said, jumping up and down a little, she was very happy.

Scoots patted Twi's back and the two mares broke the hug.

"I can see my invention worked perfectly." Twilight said. "Here's your bits."

Twilight reached into her pocket and put 20 bits in Scootaloo's hand. "You've earned it, my good friend and as a special bonus, you can keep The Slingshot 2.0."

Now it was Scoots’ turn to be happy. "Really, You're serious?!"

"Yep, it's all yours."

"Wow, thank you so much."

"No need to thank me, you've earned it. I'll catch you later, okay?"


Scoots watched Twilight walk away from her, until she called out again. "Hey, Twilight!"

Twilight looked back. "Watch out for The FIre Dragons, you might be on their kill list now..."

"Don't worry I can handle it." Twilight replied, before continuing to walk away.

Scoots put another smile on her face as she raced out of the main doors to the parking lot.

New Move / Nightmare Night

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Scootaloo walked to the school parking lot and saw the red stallion, who was leaning against the wall. He noticed her and stood straight up. "So you find one of my papers?"

"Yeah." replied Scootaloo, taking it out of her pocket and unfolding it. "It's a move called Butterfly Kick..."

"Ah, that's a great move." Red said, taking the paper from Scootaloo's hands. "It was the 2nd move I've learned. Okay...here's how to do it."

Red got into position and looked at the orange delinquent. " Okay so It's called a butterfly kick because at the apex of the kick, all the limbs are extended out from the body similar to the wings of a butterfly stretched out in flight. This kick is a fundamental move that serves as a starting point for more difficult moves like the log roll, or log roll splits."

"First: Face the direction you want your kick to land, The butterfly kick is a rotating movement, so during the kick your head will be facing the opposite direction from your legs."

Red did just that, he beckoned Scoots to back up with his hand. Scoots copied his movements a little bit. "Spread your legs a little bit more." Scoots moved her feet wider. "Alright good. Next: Swing your arms while turning your body."

Both ponies did it together, as Red nodded. "Good, now it's time for the kick, remember Scootaloo you always have to kick behind you when you do it, never the front, pretend like you're doing a cartwheel on an invisible wall. Here let me show you."

Red got into the first position again and did the butterfly kick, professionally.

"Alright, you try."

Scootaloo got into the position and looked at Red with a little bit of worry on her face, Red just nodded once, giving her the go ahead. "Remember, think of it like doing a cartwheel on an invisible wall."

Scoots breathed deep and closed her eyes. To her surprise, she did the kick and landed perfectly. She opened her eyes and looked at Red who smiled. "Nice Job, try again." She got back into position and did the butterfly kick again.

"Alright Scoots, you're a pretty fast learner. Now practice this on your spare time and make sure you land right, otherwise you can break your ankle if you land wrong. Come back here when you find another paper."

"Alright, thanks Red."

Scoots saluted him and went away to her dorm room, she was sweating a lot from that exercise she received from Red.

"I think I should take a shower..."

A few minutes later, Scoots got out of the shower and wrapped herself with a towel. Walking to her room she saw Diamond Tiara laying on her bed. Instead of her school uniform, she wore a pink and white dress with blue shoes. She was dressed like a princess and to be honest it does work since she has a tiara on her head.

"Hey there, Naked Scoots." Diamond said, looking at Scootaloo who held her towel. "I've put a costume on your closet door, go put it on."

The orange delinquent arched an eyebrow, looked over at her closet, and can see her costume hanging on the outside.

Sighing she walked over to her costume, dropped her towel on the floor after drying her mane with it, and began to get dressed.

The orange delinquent pulled the zipper up in the front of her costume and it was revealed to be a Wonderbolt blue and yellow combo rubber jumpsuit with a set of goggles. The jumpsuit she wore covered her entire body, including her hands and hoofs, which was cool but it was also a little uncomfortable, since the suit was hugging her breasts.

Scoots walked over to Diamond who sat up and looked at her. "You look pretty good in that."

"Thanks...but this thing is putting a lot of pressure on my torso..." the orange delinquent replied, shifting the rubber suit around a little.

"Oh, so that's why I can see the full outline of your boobs..."

Scoots grumbled. "Ha ha, very funny..."

"No, I'm serious, I can literally see your nipples poking through." Diamond said, slightly pointing at Scoots’ nipples, which were poking through the rubber.

Scoots rolled her eyes and sighed, crossing her arms over her chest. "Whatever, what's been going on?"

"Well of course you know that today is Nightmare Night." Diamond said. "We got the full night to ourselves, so maybe we can pull off a few pranks..."

Scoots shrugged. "Alright I'm down."

"Cool, come on let's get Sweetie Belle, I got her a really nice costume." Diamond led Scoots out of her room and found Sweetie Belle in the lounge, she was dressed like a little cheeseburger.

"Diamond, why did you have get me a costume?" asked Sweetie.

"It's because I care." Diamond replied.

"But why did you get me a cheeseburger costume?"

"It's because you look deliciously cute, literally I can eat you up."

"That's disgusting..."

"Hey, it's not my fault you make a very cute and delicious cheeseburger."

"Alright, guys can we get on with this?" Scoots said, breaking up their argument.

"Yeah sure come on."

Diamond, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo walked out of the dorm and looked around. Everypony on campus were wearing costumes and they even saw some students throw eggs at each other.

"Alright, so what first?" asked Scootaloo.

"Wanna egg the boys dorm?" asked Diamond, taking out some eggs from a bag she was carrying.

"Yeah sure."

The ponies ran to the boys dorm and began to throw multiple eggs at it, Scoots then looked around and saw Rainbow Blitz near by. Smiling she hucked an egg at him making it crack on impact, covering his Spider-Pony costume in sticky egg insides.

"Why does this keep happening to me?!" he asked out loud, shaking his hands clean from the sticky eggs.

Diamond, Scoots, and Sweetie Belle walked around some more, having students walk up to them to ask if only Scootaloo could help them with their pranks, from stink bombs to an exploding volcano experiment. But she does know that most of the ponies that asked for help just want a closer look at her chest and ass since they're being hugged tightly by a rubber suit. Which doesn't bother her that much, but at the same time it does.

The 3 mares stopped in front of the main building and Diamond had a wicked idea. "Okay guys, how about we plant a very big Stink bomb inside of the teachers lounge."

"How big?" asked Scootaloo.

"VERY big, a stink bomb that can stink up a whole apartment building from top to bottom in just 2 seconds."

"Wow...that is big..."

"Yeah and I got it right here." Diamond reached into her bag and took out the super stink bomb, Scoots can see that Diamond installed a timer on it. "Pretty cool, huh? Let's do this thing."

"I'm not being apart of this anymore." Sweetie suddenly said, slightly waddling away cutely with her cheeseburger costume.

"Whatever, Sweet." Diamond replied, now looking at Scootaloo. "Looks like it's all up to you and me, Let's just do this thing."

Diamond and Scootaloo walked through the back door of the main building and sneaked their way to the teacher's lounge, wearing werewolf masks. Scoots took out her nail file and began to pick the lock as Diamond kept watch. Hearing the click, Scootaloo opened the door slowly and Diamond handed her the bag.

"Just stick it under the desk and begin the timer, it's that easy."

Scoots nodded and walked over to the desk, so she can begin to set up the bomb. She took it out, took off the tape protectors and sticked it right under the desk. "Now all I need to do is set up the timer." she whispered to herself, Scoots took out the timer and pressed the red button. Now she and Diamond have 10 seconds to get out of there.

Scootaloo race walked out of the room and motioned Diamond to get out of the building right now.

Both mares ran out of the building and the bomb went off making just a tiny explosion.

The mares ran inside the girl's dorm and took off their masks, Diamond was really happy. "WHOO we did it!"

"Yeah!" Scoots said, running to the vending machine and took out 2 grape sodas, giving one to Diamond. "We actually pulled it off."

The 2 ponies toasted their soda cans after opening them and took a drink. "So we gonna call it a night?"

"Yeah, I'll see ya in the morning." Diamond told Scoots, finishing up her soda and threw it in the garbage bin. Scootaloo listened and heard the sound of a room door closing.

Scoots finished her soda too and walked into her room, closing the door. She then grabbed the pull tab on her zipper and unzipped her costume, she couldn't help but let out a long sigh, as she finally released her chest from their rubber prison, and she can finally breath normal again.

Taking Down: The Bullies

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Scootaloo walked into the dorm's lounge the next day and sat down on the couch, picking her feet up on a nearby coffee table and turning the TV on.

She started to watch her show, when Diamond came up behind her. "Hey, Scoots come on I've found something amazing!"

Scootaloo looked back at her. "Look...I'm already in too deep with getting in trouble Diamond...I can't get expelled again..." Diamond got in front of the TV and turned it off. "Hey!"

"It's always 'ME, ME, ME, ME' with you...I'm thinking of taking over this school clique by clique, and you are worried about getting into trouble? Jesus, Scoots I didn't know you were a punk-bitch!"

Scootaloo stood up. "Fine, what do you want to show me?"

Diamond walked around the couch. "It's on the other side of campus and don't worry about class, we have the day off."

Scootaloo followed Diamond to the dorm doors and the pale magenta pony opened them, while looking back at the orange delinquent. "Trust me Scoots, After I show you this, things will never be the same..."

"O...kay. Whatever you say Diamond..." Scoots replied, walking out of the door with the earth pony.

Diamond led Scootaloo to the school parking lot and they saw an orange mare, a dark diamond blue mare, and a lime green stallion talking to each other, all 3 of them wore the outfit The Bullies wore, so they must have been members.

Diamond smirked and walked up to the group. "Hey, idiots!"

The group looked back at them with angry looks, The pale magenta earth pony pointed to Scoots. "Scootaloo says she can easily kick your asses!"

Scoots looked at Diamond angrily too. "WHAT?!"

The 3 ponies now looked at the orange pegasus. "Hey, your that bitch that beat up all of our friends!" The stallion yelled.

"Damn right she is!" Diamond continued. "It's time she beat you 3 down too!"

The 3 ponies ran to Scootaloo and attacked her all at once. The stallion tried to punch her stomach but Scoots dodged, elbowed him in the face and pushed him away.

The dark diamond blue mare kicked Scootaloo in the stomach and punched her face. Scoots held her stomach, backed up in pain, and coughed.

The diamond mare prepared to elbow her, but her arm connected with Scoots' hand and got pushed it away. Scoots kicked the mare's right leg and punched her face, knocking her down.

The orange mare came up behind Scootaloo and got her in a choke-hold. Scootaloo gasped as she felt her airway get blocked by the mare's arm, she didn't want to black out so she decides to elbow the mare's ribs over and over. She still kept a firm grip on her throat, Scootaloo's world was beginning to fade away before she decided a last approach, she headbutted the mare in the face.

The mare grunted and loosened her grip a little, giving Scootaloo the ability to pry her off and back kick her in the stomach.

Scootaloo turned around and saw the stallion came back for more, as he ran back to her with his fist out. He swung his fist and she dodged, she countered by uppercutting him. The stallion backed up, holding his chin from pain, as he saw her walk up and punch him rapidly in his stomach. he coughed and wheezed as Scoots stopped and gave one final punch to his face, knocking him down to the parking lot floor, as he coughed up a little bit of spit mixed with some blood.

Scootaloo panted heavily as sweat trickled down her face and she turned to Diamond, who just watched the whole fight with crossed arms.

"Wow Scoots, nice job..." Diamond said, Scootaloo walked up to her.

"Why the hell did you have them attack me?! On top of that you didn't even bother to help me!"

"I just wanted to see your limit, Scoots. Don't take it too seriously, I just wanted to see how 'bad ass' you are."

Scootaloo crossed her arms. "So....?"

"You were pretty good, now let's go to the real place I wanted to show you..." Diamond led Scootaloo down some steps to a door that said 'PHS Employees only'.

Diamond opened the door for Scootaloo. "After you, m'lady."

Scootaloo rolled her eyes and knocked Diamond's tiara from her head. The pale magenta pony picked it up with an angry look which then turned into an evil smile as she followed Scootaloo, who walked inside.

Diamond and Scootaloo dropped down to a huge spacious circle with a little drain in a middle.

"What is this supposed to be?" asked Scoots.

Diamond Tiara circled around her. "This here my good friend is The Hole...this is the place that separates the stallions from the colts, the sinkers from the swimmers and all that bull crap.." Diamond snapped her fingers and lots of ponies ran around the circle around the outside of where the mares stood. They had at least 3 members in each clique, excluding The Bullies.

"What's going on?"

Diamond kept circling her. "I know you hate me Scootaloo...you always have an attitude when i talk to you and I'm sure you talk about me behind my back..."

"What are you talking about?" asked Scootaloo, arching an eyebrow, as Diamond stopped in front of her.

"Don't play innocent with me Scoot, YOU wanna run this school, I want to run this school! Only one of us is gonna make it..."

Diamond walked to a little ladder that led out of the circle and turned back to the delinquent. "AND IT'S GONNA BE ME!!!!!"

Scootaloo watched as Diamond climbed the little ladder. "I don't even want the school!" yelled Scoots.

"Well I do "pal" and I intend to get it, alone...you are just thwarting my plans in achieving it..."

Diamond raised her arms to get everyone's attention. "Ladies and gentlecolts! Bitches and assholes, put your hands together for....Gilda!"

The Bullies' leader climbed down the ladder and stood in front of a surprised Scootaloo as the other cliques' claps and cheers echoed through the basement.

Scootaloo looked back up at Diamond with an angry expression as Diamond just smiled evilly. "Oh, you daughter of a bastard!"

Gilda smiled and cracked her knuckles. "I'm gonna enjoy making you pay for hurting all of my friends..."

Scootaloo looked back at Gilda and got into a fighting stance, as a drop of sweat trickled down her face. "Let's go then..."

Gilda walked up to Scootaloo, still keeping her smile. "So, you gonna throw a punch or what?"

Scootaloo balled her fist tightly and went for a punch but Gilda pushed her fist away and punched Scootaloo in the face. The orange delinquent grunted a little and began to throw a variety of punches towards the white griffin. The griffin still continued to smile as she blocked all the punches Scootaloo managed to throw and countered with a hard gut punch.

"Guh!" Scootaloo grunted, as spit came out of her mouth as she held her stomach and went on her knees.

Gilda's smile then turned into a serious one. "Not much of a fighter aren't ya? *sigh* I knew you'd be a waste of time."

Scootaloo smiled and laughed a little, just as Gilda arched an eyebrow of confusion, Scootaloo chopped at her ankle. Making it crack loudly.

Gilda screamed as she dropped to her hurt ankle and everyone in the room, except Diamond, winced from the sound of the crack.

Scootaloo's legs shook as she slowly stood up and she began to attack again. First she grabbed Gilda's head and kneed her in the face, knocking her down with a thud, she then went on top of her, grabbed her, propped her up to a wall and went wild on her with punches. punch after punch after punch, Gilda kept grunting from the pain Scootaloo was giving her.

Scootaloo didn't care, she just kept beating Gilda's face over and over, as her spit slowly turned into blood. the orange delinquent stopped for a second and to look at her work. Gilda's face was really bruised up, from black and blue cheeks, to a black eye.

Scootaloo looked back at Diamond for a second and saw she was enjoying this, hence the smile on her face. Scootaloo figured it was finally time to put this to an end, she turned back to the bruised Gilda, grabbed her and made her stand up.
The white griffin wobbled from side to side with her eyes looking at the pony who kicked her ass. Scootaloo turned away a little and did the move Red taught her. Scootaloo Butterfly kicked Gilda, which made the white griffin spit out a tooth and fall to the ground in defeat.

The whole circle went silent from what they just witnessed all they could here was Scootaloo's deep pants of tiredness and Gilda's slow breathing, The New Kid just beat THE leader of the bullies.

Scootaloo looked at Diamond with a furious expression as she was drenched in sweat from the battle. "You happy now, sicko?!"

Diamond laughed a little. "Yeah...I love to watch two mares beat the living crap out of each other!"

"Why did you do this to me Diamond? I thought we were friends!"

"Friends? You and me? I'd rather swim in a pool of acid with hungry sharks if I ever considered to be your friend. I'm taking over this school...and you are just a pathetic loser! See ya around bitch!"

Diamond and the rest of the cliques walked out which just left Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle, who also watched the whole fight, Sweetie tried to cheer her up. "Way to go, Scootaloo."

The orange delinquent sighed. "Thanks...you got any water?"

"Yeah..." Sweetie Belle reached into her back pocket and took out a full bottle of cold water. "Here." she threw the bottle at Scoots and she caught it with one hand.

The orange delinquent walked to the downed Gilda and squirted water on her face. Gilda woke up and Scoots helped her sit up.

"Hey, you ok Gilda?" asked Scootaloo wiping a little bit of blood off of the griffin's beak.

She grunted a little and nodded. "Yeah I'm fine...you sure got some moves kid.."

"Thanks, look I'm sorry about hurting your friends but they all started this in the first place. I have a proposition to make....I want you to stop bullying weak students."


"Because, they're a lot of students here who need a beating and your picking on some who don't so I want you to leave me..." She pointed behind her at Sweetie Belle. "and her alone."

Gilda smiled a little. "Alright, Scootaloo....you have my utmost respect...least I can do is make it up to you...now maybe can you take me to the nurse?"

Scootaloo smiled a little. "Yeah, sure." she looked back at Sweetie Belle. "Sweetie Belle, can you help me out?"

The white unicorn nodded and helped the orange pegasus carry Gilda up the ladder and out of the basement to the nurse's office.

Teacher Rivalry

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"After taking down Gilda, I mostly thought my troubles in Ponyville were over...but this place is like an onion...peel off a layer and there's another one beneath..."

Scootaloo walked out of her class and opened her locker to put her books away when a pony called out to her in some kind of German or Austrian accent, Scoots didn't know. "Hey, New Kid."

Scoots leaned back and saw a mare with blue fur, short white mane, and purple glasses. She wore the same attire as The Fashionistas clique and she had a digital camera around her neck. "You're that mare that beat Gilda?"

Scoots closed her locker. "Yeah, what's it to you?"

"Look my good mare, believe it or not but vue actually like to box."

Scoots arched an eyebrow. "Really? I thought you guys were strictly making dresses and fashion shows and all that crap..."

The mare gasped a little bit. "How dare you call fashion crap! We love to make exquisite fabrics and start fashion shows, all of those beautiful dresses and suit colors matching up perfectly and me taking beautiful pictures with my camera." She happily sighed of affection before she quickly cleared her throat. "But believe it or not, we actually like to box in our spare time, you know so we can keep our beautiful figures in shape. So vue bought a gym in Downtown to keep us occupied at the end of the day. I vas wondering if you would want to come down and join us sometime."

"I'll keep that in mind..uh...what's your name?"

The mare held up her hand. "Enough talking, I must go!" She then ran down the nearby school steps, leaving a confused Scootaloo alone.

"That was weird..." the orange delinquent said, putting her backpack on and walking away from her locker.

Scoots walked the hallways of the main building and she suddenly heard some teachers talking in the English classroom, she peaked inside the keyhole to see what was going on, It wasn't just to be nosey, she was just curious. She saw her English teacher, Mr. Shining Armor, sitting down at his desk and the teacher who spoke up to her on her first day, he was a red stallion with a blonde mane. He was actually holding up an obvious liquor bottle that was covered with a paper bag in front of Shining.

"The rules are crystal clear Armor, No alcohol on school grounds!" screamed The stallion in a hard southern accent, placing the bottle on top of the English teacher's desk. "You disgust me, what kind of pony drinks in front of foals!?"

Shining Armor stood up. "A parent!"

"A disgraceful one, yes. But it's about time Ah' get ya sacked!

Shining sucked his teeth and growled. "Do what you want, Macintosh! You always do!"

"Celestia will hear about this, Armor..."

Scootaloo could now hear hoof steps coming towards her, she quickly ran to a nearby wall and leaned against it. When she heard the door open she peeked around the corner and could see Macintosh walk out of Mr. Armor's classroom and went upstairs to the main office.

Scoots went away from the wall and looked inside the classroom, Shining was still drinking, he actually looked a little depressed. The orange delinquent walked into the classroom towards her English teacher. "Mr. Shining, you alright?"

Shining looked at her. "Ah, Scootaloo....yes I'm alright. I'm half drunk and I'm about to get fired...everything is peachy..."

"Well, alright? But you should really put that away..."

Shining took another drink. "I know...but, I'm just under a lot of pressure...I tried everything: meditating, exercising, looking up dirty sites on the internet...but...nothing's better than just drinking your problems away..."

Scootaloo reached over and grabbed the bottle out of her English teacher's hand. "Give me that, let's get rid of these before you get busted."

Mr. Armor smiled a little. "God bless you, Scootaloo-" he reached under his desk and took out 3 more bottles. "Take them to Ms. Cadence, she's the only one who know about my...'Problem'...she'll know what to do with them. I think she's at the parking lot..."

Scoots grabbed the bottles and stuffed them into her backpack. "Alright, don't worry. Ms. Celestia won't find out."

She was about to leave before Shining called he again."Oh and I also lost 3 bottles around the school could you maybe look around them?"

Scootaloo gave him a "are you serious?" look. "Really?"

Shining laughed awkwardly. "Yeah...."

The orange delinquent sighed. "Alright..." she walked out of the classroom and looked around the school for the missing bottles.

After finding the first bottle in the girl's bathroom and the second bottle in the cafeteria kitchen, Scootaloo walked through the hallways with 5 liquor bottles clinking against each other inside her backpack. When she was closing in on the principal's office, she heard Mr. Macintosh talking to Ms. Celestia. She tried to be as casual as possible while walking passed it and slightly listening to the conversation they were having.

"Ah'm telling you, he's drinkin' on the job." said Macintosh.

"Shining Armor has been with me since the school first opened in 2006 and he's been dating my niece for about 3 years now...so it's hard to see him drinking alcohol during his line of duty." Celestia replied.

When the orange pegasus passed the office she looked inside the trophy case right next to it and she saw the last bottle inside it, Scootaloo rolled her eyes and sighed.

"Really?" she asked herself, as she tried to open it, but of course it was locked. "Figures as much..."

She took her nail file out of her back pocket and looked at it with grace. "Lock Picking Mode, don't fail me now..."

She inserted her nail file in the lock very carefully and began to pick it, she also looked around to make sure no one could see her do it. After a few seconds she finally heard a click from the lock, she put her nail file away and slowly opened up the case. She grabbed the bottle from the case and slipped it into her backpack, before she could go...something else caught her eye, it was a folded up piece of paper next to one of the trophies.

She grabbed it, unfolded it, and saw that it was another one of Red's move papers on it it shows a pony standing in a fighting stance and the other pictures shows him picking up his leg while bending it and the last pic shows him kicking high.

Scootaloo read the title and saw that the move was named 'Roundhouse Kick'.

"Alright..." Scoots said, putting the paper into her pocket. "Looks like I'll be seeing Red after this...."

Scoots closed the case and quickly went to the parking lot without getting any suspicion from the prefects or teachers.

Scoots ran to the parking lot and mentally sighed of relief when she saw Ms. Cadence, her art teacher, drinking coffee near the old school bus.

The orange delinquent went up to the pink alicorn and took off her bag. "Ms. Cadence, I-uh...have some things that Mr. Armor needs to get rid of..."

Cadence tilted her head in confusion until it popped in her head. "Ah, OK...show them to me."

The orange delinquent opened her bag and showed the teacher 7 liquor bottles inside. "I think this is all of them."

Cadence sighed, zipped up Scoots' bag and picked it up. "I'm gonna take your bag, if you don't mind...I'll put it in your dorm room when I get rid of the bottles." She then dug into her pocket and took out 10 bits, giving them to Scootaloo. "Take these for your troubles."

Scoots nodded and took the bits. "OK."

She then watched her art teacher walk away with her bag on her shoulder as she slipped the bits into her pocket. "Alright...after Shop class, I'm gonna see what those fashion ponies have to offer..."

Fashion Paradise

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Scootaloo got on her bike that she built in Shop class and went to her dorm to dress in her original outfit (a black open hoodie with a white tank-top inside, some light ripped jeans, clean white sneakers, and purple fingerless gloves that were the same color as her mane). She then got on her bike again and cycled her way to the Downtown Gym that The Fashionistas owned.

Her bike screeched to a stop in front of the building and she looked up at it. She saw a banner on top of the main doors that showed a picture of a mare wearing a sports bra, shorts and boxing gloves, and she was boxing a punching bag. Next to the picture it said "Boxing Gym" in white lettering.

Scootaloo got off of her bike and continued to look up at it. "I guess this must be it..."

She walked into the gym nonchalantly and looked around. She saw punching bags, dumbbells, sports equipment, and even a boxing ring. She even saw more members of The Fashionistas using the equipment or just walking around.

She walked in a little bit and saw a member of the clique walking up to her. The member was a bluish gray stallion with a light bluish gray mane that had a light gray stripe in the middle, and he was also wearing shiny purple aviator glasses along with what looked like a ruby red scarf that was tucked inside his white buttoned up shirt.

"May I help you, madam?" he asked in a some kind of 'upper-class' American accent.

"Yeah...uh, some cameramare with a German accent asked me to come around here..." replied Scootaloo.

"Ah, so you must me Ms. Scootaloo am I right, darling?"

"Just 'Scootaloo' and don't call me 'darling'."

"Yeah, sure...now listen the boss needs your help upstairs...but I doubt she wants to see you when you have-" He looked down at Scoots' outfit. "-that hideous outfit on..."

Scootaloo looked down at the 'hideous' outfit she had on. "What's wrong with the way I'm dressed?"

"Well...I wouldn't call it that hideous...I mean black is definitely your color. I love the mixed black with white, it is exquisite, especially those gloves matching your mane. But maybe put something else on my good mare? Something less um...how do you non-fashion ponies say it....um... like your in the thug life?"

Scootaloo blinked. "OK so what you're saying is...your boss needs my help?" The Fashionista stallion nodded. "And in order for me to see her, I have to wear something else other than the clothes I have now?"

The stallion nodded again. "There's actually a clothes store near the barber shop on Grass St., maybe get something a bit more.....ya know....fashionable."

Scootaloo sighed and walked out of the gym. "I can't believe I have to deal with this bullcrap...."

Scootaloo walked back into the gym wearing a Fashionista Diamond Blue PHS sweater over a tucked in white button down shirt with a yellow and blue striped tie along with her school pants and sneakers, she still kept her gloves on though.

The same stallion walked up to her again with a smile. "Ah, that's better you look radiant Scootaloo."

"This was 30 bits and I feel like a freaking conformist..." Scoots replied.

"Ms. Rarity is upstairs waiting for you. The name is Hoity Toity by the way madam."

Scootaloo rolled her eyes and walked up the stairs next to her.

When Scoots got to the top she opened the doors and saw 3 ponies, 2 ponies were unicorns and one was an earth pony, talking to each other. One unicorn was a white mare with a slight swirly purple mane and tail, the other unicorn was a gray mare with a brown mane and tail, her mane was wrapped in a ponytail and she was wearing glasses, and the earth pony was a yellow mare with a blue mane. The unicorns both wore The Fashionista clique outfit while the earth pony wore a long blue strapless gown that had some colorful gems on it.

The white unicorn looked up at Scootaloo then looked back at the gray mare and spoke with a British-like accent. "Sorry Splice, but I have to handle something with this mare, The dress design is magnificent but maybe just add some extra sapphires and get back to me, OK?"

Splice nodded and beckoned the dressed up earth pony to follow her out of the other set of doors to the right of the room.

The white unicorn which Scootaloo might've guessed was Rarity walked up to her a little. "So, you must be Scootaloo am I right?" The orange pegasus nodded. "Nice diamond blue sweater it looks arrogant on you."

"Thanks...listen, that Hoity Toity stallion said that you needed help with something."

"Ah, yes..." Rarity began to walk around a little. "Now I know that you're aware of Macintosh talking smack about Shining to Ms. Celestia....am I right?"

Scoots nodded, Rarity stopped and looked at her. "So, me and the others are planning a little revenge on Macintosh, That poor dear Shining can have a drink if he bloody hell wants to, so we were thinking about egging his house."

"Really? Cool."

"Yes so we were wondering if you want to tag along, So are you IN my good mare?"

"Hell yeah!"

"Wonderful, now you get some eggs from the market a few blocks away and meet me and the others back at my house on Sapphire Avenue. OK?"

"Why do i have to do it?"

"It's because I need to do some planning on how we can infiltrate the premises and I need my friends to help me, since you aren't my friend you do the stuff that barely anyone cares about. So hurry up darling your wasting fabulous time." As Rarity said that she flicked her right hand over and over at Scootaloo telling her to get out of here.

Scootaloo rolled her eyes and picked up her hands. "Fine..."

Scootaloo walked through the outdoor market and looked around, there were ponies buying all sorts of items from different stands, which ranged from meat, plants, jam, clothing, etc. Scoots finally got to the stand that sold eggs, the pony handling them was a slightly muscular green stallion with a dark blue mane, he looked pretty young, like he was in his early twenties.

Scootaloo got to the front of the line after a few minutes of waiting and the stallion smiled at her. "Welcome" he said. "What can I get you?"

"Oh...I need a carton of eggs."

"Sure." The stallion reached under the stand desk and put the carton of eggs and a bag on top. "That'll be 5 bits, please."

Scootaloo took out the bits and handed them to the stallion, who then gave her the bag with the carton of eggs.

"Thanks." Scoots said.

"Have a good day." The stallion replied as he watched her walk away from his stand and out of the market.

Scootaloo parked her bike at Rarity's house and walked up to her and 3 other members of The Fashionistas. One of the members tapped Rarity's shoulder and pointed to the approaching delinquent.

"You got the eggs Scootaloo?" asked Rarity. '

Scoots took the eggs out of the bag. "Right here." she replied.

"Great, hand them over."

"Here." Scootaloo handed Rarity the carton and the white unicorn smiled.

"Perfection." the white unicorn's smile faded and turned serious. "Now, Scootaloo....did you say I plagiarize other ponies' dress designs in fashion?"

Scoots arched an eyebrow. "What?"

"Because, I've won a ton of fashion rewards for original pieces of delegate dresses when I was just but a young filly."

"Uh, No Rarity I didn't say that. Fashion is not really my taste...so your dress designs are your business."

"Don't lie, Scoot." replied a female voice that Scootaloo was very familiar with.

Looking to the source, Scoots looked at the mare angrily. "Diamond....."

Diamond smiled. "You said that Rarity is a démodé."

The Fashionistas all gasped and looked at Scootaloo who raised an eyebrow. "A what?"

"You also said that all of her friends are squares and are a disgrace to the fashion community." The clique looked at Scootaloo out of intense anger as Diamond smirked evilly.

"Rarity?" The white unicorn looked at the pale magenta earth pony as she pointed at the orange pegasus. "You're not gonna take that kind of crap from this bitch, are you?"

Rarity looked at Scootaloo with pure rage on her face as she passed the eggs to one of the clique members. "Deal with this passé!"

Rarity walked away with a smirking Diamond as Scootaloo got into her fighting stance.

The Getaway

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Scootaloo ran and rolled to the side of Rarity's House, as The Fashionistas started to throw eggs at her. The orange pegasus looked to her right and saw a white pegasus mare running towards her with her fist out, the delinquent grabbed her fist, pushed it away and kicked her in the stomach. The mare grunted as Scootaloo grabbed her, pinned her to a brick wall, and punched her right in the gut really hard. The mare's pupils turned into pinpricks as she spit out saliva on the grass and as the orange pegasus let go of her, she slid down the wall and gripped her stomach in pain.

Scootaloo ran to the back of Rarity's house and jumped her picket fence. Taking out her slingshot, she aimed it ahead of her as she walked slowly through Rarity's backyard. Leaning against the wall she began to sidle and stopped at a corner, sneaking a peek behind the wall, she saw a turquoise stallion with an egg in his hand.

"Alright...I'm not sure if this'll kill him but I hope it doesn't...." Scootaloo whispered to herself.

She began to dig inside her front pocket and took out her firecracker. After Scootaloo got dressed in her ‘conformist’ outfit she managed to go back to her locker and get her firecracker. She took out a lighter and lit the cracker. As it hissed she quickly placed it in the rubberband of her upgraded slingshot and pulled it back, before she fired it at the stallion and it landed right near him.

The stallion looked down at the fire cracker but before he could react it exploded with a loud bang. The stallion screamed bloody murder as his ears rang loudly in his head from the loud bang, every member of The Fashionista clique at Rarity's house looked at the stallion with surprised expressions and they all ran to him as he began to cry and fall to the ground holding his ears.

Scootaloo slipped her slingshot in her back pocket and ran back to the picket fence to jump over it again. She landed in the grass and began to run past the distracted clique when she got to the gate she tried to open it but the gate just clanked over and over, she was locked in.

"Crap..." she whispered. before looking back at the clique, they were still distracted with comforting the downed, now slightly deaf, crying stallion.

Scootaloo looked around the gate but couldn't find a key of some sort, but there wasn't anything like that nearby. She then remembered the mare she beat up earlier and sneakily ran over to her. She looked at her up against the wall holding her stomach and saw fresh tears down her face, Scoots got down on one knee and began to search the mare's pocket for a key and sure enough she felt one.

She slipped her hand out of the mare's pocket and held the key in her hand before putting it in her own pocket, She then began to slowly walk back to the locked gate.

"THERE SHE IS!!!!" yelled a Fashionista member, every clique member looked at the orange pegasus who looked at the ponies with widen eyes before she ran to the gate lock.

Most of The Fashionista members stood up, while some stayed with the stallion, and ran after Scootaloo with eggs in their hands. The orange delinquent took out the key and quickly unlocked the gate, but when she opened them she was met with an 3 eggs to the back and head.

"Gah! Damn it!" Scoots screamed before she opened the gate and ran out of Rarity's property with like 5 members of The Fashionistas following suit.

Scootaloo jumped on her bike that was nearby and was about to cycle away before some kind of force wouldn't let her move her body or bike. She moved her eyes around and saw she was surrounded by a light green magic aura, she then began straining to move her head and when she finally looked back, she could see that now the members are slowly walking to her and on close perspective she can see a white stallion with a blond and beautiful mane and tail was the one who stopped her and her bike from moving.

Scootaloo growled and began to fight the force as she slowly moved her hand into her pocket and took out a small light green circular grenade in her hand, slowly pulled the pin, and she managed to throw the grenade into the white stallion's hand when The Fashionista's managed to be right behind her bike. When the grenade landed in his hands the stallion and The Fashionistas all tilted their heads in confusion, before it exploded with a loud bang and everyone was covered in splashes of green liquid paint.

Every member of The Fashionistas screamed and cried as they all began yelling different things.

As they were having this 'crisis', the stallion let go of Scootaloo and she quickly cycled away from the ponies who were too busy complaining to even care about Scootaloo anymore.

The orange delinquent finally got back to the academy and her bike screeched to a stop in front of the girls dorm. Scootaloo panted heavily and ran inside the dorm, she got into her room and looked at herself in the mirror. She had some green paint on her diamond blue sweater and school pants but not that much, she was just caught in the crossfire, egg yolk dripped down her back and was dripping onto the floor, not to mention she was covered in sweat from all the running, fighting, and biking, she had to do to get away from The Fashionistas.

Scootaloo lifted her arm and took a whiff of her scent under her armpit before she whipped her head away from it. "Jesus Christ! I definitely need a shower!"

Some Real Egging

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After showering and putting her original clothes back on, Scootaloo got back on her bike and rode her way back Downtown. When she passed by the outside market, she saw Gilda talking to the stallion that sold the orange delinquent the eggs. Her bike screeched to a stop by the market entrance and she made her way to the different creatures talking, when she got closer she can see that Gilda was getting angry at the stallion that she grabbed his apron along with his shirt and picked him up a little making him go on the tip of his hooves.

Scoots picked up her walking speed and stopped next to them. "Gilda, what are you doing?!"

Gilda looked at Scootaloo while still holding the stallion. "This asshole called me a bitch!"

The stallion stuttered and started to cry a little. "I-I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Please don't kill me-he-hee!"

"Gilda, let him go." Scootaloo said.

Gilda looked at Scootaloo and sighed, she dropped the stallion who grabbed the stand's counter a little to regain his balance.

"Jesus, that girl is strong!" said the stallion who went next to Scoots and looked at her. "Oh wait, you're the pegasus who bought the eggs from me...how did it go?"

"Not what I was hoping" Scoots replied. "I've actually learned something, don't trust fashionistas..."

"Fashionistas? Oh you mean Rarity's gang?" asked the stallion, Scootaloo nodded.

"Ya know, I heard from my dad that her parents are inviting him to a party at the country club this afternoon, So if I was you you can take this time for a little payback."

Scootaloo looked away a little and started to think. "I have an idea, but I'm gonna need some more eggs..."

"Sure thing." The stallion walked back to his stand and placed an egg carton on the counter.

Scootaloo paid for the eggs and got Gilda's attention. "C'mon Gilda, we got some fancy ponies to beat up."

Scootaloo and Gilda's bikes both screeched to a stop as they were in front of Rarity's house,

When both girls got off of their bikes, Scootaloo gave Gilda a white hockey mask and gave herself the werewolf mask she used from Diamond's little heist. Both girls went onto the unicorn's property as Scootaloo took the eggs out of her bag and looked at Rarity's house with an evil grin under her mask.

She passed some eggs to Gilda and both girls began to throw eggs at Rarity's house, egg after egg the girls threw them outside the house and even chucking it in the windows just to get it inside the house.

As they continued to throw the eggs, a green mare saw them. "Hey!"

Both girls looked at the member and Gilda threw an egg at the Fashionista member, the mare shook some egg off of her and ran to the girls with her fist out.

Scootaloo quickly passed the eggs to Gilda. "Keep going, I'll handle her."

Scootaloo grabbed the mare's fist when she got close enough and punched her in the gut. The mare wheezed but got out of it fast and punched Scootaloo in the face.

When the orange pegasus backed up, the green mare grabbed Scootaloo's shirt, ran to the nearby wall, and slammed her into it. Just when the green mare was about to take off her mask, Scootaloo grabbed her hand and punched her face.

The mare let go and now its Scootaloo's turn to grab her shirt and slam her into a wall. The pegasus let go and just into town on her, punch after punch from her face to her chest and to her stomach.

The mare grunted and grunted as Scootaloo finally stopped and threw her on to the grass, slamming her foot down on her back.

The orange pegasus breathed heavily and looked at the downed mare, she lifted her mask a little and spit on the green mare's knocked out phase. After she covered her muzzle again, she looked at Gilda and saw that she threw the final egg at Rarity's house.

Scootaloo walked over to her and tapped her on the shoulder "Come on we got to get out of here, before somepony else sees us."

Gilda nodded and both girls got back on their bikes and cycled away fast.

Scootaloo and Gilda got back to the girl's dorm and quickly went inside the orange pegasi's room. They finally took off their masks and both girls panted heavily from how fast they cycled away from the house.

Scootaloo sat down on her bed and looked up at GIlda with a smile. "Thanks for giving me a hand, Gilda. We definitely taught those assholes a lesson not to mess with us."

"Hey no problem Scoots. I'm Happy to help." replied Gilda. "If those Fashionista bastards hurt my friends they answer to my fist in their face."

Scootaloo chuckled and nodded. "Alright. Alright, I'll see you around, Gilda"

Both girls fist-bumped and the white griffon walked out of Scootaloo's room.

Rarity walked on the pathway to her house with some grocery bags in her arms, when she got in front of her gate she saw 5 members of her cliques in front of her.

Rarity arched an eyebrow. "What's going on darlings?"

The Fashionista members all looked down and showed Rarity her egged house. The white unicorn gasped and dropped her bags, she ran up to her house and looked at it from top to bottom where she was standing, there were eggs on every part of the wall, her windows and even her front door. She then ran inside and saw that some things were even egged inside, there were on the couch, the television, on a lamp, and even on the glass casing that kept all of her fashion show trophies from over the years and one even landed on the first trophy she ever received.

Rarity went on all floors and cried her eyes out, not caring that her makeup was getting ruined. One of the clique members walked up to her and began to rub her back for comfort.

Rarity slowly looked up with a look of pure rage on her face and spoke with a growl.

"I'm gonna do something that bitch Scootaloo will never forget!"

The Attack

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Scootaloo walked outside after her classes and went inside the girls dorm, she put her bag down and saw that Sweetie Belle was sitting on the couch watching TV by herself. She walked over to her and leaned on the couch near her.

"Hey Sweetie Belle, you alright?" asked Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle slightly looked back.

"Hey, Scoot." She replied looking back. "I guess you wanna kill Diamond now that she motivated my sister's gang to throw eggs at you..."

"Diamond is gonna get what's coming to her...that bitch screwed me for the last time..." Sweetie gave out a weak laugh before she got back to feeling sad. "What's wrong, why are you watching TV by yourself like a loser?"

Sweetie Belle sighed and stood up, looking at Scoots. "Well, once I had great friends....You and Diamond. Yeah, Diamond's a snake and...well your psychotic."

Scoots smiled a little. "Aw c'mon."

"You both were kind of assholes to me but at least I had ponies talking to me and now I'm out on my own again." Sweetie sat back down and sighed again. "Now, I'm too cute to be weird and I'm too weird to be anything else..."

"Hey don't sweat it, you'll be fine." Scoots said, rubbing Sweetie Belle's mane a little. "At least you're not like me. Otherwise you'll have a lot of enemies who would want to kick your ass than be friends with ya..."

"Yeah, that's true." The little white unicorn replied, feeling a little better.

"Anyway I'll catch you later." Scoots smacked the couch two times and stood up so she can walk to her room.

When she opened her room door she saw a that were wardrobe closet was gone. "Huh? What the hell?" Scootaloo walked back into the lounge back to Sweetie Belle. "Sweetie do you know where my wardrobe closet is?"

Sweetie arched an eyebrow. "Your wardrobe closet? What would I be doing with your closet?"

Scoots shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know, it's gone..."

"Maybe someone threw it out behind the dorm?" asked Sweetie.

"I don't know...come with me."

Scootaloo and Sweetie walked outside of the dorm and went around to the back and there was Scootaloo's wardrobe with Rarity and three Fashionista stallions with cricket bats.

"Hey, What the hell are you fashion freaks doing with my closet?!" asked Scootaloo, Rarity walked up.

"You don't have any idea what you just did to my house?!" asked Rarity looking at the orange delinquent straight in the eyes. "You ruined the 1st ever trophy I won at my first fashion show, I was only 4 when I won that!"

"So you stole my wardrobe filled with my clothes?" asked Scoots. "That's a weird thing to do for revenge..."

Rarity gave an insane smile. "Oh, you haven't seen nothing yet!" She reached into her back pocket and took out a small box of matches and took one out.

Scootaloo caught on to what she was about to do as she walked near her wardrobe. "Don't you dare! I will kick your ass!" The mare lit the match and drew it close to Scoot's closet. "DON'T YOU DO IT, YOU FASHIONISTA BITCH!"

"Sis, stop! This is crazy, even for you!" yelled Sweetie Belle.

Rarity motioned her clique members to back up from the closet and once they were Rarity threw the match and set her whole wardrobe on fire, since it was wooden the whole thing caught flame immediately.

Scoots and Sweetie Belle watched with pinprick pupils as they saw the closet along with all of Scootaloo's clothes burned down right in front of their eyes as Rarity began to laugh crazily.

As soon as the flames died down and the closet was now just ashes, Scootaloo screamed with pure rage. "YOU BITCH! YOU WON'T GETAWAY WITH THIS!"

Rarity continued to smile. "I just did, deal with her boys! See you at home, Sweetie Belle." The 3 Fashionista stallions ran at the two mares as Rarity conjured her magic and disappeared.

"Sweetie go inside!" yelled Scootaloo, The little white unicorn obliged and ran back inside the girls dorm as Scoots got into her fighting stance.

All 3 stallions charged at her and swung their paddles before it hit though, Scootaloo did a back flip and managed to kick the green stallion in the jaw, knocking him to the ground.

She landed on her feet and then an orange stallion ran at her, she managed to dodge his swing attack with a duck but the stallion kicked her in the chest and she went down.

He swung the paddle down and she managed to roll away and get up, Scoots then punched the stallion's face and grab the paddle right out of his hand, she then planted the paddle to his head which knocked him to the floor completely knocked out.

The third stallion was just about to hit her in the back of the head but she swung the paddle and managed to hit him square in the face, spitting out some saliva and a little blood, he hit the ground also completely knocked out.

The first stallion got up with a really bloody lip and managed to surprise Scootaloo's with a swift face punch. She fell onto the concrete ground and just when she was about to get up, the stallion went on top of her and grabbed her throat with a strong grip, choking her.

The pegasus began to choke as she reached for the stallion's face and planted two of her fingers to his eyes, The stallion screamed in pain a little and closed his eyes before quickly opening them, his eyes were now a bloodshot red with tears. He put some more strength in the hold, which caused Scootaloo to give out a large gargle.

Scootaloo began to slowly squirm as her world was slowly blacking out, the stallion began smiling victoriously and he began to whisper. "Shh Shh, it's OK, it's OK, it's almost over, It's almost over."

Just when Scootaloo was slowly about to black out she heard a metal clang and saw that the stallion was slowly letting go of her. Which caused her to fully open her eyes and saw that the stallion suddenly had blood coming down his head and onto his face, He then fell down to the side and just laid there next to her.

Scootaloo slowly looked up and saw a stallion with black gloves, a black cloak with a hood over his head and he was holding a crowbar that was resting on his shoulder, he also wore dark blue school khakis, and black dress shoes.

Scootaloo slowly backed up, a little scared until the stallion dropped his crowbar with a clang and pulled his hood back revealing his face.

"Red..." Scootaloo said with a smile. "You saved my life!"

New Move 2 & 3 / The Plan

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Red walked over to Scootaloo and helped her on her hooves, she was still holding her neck and coughing after that stallion nearly tried to knock her out with choking her.

Red patted her back to help her cough out better. "You alright?"

Scoots breathed a little more. "Y-yeah..."

"I saw some interesting fighting going on here, but you apparently got bested by a choke hold." Red explained. "If it wasn't for me, you would've passed out or worse, killed."

Scootaloo dropped her hand from her throat and looked at the stallion that Red took down. "Is he gonna be OK? Because that's a lot of blood coming from his head."

Red looked down at the stallion too and he just swatted his hand down. "He's fine, he'll just have slight amnesia as well as talk funny for a long time."

Scootaloo nodded a little nervously. "Ah...alright..."

Red looked at Scootaloo and walked slowly to her. "Ya know I think you're gonna need some training...You can fight well, but those choke holes are definitely a flaw you have."

"Well..." Scoots started, taking out the paper she found. "I found another one of your papers, something about a Roundhouse Kick."

Red took the paper out of Scootaloo's hand and nodded. "Alright, that's an excellent move, come on let's go to the lot."

At the school parking lot, Red stood in front of Scootaloo and began to explain the new move. "A Roundhouse Kick is a special kick that my father taught me for my fourth move. It can actually take some serious practice to perfect the move, especially if you plan on using specialized kick techniques. So just be patient and devote plenty of time to your practice and soon you'll be delivering high-flying kicks like a serious pro."

Red backed up a little, faced his body away from Scootaloo, and got into his fighting stance.

"First lets practice executing the kick. The most important thing to do for this move is to keep your arms raised and get ready to attack and block. Make sure you get in the habit of keeping your hands up before and after you make your kick. When you do eventually need to use your moves in a fight, having your hands up by default will make you less vulnerable to your opponent's attacks and make it much easier to respond to the attacks they do make with your own."

Scootaloo copied Red's fighting position as he looked at her progress.

"Good, now the next step is to bring your leg up and to the side." Red lifted his leg to the side balancing perfectly. "As you raise your rear leg for the kick, bend it back upon itself so that the back of the calf is almost touching the thigh. Bring the bent leg up so that the knee is pointing out to the side, at this point, the muscle in the leg is bunched up and the lower leg is "chambered", ready to deliver a quick and crushing kick."

Scootaloo lifted her leg but she was wobbling just a little.

"Alright, Now we're gonna snap our legs forward and pivot on our other foot." Red did the kick and pivoted back to his guard position. "Pivot on your lower foot, turning your body so that your kicking leg moves toward your target. As you do this, extend the leg in a sudden but smooth motion, "snapping" it forward. You should make contact with the target before your leg is fully extended. In other words, your knee should still be somewhat bent when your leg hits the target — this delivers maximum power."

Scootaloo did the final step slowly.

"Good, now if you want you can try to hit your target with the top of your foot, the ball of your foot, or your instep for more damage. You can even hit them with your shin, It would really hurt your target a lot, but it's also very painful for you as well....Now after that kick you have to return to your stance after that, just to make sure you won't fall."

Scootaloo nodded and did just that.

"Great, now let's do it a little faster, watch me."

Red got into his stance and delivered a professional Roundhouse kick. "Now let's see you do it Scootaloo."

The orange pegasus began to sweat of nervousness as she got into the stance Red told her to get into and delivered an amateur Roundhouse kick.

"Alright. Alright. That's good, do it again."

Scootaloo did another one.

"Alright, you did great but the only problem you have is to keep your balance, Learn to keep your balance and you'll see your kick improving a lot."

"Alright, thanks Red." Scootaloo said.

"We're not done yet Scootaloo I just happen to find one of my papers and it just so happens to be the move that you definitely need to learn too." Red took out a paper from his pocket and showed it to Scootaloo.

The orange pegasus took it and saw that it said, 'How to Break out of choke holds.' "Awesome, now I won't let that accident happen again."

Red nodded and took the paper back from her. "Yep, now lets go."

"Now, there are two types of standing choke holds, a side choke hold and a back choke hold." Red explained. "So when in a Side choke hold, turn into your opponent’s body so your airway is no longer constricted. That will allow you to breathe so you can escape the headlock."

Scootaloo nodded and continued to listen.

"Next, you have to stun your opponent, if your attacker is a stallion use your hand closest to the front of your attacker’s body to strike his nuts. Also try to strike your opponent in the gut or ribs with your elbow. Striking your attacker in the gut and ribs works for both stallion and mare attackers. There are other things you should know for this step:

1) make sure to keep your outside hand free to attack his testicles, or to protect your face if your attacker tries to hit you.

2) If it's a life-or-death situation, biting is totally on the table and it is an excellent way to injure an attacker if he is not set up properly.

3) Be aware that if he has you in a proper choke hold (elbow joint is aligned vertically with your esophagus, and his choking-arm hand is on his opposite bicep, with his opposite hand on the base of your skull), attempting to bite will give him an easy chance to pull your neck towards him, rendering you unconsciousness.

You got all that?"

Scootaloo nodded.

"Alright, Next you need to reach to your attacker’s head. Use your outer arm to reach around and up to your attacker’s face. If this is a life-or-death situation, use your fingers to try and gouge her eyes, reach underneath her nose with your hand or fingers to pull her head back, or reach underneath her chin with your hand to pull her head back. Keep your other hand on the arm or hand that was head-locking you....Another side note: The body has to follow the head. That is why pulling her head back will render her unbalanced."

"Next step is to stand up and attack. As you pull back your attacker’s head, stand straight up to disarm him even more (his back will be curved). Use the hand that was holding onto his head-locking hand and arm to attack him again in the ribs or groin and push him away from you....And if you think you can't beat them that will give you time to run and escape"

"Here I'll show you, put me into a side choke hold."

Scootaloo walked up and put Red into a side choke hold, but making sure not to actually choke him. "Alright, so I can use my free hand to knock you in the ribs or the gut, since you're a mare."

"I reach for your face and push it back, which will make you loose your balance and make me escaping easier."

"Now let's discuss how to escape a rear choke hold."

"First things First for escaping this choke hold." Red explained. "Is to protect your airway."

"Turn your head toward the side from which your attacker is choking you. This will ensure that your airway doesn’t get cut off. Use your hands to grab onto your attacker’s arm, with your fingers on the inside of her arm, near your chin."

"Next is to tuck your chin. Raise or shrug your shoulders so you create a space where you can tuck your chin down to your body and get your fingers into the space between his arm and your chin. Aim to tuck your chin into the crook of his elbow; that is where there will be the most wiggle room. Sink down in his hold by bending your knees a little. it would make it more difficult for your attacker to lock his arm onto your neck."

"Next, you have to step back. On the side that your attacker is choking you, step your foot back behind her foot to lock in her leg, Don’t arch your back backwards. Instead, keep your back curved forward. If you lean back, you render yourself defenseless with no balance and Don't step out to the side, but back, behind her foot so your legs are calf-to-calf."

"And finally, Turn out and throw him down. Bend your knees and turn 180° toward your stepped foot. Your hands should still be on his arm, in between your chin and his arm. Once out of the headlock, pull diagonally across your body to throw your attacker to the ground. Make sure to keep your opposite foot strong so you can use it to trip your opponent as you throw him to the ground across your body."

"Alright, now put me into a rear choke hole, and i want you to try and actually choke me."

Scootaloo ran up behind Red and put him in a rear choke hold.

As Red was choking he did all the instructions he said and he manage to trip the orange pegasus and slam her to the parking lot ground.

"See what I just did?" asked Red.

Scootaloo was dumbfounded as Red picked her off of the ground and also dusting her off a little. "Now, it's my turn."

In one quick motion, Red went behind Scootaloo and put her into a rear choke hold. Which he was actually choking her.

She grabbed Red's arm as it went deeper in her neck. "Come on, Scoots show me what you've learned unless you want to die from strangulation!"

Scootaloo began to form tears in her eyes and she did all the moves that Red taught her, tripping him and actually slamming him to the ground.

Red looked at her from the ground and smiled as she was desperately gasping for air. "Alright, Scootaloo!"

Scoots nodded a little and finally calmed down her coughing. "Alright, thanks for helping me Red."

"No problem, happy to help."

Scootaloo smiled a little. "But, how do I beat those Fashionistas into submission?"

Red started to think a little. "Hm...Well, what have you tried so far?"

Scootaloo held up her hand and began to count what she's done to the Fashionistas. "Random Violence, Vandalism, Widespread Destruction, and Gratuitous Sadism."

Red shook his head. "I'm not gonna ask about that last one.....but what you said would never work, The Fashionistas feed on revenge when someone does something bad to them...what you gotta do is you need to prove that you're better than their best pony, maybe you should try boxing Photo Finish..."

"Photo Finish?" asked Scootaloo.

The red stallion nodded. "Yeah, that German accent pony with the camera around her neck?"

"Her? She's the better boxer?"

"Yep, a 5 year champion."

"Wow...maybe I could use that to my advantage..." Scootaloo started to think. "Not bad Red. Not bad. I'll see ya later."

Scoots than began to run to the girl's dorm to get her bike as Red called out to her.

"Kick their asses, Scootaloo!"

Taking Down: The Fashionistas

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Scootaloo got on her bike and saw Sweetie Belle nearby, she decided to get her attention. "Hey, Sweetie!"

The little green eyed unicorn looked at her. "Yeah?"

"I think I need a little help with what I'm about to do to those Fashionistas."

Sweetie Belle stood up. "What are you gonna do to them, now?"

Scootaloo gave a confident smile and stood up straight on her bike. "I'm about to box that Photo Finish mare."

The unicorn gave a surprise look. "What, Scootaloo are you crazy?! That mare is a 5 year champion boxer! It's a death wish to humiliation if you fight her!"

The pegasus didn't drop her smile. "I'm well aware, but Red said that's my best bet to take down those assholes."

"Red? Redospine?" Sweetie asked hesitantly, Scoots nodded. "I'd be a little cautious around him if I was you...he has a complicated past..."

Scoots arched an eyebrow for a second before shaking her head. "Whatever, that's not important right now. Can you tag a long and be like...my buddy in the sidelines?"

"Um...I don't know anything about fighting..."

"You don't have to do anything really, you just stay in the sidelines and cool me off after every round."

"Oh...OK I can do that, wait here I'm gonna get a squirt bottle and a towel."

Sweetie Belle went up the stairs and went inside the girls dorm while Scootaloo waited outside for her.

"It's time Rarity..." she said to herself.

Scootaloo cycled her way to the boxing gym with Sweetie Belle on the back pegs. When they got there, they made their way inside and saw Photo Finish with 3 other members of the clique, Scootaloo smirked a little and walked up to them with Sweetie Belle hiding behind her a little. The Fashionistas took notice and they all glared at them.

The white blond stallion who stopped Scootaloo's bike from Rarity's house walked up. "You have some nerve showing your face around here, square!"

Scootaloo looked at him with a frown. "My name is Scootaloo, jackass." The unicorn fumed with anger as the pegasus looked at the mare wearing a camera around her neck. "And I want to speak with Photo Finish."

The blue mare smiled and walked up as the stallion walked back to his friends. "Jeah, vat is it?"

Scootaloo smirked a little. "You and me in the formal art of boxing."

Photo scoffed. "Jou actually think you can beat me? I vas practically raised in that boxing ring."

"You're practically looking at the mare who will end your winning streak once and for all, so how bout' it?"

"Fine..." Photo Finish walked up to Scootaloo and looked at her straight in the eyes with a confident smile. "But after this....jou vill lick my lens cap clean."

Both mares continued to stare at each other with wide smirks until they both walked away from each other to get ready for the big match.

Scootaloo and Photo Finish both wore sports bras and boxing trunks, Scootaloo's was purple and Photo's was white, they both got in the boxing ring and put on their pairs of red boxing gloves.

They each sat in stools at opposite ends of the ring and the rest of the clique members, excluding Rarity, were in the audience.

Before the bell was about to ring, Sweetie Belle stood with Scootaloo and was giving her a shoulder massage.

"You can do it Scootaloo...take her down so we can get out of here..." Sweetie said as Scootaloo replied with a nod and stood up after Sweetie Belle put a mouth guard in her mouth.

The loud boxing bell rang and the two mares closed in on each other in the middle of the ring, not taking their eyes off of each other.

Scootaloo went for the first move, she threw her fist at Photo Finish but she easily dodged and punched Scoots hard in the stomach.

The orange pegasus stumbled back a little and threw a variety of punches, which were all guarded by Photo. Scootaloo then made an uppercut which broke Photo's guard and she managed so throw a few punches into her face. The blue mare blocked on of Scoots' punches and retaliated with 3 punches to the pegasus's face.

The 1st round ending bell rang and the fighters walked back to their sides. Scootaloo walked to Sweetie Belle with a black eye and a bruised left cheek. She sat down on the stool and Sweetie Belle picked up the water bottle, squirting some water into Scoots' mouth.

"You alright, Scoots?" She asked.

Scootaloo panted a little. "Never better..."

"You did a good job, so you ready for the 2nd round?" Scoots nodded and stood up after the 2nd Round bell rang.

Scootaloo and Photo Finish walked to the middle of the ring and fought again. The orange pegasus delivered a few punches to Photo's stomach and face, Photo returned with a variety of punches to Scoot's face and stomach. Both mares were grunting from delivering punches and getting hit with punches.

The 2nd round ending bell rang and the fighters walked back to their sides again. Scootaloo was now panting and was sweating a lot, she also happened to have some blood on her mouth, Sweetie Belle took the towel she bought and wiped the blood off of Scoots' mouth and the sweat off of her forehead while also giving her some more water.

The white unicorn put the bottle down and gave Scootaloo another shoulder massage. "Scootaloo this is the last round you have to end it here and now!"

Scoots nodded and stood up after the 3rd Round bell rang.

'OK...' She thought. ' The first two rounds were kind of basically copies...I have to end this right now. Let me try to corner her...'

Just as she planned, Scoots dodged an upcoming punch from Photo Finish and then she began to throw a lot of punches at her. Photo Finish blocked every punch and began to move back as Scootaloo moves forward, just when Photo noticed she hit the ropes, Scoots uppercutted Photo making her come out of her blocking position.

The orange pegasus then went to town on Photo Finish, punching her a lot in the face and stomach, The blue mare grunted with each punch and was slowly sliding down the ropes as Scoots kept on going. Droplets of sweat, blood, and spit flew everywhere and landed on the ring's floor.

Scootaloo finally stopped and saw that Photo Finish laid on the floor with a bloody nose and a black eye. She didn't bother to get up, she just laid there groaning in pain.

The orange pegasus gave a confident smile and yelled out to all The Fashionista's in the Gym. "Who's the baddest? ME!, Who's the strongest? ME!, Who's the badass?! ME!, YEAH THAT'S RIGHT, ME, SCOOTALOO! REMEMBER THE NAME OF THE CHAMPION! NUMBER FRICKEN 1!"

Rarity walked down the stairs and wondered where the shouting was coming from and she saw a happy and cheering Scootaloo in the boxing ring with a beaten up, now ex-champion, Photo Finish.

"What's going on? What's she doing here?!" asked Rarity, a green unicorn mare decided to explain.

"That bitch is a complete psycho. She took down Photo Finish, Rarity. She's our new boxing champion." the mare explained.

Rarity looked at the mare angrily. "What?!"

The green mare pointed at Scootaloo. "She broke Photo Finish's 5 year winning streak, which makes her our new champion."

Rarity growled a little and walked to Photo Finish who was slightly shaking from the pain on the ring floor. "You disgust me!" Photo Finish groaned a little and dropped her head, completely knocked out.

Scootaloo dropped from the ring and looked at the ponies with a smirk. "So, fashionista freaks, I think it would be best to surrender now, seeing as how I just beat up your best boxer. So what do ya say, are we going to do this the easy way?" She cracked her knuckles. "Or the 'Me kicking your asses' way?"

Rarity smirked a little too. "You think that beating up our boxing champion, would advise us to surrender? Well it doesn't my little passé friend...that was only the beginning, the real battle has just begun."

"Heh, alright..." Scootaloo got into her fighting position. "Ass kicking it is then..."

Rarity looked at Scootaloo with a cross look and snapped her fingers. "You guys rough her up a little."

The white unicorn then ran past the group and took 3 ponies with her, leaving 5 to fight Scootaloo. The ponies all ran to Scootaloo at once and she got up on the outer part of the boxing ring. She gripped one of the rope holders and managed to kick 3 of them in the face. She dropped down and ran to one of the ponies with her fist out.

One of the ponies she missed was a yellow earth pony. The mare grabbed her fist, pushed it out of the way, and kicked the side of Scootaloo's leg. The pegasus grunted and responded with a mane grab and 2 punches to the face. She let go of the mare and elbowed her face, finally knocking her down.

The pony that she also missed was a red unicorn. She ran up and gave him a punch to the face, knocking him down, the stallion got up and managed to punch the pegasus's face and knee her in the stomach.

The mare got up and kicked the stallion in the nuts. The stallion went wide eyed and dropped down to his knees with his hands covering his crotch. The pegasus walked up and swung her leg, making her foot smack the stallion straight in the face, knocking him down.

Scootaloo then noticed that the 3 ponies she kicked when on the rope holders were slowly getting up. The pegasus acted fast, as she grabbed a nearby paddle on the wall and wacked them in the face all at once, finally knocking them out.

The pegasus panted heavily and dropped the paddle on the floor. She began to look around the room for Sweetie Belle before she heard some grunting and groaning from Sweetie and a stallion from the other side of the boxing ring.

Scootaloo arched an eyebrow and walked around the ring to see Sweetie Belle slamming her foot down on a stallion who's nose was bleeding.

Scootaloo smirked a little and ran to Sweetie Belle, taking her away from the groaning stallion she beat all by herself.

"Alright. Alright, Sweetie Belle, he's down." Scoots said calming the little white unicorn down.

After calming down, Sweetie Belle smiled. "That was amazing, I never felt so alive."

"Yeah, that's good. Remember that feeling and no one will screw with you." Scootaloo encouraged. "But I want you to get out of here, leave Rarity to me."

Sweetie Belle nodded and handed Scootaloo the water bottle. "Alright, good luck."

Scoots watched as Sweetie Belle ran out of the gym door, leaving her alone. The pegasus drank the last bit of water from the bottle and threw it on the ground.

"Alright...time to end this." she said to herself.

Scootaloo burst through the upstairs room door and when she saw Rarity she was met with a paddle hitting her back.

Scoots grunted in pain and hit the floor, looking up she saw Rarity and the 3 stallions with paddles looming over her. Rarity had a wine glass full of cider in her hand.

"Well. Well. Well. If it isn't Scootaloo..." Rarity said. "it seems that you've beaten my colleagues downstairs...but I should warn you, these 3 ponies are my best fighters and fighting me would be the last thing you want...so let me make this easy for you..."

Rarity drank the last of her cider and walked to the bar in the corner of the room to place her glass down on the counter. "Leave now...and me and my friends would leave you alone for the rest of the school year."

Rarity walked back and place her foot on Scootaloo's head, keeping it down. "What do you say, darling?"

Scootaloo winced on the floor and her response was grabbing Rarity's ankle and making her trip onto the ground.

The orange pegasus stood up with anger. "In your dreams!"

Rarity growled from the floor. "GET HER!!!"

The three stallions ran at Scootaloo with their wooden paddles and swung them at her. Scootaloo back flipped and grabbed a nearby fire extinguisher and sprayed the white chemicals into the stallion's faces which made them cough.

When the white cloud disappeared the stallion's couldn't react quick enough when Scootaloo slammed the fire extinguisher into each of their faces.

All three stallions dropped to the floor and they all dropped their wooden paddles. Scootaloo stared at Rarity with an angry look as she threw the extinguisher down and picked up one of the stallion's paddles.

"It's over, Rarity!" yelled Scootaloo walking up to her as Rarity backed up, a little frightened. "It ends right here!"

When Rarity hit the nearby wall, Scootaloo closed it and pointed the paddle making it touch the top of the white unicorn's chest.

Rarity and Scootaloo began to have a dramatic stare off for about a minute. But finally, in one quick motion, Rarity grabbed Scootaloo's paddle and managed to punch her face hard.

Scootaloo backed up from the pain and Rarity tackled her to the ground, making Scoots drop her paddle. Rarity then went to town on Scootaloo, punching her face repeatedly with quick movements.

"You...Ruffian! You...Think...It's....Still...A...Good....I...dea.....Screwing....With...Rarity....Belle?!" The white unicorn yell punching Scootaloo with each word she spoke.

Scoots finally stopped this and grabbed Rarity's fists with each hand and managed to slam her fist into her face after letting one of Rarity's hands go quickly.

That distracted her enough to have Scootaloo throw her off and exchange positions with her. Now she was on top and Rarity was on the bottom.

Scootaloo grabbed Rarity's shirt and bitch slapped her across the face with the back of her hand.

Rarity looked up at Scootaloo with widen eyes as Scootaloo talked to her. "I told you it's over! Now who's the boss now?"

The Fashionista leader stayed silent until the orange pegasus smacked her again. "ANSWER THE FRICKEN QUESTION, BITCH!"

"Y-you are..." Rarity mumbled.

Scoots smacked her again. "LOUDER!!!"

"YOU ARE!" She screamed.

Scoots smacked her again, just for the hell of it. "GOOD!"

Scootaloo got up off of Rarity and just when the white unicorn tried to get up, Scoots planted her foot on the top of Rarity's stomach which caused the pony to grunt and cough a little.

Scootaloo leaned in a little. "You work for me now, Belle. You understand?!"

Rarity quickly nodded while crying a little. Signifying that she surrenders.

Dealing with Fire

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"I've finally taken down those annoying fancy trend and money flashing ponies....but my work is far from over. With Rarity's Fashionista freak show taken care of, It's time to aim at those asshole lizards and their fake ass material they call leather...."

Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo both sat in the lounge inside the girls dorm and were both talking.

"Looks like you finally taught those Fashionistas a lesson." Sweetie said.

Scootaloo smirked. "Yeah....those bastards picked a fight with me and i showed them whose boss.

"Well you should know that Diamond Tiara picked that fight so you gonna teach her a lesson now?"

Scootaloo shook her head and dropped her smirk. "No, Diamond's a bigger problem...she'll have to wait."

Before either mare said anything else, Twilight ran into the lounge, completely out of breath and covered in cuts and bruises, Her clothes were even ripped up enough that ponies can see a little bit of her bra.

"SCOOTALOO!" yelled Twilight, running towards the other two mares. "Scootaloo, I need you're help!"

Scoots arched an eyebrow and looked at her. "What's wrong, and why are you're clothes all jacked up?"

"It's...The Fire Dragons...." Twilight wheezed out before sitting down after Scoots moved over. "Y-You were right....I am on The Fire Dragons' kill list....After winning the Student Counsel Presidency..."

"I thought you said you could handle them." replied Scoots.

"I could've because I have a very close friend in the gang who is actually one of the leaders."

"You have, then why are The Fire Dragons attacking you if your close friend is one of the leaders?"

Twilight looked down. "It's because of Garble..."

Scootaloo gave a slightly cross look. She heard of that name before when the dragons were talking to Twilight before the Council speech. "Garble? That's the second time I heard that name...who is he?"

Sweetie Belle decided to answer. "Garble is also the leader of The Fire Dragons, along side that Spike guy that Twilight said."

"But why can't Spike just take control?" Scootaloo asked, Twilight looked down.

"He's too scared....He's basically a slave to Garble.....and Garble is a complete jerk, he runs the entire gang with an iron fist. No questions asked and everything he says goes."

"Why not try to knock him out of his leadership position?" Sweetie Belle suggested.

"Me and my clique tried." Twilight continued. "But by the looks of me right now...it didn't go so well..."

Scootaloo looked away and started to think. "OK...so we need to find a way for him to get out of his leadership...but how?"

Sweetie Belle came with a solution. "How about we find a dragon that can stir the gang on to our side?"

"That could work, but who would want the Dragons leadership badly?" Twilight replied.

All 3 mares started to think until Sweetie Belle came with a solution. "How about Ember?"

"Ember?" Scootaloo asked, while looking at the white unicorn. "Who's that?"

"She's a light blue dragoness who's also in The Fire Dragons. She said she's sick of being Garble's errand girl and wants to rule the dragons along with Spike, who is also a good friend of hers"

"Oh yeah, I remember Spike mentioning her..." Twilight said while nodding.

Scootaloo looked at both mares. "Where do I find her?"

"I think she normally hangs out in the Sugarcube Diner on Ponyville Central." Sweetie replied.

"Alright then." Scootaloo got up. "I'm gonna go find her, Sweetie Belle guard Twilight till I get back."

The orange pegasus walked out of the dorm as the two mares stared at each other awkwardly.

"What do you wanna do?" asked Sweetie Belle.

Twilight shrugged and stood up. "I don't know about you, but I'm gonna clean myself up...."

She walked out of the lounge and went into her room, leaving Sweetie Belle alone in the lounge.

Scootaloo walked into the Sugarcube Diner and looked around for Ember in the small eatery. But then a slightly husky blue mare walked up to her and spoke with a motherly voice. "Welcome to Sugarcube Diner, Table for 1?"

"Oh, no, I'm actually looking for Ember." said Scootaloo.

"Ember?" asked the blue mare.

"Yeah, she's a blue dragoness?" added Scoots "My friend told me she normally hangs out here." The blue mare began to ponder a little until it finally clicked in her mind.

"Oh, Ember." She said with a nod. "Yes deary, she's sitting at the booth table in the back."

Scootaloo nodded "Alright, Thanks."

The blue mare walked behind the counter and into the kitchen, as Scootaloo walked towards Ember's table.

The blue dragoness sitting in the booth wore the same attire as The Fire Dragons (an open black leather jacket with a flames design on it and with a dark red PHS vest inside, blue ripped jeans, and black boots). She was eating nachos with salsa and drinking regular cola in a tall plastic cup with a straw, she didn't take notice of Scootaloo before she was a few feet in front of her.

"What do you want?" asked Ember, looking at Scootaloo.

"Your Ember, right?" asked the pegasus.

Ember sat back and looked at the pegasus with a slightly cross look. "Who's asking?"

"Who's asking, "Who's asking"?" Scoots slightly repeated.

Ember gave a sly smile. "Huh...you're awfully cagey...even for a pony....New Kid."

Scoots gave a smirk. "Name's Scootaloo."

"So, what do you want from me, Scottaloo?" Ember asked with a little bit of an annoyed tone.

"Scootaloo." The orange pegasus corrected. "I came here to make a proposition."

"A proposition?" repeated Ember. "What's it about?"

Scootaloo sat down in Ember's booth as the dragoness ate another salsa covered nacho chip. "Well, a certain somepony told me that you're sick of Garble ordering you around like an errand girl."

Ember groaned and rolled her eyes. "You don't know the half of it....that bastard always gets on my nerves...he abuses his leader power and actually tries to flirt with me. Ugh, I rather cut myself deep than have him talk to me for even a second..."


"Yeah, and on top of that he gives my good friend Spike a hard time. I'm sure you're aware that Spike is now basically a slave to him than a second leader of the gang."

"Yeah, i'm aware of that."

"I mean, poor Spike. He's such a nice guy yet he lives with a collar and leash around his neck while that son of a bitch runs the clique....I just hope someone would teach that jackass a lesson..."

Scootaloo smiled a little. "Well....for your information, I practically have The Bullies and The Fashionistas eating out of the palm of my hand."

Ember looked at her with a little bit of concern. "You're planning to take on The Fire Dragons?"

The orange delinquent nodded.

"I would be careful with them Scoot, I tried to take down Garble myself. And I nearly got myself killed, Deep cuts, black and blue, broken bones, etc. These guys are absolute brutes."

"Hey, It wouldn't be the first time." replied Scootaloo nonchalantly.

Ember looked on with an anxious face. "That's pretty ballsy."

"So about this proposition I was telling you about." Scootaloo brought up.


"If I take down Garble for you, I'll personally force him to step down from his ranks and have him give the leadership to you. That way you can lead The Fire Dragons however you see fit along with Spike." explained Scootaloo.

"What's the catch?" asked Ember, crossing her arms.

"You give me access to everything in the gang and do whatever I say." replied Scoots.

Ember gave a small chuckle. "So, Goodbye Garble and Hello, Scootaloo?"

"It's either that, or more of you getting yourself and your clothes dirty from being used as Garble's doormat."

Ember started to think a little before she stood up and gave her answer. "I'm in."


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Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Twilight, and Ember, all sat in the school library and were in the middle of their planning session.

"OK, so now that we know The Fire Dragons hangout is near the open plain area of Ponyville, thanks to Ember. Now we need to figure out our way into Garble's gang in order to take them down. Since Twilight and Ember stated that a direct approach is too dangerous." said Scootaloo.

"Well, since I'm already in the gang, I can sabotage it from the inside." Ember suggested.

Sweetie Belle shook her head. "They would expect you a mile away Ember, since you tried to take Garble down before."

The blue dragoness looked at her. "What do you think we should do?"

"How about Scootaloo tries to get into the ranks?" suggested Twilight.

"That won't be easy." Ember said. "You're not a dragon and Garble wants nobody but the best."

"Have you seen Scootaloo fight?" asked Sweetie Belle. "She's amazing!"

"Well, what about not being a dragon?" Ember asked.

"Ember, we have to at least try. We need all the chances we can get." Scootaloo stated.

The blue dragoness began to think and then nodded. "Alright, but I'll only be able to get you in to talk to Garble."

The orange pegasus nodded.

"Then it's settled." Twilight said. "Scootaloo will talk to Garble about joining his gang, that's our ticket to taking him down from the inside out."

"Alright guys, Next meeting would be in a couple of days." Sweetie Belle said.

The girls all stood up and Ember walked over to Scootaloo.

"Scoots, are you sure you wanna go through with this? Garble is actually smarter than he looks...." Ember asked.

"Trust me, Ember. As soon as Garble is down. You'll have all the power of the gang." stated Scootaloo.

The blue dragoness looked down and sighed. "I hope so..."

Scootaloo and Ember arrived at The Fire Dragons hangout near the open plain part of Ponyville and saw that the hangout was basically just a small building.

Both girls walked up to the door and there were 2 Male Dragons at the door holding M16 BB guns. Ember showed her ID and the dragons let her inside but they blocked the door with their tails in the shape of an X when Scootaloo walked up.

"What is this PONY doing here?!" asked the dragon on the left.

Scootaloo put her hands on her hips and looked at them angrily. "Um...racist much?"

Ember held up her hand at Scootaloo telling her to stay quiet. "It's OK boys, she's with me."

The dragons looked at Ember then back at Scootaloo and sighed. "Alright, fine." said the dragon on the right. "But if she pulls anything it's on you!"

Both dragons uncrossed their tails and let the orange pegasus walk inside, while they look at her with scowled faces.

Ember and Scoots arrived at Garble's office, after pushing through Dragons and Dragonesses giving them the cold shoulder.

"Alright, Scootaloo this is it, try to stay silent and let me do the talking."

Scootaloo nodded as Ember opened up the doors. Garble was in there with his feet on his desk and was sitting in a comfy leather chair. The pegasus looked around his room and saw that it was nearly covered in pictures of Garble himself, no other dragon....just him. It made Scootaloo very unconfortable, this guy is a serious narcissist.

"Ah, my girl, Ember." Garble said setting his feet down from the desk. "How have you been, babe?"

Ember wanted to slap him so hard but she fought it and sighed. "I'm doing fine, Garble."

"Good." replied the red dragon, before he looked at Scootaloo. "What the hell is this?"

"She isn't a 'what' she's a pegasus." Ember snapped.

"Oh...you never told me you were a pony lover..." Garble said with a smirk.

Scootaloo and Ember growled a little but she calmed down. "So, Garble....this pegasus...."

"Hang on." Garble said cutting of Ember. "Hey Spike!"

"Yes, Master?" a new voice rang.

Both Scootaloo and Ember looked back at the door and saw a purple and green dragon with the same attire as The Fire Dragons but the front was completely covered by a girly looking white apron that had the word's 'Wub the cook.' on it. Scootaloo figured that this was Spike, by the looks of him he looks like he's dealing with some demons.


Spike looked down and tears began to flow down his face. "Y-Yes M-Master...."

As he went to get the cold drinks, Scootaloo showed her teeth as pure anger was beginning to pour into her veins with this Garble. It turned out it was was true...he has turned Spike into his slave. She's gonna enjoy punching his face to a bloody pulp.

Scootaloo and Ember looked back at Garble as his feet went back on top of his desk. "So, what did you want to say?"

Ember cleared her throat. "This pegasus wants to join our gang."

And not only a second later, Garble started laughing out loud. "W-What?! You...must be joking!" Garble panted before laughing again.

"She said she can beat you in a bike race." Ember stated.

Almost immediately, Garble stopped laughing and looked at the girls with an angry face. "No one is faster at racing bikes than me, not even some puny pony."

'Again with the racism...' Scootaloo thought.

"Yeah....she said she can kick your ass when it comes to biking, she even called you a little bitch if you don't accept it." Ember added.

Garble stood up and loomed over his desk, looking at Scoots straight in the face with his angry reptile eyes, some smoke was even rising from his nostrils. Scootaloo didn't even flinch, she just looked at him.

"You think you're a tough guy, don't cha?" asked Garble.

Scootaloo didn't answer.

"Oh what? Just cuz you think that you can beat me in a bike race makes you better than me? Huh?" Garble shouted a little, slightly pushing Scootaloo with a hard poke to the top of her chest.

Scoots continued to stay silent.

"Fine....you....me...Downtown....4:00...race....Got it, little grass muncher?" asked Garble.

Scootaloo nodded and Garble gave a sly smile. "Good....." He then looked at the blue dragoness after standing up straight. "Ember, get her out of my face."

Ember nodded and tapped Scootaloo, beckoning her to come on.

"Really, a bike race?" asked Scootaloo, after Ember took her outside. "That's how I'm gonna get in?"

"Well...either that or walk into the front door and get your ass kicked by fire breathing dragons..." Ember replied with a sigh.

"OK, OK....I just can't believe I have to race a stupid bike rather than just fight their strongest fighter." Scootaloo explained, kicking a nearby rock.

"Look Scoots, all you have to do is race him and then you're in. Golden." Ember said.

Scootaloo started to think, since she can't avoid the race now...she nodded. "Alright, I'll do it, but I need a fast bike."

"We can stop by the bike store, come on." Ember said, walking with Scootaloo back to town.

The Bike Race

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Downtown - The Bike Race Starting Line: 4:00PM

Garble and The Fire Dragons were waiting at the starting line on the beach near the bike shop. Garble looked at his watch and tapped his boot in the sand.

"Where is this, stupid pony?" he asked himself out loud.

"Maybe she's too much of a chicken to verse you in a race Garble." Suggested a blue dragon.

Garble smirked a little. "Maybe you're right...it's a shame though, I can't watch her cry when she loses." The dragons all began to laugh.

"In your dreams, lizard jackasses..." said Scootaloo, revealing herself, Ember and Sweetie Belle walking on the beach with an Orange Mountain Bike.

The dragons (Excluding Ember) looked at her with a couple of smirks and some angry expressions, some even had their hands over their Airsoft Handguns stored in their belt holsters.

"So...little pony actually showed up..." Garble stated with his hand on his Red Racing Bike.

"Yeah, I never back down from a challenge..." Scootaloo said with a confident smile.

"By the way, where did you get that bike? The garbage dump?!" teased the red dragon, the dragons laughed with their boss.

"Mine's a whole lot faster than that cheap ass pile of junk you call a bike." Scootaloo spoke back.

Garble stopped laughing and stared down at Scootaloo. "I'll have you know that this bike is a C785 the best racing bike there is!"

"Who gives a freakin crap about some letters and numbers on a bike, lets do this!" Scootaloo said.

Garble and Scootaloo lined up their bikes evenly and Ember went in front of them with a checkered flag and explained the race to them. "Alright, so the track starts here on the beach, through the forest, then the suburban area in Downtown. Go around the loop at the end of that street then come back the way you came, once you cross the finish line, Sweetie Belle will take a picture with her camera."

The orange pegasus and the red dragon looked at each other with squinted eyes as Ember added something. "Let's make this a clean race shall we?"

Scootaloo and Garble looked in front of them as Ember raised the flag. "On your mark!"

Just after that last word, Garble took off unfairly. "See ya, sucker!"

Scootaloo growled and rolled off too. "You jackass!"

Ember just stood there with a confused expression. "Go?"

Scootaloo and Garble biked through the forest and past flags that the other dragons placed earlier.

Garble looked straight ahead with a crooked smile on his face.

"Come on, little horsey, is that all you got!" he yelled.

Scootaloo was falling behind after that unfair stunt Garble pulled, but she stayed calm, she's wasn't gonna let Garble get under her fur and skin.

Scootaloo was just about to catch up right behind Garble before she was smacked in the face by Garble's tail. Scootaloo lost her balance a little bit and slowed down as the red dragon laughed.

She stopped her bike near the end of the forest and Garble rode his bike faster. Scootaloo rubbed her cheek a little before she rode on her bike again with an angry face.

Scootaloo finally caught up to Garble in the suburban area and the red dragon watched as she went next to him, making them neck and neck.

Garble looked at Scootaloo a little and was met with a hard punch to the face and a side kick to his bike by her. Garble stumbled a little and fell off his bike, due to the speed he hit the ground and rolled on it as the orange pegasus took the advantage of cycling faster, finally gaining the lead.

Garble got up and felt a sharp pain on his face, he put his hand where it was and he spotted blood on his hand. Apparently after that hard hit to the ground and roll, he managed to get a bloody scrape on his face.

Garble closed his hand and formed a fist, with smoke rising from his nostrils, he takes out a radio that he stored in his pocket that was still safe.

He pressed the button and spoke into it. "I'm losing here, deal with her!"

Scootaloo circled around the loop and began her way back to the beach. But then she got hit in the back with something and she grunted in pain. She looked behind her and saw 2 Fire Dragon members on bikes and were shooting at her with Mk.23 SOCOM Airsoft pistols. She got shot again and she growled a little, she kept on cycling fast and caught a pebble from the ground while balancing herself.

She blindly threw it behind her and it actually hit one of their bikes' wheels. Thanks to that one of the dragons fell off his bike and hit the ground.

The other dragon caught up to her and he and Scootaloo exchanged punches back and forth. Thanks to him distracting her she didn't notice that Garble was catching up.

Garble finally fully caught up and when he finally approached Scootaloo, she knocked the other dragon off of his bike and just when they were in the final stretch to the finish line, Garble reached over and grabbed the handle of her bike. That made Scootaloo swerve a little and she managed to launch herself and hit the sand close to the finish line when she hit a large rock hidden within the sand.

The red dragon smiled victoriously as he crossed the finish line and Sweetie quickly took a picture with her camera making a bright flash happen. Every dragon there cheered as Garble closed his eyes and listened to all of his members cheer for him. He walked over to Scootaloo and looked at her with a smirk. "Looks like I win little pony."

Scootaloo looked up and stared at him angrily from the ground but she then heard Sweetie Belle yell out. "Wait!"

Everyone looked over at her as she held up the picture she took. "Scootaloo won!"

"What are you talking about?" asked Ember.

"Look." Sweetie said, handing Ember the picture

Ember took the picture from Sweetie Belle and sees that Garble's wheel was near the finish line, but where Scootaloo landed, her hand was already on the other side of the finish line.

"Oh my god....Scootaloo won!" Ember yelled happily, Garble stomped up to her angrily and snatched the picture out of Ember's hand, looking at it.

"She didn't win crap!" he yelled. "This was a BIKE race, BIKES and the rider cross the finish line only, those are the rules. Her bike is right over there and she is right there!"

Everyone saw that Scoot's bike was right next to the rock she it and Scootaloo herself was at the finish line.

Ember snatched the picture back from him and put her index finger right on his chest, speaking to him while looking straight in his eyes.

"Says the guy, who cheated by starting early and asking for his friends to take down Scootaloo just so he can win unfairly!" Garble was about to retort but stopped himself and looked down a little with anger. "Scoots won fair and square Garble, so she's in our gang now, got that?!"

Garble growled and pushed Ember away from him. "Whatever, bitch..."

He looked at his dragon friends and beckoned them to follow him. "Come on guys, let's get out of here..."

All of them got on their bikes and rode back to their hang out, leaving Sweetie Belle, Ember and Scootaloo alone.

Scootaloo picked herself up but was met with a sharp pain from her knee, she looked down and saw that there was a blood spot on her jeans. She quickly sat down and pulled up her pants leg, saw that she had a huge gash on her knee that was slightly oozing blood.

Sweetie Belle and Ember ran over to her and saw the nasty cut she has. Sweetie Belle looked at the rest of Scootaloo's body and it looked like her hoodie's right sleeve ripped and it showed a long cut on her arm.

"Scootaloo you alright?" Ember asked.

The orange pegasus breathed a bit. "Never better..."

"Can you walk?" asked Sweetie Belle.

Scootaloo tried to stand up but the sharp pain from her leg hit her again and she dropped back down to the ground with closed eyes and gritted teeth. "Not gonna happen...."

Ember looked at Sweetie Belle. "Looks like we'll need to carry her..."

"I got it." Sweetie said. She conjured her magic and lifted Scoots off of the ground with a light green aura surrounding her.

"Thanks Sweetie." Scootaloo said with a slight smile.

"Come on, lets get you cleaned up."


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Scootaloo laid down on the cot in the School Infirmary with a bandaged leg and arm, as Sweetie Belle and Ember sat next to her in chairs.

The school nurse, Nurse Redheart, walked in with a clipboard in hand, catching the attention of the 3 friends. "You're gonna be alright Scootaloo. Just some minor cuts, that gash on your leg is pretty big but it should heal up in a couple of days, Thanks to the spell I put on it."

"Thanks, Nurse Redheart." Scootaloo said with a slight smile.

Redheart wrote something down in her clipboard with a pen and then looked at Ember and Sweetie Belle. "Alright, girls, would you kindly leave Scootaloo alone for a while? She needs to rest."

Ember and Sweetie Belle nodded and got up, Ember looked at Scootaloo and whispered. "I'll call you when you get out, OK?"

Scootaloo nodded and watched as Nurse Redheart escorted her and Sweetie Belle out of the school infirmary.

Scootaloo was about to rest before she heard a male voice. "Hey, Scootaloo"

She looked to her left and saw The Fire Dragon's second leader, Spike, standing in the doorway. He didn't have his girly apron with him, he just had on his Fire Dragons outfit that actually wore underneath the apron.

"Hey...um...Spike, right?" She replied.

The purple dragon nodded. "Yeah, Spike." He walked into her recovery room and took off his leather jacket. Placing it on the nearby coat hanger.

He walked over to her and sat down on the other side of her cot with just his regular school uniform (a light green PHS vest, a white button down shirt with a purple tie, blue jeans, and black boots).

"You feeling alright?" He asked.

The orange pegasus nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine....that Garble is a piece of work..."

Spike nodded and looked down. "I'm sorry about Garble...he's just such a bastard..."

"Yeah, we all kinda knew that already....but it's not your fault." Scootaloo replied. "Wait, why did you say it like it was your fault? Was he always like that?"

"Garble...had dealt with a lot in his life. He wasn't always the jerk he was today." Spike explained.

Scoots sat up. "What do you mean?"

Spike sighed. "Well..."


October 23 (2 years ago)

Spike sat at his cafeteria table talking amongst his friends and was eating lunch.

Spike: When I started the gang back in Freshman year...there was this one dragon that came up to me when I was talking to some friends...

A red dragon tapped the purple dragon's shoulder and he looked at him.

Scootaloo: Was that dragon, Garble?

Spike: Yeah...he wanted to join my gang, and I thought why not?

Garble talked to Spike and the dragon nodded and shook his hand.

Spike: He was actually a pretty nice guy when he joined, had a nice reputation too.

Garble was talking amoungst his new friends and were laughing with him.

Spike: He told jokes, had great stories...he was the best this gang had to offer.

Scootaloo: What happened?

Garble was now fighting a Fashionista member and he managed to stab the member in the stomach with a knife. The Fashionista member dropped to the ground holding his stomach as a little bit of blood poured onto the ground. Garble looked down with a scared look, but the look slowly turned into a crooked smile.

Spike: A-After a certain fight he had with a Fashionista member....he became....a whole different being.....he wanted more power...he became greedy and even blood thirsty.

Scootaloo: How did he take the leadership of the dragons?

Spike: *Sigh*

April 30

Garble walked into Spike's office in the Fire Dragons hangout, the purple dragon looked up with a little smile. "Hey, Garble how's it going?"

The red dragon looked at him angrily. "Cut the crap, Spike....I want you to make me the leader of the dragons....I want to turn this stupid excuse of a gang around."

Spike slouched a little in his seat. "Well sorry man, you have to earn it by climbing up the ranks, you're still a Rookie. Hell, Fireblast is a higher rank than you yet he still has little ways to go."

Garble squinted his eyes. "You are gonna make me leader, right now."

Spike slightly stood up. "I said no."

The red dragon's pupils turned into slits and he took out his switchblade, Spike looked at him with a shocked expression.

"Garble? T-This isn't like you, what are you doing?"

"You are gonna make me the leader, weather you like it or not!" Garble ran up and swiped his blade down at Spike, but the purple dragon stood up and pushed his side of his desk down, making the other side pop up and hit Garble in the face. The red dragon stumbled back from the pain and dropped his knife.

"Guards!" screamed Spike.

A blue and a green dragon both ran into Spike's office. Garble looked behind him in the corner of his eye as the green dragon ran up to him.

Garble quickly turned around and knocked the dragon in the face, the green dragon backed up while holding his face but couldn't react quick enough when Garble punched him in the gut and kicked his chest.

The blue dragon took out a Glock 17 BB gun, but Garble ran up and knocked it out of his hand while he punched his face three times. Seeing his knife on the floor, Garble quickly kicked it up to his hand, grabbed it, and slashed the blue dragon in the chest.

The dragon wailed from pain and dropped to the ground after Garble chopped his neck with the side of his hand, knocking him out cold.

Spike stood up and went to run out the door but Garble saw him and Roundhouse kicked right in his face. Spike grunted and slammed into the ground. He looked and saw the Glock 17 BB gun near him but when he went to grab it. Garble slammed his foot onto his hand.

Spike screamed in pain as he felt his bones crush a little as Garble put more weight on it. Garble smiled as he picked up the BB gun and pointed it at Spike's head.

"How does it feel, boss? To know that a 'rookie' kicked your ass?" Garble asked.

Spike groaned and began to cry a little as Garble continued. "You are gonna give me the leadership, right now. In fact I'll be nice enough that you can rule the gang along side me....but as my personal bitch."

Garble picked up his foot from Spike's hand and picked him up from his head scales, Spike's head and body followed as he was now face to face with the red dragon. He pressed the model gun to his chest and spoke again. "You are now my personal bitch, Spike. You do what I say, when I say it, no questions asked. And you must call me 'Master' whenever you address to me. Got that?!"

Spike gulped. "Y-Yes....M-M-Master..."

Garble gave a shark smile. "Good..."


Spike covered his face with his eyes. "He broke my hand and took over the gang for 2 years....then you came along." He uncovered his eyes and looked at Scootaloo. "I know you're true intentions for wanting to join the gang....you want to stop Garble once and for all, I know Twilight tried with her gang...but it didn't work. So I figured she'd go to you next since you have The Bullies and The Fashionistas in your arsenal.

Scootaloo slightly nodded. "Yeah...I'm just so tired of ponies, or in your case, dragons. Just hurting others for no apparent reason. But after what you told me about Garble....he's a complete psychopath."

"Yeah...but look Scoots. If you're going to fight Garble, please be careful, I don't want anyone to get severely injured by the hands of that asshole..."

"Don't worry, Spike. Before you know it, I'll have the key to your shackles..." Scootaloo said with a slight smile.

Spike gave a little smile. "I hope so....for my sake, anyway."

The purple dragon then got up and walked to the doorway after grabbing and putting his leather jacket back on. "I should go...Garble could be sending a hit squad to hunt me down as we were speaking..."

Scoots nodded. "OK, see ya."

Spike gave a single salute with two fingers and walked out of Scootaloo's recovery room. The orange pegasus continued to lay down on her cot and stared at the ceiling, taking in all the info Spike just told her.

Setting A Deal

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Scootaloo received a call on her cell phone after she walked out of the infirmary, She answered it and it was Ember on the other line.

"Hey, Scootaloo." Ember said.

"Hey...So what's going on?" asked Scootaloo, slightly rubbing her arm that was still bandaged.

"Garble wants to see both of us...it's about a job he wants us to do."

Scootaloo gave a smirk. "Ok...do you know what it is?"

"No, he's gonna tell us."

"Alright, I'm on my way."

"Oh and before you go, Me and the dragons got you a new closet and we left something in it for you."

"Really?" Scootaloo smiled.

"Yeah and I even slipped something in there too as a special bonus."

"Alright then."

Scootaloo hung up her phone and ran to the girls dorm to see what the blue dragoness left her.

The orange delinquent opened up her closet and saw a black leather jacket with blue jeans and brown work boots inside. Scoots smirked and when she grabbed it she felt something weird. Confused she unzipped the jacket and looked inside, she saw some kind of gun in a brown holster, her eyes sparkled a little as she grabbed the grip and took out, revealing it to be a Beretta M9 BB gun.

"Oh my god..." Scootaloo said, amazed as she held the realistic looking, but actually plastic, BB gun in her hand. She took the clip out of the gun and began to mess around with it a little bit.

She aimed the gun and pulled the trigger making a click, she then crouched down and did a side roll, firing the empty gun when she went upright.

She got up and slipped the clip into the gun, then she put it on her bed and began to take off her sweater and shirt.

The orange Pegasus walked to her mirror and looked at her new outfit. She gave out a sly smirk as she revolver spun her BB gun and slipped it in the holster inside her jacket.

Sweetie Belle walked to Scootaloo's room and saw her in the getup. "Hey Scoots, gonna deal with Garble?"

"Yeah, Ember said he wants us to do a job for him."

"Alright, you know what it is?"

"No, Ember said that's why Garble wanted to see us."

"Well Good luck out there."

Scootaloo looked at Sweetie and nodded. "Thanks."

Scootaloo screeched to a stop on her bike and got off of it when it stopped in front of The Fire Dragons' hangout. She saw that Ember was at the door, waiting for her.

"Hey, nice threads." Ember said, noticing Scoots as she jogged up to her.

"Thanks, oh and also thanks for the piece." Scootaloo replied.

"No problem, but keep that between us, ok? Garble and the gang don't know I gave you one."

Scootaloo nodded and had Ember open up the hangout entrance and led Scootaloo to Garble's office. The blue dragoness opened the door and both girls see Garble, fiddling with a Colt 1911 BB gun.

Garble looked up at the girls and sneered at them, putting his Colt in a drawer. "So...I want you two to watch over a couple of my guys...."

Scootaloo arched an eyebrow. "What for?"

Garble looked at her. "Let me finish!" The orange pegasus's eyes looked away from him. "My guys are gonna do a deal with a gang of dropouts called The Street Sweepers.

Ember put her right hand on her hip and stuck it out to the side a little. "What are we dealing?"

"BB and Airsoft weaponry." Garble answered. "We got a whole big crate full of them, ranging from Glocks and Mac 10s to Remington 870s and M4 Carbines."

"And how much is the profit?"

"500 bits." Scootaloo and Ember looked at each other with widen eyes but Garble calmed down their excitement. "Don't get your hopes up, most of the money will go to me and my guys, you two will get the left over change."

"So, are we getting any weapons ourselves?" Asked Scootaloo, looking at him with a slightly annoyed face.

Garble stood up. "Yeah, sure." He reached under his desk and took out a baseball bat. "You two can fight over who gets the bat."

Ember looked at Garble and grabbed the bat. "So where's the deal going to happen?"

"In an alleyway near Southern Ponyville. My guys are waiting near The Sugarcube Diner, so run along cuties."

Scootaloo and Ember mentally rolled their eyes and walked out.

The girls exited the hangout and walked a little far to get out of earshot from anyone.

"Ok, Scoots." Ember started. "What are we gonna do about this?"

"Well, I think I might have a plan..." Scootaloo answered with a smirk.

"I'm all ears."

"So, first we get Sweetie Belle from the dorm."

"Why do we need her?"

"I'm getting to that....So after we get Sweetie Belle we'll get Garble's guys from Sugarcube Diner and we'll use the bat to knock them out cold!"

Ember nodded and continued to listen.

"Then Sweetie Belle comes in and will erase their memories about what their supposed to do."

Ember arched an eyebrow. "How's that gonna work?"

"Sweetie Belle told me she learned a new spell that Twilight taught her in case of emergencies. So she'll be able to erase other ponies/dragons memories."

"OK then what?"

"We'll take the crate and we'll do the deal."

"We do the deal?"

"Yeah, but in order for us to weaken Garble we have to say that something has gone wrong."

"And how are we gonna do that?"

"Don't worry, I'll take care of that."

Ember shrugged her shoulders "Alright then. I guess you know that you're doing."

"Go, wait for me at Sugarcube Diner with the bat and I'll bring Sweetie Belle."

Ember gave a single nod and got on her bike, quickly cycling away to the diner.

Scootaloo walked to her bike and got on looking at the hangout with a smile.

"Hope you're ready Garble...cuz Scootaloo's coming for you."

The Plan in Motion

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Scootaloo's bike slid to a stop in front of Sugarcube Diner with Sweetie Belle holding on to her. Both ponies got off of the bike and Ember was waiting with the bat in her hand.

"Hey, are Garble's guys in there?" asked Scootaloo.

Ember nodded. "Yep, only 2 dragons. Look pretty dumb."

"Ok, get them outside then we can hit them."

Ember gave Scootaloo the bat and walked inside the diner to the dragons sitting at the table. "Hey, we're ready to go."

One of the dragons, an orange one, sighed. "Finally...I swear I thought we were never gonna go..."

The other dragon, a purple one, nodded.

Ember led the dragons to the door and beckoned them to go first out of the diner, they obliged but they weren't prepared when an angry Scootaloo came from behind the diner's right corner and in 4 quick swipes, knocked out both of them with 2 hard bat smacks to each of their heads.

The orange pegasus took a breather as she threw the bat down making a loud wooden 'clunk' when it hit the sidewalk. "Ok, let's take them round back."

Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle picked up the orange dragon and Ember dragged the purple dragon, taking them both to the back of the diner. After placing them down Ember looked at Sweetie.

"Ok, Sweetie Belle. How much memory can you take out of these two idiots?" she asked.

The little white unicorn put two fingers under her muzzle. "Well...I can take out what they were ordered to do by Garble, but they can still regain the memory if they try to or if anything reminds them of it."

"Good enough." Scootaloo said. "By the time they remember, Garble would be on the floor kissing my hooves."

Ember cringed a little. "Way to put that image in my head...."

Sweetie Belle aimed her horn at the knocked out dragons and it began to glow a light green aura. After a few seconds there was a quick flash of a white light and then both dragons started to lightly sparkle. As the sparkles and Sweetie Belle's magic aura faded, she looked at Scootaloo and Ember.

"Alright, the memories are gone. So what now?"

"We'll put them in the park on a bench." Scootaloo replied. "To make them think they fell asleep on the bench."

"I can handle that too." Sweetie said with a smile, she then made her horn glow again and after a low 'pop' sound and a white flash, both dragons disappeared like they weren't even there. "OK they're on a park bench."

Scootaloo nodded. "OK, so now that's taken care of, let's get the crate."

"Where is it anyway?" Asked Ember, Scootaloo pointed to the obvious crate near the dumpster. "Oh...."

Scootaloo, Ember, and Sweetie Belle all walked into the alleyway near Southern Ponyville with a wagon and they see The Street Sweeper members leaning next to their bikes. The stallion members wore dirty white or black t-shirts with ripped sleeves so it can pass as a wife-beater, ripped blue jeans, and black biker boots. Their manes were slicked back and some have cigarettes in their mouths or behind one of their ears like a pencil.

The mare members wore slightly tight short sleeved crop tops to kind of show off their chests within the fabrics, short jean shorts, and white sneakers. Some of their manes were cut short to resemble stallion haircuts while others were long and were wrapped in ponytails.

The members looked at the 2 mares and the dragoness. A light gray pegasus stallion with a black mane and light purplish-gray eyes walked up to them, upon close perspective the stallion revealed to have a sheath carrying a hunting knife in the front of his jeans.

"You apart of Garble's crew?" he asked.

"Yeah, that's right." Scootaloo replied.

The gray stallion cave a sly smile. "Never thought I see Garble getting two mares and a dragoness to do his dirty work. I'm Rumble, the leader of The Street Sweepers. You got the weapons?"

Scootaloo nodded and showed the wagon they were hauling. Rumble walked up to it and opened a crate showing it that it was full of AKs, Mac 10s, Glocks, and other BB weaponry. The stallion took hold of one of the Glocks and examined it in his hand, he then placed it back in the crate and closed it.

The leader held up his left hand and snapped his fingers, which made a red and black unicorn mare walk up to them with a slight sway in her hips and in her hand was a briefcase, which Rumble took and then he lightly kissed the mare on the cheek, which made her smile with a blush.

Rumble placed the case on top of the crates and opened it with a click, turning it around the girls saw that the case was filled with 500 bits, the pegasus saw their fascinated faces and gave a smirk while closing the case. "The payment is all there, no need to count. Give Garble my regards, it's always a pleasure doing business with him."

"Actually Rumble, there's a slight problem with this." Scootaloo said with a sly smile.

"Problem with what?" Rumble asked as he cocked an eyebrow.

Scootaloo continued to smile and she stomped her foot two times to the ground. Then out of no where, The Fashionista clique all swarmed in and went behind Scootaloo, Ember, and Sweetie Belle and GIlda's Bully clique appeared on the other end of the alleyway behind The Street Sweepers. The gangs were all wearing leather jackets, jeans, and boots as a way to fool Rumble's gang that they're also with The Fire Dragons and they were all armed with Slingshots, Eggs, and Fire Crackers.

Rumble and his gang looked around in shock at all the ponies, griffins, and dragons in the area. Scootaloo gave a sinister chuckle as the gray stallion looked at her with a cross look.

"Garble doesn't like you anymore...." Scootaloo said as she raised her left hand up high and she snapped her fingers loudly making it echo in the alleyway.

A Message

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After Scootaloo snapped her fingers, The Fashionista and Bully cliques began to attack The Street Sweepers. Rumble's gang all ducked as Fire Crackers, Eggs, and Slingshot pellets all came at them at once after it ended they all grabbed their own BB guns from their pants pockets. Rumble took out a USP BB gun from his pants pocket and fired at the creatures attacking his gang. He managed to hit most of them as they fell to the ground in pain.

There began an all out war between The Street Sweepers, The Bullies, and The Fashionistas. Fire Crackers banged loudly and pained screams ensued in the alleyways.

Scootaloo, Ember, and Sweetie Belle all ran behind a dumpster with the BB guns to avoid most of the firefighting. Ember opened up the crate filled with the realistic looking plastic guns and the 3 teenagers each took out a weapon. Ember picked up a Remington 12 gauge, Sweetie Belle picked up two semi-automatic Glock 17s, and Scootaloo took out an AK-47.

Scootaloo held up three fingers at the mare and dragoness and began to count down, as soon as she held up her index finger she gave a single nod and the three friends popped up from the dumpster and they all fired their BB guns at once.

The little pellets hit Rumble's gang as some did dramatic like 'death slides' when they got hit. Rumble was hiding behind a waist high crate and saw that his gang was dropping like flies. Rumble fired at The Fashionistas and The Bullies with precise aiming and took down nearly all of their members. He reloaded his gun with a click and fired at them again, which made some of them retreat out of fear.

Rumble along with 2 other members of his gang are standing their ground as the 3 friends' felt their hearts beating fast. Scootaloo started to sweat as she looked at her two friends. "Stay here, I'm gonna get this asshole."

Ember nodded and gave Scoots her Remington, as the orange pegasus gave her the AK. Scootaloo popped up and fired her BB gun, making the bullet hit one member. She did a roll and got behind a nearby garbage can while avoiding some plastic bullets being shot at her.

Rumble looked at his friend. "Go distract her while I flank her."

The last member of The Street Sweepers aimed his gun at Scootaloo who was still ducking down behind the garbage can and began to slowly walk up to her.

When he was about 3 feet in front of her Scootaloo popped up to try and shoot him, but when she pulled the trigger it clicked of emptiness.

The stallion smiled and just when he was about to pull the trigger, Scootaloo wacked him in the face with the gun itself. The stallion grunted and backed up as she threw the gun down and kicked him in the side of his torso. He dropped his gun and tried to punch back, but she ducked and punched him in the gut.

The stallion coughed a little and then he elbowed Scootaloo in her head. The mare hit the ground and just before he could stomp on her head, she grabbed his grounded knee and pulled it, making him fall onto his back. The orange pegasus quickly got up and went on top of him, grabbed his throat, and jabbed her fist into his eye in a quick motion.

The stallion grabbed his face and started to cry as Scootaloo got up and looked at him. The pegasus then looked around and looked at her two friends who stood up with their weapons, Scoots walked in front of a crate.

"Where's Rumble?" She asked, and in one quick motion, Rumble popped up from behind the crate Scoots was near and grabbed her from behind.

Scootaloo was about to elbow him but it was not until she saw that he was holding his 6 inch hunting knife that she stayed still. Ember and Sweetie Belle aimed their weapons at them but then they saw that Rumble was looking at them with pure rage.

"Drop your goddamn weapons!!" he screamed before he brought his knife to Scoots' neck. "Or I'll slit her throat!"

Ember and Sweetie were hesitant, but saw that Scootaloo nodded slightly at them. They dropped their weapons to the ground.

"I don't know what the hell you bitches think I am...but no one screws with me!" Rumble yelled. "Let me talk to this one alone..." He beckoned his head to Scootaloo who was in his grasp. "GO!"

Ember and Sweetie Belle got out of the alleyway and went behind a corner as Rumble looks at Scootaloo with the corner of his eye. "Garble will definatly get what's coming to him missy, no one ever screws with me and gets away with it." So I want you to relay a message to him...."

Scootaloo gritted her teeth. "And what would that be?"


Rumble put his hand on Scootaloo's mouth, pulled his knife hand back, and stabbed Scootaloo into the side of her torso. Scootaloo let out a muffled scream as he plunged the knife deeper into her, making the handle hit her fur. Scoots began to breath rapidly with tears rolling down her face as Rumble whispered into her ear. "You feel that?......That is what screwing with me feels like....never forget it...."

Rumble slowly took the knife out of Scootaloo and let her go, making her hit the ground with her stab wound. He then heard the sounds of Solar Guard sirens approaching the area. "Damn it...well...I guess I'll see ya around...." the gray stallion opened his wings and took flight, away from the downed and bleeding Scootaloo.

Ember and Sweetie Belle ran up to her with shocked expressions. "Scootaloo, Are you ok?!" asked Sweetie Belle.

"I've been stabbed, of course I'm NOT ok..." The orange pegasus replied with gritted teeth. "The guards are on their way we gotta go....Sweetie Belle?"

The white unicorn nodded. "I'm on it." She conjured up her magic and in a quick flash, She, Ember, Scootaloo, The gun crate, and money were out of there in a nick of time.

In the park, Garble's guys woke up from their 'nap' that Scootaloo provided for them on the bench.

The orange dragon rubbed the back of his head. "Ugh....What happened?"

The purple dragon shrugged. "I don't know..."

The orange dragon looked down for a bit. "Weren't we supposed to do something that Garble assigned us to do?"

The purple dragon, scratched his head. "I...I think so?"

"Wait...." The orange dragon got up. "We were supposed to do a deal of some sorts with The Street Sweepers..."

"Yeah...and wasn't Ember there too?"

"And then we heard a slight yell and then we ended up here..."

The purple dragon then got hit with realization. "That pegasus...was holding a bat! She knocked us out!"

The orange dragon smiled a little. "I knew that bitch was up to something, now....lets see what Garble's gonna do to her..."

Betraying The Family

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Back at the dorm, Twilight was sitting at her desk reading one of her favorite books while wearing her pajamas, which consisted of a blue shirt with her cutie mark in the middle, magenta pajama bottoms made of cotton, and her plain fuzzy beige slippers. She then heard a magical teleportation 'pop' sound from inside her room. She turned around and saw that it was Ember and Sweetie Belle carrying an injured and slightly pale Scootaloo.

The purple alicorn went wide eyed and looked at the 3 girls. "Oh my god, what happened to Scootaloo?!"

Ember put one of Scootaloo's arms on her back. "She got stabbed..."

The purple alicorn looked at them with squinted eyes. "Why did you teleport here, in my room, and not the hospital or school infirmary?"

Sweetie Belle decided to answer. "Because the solar guards were closing in and I panicked. Besides if we sent her to the hospital they would ask questions and we're already on the run. I don't want to tell a lie that would make me feel guilty or tell the truth that would send us to juvie."

Twilight put a hand on her head and sighed. "Ok...put her on my bed..."

Ember gave a single nod and helped Scootaloo get on Twilight's bed and have her lie down. Scoots continued to hold her wound and began to groan.

Twilight leaned down next to the bed "It's ok, Scootaloo....I'm gonna help you." She looked behind her at the unicorn and the dragoness. "Get me a medical spell book from my shelf, dammit!"

Sweetie Belle raced over to Twilight's bookcase and skimmed through the titles, she finally found the book that had a green plus sign on it. She raced over to the purple pony and gave it to her, Twilight grabbed it quickly and skim through the book to find the right page.

"Scootaloo...lemme see the cut." Twilight said.

Scootaloo gritted her teeth and removed her hand from her stab wound, her hand was drenched in blood that actually began to drip onto the floor, she was also shaking like a dog in cold weather. Scootaloo's wound was not as big, but it was still disgusting to look at, her blood was still slowly sweeping out but it's nothing fatal.

Twilight looked at her book and conjured her magic from her horn, she stuck out her hand that was also glowing with her purple aura. "Ember, look in my shirt drawer and give Scoots something to bite on."

Ember walked over to Twilight's shirt drawer and took out a random white tank top. She walked over to Scoots and presented it to her but putting it in front of her face, which caused the orange pegasus to take the tank top in her mouth.

"Alright, Scootaloo...this may hurt a little. So once you feel pain, bite down on my tank top." Scootaloo nodded and watched as Twilight aimed her magic aura hand at her cut. It tickled a little at first but then she felt an extreme hint of pain, which caused her to bite down on Twilight's tank top and give out a muffled yell.

What Twi was doing was that her magic gripped Scootaloo's separated skin and she pulled them back together to form a bloody line, she looked at the book and then she released a slight heating spell to cauterize the blood.

After that little fiasco, Scootaloo's cut became a scar thanks to Twilight's magic, and Scootaloo's face was a sweaty, sweaty mess.

"I have no idea how she didn't go into shock...but whatever..." Twilight deadpanned. Scootaloo then got knocked out very fast. "Ah, there we go."

Before the 2 ponies and dragoness could do anything a creature in a Ghostface costume came in with a wooden bat and knocked out Ember, Sweetie Belle, and Twilight in 3 perfect swings. When they dropped to the floor, the assailant dropped the bat with a wooden clank and walked over to the knocked out Scootaloo while tilting their head.

Scootaloo woke up in a very uncomfortable position, she tried to move but she felt herself stay in place along with hearing a metallic clank. She looked up and saw that her hands were chained up to the celling, she looked around the room and saw that she was in some kind of basement with big windows showing that it's raining outside. She looked down at herself and saw that her clothes were gone leaving her with just a purple colored bra with matching panties.

Then out of the darkness, a Ghostface assailant walked up and Scootaloo looked at him with an angry look. "Who the hell are you?!"

The creature slipped off the mask and revealed himself to be Garble. Scootaloo looked on as he stripped off the costume robe and looked at her.

"I see that you're finally awake..." The red dragon said, as he walked up to Scootaloo and began to circle around her. "How's Rumble's stab wound treating ya?"

"What's going on?" Scootaloo replied.

"Well...I heard from my colligues that you knocked them out and you've done the deal yourself...then when you were getting a doctor's treatment from that alicorn bitch Twilight...Rumble and some of his gang came in and beat up most of my guys."

Garble stopped in front of Scoots. "Then after he came to me and I kicked his ass, I asked him 'Why did you attack my gang, we always were colleagues'.......he told me that a few of my guys attacked his gang during the deal and took the money and guns for themselves. He even gave me a description of the main creature who did it....an orange pegasus mare that had a purple tail and a short mane that can resemble a stallion's mane-cut. I put two and two together and found out it was you."

Scootaloo gritted her teeth with anger. "You know the penalty for betraying me, Scootaloo?" Garble reached behind his back and took out a switchblade with a dark smile on his face. "It's gonna be very painful...and also I asked Rumble to join me and he said that he was gonna get something from his hang out and meet up with me. But he hasn't come back yet...I guess I'll start without him..."

Rumble was running back into his hangout with a very bloody face and he saw all of his members were knocked completely out cold. He panted very heavily and wiped some blood off of his face. And when he looked behind him he saw a figure wearing a black cloak that was sprinting at full speed to him.

Rumble’s pupils shrank and he ran to the door, quickly shutting it and locking it. He slowly backed up from it, and slightly gave a smirk.

But it quickly faded and was replaced with a scared face and a scream when a red hand punched cleanly through the door. The red hand grabbed the lock and unlocked the door, it then went back outside and the cloaked figure kicked the door open. Rumble was whimpering and began to throw things at the creature but all it did was smack it away or just side stepped the objects as it walked slowly to him.

"G-Get away from me!!!" Rumble shouted as he stopped throwing items and took out his 6 in. hunting knife. He tried to put on a brave face and he ran at the figure but in one quick motion as soon as Rumble got close enough, the black cloaked figure grabbed his throat.

The gray pegasus looked at the creature with widen eyes as he dropped his knife and got on his knees. The figure took ahold of his hood and pulled it back, revealing that the assailant was actually Red.

Red punched Rumble in the face and took out a tranquilizer gun from his cloak, aiming it at his head. He let go of Rumble and looked at him with pure rage. "Where is Scootaloo?!"

"W-who's Scootaloo?"

"You know who she is! Where is she?!"

"I-I don't know what you're talking about!"

Red grabbed Rumble's head and kneed him in the face, knocking him down. Rumble slowly got back to his knees as he wiped off some blood from his mouth. "I saw you take Scootaloo and give her to Garble at the back of the girls dorm and you were wearing a Ghostface robe. I even overheard all the things you were gonna do to her....so where the hell is she you bastard?!"

"I don't know what you're talking about bud..." Rumble said with a sly smile. Red put the gun back in his cloak, and grabbed Rumble by the shirt with his right hand and picked him up off of his feet. Then out of no where, Red's eyes began to change...

His left eye stayed normal but his right eye began to change into a slightly reptilian one and it gotten 4 colors on his iris which consisted of red, blue, green, and gold...and his sclera became full black.

Red's left hand began to sprout 5 claws on all of his fingers and he showed it to Rumble as he looked on with pinprick pupils. When Red talked to him again, his voice sounded distorted. "I'll let you live if you tell me where she is..."

Rumble got back into his quivering brave state. "I-I-I'm not s-scared of y-you!"

Red smiled a little demonically and in one quick motion, he jabbed Rumble in the side with his razor sharp claws. Rumble screamed in pain as Red slightly twisted his claws inside the grey pegasus. Then his evil smirk dropped into a regular smile as he almost nearly tore the blades out of Rumble's side and looked at him as blood dripped from his claws onto the floor.

"You still alive, bitch?" Red asked, not dropping his smile. "I'll gladly continue if you want..."

Rumble shook his head as tears ran down his face and began to mix in with the blood that's already on his face. "NO NO NO!!! I'll tell you anything you want, just PLEASE STOP!"

"Where is Scootaloo?!" yelled Red.

"She.....She....She's in the basement of The Fire Dragon's hangout!!! Garble and me were gonna cut her up with our knifes and throw her into a dumpster so her wounds would get infected! Garble is already there and I bet he's starting to cut her up now...that's all I know!"

Red looked at Rumble with a blank expression, then he threw Rumble into a nearby wall, creating a hole and making his body drop to the ground completely unconscious. Red retracted his claws and his eyes returned to normal along with his voice.

He put his cloaked hood back over his head and walked to the door but not before looking at Rumble one more time. "Thanks, you piece of pathetic crap..." He then ran out of the door leaving The Street Sweepers gang in near shambles.

To the Rescue

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Scootaloo breathed heavily making her chest go in and out as blood dripped from her arm, leg, and stomach. Garble smiled as he began to do flip tricks with his pocket knife and have it land in his hand, he walked around Scoots' heavily breathing form. Scootaloo actually has a bunch of cuts on her body, from her stomach to her leg, in fact she was cut a whole bunch that Garble even cut her bra off just so he can gain better access to her chest.

The red dragon went behind her and began to slash at her bare back, which made Scootaloo scream in pain some more.

"You should've learned...You saw what happened to that bitch Twilight, that pathetic pony that Spike calls a sister....her punishment wasn't that bad because she just attacked that's it." Garble flipped the knife and stabbed Scootaloo in the back making her give out a loud and painful grunt. "But joining my gang and betraying me causes worse things like this...in fact I actually remember Ember being in your position." As he said this, Garble slowly twisted the blade while it was still in Scootaloo's back, making her scream more in response. "I cut her up so badly and no one gave a crap about her...so she had to drag her own sorry ass to the hospital. I even heard that she left drops of blood on the sidewalk and roads."

Red got to The Fire Dragon's hangout and burst right through the door with a single kick, making the 10 members inside look at him as he looked at them with a dark look from his cloak. "I've come for you, you lizard bucks!"

The dragons flipped some couches and tables over to form a barricade and they all cocked their BB weapons. Red gave a smile and reached into his cloak, pulling out a silver Spaz-12 BB gun. The dragon's all sneered at him and after a few seconds they all fired their weapons at once.

Red ran to a nearby chair to hide behind and on the way he did a couple of front flips and summersaults to avoid the pellets and successfully doesn't get hit by one. Red hid behind the chair and began to fire back at them blindly, he couldn't see them but he could tell that he hit some based on the loud grunts from them. After hearing the shots coming to a stop and the sound of clicking plastic, Red popped up and dived forward, going over the chair and having his gun in front of him.

He felt the world around him slow down and he managed to shoot 4 dragons in the face, when Red hit the ground with a slight grunt, he kept firing his gun at the rest of the members, who ducked behind the barricade in response.

When his gun clicked of emptiness, he threw the gun to the ground and quickly got up. One member looked up with her weapon drawn and looked around for the red pegasus, only for her to not see a trace of him. The dragoness looked at the remaining 3 dragons and they all popped up with their weapons.

They all nodded at each other and they all got up from their barricade and walked around the room to look for the crazy stallion. But in one quick motion, Red came from behind them and grabbed the dragoness in a chokehold. The 3 male dragons all aimed their guns at him as Red took out his custom-made tranquilizer gun from his cloak and aimed at the dragonesses head with an insane look in his eye.

All the dragons stared at him with angry faces and slowly walked up to him. The captive dragoness stared at them with an angry face. "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR YOU BASTARDS?!! GET GARBLE!!!!"

2 of the dragons ran to get their leader, but Red knocks the dragoness out and manages to catch the two dragons before they could get far, Red then slams them down to the floor and shoots them with his tranq gun.

Red looks at the remaining dragon and put his gun back in his cloak, while getting into a fighting stance. The dragon growls and aims his gun at Red, who in return got to him very fast and kicked the gun out of his hand. The dragon tried to punch him but Red grabbed his fist and elbowed his face, making the dragon grunt and back up. Red ran up to him and jabbed him into the sides with a couple punched and gripped his shirt.

The dragon kicked Red in the nuts but that caused Red to growl and turn his right eye into a reptile one. The dragon gasped a little and Red's claws came out of his hand. Red showed his sharp teeth, and he quickly plunged his claws into the dragon's stomach.

The dragon grunted as blood came out of his mouth and he looked on as Red kept pushing his claws deeper and deeper into him with a couple of twists too, making the dragon squeal in pain. When his claws were fully in the dragon looked up at the celling and passed out from shock.

Red smiled a little and kept looking at the knocked out dragon just hanging there on his claws. The demonic red stallion then moved his hand forward and back, making the dragon slide off of his claws and hit the ground with a thud.


(Go to 6:39, that's how Red got the dragon off of his claws)

Red's claws retracted and his eye went back to normal after he looked around and saw that every member was knocked out. Red picked up a Colt Special Detective BB gun from one of the passed out dragons and he went to find the basement.

Scootaloo looked down at the ground with her eyes closed as Garble took the knife away from her breast. He reached up and slapped Scootaloo's face and noticed that she wasn't responding, just breathing softly. "Aw, what's wrong, bitch? Ran out of smartass quips?" Garble smiled and kept smacking her. "So you finally gave up, huh? Oh well, time to throw you away..." Garble laughed and just when he was about to tie down Scootaloo, Red burst to the door with the BB gun he found, drawn.

Garble looked back and saw him with a surprised look. "Who the hell are you?!"

"I'm the one who's gonna buck you up!" Red yelled.

Garble flipped his knife and threw it at Red, who actually grabbed it by the blade, that was just inches from touching his face.

Red threw the knife in the air and then some weird unseen force, made Garble approach him very fast. When Garble closed in, he was grabbed by the neck by Red and was slammed into a nearby wall. Red held out his hand behind him and Garble's knife landed right in it. Red looked at him with a scowl and in one quick swipe, he plunged the knife into Garble's right shoulder, making the red dragon scream.

Red let go of him and looked at Garble who was struggling to get off of the wall but the knife somehow kept him there.

"You son of a bitch!" screamed Garble. "I'll bucking kill you!!!!"

Red looked on in amusement as he watched Garble continue to struggle like an insane pony trying to get out of their straitjacket, until he had enough and knocked out Garble with just a punch to the face. Red turned around and ran to the breathing and bloodied Scootaloo, he used his claws to chop the chain off and have Scootaloo land in his arms.

He pressed two fingers onto her neck and sighed a little bit after he felt that her pulse was beating slowly. He looked at her wounds and saw that she was bleeding a lot. Red got up with Scootaloo in his arms and ran up to the bathroom. He grabbed a towel off of the wall and wrapped it around Scootaloo, to hide her half-naked form and to slow down her bleeding a little bit. Scootaloo groaned a bit as Red picked her up off of the ground Firefighter style and fully sprinted out of The Fire Dragon's hangout with her.

Scootaloo opened up her eyes a little and saw that the hangout bulding was getting smaller and smaller, as she began to slightly wheeze from the pain.

"Don't worry Scootaloo, I know somepony who can help..." Red said to her as he continued to run into the night.

The Shaman

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Red approach a hut that was in the middle of the forest, it had a lot of candles and looked like it was made of hay. The military teen swiftly went towards the wooden door and knocked 5 times, hoping whoever's inside to open the door quickly, considering he has a half-naked bleeding Scootaloo on his back.

The wooden door lightly creaked open and there stood a zebra mare wearing an open long robe made from bear pelts and inside of it she's wearing a tube top and a skirt made from jaguar pelts, she's walking on bare hooves, and she had a lot of jewelry on her, ranging from hoop earrings to some bracelets on her wrists.

She looked at Red with a surprised look. "Redsopine my friend, surely you know that it's very early."

"Zecora..." Red said while panting a little. "My friend is hurt..."

Zecora looked at the orange pegause he is carrying on his back. "Bring her inside and put her on the bedside."

Red walked inside her hut and placed Scoots on a nearby bed. as Zecora closed the door, slipped off her bear robe, and hanged it up on her coat rack. She went next to Red and looked at Scootaloo who was still slightly breathing with the towel around her.

"She's been bleeding a lot..." Red stating. "I wrapped the towel around her hoping to slow it down..."

Zecora gave a single nod. "Take off her towel, so I can see her wounds that you say are foul "

Red slowly put his hand on the towel and in one fast yank, Scootaloo's wounds were shown to the zebra mare and she let out a slight gasp. "Oh my what a horrific sight...who has done this with such might?!"

"Some asshole named Garble...after cutting her up he planned to throw her into a dumpster so her wounds can get infected..."

"What a jerk he is indeed...but I bet I have something that might succeed." Zecora stood up and walked over to her shelves to search for something. She took out a few spices in some shakers and walked over to her big pot. She placed each ingredient in the pot with a smile. "All I have to do is mix these ingredients together, but I might need some DNA like a feather..."

Red carefully rolled Scootaloo on her side and plucked an orange feather from her wing. He then walked over to the zebra shaman and she grabbed it from his hand along with dropping it in the pot. After mixing the liquid inside for a little bit, it slightly smoked up with a small pop and it turned into an orange color. Zecora pulled out a cork bottle and scooped up some of the liquid from it, along with corking it up. She presented it to Red by placing it in his hand and he looked at it with a little confusion.

"This tonic is a healing spell, have the filly drink it and she will definitely feel well." Zecora stated to the stallion.

Red looked at the bottle again and walked over to the still passed out Scootaloo. He took out the cork and presented it to Scootaloo, who was slightly groaning.

"Scootaloo...here, drink this, this will make you feel better." Red whispered, Scootaloo slightly opened her mouth with a little help from the red pegasus and he poured it into her mouth. The orange pegasus slowly swallowed it and began to give out a tiny cough, then a slightly louder cough, then an even louder cough, Red backed up and saw that her wounds were going away.

After a few seconds, Scootaloo has been completely healed, her wounds have completely closed up and they vanished like they weren't even there to begin with, they didn't even leave any trace of scar tissue behind. Then a miracle happened, the orange pegasus was beginning to open her eyes.

Scootaloo's vision was a little blurred but she then got her surroundings, she looked around and saw that she was half-naked, on a bed, and Red along with some creature she didn't know were staring at her with smiles.

"W-Where am I?" asked Scootaloo as she sat up and covered her breasts with her hands.

Red smiled brightly and hugged her. "Scootaloo! I'm so glad you're alright!"

"Red?" Scootaloo asked with a blush as she was still getting hugged. "Can you wait till I find a bra or something first?"

Red blushed a little of embarrassment, forgetting that Scootaloo didn't have a shirt let alone a bra on, and here he was hugging her when she's half-naked, He let go of her as Zecora gave a little giggle.

"Scootaloo, I presume?" Zecora asked, making the slightly blushing pegasus nod. "Don't worry, I might have something for you to wear in this room."

Zecora walked to her closet and threw a bra made of tiger pelts onto her lap. Scootaloo looked at her with a 'are you serious' look but the zebra just smiled and shrugged in response. Scootaloo huffed and told Red to turn around, which he did, she slipped the tiger fur bra on and it actually fit snug on her breasts, she was actually surprised to say it, but it was pretty comfortable.

After Red turned around Scootaloo nodded. "Alright, NOW we can hug." The stallion smiled and obliged.

After the hug, Zecora walked up. "Hey, it's good to see that you are okay."

Scootaloo looked at the zebra in confusion until Red realized something. "Oh, sorry, I haven't introduced you guys yet..." Red looked at Zecora. "Zecora, this is Scootaloo, she's one of my friends from school." Red now looked at Scoots. "And Scootaloo, this is Zecora, she's an old friend of my family."

"Nice to meet you, sorry you had to meet me like this..." Scootaloo said.

"The pleasure is all mine and don't worry it's just fine." Zecora replied with a smile.

Scootaloo looked at Red with a confused look again, Red realized what's wrong now and he walked over to her, getting on one knee so he can whisper to her. "She has to rhyme when she speaks, because it's apart of her heritage."

Scootaloo mouthed "Oh" and that made Red stand back up. "So Zecora, what do you do?" she asked.

"I'm a shaman don't you see? I always help creatures who are on one knee." Zecora replied. "I make spells, herbs, and potions, almost how others can make up emotions."

"Well...thank you for saving me..." Scootaloo stuttered a little in slight confusion on what Zecora is saying.

"It is no problem at all, no situation is too small."

Red helped Scootaloo get off of Zecora's bed. "Well, I guess it's time to go back to school..."

"Alright then, oh and you can keep the bra Scootaloo, I actually have two."

"Really? Thanks." said Scootaloo with a smile.

After saying their goodbyes, Red and Scootaloo walked out of Zecora's hut and out of the forest. Scootaloo was still looking over herself.

"Wow...that potion really did the trick, it's like my cuts weren't even there to begin with..." Scoots said, as Red smiled.

"Yeah, Zecora is skilled at this stuff, that's why my father normally goes to her for healing potions before a mission. He uses them for himself or for hostages that he needs to save."

When Scootaloo and Red walked on the school grounds, there were actually a few stallions outside and when they saw Scootaloo's outfit (The tiger pelt bra that Zecora gave her and her purple panties that Garble left her in), they all began to shout flirtations and give wolf whistles.

"Dayum, girl!"

"Hey baby, you wanna go out with a stud like me?"

"Hot damn baby girl, you want some fries to go with that shake?"

"Show us that sexy naked body of yours!"

Scootaloo blushed angrily and continued to walk to the girls dorm with Red as he stared daggers into the stallion's eyes.

When they got there, Scootaloo opened the door but Red stopped her, for a second. "So Scootaloo, now that you're fully healed...what are you gonna do about Garble?"

Scootaloo looked at Red with a determined look on her face. "Don't worry, he's gonna get what's coming to him." She then walked into the girls dorm leaving Red outside.

"That mare is a complete mystery to me..." Red said to himself.

Taking Down: The Fire Dragons

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Scootaloo got up out of bed still wearing the tiger pelt bra that Zecora gave her and began to stretch her arms, she was feeling really refreshed after a well-deserved nap, even after that near-death experience she got from Garble. When she finished stretching, she heard a knock at her door, she walked over and opened it, revealing a very worried Twilight.

"Scootaloo, are you alright?" asked the purple alicorn still slightly rubbing her head after she got knocked out.

"Yeah, I'm fine. How's your head?" Scoots replied, leaning on the door frame.

"Still sore, but getting better...What happened?"

"Garble foalnapped me and began to cut me up with his knife...Red saved my ass and got me healed but, I'm out of the gang..."

"So, what now?"

"What do you mean "What now?" I'm gonna give him a piece of my mind!"

"But, Scoots haven't you seen for yourself that Garble is dangerous?"

"Yeah...but I'm 10x more dangerous when I'm pissed.....and oh boy....pissed doesn't even describe how mad I am right now!" Scootaloo said, while clenching her right hand into a fist and gritting her teeth so hard that it looks like they'll shatter in mere seconds.

"So, how are we gonna do this?" asked Twilight, finally dropping her hand from her head.

Scootaloo crossed her arms over her chest. "Grab Ember and Sweetie Belle...we're gonna plan this..."

Scootaloo walked into the lounge with a leather jacket with a tank top inside, her purple fingerless gloves, blue jeans, and sneakers. She sat down next to Sweetie Belle who was already with Twilight and Ember, with a map of the dragon's hangout.

"OK, guys. We're are gonna take Garble down right now!" Scootaloo demanded with anger. "I'm gonna storm in the front and shoot em all to hell."

The orange pegasus pointed at the front entrance. "Ember, I'm gonna have you and Redsopine stand at the front entrance, when I go inside, I want you and him to stay outside to make sure no one gets in or out..."

She moved her finger over the map and it stopped at the back entrance. "Sweetie Belle and Twilight, I want you guys to do the same to the back entrance, no one gets in or out."

Scootaloo's friends all nodded together, signifying that they understand. "OK, I already called Red and told him to meet us near the hangout with some weapons....Let's do this!"

The girls' bikes all screeched to a stop when they got to The Fire Dragon's hangout, and just what Scootaloo said, Red was already there staking out the place.

The girls all ran to him and he took notice. "Hey."

Scoots and Red fist-bumped. "Hey, you got the weapons?"

Red nodded. "Yeah, right over here." He walked over to a nearby bush and pulled a wooden crate out of it. When he opened it he looked at the girls and passed them their weapons.

"Dual Beretta M9s for Sweetie Belle.....Remington 120 for Ember.....Uzi 9mm for Twilight....Spaz 12 for me....and an M4 Carbine for Scootaloo."

The girls all grabbed their weapons and Red closed the crate. "OK guys, you ready for this?"

"Hang on." Twilight said, everyone looked at her as she looked at Scootaloo. "I want to give you something, Scoots."

"OK?" Scootaloo asked hesitantly, she then sees Twilight start to conjure up her magic into her horn and her purple aura surround Scootaloo, after a few seconds it created a slight flash, the aura left Scootaloo and the alicorn looked at her with a wink, the orange delinquent was still confused. "What did you just do to me?"

"You'll find out soon enough..." Twilight replied and she ran off. "Now, come on!"

Scootaloo shook her head quickly, and beckoned the rest of them to get to their positions.

Scootaloo got to the front door and after giving a nod to both Twilight and Ember, Scootaloo kicked open the door. Inside were about 15 dragons with a lot of guns, the orange delinquent gave a cross look. "Where's Garble?!"

The dragons responded with gun clacks as they all aimed at the orange pony, who opened fire on them. Scootaloo managed to get 5 dragons down but quickly had to run into cover behind a nearby couch as they fired back. She blindly fired her M4 over the couch and she managed to take down 3 more because of the grunts she heard.

She popped up from cover and fired her weapon in full auto, she managed to also hit 4 more but was met with a sharp pain in her head when a dragon shot her with a pistol, she ducked back into cover and rubbed her head from the pain.

"SCOOTALOO!" The orange pegasus looked to see who called her name and saw it was Red who was also firing back at the dragons along with Ember. "HERE TAKE THIS!" Red tossed something to her and she caught it with one hand, seeing that it’s a cylinder type of grenade. "PULL THE PIN AND THROW IT! WHEN IT EXPLODES, DON'T LOOK AT IT!"

Scootaloo did just that, she pulled the pin and threw it at the dragons. After a few short seconds the grenade exploded and what came out of it was a very bright flash. Scootaloo looked and saw the remaining 3 dragons all dropped their weapons and grabbed their eyes, while slightly screaming.

The orange delinquent saw this as an opening and got up from cover, she ran right at the dragons and bashed their heads with her M4 BB gun knocking them all out. When she thought it was clear, she ran over to the Red stallion. "What the hell was that Red?"

"Flashbang grenades, found some when I was collecting the guns, thought it would be useful." Red explained.

"Well, it certainly was..." Scootaloo said. "OK...you and Ember stay down here I'm gonna get Garble."

Red gave a single nod and watched her run and climb up some stairs.

During all the commotion downstairs, Garble gripped his Colt 1911 BB gun tightly and aimed it at the door. Spike was nearby and he had a Single Action Army revolver. "OK...that stupid pony is gonna come open the door and when she does we are gonna fire on her ass, got it?

Spike looked down slightly. "Yes, Master..."

Scootaloo kicked the door open and Spike aimed his gun at her, but before he could fire, Garble threw his weapon to the ground, took a deep breath, and breathed fire straight at Scootaloo. When he said, 'Fire on her ass', he meant literally!! The orange delinquent screamed as she was engulfed in flames and Spike watched with horror and sorrow.

"NO!" Spike ran to Garble and tackled him to the ground, making him cancel out his fire attack. "I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE, YOU STUPID BUCKER!" Spike flipped Garble over and began to beat up his face with his fists and elbows.

After a few punches, Garble grabbed Spike's fists and breathed fire in his face, making the purple dragon grunt and thanks to that destraction, The red dragon punched Spike in the face so hard that the purple dragon practically fell right off of him. Garble slowly got up and looked at Spike's knocked out phase. "You traitor! I'll kill you!" But before he could do anything he heard a voice from behind him.

"Hey! We have other important matters we need to discuss." Garble looked behind him and saw a shocking sight

Scootaloo was still standing, she wasn't covered in any burn marks from the fire, in fact it looked like the fire didn't even lay a little smoke on her. "Impossible, who the buck are you?!"

Scoots held up her arm and a purple glint came off of it. "I am Scootaloo and I must say thanks to Twilight after this..."

Scootaloo ran at Garble and tried to swing a punch only for the red dragon to duck and give a heavy punch to Scootaloo's stomach. She got out of the pain pretty quickly and punched Garble in the face, making him grunt and back up. She attacked again with a roundhouse kick but Garble blocked it with his arm before it came close to touching his side.

Garble pushed her leg away from him and tried to punch her face, only for Scoots to grab it in her right hand. She used her left hand and began to chop at his arm, hitting some pressure points, she pushed it away and kicked him in the stomach so hard that Garble slid a little.

The red dragon growled and took out his switchblade, he brought it up to his snout and breathed a little bit of fire on it. Making it turn red and steamy, Garble gave a smirk and charged at Scootaloo with the red hot knife. He gave a few slashes at Scootaloo and missed a couple of times when she kept dodging, but he actually managed to slash the top Scootaloo's chest during a dodge, making some blood fly on to the floor.

Scoots ignored it and grabbed Garble with her hand on his knife arm and she guided him to the wall. When he pushed him up against the wall, she began to slam his knife hand into the wall repeatedly, making him finally drop it. She kneed him in the nuts, grabbed his shirt, and she managed to throw him over his desk, making him slide off of it and taking all the items from his desk with him on the floor.

Garble slowly picked himself up from the floor with a bloody nose and saw that Scootaloo has his knife. She threw it at him and the knife jammed deep into his right shoulder. "GAH! Same goddamn shoulder!"

Before he could take it out, Scootaloo ran and dropped kicked him in the face after she jumped over the desk. The red dragon was slightly shivering from the pain. The orange pegasus grabbed the knife from his shoulder and took it out for him with a forceful yank, making the dragon gargle a little, She sat on his stomach and grabbed his head scales with her right hand, pulled it back, and put the knife right near his fully exposed neck.

"Had enough, you lizard bastard?" Scootaloo asked.

Garble panted and slowly smiled. "Well, Well, Well.....I guess I finally met my match...alrightly then grass muncher, what do ya want?"

"Give your leadership to Ember, I also want you to let Spike go." Scootaloo explained.

Garble slightly laughed. "You think I would listen to a bitch like you?"

Scootaloo grit her teeth and took the knife away from his throat. She then slashed the top of his chest making him scream again.


"ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, I GIVE!" Garble yelled back.

Scootaloo threw the knife away, grabbed Garble's shirt, and pulled him close to her face that her muzzle was touching his snout. "I better not see you face near me or my friends anymore, ya got that?" Garble growled angrily and nodded.
"Good..." With that said, Scootaloo slammed Garble's head to the floor, knocking him out.

The orange pegasus panted heavily and looked up at the celling while she continued to sit on Garble's body. While taking a breather she heard a grunt come from the other side of the desk. She slowly got up and saw that Spike was slowly getting up with a bloody nose.

Scootaloo went near Spike and the purple dragon looked at her. "Is it over?"

The orange delinquent gave a single nod. "It's over...no more 'Master and Slave' for you."

Spike gave a very bright smile and embraced Scootaloo into a hug. "Oh, Thank you so much! You have no idea how happy I am....I am forever in debt to you!"

Scootaloo slightly chuckled with a blush as she patted Spike's back. "Hey, it's no problem...just take care of this gang with Ember, Okay?"

Spike gave a single nod after he broke the hug. "You got it!"

Athletic Jerks

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"Fighting that punk bitch Garble was a complete headache that finally died down. After I kicked his ass, I told Celestia about the whole incident. She called the guards and Garble was immediately apprehended, I wasn't really there for this part...but I think Celestia even expelled him. Probably for past reasons that I only heard a snippet of from Spike. By the way, helping Spike get the leadership throne back while also giving my friend Ember the leadership role was well worth it and I'm actually pretty happy about it, I bet they're gonna be okay. But sadly, my work isn't over yet...."

Scootaloo and Red stopped sparring and dropped their hands to their sides. Scootaloo wiped the sweat from her head while wearing a white tank top, short beige school khakis, and her purple sneakers, while also wearing her fingerless gloves.

Red took out a water bottle from a nearby duffle bag and poured it on his head in order to cool down a little, he wore a black t-shirt, his black school khakis, and white sneakers. After shaking some water off of him, he got up and looked at Scootaloo with a smile.

"You've...really improved....Scoots....nice job." Red said, while panting a little.

Scoots smiled back. "Thanks...yer not....so bad yerself..."

"That's all thanks to my dad." Red walked up to the orange pegasus and gave her another water bottle that he owed.

"By the way....you always talk about your dad...where is he now?" Scootaloo asked, Red looked down with a sad face and a sigh.

"H-He's dead..."

"O-Oh....I'm sorry..."

Red waved his right hand. "No...No, No, it's fine. You didn't know..."

Scootaloo and Red stood in awkward silence for about a minute before the orange pegasus broke it. "So....uh....same time tomorrow?"

Red picked up his head and nodded. "Yeah...see ya then." Scoots gave a single nod and left the parking lot after putting the rest of her school clothes back on. Red watched her leave and when she was out of earshot, he clutched his head with both hands, fell on his knees, and drops of tears began to fall from his shadowed covered eyes. "D-Dad....I-I'm so s-sorry...."

Scootaloo walked up to Sweetie Belle who was sitting on the steps of the main building and was eating an apple. She sat down next to her and the white unicorn looked at her. "Hey, how was sparring?"

"Tiring...but I enjoy the work..." Scootaloo replied with a slight chuckle. "I mean...I have to keep my guard up in case anyone else wants a fight."

Sweetie nodded and took another bite of her apple. "So...what about Diamond?"

Scootaloo now gave a slight disgusted look, just hearing Diamond Tiara's name was enough to make her puke up her insides. "I haven't seen her....but If I overhear somepony say I used to be a stallion and had a sex change...or that my father slept with the alicorn sisters to get me in here. I always think to myself that it's Diamond..."

Sweetie Belle sighed and nodded. "Yeah...and she even called me cute...she says it like I'm a 4 year old."

"Well, I guess she's not always wrong..." Scootaloo replied.

The unicorn looked at Scootaloo with a cross look, she really doesn't like being called cute. "I'm not cute!"

"Oh yes you are...." The delinquent replied with a slight smile. "You're the cutest thing I've ever seen."

Sweetie Belle sighed and got up after finishing her apple. "Whatever...I gotta go..." She walked down the stairs and before she turned a corner, she accidentally bumped into a stallion and fell to the ground.

The stallion she bumped into was a dark gray pegasus with light gold eyes and his mane was a light blue mulhawk with some white streaks. He was walking along side another pegasus stallion who had a blue coat, light blue eyes, and also kind of had a mulhawk type mane but his front bang was zig-zaged a little like a lightning bolt. Both of them wore the same clothes as The Wonderbolts clique (blue and yellow letterman jackets over light orange PHS vests, blue and white sweatpants, and gym shoes.). They both saw Sweetie Belle walking towards them but they didn't even bother to move out of the way.

Both pegasi chuckled a little and looked down at the unicorn on the ground. "Maybe next time you should watch where you're going..." said the gray pegasus.

Scootaloo oversaw this and stood up. "Hey, assholes!" The pegasi stallions looked at Scootaloo who walked up to them.

"Hey, Thunderlane look. It's the 'Badass'." The blue pegasus mocked.

Thunderlane walked up to Scootaloo and looked down at her, since he was taller than her, standing at 6 feet (Scootaloo is 5,6). "Oh I'm so sorry psychopath, did I hit your girlfriend?"

The blue pegasus nodded. "Yeah bitch, are you gonna try and kick our asses now?"

"Trust me it's gonna happen...." Scootaloo said coldly, the stallions mocked her even more.

"OOOO, Trust me it's gonna happen....when you least expect it I'm gonna throw a weak punch that's gonna hurt me like hell...Ha ha ha-Guh!?" The blue pegasus didn't finish when out of no where Scootaloo punched him hard in the gut.

Thunderlane was surprised. "Sky Stinger!"

Both ponies watched Sky Stinger get on his knees and hold his stomach, Scootaloo then swung her leg and knocked him right in the face, knocking him down with a bloody nose. The orange pegasus now looked at Thunderlane who slightly shivered.

"Grab your friend and get out of here!" yelled Scoots.

Thunderlane went over to Sky Stinger and picked him up, blood was slowly dripping from his nose. He looked at Scootaloo angerly with tears in his eyes. "Y-You're gonna...p-p-pay for this y-you bitch!...I-I'm telling the c-captain A-And she's g-gonna beat you up!"

As the stallions walked away, Scootaloo yelled one last taunt. "Go have some fun in the locker room showers." She put her hands on her chest. " 'Oh....It looks like I just dropped my soap, can you please pick it up for me?' Punk ass bitches!"

Scootaloo looked at Sweetie Belle who was still on the ground and she afford to give her a hand, the white unicorn grabbed her hand and she was picked up off of the ground.

After Scootaloo dusted her off a little she looked at Sweetie Belle with a sly smile. "Come on, Sweetie, I think we found some new ponies to have some fun with..."

Dealing with Pests

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Spitfire sat at her desk in The Wonderbolts clubhouse cleaning her goggles until she heard a knock on her door. Sighing, she dropped them on her desk and walked to the door, opening it to find Thunderlane carry a crying and bloody nosed Sky Stinger.

"What happened?" Spitfire said, a little concerned that one of her strong colleagues got beat up.

Sky Stinger picked up his head, fully showing his bruised cheek along with his bloody nose, he was stuttering a lot because of how much he cried. "T-That b-bitch, s-she kicked m-my f-face...."


Thunderlane decided to answer. "That orange pegasus with the purple mane, the one who single handedly took down The Bullies, Fashionistas, and just recently those flaming lizards."

"You screwed with her?!" Spitfire practically yelled, making Sky Stinger close his eyes in slight fear, the yellow pegasus threw her hands in the air while turning around to her desk. "Great! Just great! Now that bitch is coming after us now..."

"What are we gonna do, Captain?" asked Thunderlane after he helped Sky Stinger walk to a nearby chair and setting him down on it.

"We need to fight back...." Spitfire replied. "But it won't be easy...we need a fiery way to deal with her...the type that makes her feel completely embarrassed about."

"Well, Captain." Thunder said. "You think maybe we should wait this out....see if she's actually gonna come after us, I mean she just kicked Sky Stinger in the face, I doubt she'd do anything more with us..."

Spitfire looked at the celling while spinning in her comfortable chair. "Alright...but I do have an idea how we can maim that bitch..." She reached under her desk and placed a digital camera on top of it. "Thunderlane, I want you to go on an important errand, we need this as a trump card in case that bitch comes after us."

Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle sat in The Fire Dragon's hangout with Ember and Spike. They're in a room that resembled a planning room, it had a planning board, a long table, and even some refreshments.

"Thanks for letting us use this room for our plans from now on, Spike and Ember." Scootaloo said, sitting at the head of the table while the other three sat on the sides, Sweetie Belle and Ember sat on the left side and Spike sat alone on the right.

"Hey, it's no problem, Scoots." Spike replied. "You helped me so I helped you, also since you're our new boss..."

"That's right and make sure you and the other dragons don't forget it."

"Don't worry, we won't"

Ember put her hands together and leaned, putting her arms on the table and looked at Scootaloo. "So, which clique you don't like now?"

"Spitfire's crew, The Wonderbolts."

"Them?" asked Spike. "What did they do to piss you off?"

"Some of Spitfire's boys had the balls to talk up to me....and they even pushed Sweetie Belle to the ground." Scootaloo explained, looking at Sweetie Belle who looked down. "She may have bumped into them but they didn't even bother to move or say 'excuse us'."

"Is that is?" asked Ember a little confused that Scoots wants to beat up The Wonderbolts for not saying 'excuse me'.

"I also pretty much screwed up backing out because I roundhouse kicked one of the stallion's faces, making their nose bleed..." Scoots said with a slight smirk.

Ember slowly put her hand on her face and shook her head. "Of course you did....."

"So, we need a plan to take them down, but the twist is that I want to make it happen in public so everyone can see that WE are superior. So, any ideas?"

Everyone at the tables began to ponder on how they can take care of The Wonderbolts in the most public way possible. They sat in silence until Spike got an idea.

"Wait guys...." The girls looked at him. "Isn't the next football game coming up?"

"Spike...we're trying to kick a clique's ass." Scootaloo replied. "Could you please not put your sports-loving hormones onto the planning table?"

"No, Scoots, you're not getting it. The big football game is gonna be huge, everyone at the school is gonna be there."


"That could be the publicity you want, you beat up the team right in front of the whole school!"

Scootaloo started to think, that was actually not a bad plan, but it would take serious planning, the type of plans that could outshine their recent ones. She's gonna need some help, Egghead help...

Twilight was just sitting in her room and doing homework like she always does on a daily basis, but now, she can finally read with a smile on her face and with a clear conscience again. Knowing that Garble is expelled and that her closest friend and brother-figure is alright.

The purple alicorn closed her book after finishing and almost immediately her phone rang, making her jump slightly. She looked at the I.D. and saw that it read Scootaloo's name. After taking down Garble and helping Spike out of his clutches, Twilight now considers Scootaloo to be a great friend, so great that they exchanged phone numbers so in case either of them needed help they could just ring each other.

She pressed the answer button and pressed the phone on her ear. "Hello?"

"Twilight, I need your help with something." Scoots said on the other line.

"Let me guess...there is another clique that you don't like..."

"Heh, you know me so well, Sparkle."

"It's all we normally do now..." Twilight walked over to her desk chair and sat down. "So....who's the special clique you want to shove your fist up now?"

"One, that sounded weird....Two, it's The Wonderbolts."

The purple alicorn leaned forward fast, completely shook. "OK, Scoots now I know you have to be insane, Spitfire is a total brute, she doesn't even believe in the word mercy! You even LOOK at her the wrong way she'll shove her foot straight up your ass!"

"Your getting me even more excited than I already am, Spark. But after we take her down, I can finally show the whole school that I'm the daddy!"

Twi deadpanned. "OK, THAT was weird..."

"Shut up, I need help with some planning....and uh....you know where I'm going with this..."

Twilight sighed. "Alright sure, where are you?"

"At The Fire Dragons' hangout, this will be our planning place from now on."

"K, I'm on my way."

Twilight hung up and began to get her shoes, what has Scoots got her into this time?

Maiming // Operation Trojan Pony: Planning

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Twilight walked into the Dragon's hangout, seeing her friends along with Spike sitting in the office.

"So...what did you want my help with?" Twilight asked.

Scootaloo got up and walked over to her, putting her hand on Twi's back. "I just figured since you and The Wonderbolts aren't really on good terms..."

"No one is on good terms with The Wonderbolts..." Ember stated. "Even The Fire Dragons hate their athletic asses."

"Yeah..." Spike added. "There was one time that I was walking passed Spitfire, I glanced at her for a quick second and she bucking kicked me in the balls!"

"Sheesh...guess she must be dealing with some serious crap..." Scootaloo commented, she turned back to Twilight. "But anyway...we need to get her and her lackeys in front of the whole school and Spike said that the football game that's coming up is our best bet.

Twilight sighed. "OK...let's get started..."

Thunderlane looked at Spitfire like she had three eyes after the instructions she told him to follow. "Y-You want me to do what?"

"I want you to find and tail Scootaloo...and with this camera..." Spit put one finger on the digital camera that sat on her desk. "I want you to take pictures of Scootaloo...when she's getting changed in her dorm room..."

Thunderlane blushed at the idea. "But...Captain...we've never done nude blackmail before...plus we could go to jail!"

Spitfire shrugged her shoulders with a smirk. "Well, sometimes you need to do the wrong thing in order to accomplish your goals...and this is gonna be part 1 of my plan"

"B-But why me?!" Thunderlane said that with a raised voice, making Spitfire squint her eyes at him, he quickly changed his tone with a stuttering one. "Uh...I-I mean can't you get Crash or any other mare to do it? I mean they have access to the dorm room and they won't have to sneak around."

Spitfire stood up and loomed over him with her hands on her desk. "Are you questioning my orders, Lane Scrape?"

Thunder started to sweat. "Uh...No, Captain...."

Spitfire sat back down. "Good...besides the mares are training in the gym with Crash, and I can't do it cuz I'm the boss. meaning you follow my orders, Scrap! Now-"

Spit picked up the camera and threw it at Thunder, who barely caught it in his hands. "Buck off and go! Close the door on your way out."

Thunder sighed and walked to the office door but he stopped himself and looked at his Captain again. "Hey, can I ask you something ma'am?"

"Ask away." Spitfire allowed with a nod.

"You said that this is "Part 1" of your plan...may I ask what's part 2?"

"Don't worry about it, Lane, just worry about the task at hand, call me when you get to the dorm." The fiery maned pegasus replied with a surprisingly comforting smile.

Thunder nodded and gave a salute of attention. "Yes, ma'am"

After he walked out of her office and closed the door behind him, Spitfire's phone began to ring. She pulled it out of her back pocket and put it to her ear.

"Hello?" Spitfire answered.

"Spitfire...is Part 1 of the plan completed?"

"Diamond Tiara.....Don't worry, my colt is gonna do it right now, we'll make sure she's kept tame..."

"Good...now after you get the blackmail pictures, we'll add them to the collection I have...then I want you to nab somepony from the school." Diamond stated.

"Who would that be?"

"I'll send you a pic."

Diamond hung up on Spitfire and after a few seconds sent her a pic through text message. Spitfire saw that Diamond wants Spitfire to nab Sweetie Belle and take her hostage. Spitfire continued to look at her phone and saw that she received another text from Diamond.

'Don't mention my name when you got her and I'll take care of your gang.'

Spitfire didn't text back, she just nodded to phone with a determined face.

Twilight explained everything they could do to get The Wonderbolts during the football game 2 weeks from today.

"OK guys that's what I've got..." Twilight began, looking at Scootaloo. "Scoots will steal the mascot costume and disguise herself so she doesn't have to worry about The Bolts getting on her case...and while she gets the costume...." She looked at the other members. "Ember, Sweetie Belle, Spike, and I will go to the field and do a stake out of the place."

Twi circled her finger on the table. "And during that said stake out, we'll look around the field and come up with ideas on how to sabotage it. Then during the day of the game we'll tell Scoots our ideas and have her do them while she's wearing the mascot costume...how's that?"

"Hm..." Sweetie Belle started. "That's actually a pretty good plan...I'm down with it."

"Yeah, that could work..." Scootalo agreed. "Thanks Twi, ya know...we should get the costume right now, so we don't need to worry about it..."

"I was hoping you say that." Twilight said. "I got 4 binoculars, so we can start the stake out while you get the costume."

"Alright, let's go." Spike said.

Everybody got out of the planning office and got onto their bikes, Sweetie Belle had to ride with Scootaloo by standing on the pegs at the back.

Once they got to the football field, Scootaloo separated from the others so she can get the costume and they can start their stake out. Twilight and Spike went to the stands, Ember went near the scoreboard, and Sweetie Belle went up a tree near the field. Scootaloo walked a little and saw the school mascot, A giant pink alicorn, finish up practice and was on the way to the locker room to change.

Scootaloo gave a thumbs up to Twilight and she quickly followed the mascot inside the gym.

Scoots walked inside the gym and was glad to see it was empty, she quickly went to the locker rooms and pressed her back against the wall, peering into the locker saw a female black griffin taking off the mascot costume, revealing her white tank top and black shorts. She went over to the mascot locker and stuffed the costume inside, locking it with a special key.

The griffin sighed. "Ugh...that costume is really stuffy...I didn't even want to be the mascot." She walked to her locker and got her bookbag out. "But surprisingly, it's actually pretty fun"

The griffin walked to the locker room entrance completely unaware of the orange pegasus nearby. Once she rounded the corner, Scootaloo quickly grabbed her and put her into a chokehold, her arm pressed hard onto the griffin's windpipe causing her to try as gasp for air. After a few moments, the griffin became drowsy and went limp into Scootaloo's arms, completely unconscious.

The pegasus dropped her body on the floor and walked to the mascot locker, she looked at the lock and tried to pick at it with her metal nail file but the lock stayed locked, apparently her lock-picking skills weren't good enough for this type of lock, she needed the key.

She walked back to the griffin on the ground and digged into her pockets, finally finding the key in her back pocket. Scoots collected the mascot costume and put it in a duffel bag that was also in the locker. After putting the lock back on and the key back into the griffin's back pocket, she decided to put the unconscious student on a nearby bench, to make it look like she was sleeping.

With the mascot costume in her possession, she ran back to the girls dorm. Not knowing that when she got close, a certain dark gray pegasus was watching her from a nearby bush.

20 minutes ago - Before Scoots was getting the mascot uniform

Thunderlane closed the door to Spitfire's office and looked at the camera in his hands. "I can't believe I have to do this...I have to be a creep to a mare that can easily kick my ass without batting an eye...I have to make sure I'm not seen..."

After Thunder walked out of the Wonderbolt Clubhouse near the field he saw all his friends training for the upcoming game, even though it doesn't start until 2 weeks later. He even saw Gabby in the mascot costume, he knew she didn't really want to be the mascot, she wanted to be a cheerleader, but Silver Spoon wouldn't let her in since she failed the tryouts.

But it was nice of Silver Spoon to vouch for Gabby on trying to have her be the school mascot, it was the next best thing, sadly, but the black female griffin is still giving it her all.

In the distance of where he was standing, Thunderlane could see Scootaloo with a white unicorn, a purple alicorn, a purple and green dragon, and a blue dragon, all of them separated and went into different spots for some reason.

Thunder ran to the nearby staircase and looked at Scootaloo and her friends, he saw the orange pegasus gave a thumbs up to the purple alicorn and she ran up the nearby staircase that Thunder was hiding near.

The dark gray pegasus sneakly walked to the staircase and saw that Scoots was out of his sight when she turned the corner to enter the gym. This gave him the chance he needed and he ran to the girls dorm.

Thunder did a dramatic dodge roll into a nearby bush when he got to the girls dorm. He pulled out his phone and called Spitfire and tried to be as quiet as he could.

"Captain, I'm at the girls dorm." Thunder said.

"Good, now I want you to take lewd pictures of Scootaloo" Spitfire instructed.

"Like how lewd?" asked Thunder with a blush.

"I don't know....Shower, Changing, maybe when she's bending over?"

"You're making this very hard for me, Captain..."

Spitfire chuckled a little. "Speaking of hard...try not to get one, buddy." And with that, Spitfire hung up on him.

The pegasus sighed and put his phone away, he then began to hear walking near him and saw that Scootaloo was near the girls dorm now.

Thunderlane saw Scootaloo carrying a PHS blue duffle bag on her shoulder and watched her go inside the girls dorm through the front entrance. The dark gray pegasus decided to find another way in then just waltz through the front door like an idiot, so after searching around a bit, he found vines that led to an open window in the attic, so seeing he as little to no options, he began to climb them.

Thunderlane entered the girls dorm through the open window and began to sneak around the girls dorm, hiding in closets, around corners and even rolling to get passed open doors faster.

He was finally close to Scootaloo's room and hid behind a wall near the door. He heard rustling in the room and a phone beep. "Twilight, I've got the clothes, what do you want me to do now? ……. Ok, got it, I'll call you later." He heard her hung up the phone and then groan. "Ugh...I really need a shower...I've ran a lot lately."

Thunderlane eyes widen when he heard her coming to the door, so he raced as quietly as he could to crouch down near a potted plant. He saw Scootaloo carrying bath supplies and a towel on her arm, she made her way to the showers with Thunderlane following close behind.

The gray pegasus entered the bathroom with Scoots ahead of him, who had her back to him, not knowing of his existence,. He got on one knee and aimed the camera at Scootaloo.

'OK, Lane...just relax and keep this professional...don't get aroused...' He thought to himself, but it was shot down as soon as Scootaloo took off her white shirt and her black bra. What was worse for him though was when she turned her body (except her head) to his direction and unintentionally showed off her big but still developing breasts. Even though they were still developing, they were big enough for any teenage stallion to drool over, which is exactly what was happening with Thunder.

Thunder blushed a deep shade of red. "Oh, dear god..." he whispered to himself.

He quickly shook his head and focused on the task at hand with his now completely red face. He took pictures of the naked Scootaloo about to enter the shower, once she entered, Thunder moved a little bit to get a few shots of her actually in the shower. After the shots were done he ran to a nearby stall and hid there while Scootaloo got out of the shower and wrapped herself with a towel.

Hearing her barehooves walk out of the bathroom, Thunderlane got out and followed her back to her room. Scoots closed the door behind her, but didn't lock it, so The dark gray Wonderbolt had to slowly open the door a crack and took pictures of Scoots dropping her towel on the floor and getting dressed. After a few pictures, he looked both ways and to his horror he saw a yellow pegasus mare look in his direction a good 10 feet away.

"AHH!!! THERE'S A PERVERT WITH A CAMERA IN HERE!!!!!" The mare screamed, making Thunder run away from Scootaloo's room door and out of the back door of the dorm, he was lucky that the mare was too far away to get a description of him.

Scootaloo finally put on her leather jacket after getting dressed until there was a loud scream that pretty sure alerted everypony in the dorm.


Scoots recognized the voice being Fluttershy's, she ran out of her room and looked at Flutters across the hall. "Where are they?"

"They went out the back door!" screamed the timid pegasus.

Scootaloo ran out the back door making her open leather jacket flow behind her, she opened the door and looked around there was nopony there, he must've got away. Scoots had a concerned look on her face.

"Damn...what the hell was that all about?" She asked to herself.

Asylum Teacher Abduction

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Thunderlane kept running away from the girls’ dorm, making his open letterman jacket and mane flow behind him thanks to the wind he was picking up from the amount of running he was doing. He couldn't believe he actually did it, he took those type of photos of Scootaloo and he managed to get away with nopony knowing what perverted thing he was doing with a camera.

He stopped to catch his breath and got some water from a nearby water fountain. After resting for a few minutes his phone started to ring, he saw it was Spitfire and answered it.

"Hey, Captain..." Thunder panted slightly, still a catching his breath.

"Scrape, you have the pictures?"

"Yeah...and I hope you like them...The amount of crap I do for you is nothing compared to this bitch!"

"Quit your wining, Thunder...unless you want me to hurt you again, remember when I hit you before? This next one is gonna be so much worse that you'd think the first one was a very gentle love tap..."

Thunder began to sweat, not from the running, but from the amount of terror that's floating in his mind. "S-Sorry...Captain…I just get pissed when I'm put into these types of situations...So anyway, I do have the pictures...want me to give it to you back at your office?"

"Yeah and come here quick, I have somepony here with me who has another job for you, it's a paying one. Crash is already here."

"What's Rainbow doing there?" Thunder began to walk to the clubhouse, where Spitfire is.

"She's waiting to get paid, smartass, get over here now." Spitfire demanded, hanging up on him.

Thunder let out a sigh. "Alright...let's see what the deal is..."

Scootaloo walked into the main school building and saw Ms. Cadence crying in the cafeteria. She walked inside and tried to get her attention.

"Ms. Cadence?"

Cadence looked up with tears in her eyes. "S-Scootaloo?"

"You ok, why are you crying?"

"I'm just..." Cadence started before wiping her tears. "Sulking...my Shining Armor is gone..."

"What happened to him, did he get fired?"

"No...He just...had a lot on his mind...he went crazy...the bastard!" the pink alicorn then slammed her fists on the table. "Macintosh has gotten under his skin again...he's gotten him so crazy that he had Shining abducted by asylum doctors..."

"The Equestrian Psychiatric Hospital?" asked Scoots sitting next to the saddened teacher.

"Y-Yeah...and that bucker Macintosh told those doctors to never let me see him...said I was the one who made him act that way..."

"I don't know if I could be much help...but maybe I can try to get him out of there..."

"What? But Scootaloo you can't just bust him out of there, you could end up in prison or worse killed."

Scootaloo stood up. "I'm not taking "No" for an answer, Ms. Cadence. If I don't get Shining out of there I'm just letting Mr. Macintosh get the better of us."

Cadence got up as well and hugged Scootaloo very tightly, making fresh tears come down Cadence's face. "Oh, Scootaloo...God bless you!" She let go of her but still had her hands on Scoots' shoulders. "Please...get Shiny back for me!"

'Shiny...?' thought Scootaloo.

Scootaloo rode her bike all the way to The Equestrian Psychiatric Hospital and saw that the place was pretty huge with big gates and a tall building that likely housed lots of psychiatrists and crazy mentally unstable ponies. The orange Pegasus looked around the metal gate to find a way in and managed to get in through a hole in the bottom fence.

"OK...now I just need to find Shining..." Scootaloo whispered to herself, she made her way through the asylum yard by hiding in various places, once she hid in a bush near the door, she saw a burgundy unicorn mare security guard blocking it.

Scoots looked at the security guard's utility belt and saw that she has keys, a flashlight, a taser, a walkie-talkie, and for safety measures...a holstered H&K 9mm USP.

'How the hell am I gonna get in?' Scoots thought. 'Hmm...Maybe if I cause a ruckus out here it would lure her away from the door...'

Scoots saw a nearby rock and grabbed it, throwing it at a nearby fountain. The guard heard the noise and took out her taser. "Who's there?!"

Scoot stayed silent as the guard went towards the noise with her taser pointed in front of her. "You're not allowed to be here, come out with your hands up."

Scoots slowly came out of the bush and went behind the guard while she was still looking around for the unknown noise. The orange Pegasus then grabbed the guard's foot and yanked it back with force, the burgundy mare then fell forward and hit her head hard on the fountain, knocking her out cold completely.

The orange Pegasus grabbed the keys the guard had on her belt but left the gun and taser alone near her. She saw that the door was clear and made a silent break for it while the guard was still out cold and before anyone else showed up.

Scootaloo made her way past the completely white colored lobby and made it to the second floor very discretely to find out where Shining was. She managed to find a few rooms and the laundry room but no English Teacher. She looked around the laundry room and managed to find a doctor's uniform, which was a blue smock, white pants, white gloves, a face mask, and black boots.

The orange delinquent grabbed a nearby duffle bag from the laundry room and she began to strip out of her clothes so she can put on the uniform that was surprisingly her size.

She walked through the halls wearing her new uniform and thanks to that, the patients and employees passing by though she was just a normal doctor.

She kept walking and to her surprise, she found a map of the building. She saw that the floors were divided into letters from A to E. Floor A was the lobby, Floors B (Where she was now), C, & D were room floors, and Floor E held an auditorium, cafeteria and a hangout place for the patients and the employees. But something caught her eye, she saw a name that was all too familiar to her.

'Shining Armor Sparkle, Room 13 Floor D'

Scootaloo nodded and made her way to Floor D, where Shining was supposedly being held.

She finally got to her English teacher's room and used the security guard's keys to open the door. Looking inside she sees Shining pacing back and forth with his now unkempt mane and tail, a dirty and wrong buttoned white dress shirt, black suit pants, and brown loafers. He was whispering to himself very quickly.

"I must be a better pony...I must be a better pony...I must be a better pony...I must be a BETTER PONY!" On that last note, he leaned his body in front of the pure white wall and slammed his fist hard against it. "DAMN IT! I-I'm a complete mess..."

Scootaloo walked in very slowly. "Mr. Shining?"

Shining looked at Scootaloo and cowered in fear after looking at her outfit. "AH!!!! NO!!!! I don't want another therapy group session!!!"

"Sir, it's me, Scootaloo!"

Shining calmed down and looked at the orange Pegasus. "Scootaloo...what in god's name are you doing here?"

"Ms. Cadence sent me, she's really worried about you, come on let's go." Scootaloo grabbed Shining's hand but he took his hand away from her.

"I...uh...I can't right now, Scootaloo. My next rehabilitation session is starting soon, it’s just amazing. I finally figured it out something about myself, my life is meaningless!" Shining sat back down on his cot and put his hands on his face. "Oh...Macintosh was right...I'm a drunk...a stupid drunk scumbag..."

"No you're not, stop saying that!" Scoots grabbed his right hand again and pulled him out. "Come on, we can't let bullies like Mr. Macintosh win."

"But I can't just walk out, Scootaloo. If they find me outside of my room, they'll taze me and shove me back in." Shining said.

"Don't worry about that, I have a uniform on, I'll just say there was a misunderstanding." Scootaloo reassured him.

Cadence was pacing back and forth in front of the asylum gates, worried sick about Shining Armor. But it soon faded when she heard the door near the gate open, revealing Scootaloo along with her English Teacher.

"Shiny!" Cadence yelled happily.

"Cadence!" Shining happily said back.

Both teachers ran to each other and Shining lifted her off of the ground and turned her around along with a big hug. He put Cadence down and both ponies kept holding each other as tears fell down their eyes. They shared a quick kiss and both of them looked at Scoots.

"Scootaloo, thanks so much for your help, you are a really are an angel." Shining told the filly with a smile.

"Yes, I'm so happy to have my Shiny back in my arms." She walked up to Scootaloo and grabbed her hand, she then dug into her pocket and took out 50 bits, placing them onto Scootaloo's hand and closing it. "Take these for all the trouble you went through."

Scootaloo smiled and slipped the bits into her pocket. She watched Shining and Cadence both go into the pink alicorn's car and as it drove away from the asylum, Scoots waved good-bye. Once they were out of her sight she dropped her arm back down and looked around.

"Alright...now that that's done...where the hell is my bike?"

Attempted Blackmail

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Thunderlane walked into Spitfire's office and see's his boss along with Rainbow Dash and an earth pony he's very familiar with, every time he looked at her, the dark gray pegasus felt a strong dark vibe.

Spitfire finally spoke. "Thunderlane, I bet you already know Diamond Tiara?"

Thunder nodded. "Yeah, I know her. So..." Thunderlane took out the pervy pictures from his pocket and placed it on the pegasus' office desk. "Here's your...smut..."

Diamond gave a smirk. "Great..." She then reached into her skirt pocket and took out more pictures. "Now...we can add it to the collection…"

She placed the pictures she had on the table showing the three Wonderbolt members what she had. She had pictures of Scootaloo throwing bricks at Rainbow Blitz in the Auto Shop, Beating up Rarity's members at the gym, Walking on campus with a suggestive outfit (the pelt bra she got from Zecora and her panties the Garble left her in), and even her kicking Sky Stinger in the face.

The members were shocked. "How did you get all of this?" asked Rainbow.

"I just followed her and took shots of her doing things that could get her reputation shot down with Celestia." Diamond explained. "Once we show these to her, Celestia will expel her on the spot and that bitch will be out of everypony's hair."

"Why don't we do it now? Get it over with?" Rainbow asked.

"Not yet...don't do it yet..." Diamond told her. "Now...you guys know what you have to do?"

Thunder and Rainbow both nodded when Diamond showed the picture of who she wants.

Later at night, Scootaloo walked with Sweetie Belle around campus and was talking about Operation Trojan Pony.

"So...did you guys find good things we could do to the field?" asked Scootaloo.

Sweetie nodded. "Yeah, I think we found enough problems we could cause that would take care of The Wonderbolts...Also I heard you were helping out Mr. Armor and Ms. Cadenza with Mr. Macintosh."

"Yeah, he's been causing problems for them so I decide to help them." Scootaloo replied. "Funny thing is that he was the one who broke up Gilda's attack on me when I first got here."

"Well...I guess that was good on his end, cuz he saved you from almost dying." Sweetie Belle slightly chuckled. "Well, I'll see you at the clubhouse tomorrow."

Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle both went separate ways, but as soon as Scoots turned around to look behind her, She saw Thunderlane and a Rainbow-maned colored pegasus come up to Sweetie Belle and prick her with a syringe to her neck, which made the unicorn grunt in pain.

Scoots turned around fully and yelled at them. "HEY! WHAT THE BUCK ARE YOU DOING?!"

The ponies looked at Scoots and grabbed Sweetie Belle, flying away with her. The orange pegasus growled in anger and chased after them on foot.

Scootaloo slid and jumped over fences and railings while keeping an eye on the ponies. After some more running Scootaloo finally saw that they went into The Wonderbolt clubhouse near the football field. She ran inside and looked around for the pegasi who foalnapped her friend.

"Where are you, bastards?!" screamed Scootaloo. Before she was met with a baseball bat to the back of her head, she fell over with a grunt and slowly blacked out on the ground.

Once Scootaloo regained conciousness she tried to move but she saw that she was strapped down to a chair. She looked forward and saw the one and only leader of The Wonderbolts, Spitfire, sitting in the chair on the desk along with Rainbow and Thunderlane standing on either side of the orange delinquent.

"Morning, little Scoot, did ya sleep peacefully?" asked Spitfire with a smirk.

"Where's my friend, you jock-strap buck?!" Scootaloo growled.

"She's alright for now, but if you want her to stay that way..." The yellow pegasus told her, standing up. "Leave our gang alone and disconnect yourself from every other clique..."

"Why would I do that?" asked Scootaloo.

Spitfire smiled. "I was hoping you would ask..." She reached behind her pants and took out the photos Thunder and Diamond took of Scoots. "These photos right here are very special photos...the kind of photos that will flush you and your reputation down the toilet! Along with your education here, meaning Ms. Celestia with immediately expel you, and only YOU, if she finds out these pictures existed."

"You took pictures of me?! I knew you athletic dumbasses were nothing but perverts and stalkers..." Scootaloo didn't notice Thunder looking shyly away with a blushed face.

"Well...we also want to know something else too..." Spitfire continued, putting the incriminating photos and locking it into her desk drawer. "What were you planning to do with that egghead leader and those stupid serpents"

"We weren't planning anything..." Scootaloo replied, shifting her hand to her back pocket, where her phone was.

"You sure about that?" Spitfire asked, waving the pictures around. "These will be all over the internet if you don't talk!"

Scoots was blindly messing with her phone and pressed the call button, she began to wait impatiently 'Come on Ember....answer...'

Ember and Spike were sitting down talking about the gang when all of a sudden Ember's phone began to ring. "Sorry Spike, its the boss."

Spike smiled and nodded as Ember picked up the phone. "Yo, what's up Scoot?"

Scootaloo's voice didn't come from her phone, it was actually a slightly muffled voice that belonged to Spitfire. "I swear to god, bitch if you don't talk you and your precious rep will go down the drain, never to be resurface again."

"You want me to tell you right now? Right here in The Wonderbolts clubhouse near the school football court?"

Ember and Spike gasped. "Spitfire has Scootaloo..."

"We have to get her..." Spike agreed.

Ember and Spike got out of The Fire Dragon's hangout and got on their bikes, riding as fast as they can to the academy.

"Alright then..." Spitfire said, taking out her phone and showing her the pictures are on there too and she just has to press the button to send them. "Little pegasus wants to play? Then say good..."


Everyone in the room paused and looked to where the voice came from and saw that it was actually Sweetie Belle, looking at The Wonderbolts with kill in her eyes. "Leave Scootaloo alone!!"

"She got loose! Rainbow, Thunder get her!" Spitfire screamed.

Thunder and Rainbow both ran towards Sweetie Belle but were met with repeated whacks to the face with a metal baton.
The wielder was Twilight who looked at Spitfire with a smirk. "Hello...Spit."

Spitfire growled and just before she hit the button on her phone, Scoots broke free with a tug and kicked the phone out of Spitfire's hand.

Ember and Spike finally burst in and Scootaloo shouted. "THE PHONE NOW!!!"

Both dragons looked up and blew fire at the Pegasus's phone, incinerating it into nothingness. Spitfire growled and looked at Scootaloo's crew, who completely surrounded her. But not for long...as Spitfire flapped her wings and smashed through Scoots, Ember, and Spike out the door.

The amount of force hurt Spitfire's wings and caused her to drop to the floor but at least she was outside. She then ran away from the group with the hard-copy pictures.

Scootaloo growled and pointed. "Let's get her!!!"

She then led her and her friends out the door and the chase began.

Taking Down: The Wonderbolts

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Spitfire ran across campus, panting heavily as Scootaloo and her friends chased her for the incriminating photos she has.

She kept running until she stopped at the main school building. Scootaloo looked at Spitfire who turned around smiling, taking out the pictures and waving them.

“Don’t think you’ve won, bitch!” Spitfire yelled. “Once I show these to Celestia, you will be tossed into the streets where you belong!”

Out from behind Spitfire, the main door opened and somepony grabbed Spitfire’s hand with the photos, and then the pony slammed her down to the ground after pushing her face and tripping her over.

The pony who did this, was Red.

“Red!” Scoots yelled. “Get the photos!”

The red stallion looked down at Spitfire and saw the photos in her hand. Which made him go over and stepped on her wrist, hitting a pressure point that made the mare opened her hand and released the photos.

The pictures flew out of Spitfire’s open hand and went into the air. The dragons already knew what to do, so they took a deep breath and realeased two lines of fires, incinerating the rest of the photos.

Spitfire slowly looked up and growled seeing the last of her trump card being burned into another crisp.

The mare growled loudly and looked at Red. Who didn’t react in time when he was electrocuted by something.

Once the stallion hit the ground. The three ponies and two dragons saw that Spitfire knocked out Red with a small taser pistol.

The yellow orange mare got up and looked at Scoots and her friends, pointing the taser gun at them.

“No...I never lose! I will never lose to creatures like you scumbags!” Spitfire yelled at the top of her lungs, gaining some attention from the other students.

Everyone watched as Spitfire ran away after holstering her taser to the direction of the gym. Scootaloo beckoned her friends to follow her and they did.

The Wonderbolts leader got to the gym and saw 8 members were there too, just chilling out on the gym staircase. She ran up to them and pointed behind her.

"Scootaloo is coming, plant that bitch in the ground right now!" Spitfire yelled at the members, making them all nod when they saw Scootaloo, Twilight, Sweetie Belle, Spike, and Ember running towards them.

Spitfire ran inside the gym as her goons stayed outside, getting into their fighting stances.

Scootaloo looked at Spike with a smirk and a nod, the dragon did the same and the orange pegasus ran towards the goons as Spike unfurled his wings and took to the skies. When they got close enough, Scoots jumped in the air and Spike grabbed her by her left arm, bringing her up.

Scootaloo’s friends watched as the orange pegasus kicked at least 3 of the members right in the face, making them grunt and fall backwards to the ground.

Scoots landed on the ground near the remaining members and began to fight as her friends ran up to help her, each fighting their own Wonderbolt.

Twilight whacked a member repeatedly with her metal baton, but after a few hits the stallion grabbed her baton and kneed her in the stomach, along with punching her face. Twilight fell to the ground but she jumped right back up on her hooves. He proceeded to go hand to hand with the stallion.

The stallion grabbed her fist when she tried to punch him but was met with a kick to the balls by the mare. The goon whimpered as he puts his hands on his private area. Not noticing Twilight getting her baton back and whacking him in the face, blood and spit flew from his mouth as the former stallion hit the ground.

Sweetie Belle ran to a mare member but before she could hit her the mare grabbed her head and Sweetie found herself flailing her fists around as the mare looks at her with a ”Are you serious?” look.

The mare let go of Sweetie Belle and she roundhouse kicked her in the face, making the unicorn grunt and fall to the ground with a bloody muzzle.

Sweetie Belle wiped the blood off her muzzle as she slowly stood up. She then walked up to the mare and stepped on her foot hard making the Wonderbolt member scream in pain.

Before the mare could do anything else bad to Sweetie, the unicorn rammed her elbow into her stomach, making the goon cough and fall to the floor. She then proceeded to kick her in the face and stomach while the mare was down, bloodying her body a bit.

Ember and Spike tag teamed, locking arms and kicking two griffin members away from them, when they dropped to the floor, Spike picked up Ember and threw her towards the griffins making the blue dragon drop kick the both of them.

Scootaloo was punching a stallion, making him hit a wall. He grabbed his shoulders and kneed him in the balls, making him give out a high-pitch scream. Scoots then socked him in the stomach making him give out a wheeze, the mare was gonna punch his face but the stallion grabbed her fist and head butted her head.

The orange delinquent grunted in pain, backing up and holding her head. The stallion ran up and grabbed her shirt, pinning her to the wall now, he proceeded to hit her against the wall with a few face punches.

He then threw her to the ground and kicked her in the stomach, before he can kick her again, Spike came up behind him and put him in a chokehold, making him focus on Spike now.

The stallion swinged his elbow backwards and repeatedly hit Spike in the side.

The Fire Dragon leader growled and threw him to the ground, before he could get up, Spike swinged his right leg towards him and his foot connected with his jaw with a loud crack, making The Wonderbolt member put his head back on the ground and give a groan as his jaw began to bleed.

Spike bent down towards Scootaloo and grabbed her hand, bringing her back up on her feet.

“You good?” Spike asked, moving his hand towards Scoots’ mouth and carefully wiped off a bit of blood that was on it.

Scoots coughed a little, but she nodded. “Yeah...thanks”

“I’m gonna get Spitfire, I want you to get other creatures here for the big fight, since we aren’t gonna use the football field...might as well show everyone that there is indeed a fight going on...”

Spike nodded and looked at the others. “Come on, let’s do it, guys!”

The rest of Scootaloo’s friends followed Spike, but Sweetie Belle looked back at Scoots first before running with the rest of them.

Scoots burst through the door to the gym and looked around for The Wonderbolts leader, with an angry expression.

While looking she was met with a bat to the face, knocking her down on her back with a pained grunt.

Spitfire revealed herself with the bat and knocked Scootaloo in the stomach, making the orange pegasus cough as blood came out of her nose from the face whack.

“You bitch! Why can’t you just leave this school alone! I was the one who was the most feared but you took that title away from me with your sadistic fists!” She whacked Scoots with the bat, her face bruising a bit. “You can’t go one day without ramming your damn fist up a pony’s ass! Just face the music, Scoots...after I deal with you and your pathetic friends...your life would be over in this school.”

Scoots used her legs to grab Spitfire’s ankle and and she pulled quickly, knocking the yellow-ish pegasus on her ass.

Scoots slowly got up and walked over to Spitfire, kicking her in the face while she’s down

The Wonderbolt looked at her with a bloody nose herself as she took out her taser gun, shocking Scoot’s leg with it.

Scoots screamed in pain and fell back down to the floor, as Spitfire got back up and ran upstairs to the roof of the gym. The orange delinquent following suit with a slight limp.

Scoots reaches the roof of the gym, seeing the night sky and feeling the wind blow through her purple mane and her open leather jacket, She looked forward and saw Spitfire with her left fist clenched and her right hand still holding her stun gun, her letterman jacket was flowing to the side like a cape along with her fiery mane moving slightly too.

Down below, the two mares gathered up an audience from the whole school thanks to Scoots’ friends.

Twilight also put up a soundproof forcefield around the gym and the audience, so the teachers and prefects won’t disturb them and they won’t disturb them with the noise.

“This is is Spitfire!” Scootaloo yelled, her right arm doing a dramatic diagonal slash. “This is where it ends for you and your clique!”

Spitfire growled. “Correction: This is the end for YOU, after I’m done...you’ll never have class ever again since you’ll be stuck in the hospital!”

Scoots ran towards her and tackled her, She hit the ground with Spitfire as the fiery maned pegasus’ taser slid out of her hand and fell off the roof, breaking into pieces.

Scoots got up and looked at Spitfire as she got up too with a growl.

“Lets see how you are in a fair fight...” Scoots said, getting into her fighting position.

“Yeah, lets....I’m gonna enjoy kicking your ass!” Spitfire replied, getting into her own fighting stance.

Spitfire swung her leg towards Scoots who grabbed it and pushed it away, the orange pegasus then proceeded to kick Spitfire in the gut and chest, sending the leader to slide a bit.

Spitfire ran and jumped in the air with her leg out, kicking Scootaloo in the face, making her grunt. As she landed behind Scoots, she elbowed her back and grabbed her right arm, putting it over her shoulder and flipping Scoots over her back and the orange pegasus slammed back first onto the roof's ground, the student's Ooo-ing.

Spitfire grabbed Scoots' shirt and lifted her up into the air, punching her face a good 5 times before throwing her to the floor like a ragdoll.

The orange pegasus slowly got up, blood dripping from her mouth and muzzle. She shook off the pain and ran to Spitfire, clocking her in the face with her right fist. She then grabbed Spitfire's mane and kneed her in the stomach a few times, making The Wonderbolt grunt and cough with each hit.

Scootaloo then pushed Spitfire a few feet away from her and she roundhouse kicked her face, knocking her down. Spitfire, got up to her feet and the two ponies began to get serious.

Scootaloo tried to punch Spitfire but she grabbed it and uppercutted Scoots' jaw, along with kneeing her side and hitting her face with her elbow.

Spitfire tried to knee Scoots again, but the orange pegasus grabbed her knee and pushed her to the ground, getting on one knee and whacking her in the face with her fist over and over. She stopped and looked at Spitfire who was slowly coughing up some blood.

Scootaloo grabbed her by her mane again and made her stand up to look at her in the eye. "You give up?"

Spitfire grit her teeth and spit blood onto Scootaloo's face in response, Scoots narrowed her slightly bruised eyes. "Have it your way..." She grabbed Spitfire's arm and she broke it with a snap after bending it in the wrong way, the students down below were wincing.

Spitifire screamed in pure pain as tears rolled down her face, her Wonderbolt pride finally erasing and replacing it with a crying hurting mare begging for mercy. "Please...Stop! I-I g-give!! Please...N-No m-more!!!"

Scootaloo let go of her mane and Spitfire dropped to the floor, holding her broken arm. The orange delinquent then grabbed Spitfire's goggles and took it off her head, looking over the roof at the students and showing Spitfire's goggles in her hand, signaling her victory.

The entire school cheered for her as Twilight (carrying Sweetie Belle), Ember and Spike flew up to roof, Sweetie Belle dropped out of Twilight's arms and she ran to her best friend.

"Scootaloo, you did it!" Sweetie Belle cheered, hugging her.

"Way to go!" Spike said.

"I knew you could do it!" Ember said.

"You actually stood up to all the cliques!" Twilight cheered.

Scootaloo broke the hug from Sweetie Belle and looked at her friends. "Thank you guys for all of your help..."

She turned back to the crowd and put Spitfire's goggles on her head. She then raised her fist up into the air, the crowd cheering louder.


Things Are Getting Real...

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"After taking down Spitfire and the rest of her steroid jockstraps...I suddenly became the Queen of the School, her goggles staying on my head which became a regular style for me...to be honest, I said it myself that I didn't want the school at all...all I wanted to do was to be left alone and to calm everyone down but now that I am Queen. I know that I'm totally gonna live the good life."

Scootaloo walked into the main school building wearing her school uniform along with her fingerless gloves and Spitfire's goggles on her forehead while walking with every single clique leader behind her, Gilda, Rarity, Spike, Ember, Twilight, and Spitfire, the yellow-ish athlete wearing an arm cast when Scoots broke it.

The students all saw Scoots and immediately cheered and said all said hello to her. Scoots smiling brightly at how popular she became. The school bell rang loudly as it was time for lunch, the clique members looked at their boss.

"Hey, Darling? You coming to hang out with us at lunch?" Rarity asked, Spitfire nodding.

"Yeah, I heard they're serving cheeseburgers with free sodas."

"Hey, Scootaloo can I talk to you for a second?" Sweetie Belle said, walking up to the group. Scoots nodded and looked at her lackeys.

"I'll catch up with you guys later."

Ember nodded. "OK, we'll save you a seat for you when you're done. Come on, guys." Ember led the other leaders to the cafeteria leaving Scoots alone with Sweetie Belle.

The orange pegasus turned to her best friend. "I can't believe that I actually have taken over this dump, Sweetie."

"Yeah, but I wanted to tell yo-"

"I mean, I didn't even want this school to begin with but this is awesome."

"Yeah okay bu-"

"All I need is just to stick with this popularity till Senior year and I'm gonna be living the good li-"

"SCOOTALOO!" The orange pegasus stopped talking and looked at Sweetie Belle with a surprised look. "I'm trying to talk to you...and I can't do it with you cutting me off..."

"Oh, sorry, go ahead I'm listening." The delinquent crossed her arms over her chest as her best friend spoke.

"I'm glad you became popular an all but please don't make the fame turn you into an asshole..."

"News Flash, Sweetie Belle, I was always kind of an asshole."

Sweetie Belle sighed and placed her hand on her head. "Whatever you know what I meant."

Scoots nodded. "OK, so what did you want to talk about?"

"I was wondering what you were gonna do about Diamond."

Scootaloo scoffed and put her hands down at her sides with a smirk. "Diamond? Oh please, now that I've taken over, she's nothing but a tiny little ant to me...just forget about that bitch, she's a nobody now." She then placed her hands onto Sweetie Belle's shoulders. "Look, Belle, it's all about me now, I run this place so please just try to play it cool ok?"

Sweetie sighed and nodded, giving her friend a small smile. "Okay..."

Scootaloo then wrapped her arm around Sweetie Belle. "Come on, let's go milk this thing for all it's worth. Hell, we might even find you a stallion." The two girls then walked to the cafeteria together, smiles on their faces as they sat down with the other cliques.

Everyone at the school has gotten along really well after Scoots took over that there was hardly any bullying going on, and the frosting on the cake was Scoots' reputation rising up to stardom.

After school, Scootaloo was sitting in the parking lot with the other clique leaders having a good time. Gilda patted Scoots' back. "You're a really cool mare Scootaloo, you restored peace to this school, you really are a fair pony."

"Yeah, I'm actually making a lot of friends now that I'm working for you." Spitfire added.

"Thanks, guys, I try my best." Scoots replied before her phone started to ring loudly. "Oh, sorry guys I gotta take this..." She took her phone out and pressed the answer button. "Hello?"

"Hey, it's Red."

"Oh hey, what's up?"

"Well, I was gonna visit my father...I really need a friend by my side...can you meet me there?"

Scootaloo looked at the leaders and then nodded. "Yeah, sure I'll be right over. Where are you?"

"The Ponyville Graveyard on 23rd."

"OK, see you." Scootaloo hung up the phone and got up. "Sorry guys, your queen is gonna help out a friend like she always does."

"Got it, see you when you get back, boss mare." Spike replied while Scootaloo grabbed her bike off a nearby rack and rode off school grounds. Out in the distance, a certain pale magenta earth pony with a purple mane and white mane was watching them, the pony had a very sly evil smirk on her face.

Scootaloo walked into the cemetery and saw Red standing in front of a tombstone, Red wore a black buttoned-up blazer with a buttoned-up white shirt inside of it, black dress pants, and black loafers. The delinquent pegasus walked up to one of her good friends and saw that he was looking down, his hair covering his eyes with a dark shadow.


The stallion looked at her from the corner of his eye and gave her a small smile. "Scootaloo...glad you could make it...."

Scoots looked at the tombstone. "Is this it?"

"Yeah...and can I ask you something?"


Red turned to her. "Have you been talking about me behind my back? Calling me a disappointment...a waste of fresh air?"

Scoots looked at him like he had 4 eyes. "What?? No, I never said that..."

Red growled a little. "You're lying to me...you hate me don't you?" He lifted his head and he looked at her with kill in his eyes, his teeth were sharp as nails.

"Saying you were the one who got the power all to yourself...you got no help from anyone...saying that you didn't need my help when you were captured...saying that me, Ember, Twilight...and everyone else is just your stupid puppet?!?!"

"Red, what are you talking about?!"

"Diamond told me everything...you're poisonous Scootaloo...and I have the antidote right here!!!" He lifted up his hand and he showed her his long razor sharp demon claws that came out of his hand.


All Downhill From Here // The Revenge of Shining Armor and Scootaloo

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Scootaloo backed up as Red walked to her menacingly, his claws waving around.

“Red!! What are you doing?!”

“Diamond told me...she told me everything...you were gonna stab all of us in the back when you found an opening!!!”

The red pegasus backed Scoots up into a large tombstone. “The only way for me to prove you’re not lying is to fight me!!”

Scoots pushes him away from him and he grunts his response as he backed away. “I won’t fight you...you’re my friend!!”

“STOP LYING!!!!” He retracted his claws and he socked Scoots in the face, knocking her down into the grass.

“Diamond is playing you!!" Scootaloo slowly got up and looked at her friend, her fists clenching.

"Wrong...you played us all..." Red kept walking slowly towards Scoots.

The orange pegasus gritted her teeth as Red's fist went towards her, she grabbed it and elbowed his face, making him back up. Red grabbed his face and saw some blood dripping from his nose, he clenched his fist tightly. "You're Dead!!!"

"You forced me to do it." The orange pegasus got into her fighting stance. "If talking won't open your eyes to the real enemy...I guess my best chance is to beat it out of you."

"Show me what you got..."

Scootaloo ran over to Red, ducking to avoid a punch from him as she knocked him in the stomach. The red pegasus grabbed her when she bent over and started to kick her repeatedly in the torso, finishing the attack with a downward elbow to the head, making her drop to the ground.

The pegasus grabbed his leg and made him trip to the ground, but then Red delivered a foot to face kick to her, making Scootaloo grunt and fall backwards onto her back. She put her hands on the ground by her head and she kipped up, jumping back onto her feet, wiping blood from her mouth.

Red got up after her, turning his legs around and putting his hands near her head like Scootaloo did but he jumped back and landed on his feet. Scootaloo thrusted her fist out towards Red, who in turn, caught it and pushed her face along with her body back to the ground.

The stallion growled and kicked her while she was down, making the pegasus give out a grunt with a cough, He then moved his leg over near her face and raised his foot up, getting ready to stomp on her head till he felt a sudden hard chop on his neck, he lost all feeling in his body as he fell to the floor, but he didn't slam face first since the being who knocked him out held him by the shirt and placed him down gently.

Scoots looked up and saw the being who helped her. "Gilda?" The griffin smiled and offered a hand to her, which the pegasus gladly accepted as she stood up. "How did you find me?"

"I followed you here, thought you might needed backup." She looked at Red's knocked out state. "Turns out I was right...the hell was with Red's problem?"

"Bucking Diamond Tiara is the problem..." Scoots replied, rubbing her head after she wiped her bloody nose. "She manipulated him to attack me..."

After she said that, Scoot's cell phone rang loudly, she saw that Sweetie Belle was calling and she answered it, putting it on speaker so Gilda could hear too. "What is it Sweetie?"

"U-Uhm...Scoots, there's something terribly wrong..."

"What do you mean?"

"Well you know how you want to restore peace to the school and stop the bullying? Well...lets just say that won't exactly happen..."

"I've only been gone for like a half an hour Belle, what the hell is going on over there? If someone wants to fight me, I'm right here."

"I think Diamond might be behind all of this...but trust me when I say this: Everyone wants a fight." Scootaloo gave a slight gasp as Belle continued. "I'm sorry Scoots...but it seems like you won't keep that popularity till senior year after all...look I gotta go to my next class, I'll call you later."

After her best friend hung up, Scootaloo puts the phone in her pocket and looks at Gilda who was looking down. "God Dammit...what's gonna happen now?"

"We have to get back to school, c'mon." Scootaloo and Gilda got onto their bikes and quickly rode them back to Ponyville Academy.

When Scoots and Gilda arrived back at school, the girls felt like the atmosphere had completely changed, everyone was either looking at each other like they were enemies or just bumping shoulders as a standard 'Don't buck with me'.

"Is it just me...or does this place feel like an even bigger dump than it was before I came to this school?" Scootaloo asked, looking at Gilda who was looking around the school, squinting her eyes and nodding.

"Yeah...something is definitely wrong." Gilda replied. "I have a bad feeling about this...I'm gonna go find Sweetie Belle, see if she's okay, you go see what's going on around the school."

Scootaloo nodded as the griffin ran off to go find Sweetie Belle, the pegasus walked around the school to see why the atmosphere has changed.

While walking, she managed to get to the parking lot where she normally met Red for training practice. She looked around the corner of the wall leading to the lot and she sees Shining Armor was sitting down on a bench and drinking another bottle of liquor near the auto-shop where The Fire Dragons normally hang out when on school grounds.

"Mr. Armor?" Scootaloo walked over to her English teacher, who waved at her.

"Oh hey, Scootaloo." He hiccuped. "Long time, no see..."

"You're my English teacher, we see each other everyday." Scoots then grabbed the bottle from his hands. "Sir, should you really be doing this? You promised Ms. Cadence."

"I know I did, but life is unfair." He tries to reach for the bottle but Scoots moves her hand so it was out of his reach, she shook her head, which made him sigh and look down. "Why does this happen to me...I have a simple and normal vice yet I get punished for it, while Macintosh gets away with getting bribes from his pupils and walks away scot-free."

"What?" Scoots replied, putting the bottle next to her and sitting down on the bench next to him.

"Yeah, he actually sells advanced copies of standardized tests to the kids of his friends and nopony says a word." Shining puts a hand on his head.

"To who?"

"Well...uh...Hoity Toity for one, he's been really generous with this stunt that basically nearly the entire school is cheating, all thanks to that bastard Macintosh."

Scoots stood up, putting two fingers on her chin. "I can't believe he's actually selling tests."

"Exactly! Nopony ever believes me because I don't have any evidence to back it up...in fact, maybe that's why the reason I drink, I'm so stressed out that Macintosh gets away with everything." Shining grabs the bottle from the ground and takes another drink.

Scoots looks at her teacher. "What if...I get evidence of him doing it?"

"Then I don't have any reason to drink again." Shining replied. "I can finally put the bottle down once and for all."

Scootaloo smiled and nodded, taking out a camera from her pocket. "Don't worry Mr. Armor, I've got this."

"Oh Scootaloo, here." He reached into his pocket and gave her a tape recorder. "The data is clean so don't worry about taping over something."

"Where'd you get this?" She asked, putting the recorder in her back pocket.

"Cadence gave it to me...saying that when the time is right, It'll be used...and sure enough, it's ready to be used." Shining smiled, patting Scoots' head and having her run off to get Macintosh caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Scootaloo went over to Macintosh's classroom and she sees him writing something down, talking to himself. She took out a tape-recorder and pressed the record button, recording what Macintosh is saying. "Ah' gotta get that Shinin' Armor out of ere once and fer all...Ah' can't have him here if he's getting this close to actually catchin' me with what Ah'm doing..."

She saw him put papers into his bag and he stood up, Scoots quickly stopped the recording and she ran to a nearby wall. Hiding behind it and walking Mac get out of his classroom and out the back door. She follows him and he leads her to a clearing near the very back of the school. Scoots hides in a bush, taking her camera out and pointing it at Macintosh who looked around to see if he was being followed.

Scoots then sees Hoity Toity come out from behind a tree and smiles at Mac, he takes out his wallet and gets out a big wad of cash which made Mac smile a bit, he takes out the test answers and they do the exchange. Macintosh getting the money and Hoity getting the answered tests.

Scoots picked up her camera and made sure the flash was off, snapping pictures of Hoity holding the money and giving it to Mac, along with Mac giving Hoity the test answers. She even got them giving each other a firm handshake. He watched both of them go their separate ways as she checked to see if the pictures were good enough, smiling at her success.

An hour later, Macintosh has brought Principal Celestia to Shining Armor who was still waiting in the auto-shop for Scootaloo.

"Ma'am, Shinin' Armor drinks on school grounds. This is setting a complete bad example fer the students, he can run this school's rep right down the drain." Macintosh said, making Celestia look at Shining.

"Shining Armor, this was brought to my attention countless times by Macintosh that you've drink on school grounds, I'm sorry but I will terminate the employment of someone setting a horrible example to the students."

That was Scoot's cue to enter the conversation with a sly smirk on her face. "Is that so? Then I feel like you might want to hear this." She handed the tape-recorder over to Celestia.

"What's this?" Celestia asked pressing the play button, which started the audio Scoots recorded of Macintosh talking to himself.

"Ah' gotta get that Shinin' Armor out of ere once and fer all...Ah' can't have him here if he's getting this close to actually catchin' me with what Ah'm doing..."

Macintosh's pupils shrunk down to pinpricks as Celestia looks at him suspiciously, which was the perfect time for Scoots to give Celestia the pictures she took. "And if you want to know what he was doing...the pictures I took show that this evil redneck hypocrite was selling test answers to The Fashionistas, Fire him!"

Macintosh looked at her and growled. "You little piece of crap!!!"

Celestia looked at Macintosh with a disappointed expression. "Macintosh...how could you do such a horrible thing? And to think I trusted you..."

"Nononono, please Ma'am." Mac tries to have her reconsider, but she held up her hand making him shut up along with looking at him with an angry expression.

"You're Fired...get out of my sight!" The red earth pony put his head down and sadly sighed, walking away from the group and getting in his car, driving away and never coming back to the school ever again. Celestia then looked at Shining again. "And as for you, Shining...it seems as though Mr. Macintosh was wrong about you, but I'm warning you, I better not hear anymore of this 'drinking' business."

Shining smiled and nodded. "Yes, Ma'am." He and Scoot watched her walk away from them and as soon as she was out of their sight, Shining went down and picked up Scootaloo giving her a very tight bear hug. "Oh Scootaloo! You are a freaking saint, thank you for everything you've done!"

Scoots chuckles and smiles. "It's no problem at all." Shining puts her down and she dusts herself off a bit. "So, i trust you're done with the drinking?"

Shining went over to the bottle he hid and he threw it in a nearby trash bin, giving Scoots a thumbs up. "I'm gonna be completely sober from now on. Thanks again for all of your help Scootaloo."

He takes out 30 bits from his pocket and he gives them all to Scootaloo, ruffling her mane as he then walks away from her. Finally relieved that the ball and chain around his ankle, being Macintosh, was completely off of him.


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As Scoots was walking around campus, she sees Twilight, Fluttershy, and two other members of The Egghead clique were outside of the Library complaining about something.

She walked over to them, but as she got closer, Twilight noticed her and looked at her angrily. "This is all your fault Scootaloo!!!"

The orange delinquent looked at her a bit confused. "What? What did I do?"

Fluttershy went over to her, angry as well. "The library is full of parasprites! And I have my written animal-medical exam next week, you're such a jerk!"

An egghead who looks like Twilight but has totally different colors, a unicorn, and glasses spoke. "Some 'Queen' you turned out to be!"

"I never put parasprites in the library!" Scoots looked at The Egghead's leader. "C'mon Twilight, you're one of my best friends!"

"I WAS your friend! You ruined my life Scootaloo!!" Twilight yelled. "The parasprites are destroying the one place I could go when I want peace and quiet, and its all your fault!" As she said that, she poked Scoots' chest making her back up.

Scoots shoved Twilight a bit, walking passed her. "Ya know what, if it makes you dorks happy, I'll clear away the parasprites!" She walked into the library after sucking her teeth, pushing the door with a bit of anger.

Inside the library, there are a huge swarm of parasprites flying everywhere inside the library, eating books, bookshelves, and tables. She saw the librarian, Ms. Cheerilee, standing on her desk, shrieking out of fear. "Scootaloo is that you?! You have to get these pests out of here!"

"Don't worry, I'm on it!" Scootaloo ran deeper into the library, waving her arms a bit to try and get the sprites to go to one place. "Come on you pesky little bastards! Get out of here!" Some parasprites flew over to where Scoots was shooing them to while some continued to fly all about, destroying everything in the library. "Ms. Cheerilee, do you have a vacuum?"

"No, what are you planning?"

"I'll be right back, stay put!" Scootaloo ran out of the library, looking at The Eggheads clique who stared back at her with angry expressions along with hands on their hips or arms crossed over their chests. The pegasus rolled her eyes and ran passed them, going inside the main school building.

She went inside a nearby work closet and took out a vacuum, smiling. "This should take care of those little bastards."

"What did you say?!" Scoots looked over and saw a school prefect who looked at her angrily. "What are you doing with the vacuum, you're not allowed to use that! Drop it and come over here, I want you to repeat what you just said to my face."

Scoots looked at him for a few seconds before closing the closet slowly, she then picked up the vacuum's dust bag and ran away from the prefect who started to chase after her. "Stop right there, you little crap!!"

Scootaloo kept running with the prefect on hot pursuit around the main building till she raced out of the back door, she hid near some stairs as the school authority figure looked around for her. "You're lucky I'm feeling generous today young lady." He opened up the door and looked out, still not knowing where she was but still talked like she could hear him. "I'm gonna let you off with a warning..."

He closed the door which made Scoots let out a huge sigh of relief, walking away from her hiding spot with the vacuum and going back to the library.

She burst through the library door and she saw that the parasprites were multiplying, the numbers nearly gulping up the entire building, Ms. Cheerilee was now under her desk. Scoots called out to her. "Ma'am, I'm back!"

"Oh thank god! Please get rid of these pesky sprites before my entire library is destroyed!" Ms. Cheerilee yelled, cuing Scoots to turn on the vacuum and point it at the parasprites.

"Eat this!!" Scoots ran around the entire library sucking up parasprites into the vacuum cleaner, after around 20 minutes the entire library was parasprite free. "Alright Ms. Cheerilee, you can come out now."

The moderate cerise earth pony poked her head up from her desk and looked at Scootaloo who had a victorious smile on her face. "C-Check those crates...see if any of them are still in there..."

Scoots walked over to the crates Cheerilee were pointing to. "These?"

"Yes, there were multiple parasprites in that crate when we ordered new books."

"Hm...everything looks okay miss, I think I managed to get them all." Scoots got up and walked to the library exit and pushed the vacuum cleaner outside, calling out to Twilight. "The parasprites are all in there, get them out of here!"

Twilight looked down at the vacuum and sighed, mumbling under her breath. "Once again, I'm helping her get out of another one of her stupid problems..." She conjured up her magic and she teleported the pests out of the vacuum cleaner and put them somewhere far away enough that they'd never find this school ever again.

"You got your library back Twilight, you happy?"

"Yeah of course, but I want you to take a second look inside." Twilight said, Scoots looked inside the library again and sees all the damage the parasprites caused: books were on the floor half eaten, bookshelves were laying on the ground with hugs bite marks in them, and there were barely any desks and chairs left.

"I can't believe you Scootaloo...the once place I love to be by myself in is ruined...you are the worst pony ever!" She looked at her clique members. "Come on guys..." The Eggheads all gave Scoots the stink-eye as they walked away from the library and the orange pegasus.

Scoots just stood there a bit stunned. "What the hell just happened?" After saying that, her phone started to ring, she answers it. "Hello?"

"Scoots, get over here right now!!" Gilda was on the other line, she was panicking. "I'm with Sweetie Belle near the gym, how fast can you get here?!"

"I'm on my way, stay put!" Scoots closes her phone and begins to sprint towards the gym, wondering why Gilda sounded hysterical.


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Scootaloo sprinted all the way to the gym where Sweetie Belle and Gilda were waiting for her. As she panted a bit, her two best friends looked at her.

"Scoots, look!" Sweetie shouted, pointing towards the gym.

Scootaloo looked at the gym building and saw that the building was up in flames, fire was coming out of the windows and the whole place was just burning up. "Damn, how the hell did that happen?!"

"YOU!!!!" The 3 friends looked over to their left and saw Spitfire, Thunderlane, and Sky Stinger walking towards them, all of them angrily staring at Scootaloo. "You did this!!!"

"I never did this!" Scoots said, Gilda and Sweetie Belle went in front of her to look at Spitfire face to face, unlike Sweetie Belle who was a little nervous, Gilda wasn't nervous a bit that she was standing in front of a complete brute of a mare.

"Get out of my way!" Spitfire shouted at the two teens, not looking as threatening like before since her arm was still in a sling and a cast. "That bitch ruined my life!!"

"Back up you pegasus buck!" Gilda snapped, pushing the injured mare a bit. "Sure, Scootaloo is no saint, but she actually tried to bring order to this school to stop all of the bullying!"

"Bullying?! Who gives a crap about bullying, when the gym is up in flames, you damn pigeon!!"

"Pigeon?! You want a piece of me bitch!!!?!" Gilda grabbed Spitfire's shirt and had her fist out, Thunderlane and Skystinger easily pulled her off of their boss and pushed her away. The griffin growled and went to get her again, but Scootaloo held her back.

"Easy, Gilda!" Scootaloo said. "Beating up Spitfire isn't gonna help!"

Almost immediately there were a few screams and coughs heard from inside the burning gym. "HELP!!!! HELP ME!!!! MY WING IS STUCK!!!! *cough cough* I C-CAN'T BREATHE!!!!! HELP!!!!"

Scoots let go of Gilda and she along with everyone in the area looked at the gym with widen eyes. "Who's that?!"

Thunderlane walked forward a bit and gasped. "That's Rainbow Dash!!! There's ponies trapped inside!!!"

Sky Stinger cling onto Spitfire, his right hand on her chest. "I'm really scared! Mommy!!" Spitfire growled and punched him in the face, knocking the pegasus to the ground as Scootaloo rolled her eyes.

"Jesus, you guys are pathetic...I'll get her...where's the fire extinguisher?"

"By the staircase, next to the locker room." Thunderlane replied, making the pegasus nod and jog towards the burning building.

Spitfire called out as Sky Stinger slowly got up, holding his cheek. "But don't think I've forgiven you, Scootaloo!" Sweetie Belle and Gilda looked at her with squinted eyes.

"Why are you being such a bucking bitch today?" Sweetie asked.

As soon as Scoots opened up the door, she was treated with a very hot breeze going through her mane which caused her to close her eyes and block the strong wind with her arm. "Damn...!"

"SCOOTALOO HELP!!!!" Scootaloo looked over and sees Rainbow Dash coughing and crying, trying to pull her wing out that was trapped under a basketball hoop. "I DON'T WANT A DIE!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!"

Scoots went over to the fire extinguisher and grabbed it, beginning to spray the chemicals on the places that the fire was. She went over to Rainbow Dash and sprayed out the fire next to her, she then took off her sweater and put it around her hands so she won't get them burned with the hoop.

She grabbed the basketball hoop and pulled as hard as she could, lifting up the hoop enough. "I GOT IT, CRAWL!" Rainbow crawled out from under the hoop and held her wing, which was bleeding and burned a bit. "GET OUT OF HERE!!!"

"NO NEED TO TELL ME TWICE!" Rainbow Dash limped out of the gym as Scoots shoots the fire extinguisher at the rest of the fire around the gym, the place turning into an ashy mess.

She drops the fire extinguisher to the ground and looked around the damage. "Who the hell would cause a fire this big?"

"Who else?"

Scootaloo knew that voice, she turned around and saw the one being she thought she'd never see again. "Garble?!"

"Howdy there, puny pony..." The red dragon walked up to Scootaloo who backed up slowly, staring at the dragon. "You actually thought you could get rid of me, that easily? Snitching me to that old bitch and to the feds? Well guess again, Scoot...cuz Garble's back!"

"Why did you start this fire?"

"Well...Diamond told me that she convinced Celestia to get me back into the school and told me that I can make you pay for what you did to me...giving my gang to that wuss of a dragon along with his whore he calls a 'friend'?"

"It was Spike's gang first! You just happened to butt in and be an asshole to everybody!"

Garble growled and grabbed her throat, picking her up and choking her. "It was MY gang...he was turning the entire clique into a bunch off ass-kissers! I actually made the gang into the fearsome, most badass dragons they were born to be! But now I don't need that pathetic excuse for a clique...I have Diamond Tiara...with her brilliant plans and my super-powerful brawn, nothing can stop us! You're fighting a losing battle Scoots..." She dropped her onto her ass, making her cough and hold her throat. "You should give up while you still can...catch you around...pathetic slut..."

Garble unfurled his wings and flew out through the back window of the gym so no one could see him. Scootaloo got up and held her throat as she limped a bit to get to the door.

Scootaloo opened up the door to see nearly the entire school stare at her, Spitfire glared. "So...you have something to say to us 'Gym Destroyer'?"

The orange pegasus growled a bit and pushed through the crowd, running away from the gym and everyone else as Gilda and Sweetie Belle called out to her.

But that was nothing but a blur when the voices of her friends hit her ears, she was actually forming tears in her eyes, which flew out into the wind behind her as she took a bike and rode out of school grounds.

"Damn it...what the hell am I gonna do?! Red, Spitfire, and Twilight are no longer my friends and Garble is back in school, lurking around every corner to catch me by surprise...Grrrrrr...this is just so bucked up!!!"

No More Friends

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Scoots pedaled Downtown, looking around for any leads of who's causing all of this havoc. It couldn't be Diamond alone...some guys have to be helping her...but who? She stops at The Fire Dragon's hangout looking up at it, she attempts to walk in but a black and red dragon stops her from entering, pushing her a bit.

"What the hell are you doing here?" The dragon asked.

Scoots looked at him, crossing her arms. "Is that anyway to talk to me like that, bud?"

"You're a nobody now Scootaloo...get outta here."

"I have to talk to Spike and Ember!"

"They don't want to see a pathetic loser like you, so like I said: beat it!"

Scoots growled and punched the dragon in the gut, making him grunt. She then swung her leg and knocked him in the head, getting him down onto the floor. She looks at the knocked out dragon with a determined look. "I'm sorry, but I have to talk to them..."

Scoots walks into the hangout and sees 3 dragons in the room, getting into her fighting stance. "If I have to kick your asses in order to see Spike and Ember, then so be it..."

A red dragon ran up to her and tried to punch Scoots, the pegasus blocked his punch, punching him in the gut and flipping him over her.

Two dragons ran up to her and she elbowed the one on her left and with the same arm, punches the other one in the face. She then grabbed both of them and slammed their heads together, knocking them both out.

A green dragon ran up to her with a bat and she back-flipped over a chair when he swung at her. She kicked the chair towards him, making him trip over it when it hit his legs, dropping the bat onto the floor. She grabbed the bat and threw it at a purple dragon coming up to her, whacking him in the face.

Scoots stepped on the green dragon's back and she kicked the purple dragon, doing a punch combo on the dragon and uppercutting his jaw, knocking him to the ground. The green dragon came back up and grabbed her, throwing her on to the floor. She tries to get up but was met with a hard kick to the face, causing her to get a bloody nose.

He tried to kick her again but the pegasus grabbed his leg and hit a pressure point in it with a swift chop, the dragon grunted and hit the wall, giving Scoots the chance to get up. She grabbed a nearby lamp and held the dragon by his shirt, smashing the lamp into his head to knock him down.

A blue dragoness then came up to the delinquent and whacked her in the side with the baseball bat, the pegasus grunting in response. The dragoness tried to get another go but Scoots grabbed the bat and headbutted the mare, pushing her away with the bat now in Scoots' possession.

Scootaloo whacked the dragonness in the face with the bat which caused her to hit the ground with a thud. Scoots then wiped her bloody nose and went upstairs to see Spike and Ember, whether they want to see her or not.

Scootaloo opened up the door to Spike and Ember's office and the two dragons looked at her.

"Oh look Ember...our 'boss' is here..." Spike said, looking at Scoots with an angry expression.

Ember scoffed and looked at the pegasus. "Can't you just get lost?"

"Why are you guys acting like this?" Scootaloo asked. "You guys are two of my best friends."

"We were your best friends...but now it's over...we know everything there is to know about you Scootaloo." Ember replied. "You're nothing but a backstabbing bitch!"

"How did I back-stab you two, I came to warn you that Garble is loose again!"

"Of course he is...you're the one who let him out!" Spike snapped. "No matter what happens, things turn to crap whenever you turn up! Trouble follows you wherever you go...can't you just get out of everyone's lives to make it easier?! If you haven't turned up to this school, then things would be fine!"

"When have things ever been fine? You'd rather have Garble run the gang and step on you like a bunch of doormats?! Don't forget who gave you back you're leadership position you ungrateful bastards!!"

"Back the buck off Scootaloo!" Ember replied, pushing the pegasus. "We're done with you whether you like it or not! Now just piss off and go shove your fist up your bucking ass!" Ember slammed the door to the office, leaving Scootaloo outside.

Scoots screamed out of frustration and slammed her fist into a wall, her fist going right through it and making a hole. She just lost two more of her friends for something she didn't do, just like Red, Twilight, and Spitfire.

She proceeds going down the steps and out of the front door of The Fire Dragons' hangout as she mumbles under her breath. "Stupid bucking lizards...after everything I did for them...this is how they bucking repay me...I got stabbed and slashed when I was helping them with Garble...now they treat me like trash...bucking ungrateful backstabbing motherbuckers..."

As soon as she got to her bike her phone started to ring, looking at the ID she saw that it was Rarity. Sighing, she opened up her phone and put it to her ear. "I'm not in the mood Belle...the hell do you want?"

"Scootaloo come to the boxing gym right now, don't delay darling!" Before Scoots could answer, Rarity hung up her phone making the pegasus look at her phone in confusion and close it, getting on her bike and riding her way to the boxing gym downtown.

"Now I possible have to fix another problem these dumbasses are accusing me of...I already lost all of my friends besides Gilda and Sweetie Belle...and I know Rarity hates me just by the tone off her voice on the phone...what the hell is everyone's problem?"

True Masterminds

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"I can't believe it...out of all the things that happened this has to be the WORST. POSSIBLE. THING!!" Rarity cried, looking at a trophy case that was smashed open, Hoity Toity and Coloratura were next to her, comforting her.

"it's okay Rarity...we'll find who ever did this." Coloratura said. The girls then heard a door opening behind them, looking back they saw Scootaloo walking towards them.

"You did this!" Hoity said.

"Oh my god, what else am I gonna get blamed for?" Scoots said. "Just tell me what happened..."

Rarity turned around and looked at the pegasus. "Somepony stole our boxing trophies and our fashion awards!"

"Well it wasn't me, pretty girl so chill out."

"Well if you didn't steal them, who did?"

Coloratura put her hand under her chin and looked at Rarity and Hoity. "I bet it was those jock-straps (Wonderbolts)....I know it, they've always hated us." She looked at Scootaloo and pointed at her. "So much for peace in our time, passé!"

"What if it wasn't them?" Scootaloo suggested, Rarity shook her head.

"Impossible, everyone loves us apart from them."

"Not everyone loves you, you're all awful ponies...hell I can't stand you myself." Scootaloo admitted.

"Oh la dee da...the bitch finally tells us..." Hoity replied.

"Come on friends...its war!" Rarity announced, Scootaloo stopped them.

"Wait! Stay right here...I'll go get your awards back from The Bolts..." She proceeded to walk out of the room after rolling her eyes, The 3 Fashionistas looking at each other.

Scoots made her way back to the school by her bike and sees Rainbow Dash, Thunderlane, Sky Stinger, and 3 other Wonderbolt members hanging out on the bench near the dorms, they all looked at Scootaloo when she got too close.

"What do you want?" Rainbow asked.

"Did you guys steal The Fashionista's rewards?"

"No way...after we saw Garble set the gym on fire with Rumble by his side, we don't care about those fashion freaks..."

Scoots' ears perked up. "Rumble? The leader of the Street Sweepers?"

"Yeah, I think they hang out somewhere near the Weather Factory by the trailer park or something. Also Spitfire said that you're no friend of ours anymore and that we have to beat you up if we ever see you again. But...since you saved my ass from the fire, I won't tell her we saw you." The other members nodded in agreement, confirming that they won't tell their leader either.

"Thanks." Scoots replied.

"Don't get used to it kid...if we see you again, we won't be as friendly...now get out of here before I change my mind about telling Spit."

Scootaloo nodded and quickly got on her bike, riding out of the school and leaving The Wonderbolts to look at her till she was out of their sight.

The delinquent pedaled all the way to the area of the Weather Factory, parking her bike and walking around looking for the awards.

As she looked around she passed by a small red house and there she sees a pale, light grayish olive earth pony standing on the balcony of the house with a lit cigarette in her hand. She has a bright redish mane, orange eyes, and she had a light pink bow on top of her head, she wore a white crop-top that hugged her chest a bit, blue short shorts, and red sneakers. She had a scar on her left cheek and one on her stomach near her belly button, she also had a tattoo of an apple on her left arm.

She looked up at Scootaloo after blowing out the smoke she had in her mouth, speaking with a light southern accent. "What are you lookin at?"

Scootaloo stopped. "Uh...nothing..."

"Well it looks like you're lookin at me, bitch..."

"Like I said, nothing."

The earth pony got off the balcony, looking at Scoot with a scowl. "What the buck did ya jus' say?!"

Scootaloo put her hands up. "Calm down, I don't want to fight....I'm Scootaloo."

The earth pony sighed and threw the cigarette away. "Apple Bloom..." She looked at the pegasus' school uniform she was wearing, pointing it out. "Ah' went to Ponyville once...Ah' got kicked out."

"How come?"

"Well...lets just say that...Zephyr Breeze is a dirty creep."


"The school janitor...he always tried to hit on me, he even touched me one time...that's when Ah' had enough and told Celestia, she didn't believe me so Ah decided to take it in mah own hands and beat the ever livin crap outta him...of course, he got me expelled fer doing that...but he gets off scot-free after flirtin with me..."

Scoots smiled. "Hey...don't worry, I promise I'll get him back for you."

Apple Bloom smirked a bit. "Thanks, kid."

"No problem, I'll catch you around." Scoots said, waving a bit as AB looks on.

"Hm...kid's actually not bad...cute too." The earth pony then proceeded to go into her house.

Scoots walked around the Street Sweepers hangout before seeing a storage facility near a park. She approached it and looked around to see if anybody was watching her, the coast was clear as she entered it taking out her Slingshot 2.0 to use as a weapon.

She walked through the facility seeing lots of items containing various items from birdbaths, chairs, TVs, and other stuff people probably want to actually store or just pretend they don't have anymore. She sees a few members of the Street Sweepers walking around like guards, which caused Scootaloo to sneak around, since she wants to find out where The Fashionista's awards were not start a fight.

She slowly walked upstairs and could hear a mare speaking. "Make sure none of them come out." Scoots walked over to a nearby wall and pressed against it, she looked around the corner seeing a stallion and a mare putting a full jar of parasprites into a crate. Scoots opened up her phone and started to take pictures.

"Don't worry I got it...unlike you, I'm careful with how I put parasprites inside a crate." The stallion said, pouring jar after jar of parasprites, once he finished he closed the crate, Scoots was able to see the crate's label, seeing that the crates at the library where they get their books have the same label meaning that the Street Sweepers were the ones who gave the crate of parasprites to the library and caused all that havoc.

"Heh, just imagine, all the little Eggheads screaming and running around as the sprites eat their precious books." The mare said as Scootaloo kept taking pictures of them. "Alright...that should be enough, we better get to the docks."

The delinquent put her phone away quickly and went over to a stored bookcase, hiding behind it and watching the mare and stallion walk down the steps and out of the back door, to which she quickly followed.

She tailed the 2 teens all the way to the docks, hiding behind buildings, trash cans, and even some doors they came across. Still holding her phone she sees the teens going onto some kind of abandoned cargo ship and in the distance she can see them along with other members of the Street Sweepers, even Rumble was there and to her surprise, Apple Bloom. It seems that AB was a member of the Street Sweepers.

The all went in a circle around something, wanting to know what's going on, Scootaloo saw a nearby ladder and climbed up to the top of a nearby crane used to load up crates onto ships. She opened up her phone and looked at what the Sweepers were circling around and saw The Fashionista's boxing trophies and fashion award ribbons.

"So they were the ones who took them..." Scoots said, beginning to take some pictures.

She gasped a bit when she sees Rumble picking up a tank of gasoline and pouring it onto The Fashionistas' awards. She then watched as the leader put the gasoline can down and out of the shadows of the ship came Garble and the mastermind behind everything....Diamond Tiara. The earth pony looked at Garble with a smirk and nodded, making the dragon take in a deep breath and lit the awards on fire with his fire-breath, burning them all to a crisp.

Scootaloo finished taking pictures and quickly climbed down the ladder, running over to a parked bike and stole it, riding her way quickly back to the boxing gym to tell Rarity the news.

Scootaloo saw Rarity and Coloratura standing outside of the boxing gym and quickly jogged over to them, Rarity was interested on what she found out.

"So...did you find out who did it, 'boss'?" Rarity asked.

Coloratura put her hands behind her back. "Yeah, who took our awards?"

Scootaloo was about to speak before Rarity cut her off. "Oh wait...don't tell me...it was the tooth fairy."

Coloratura laughed. "Either it was the tooth fairy or the jock-straps." She then poked Scootaloo as she said each word "I. (poke) Wonder. (poke) Which. (poke) One. (hard poke)"

Scootaloo sucked her teeth, pushing her hand away and looked at them. "It was either of them you spoiled pansies...It was The Street Sweepers."

"Which Street Sweepers?" Rarity asked.

"The ones who hang out by the Weather Factory...what other versions of The Street Sweepers are there?"

"Why don't you answer my next question instead, What would they want with our trophies?"

"I bet to frame me, but not this time....this time I got a picture to prove it!" Scootaloo took out her phone and showed them the pictures she took of Rumble's gang burning the trophies on the boat. "And it's not only that, those guys did everything! They helped Garble set the gym on fire, they let the parasprites into the library, everything-including your awards.

"Why?" Coloratura asked, looking at the pegasus as she puts her phone into her pocket.

"Because I listened to Diamond..."

"So in the end, this is all of your fault." Rarity said.

"No, it was Diamond's fault...she wants you guys to think I did all of this when she's the true mastermind of everything that happened!"

"Yeah but if you haven't listened to her in the first place, none of this wouldn't have happened now would it?" Coloratura stated.

Scootaloo growled a bit. "You dumbasses are missing the point!!"

"News Flash Scootaloo: Nobody cares about you or Diamond." Rarity looked at her friend. "C'mon Rara, lets leave this 'Queen of the school' to her pathetic little fantasies."

Rarity and Coloratura started to walk away as Scootaloo called out. "I got a picture of them destroying your awards!! Why aren't you gonna help me?!"

"Because we now know that the Street Sweepers would've left all of us alone if you haven't been sent to this school, so why would we help the pony who caused them to be destroyed? Ta ta bitch."

Colouratura and Rarity continued to walk away as Scootaloo growled and punch the boxing gym's wall. "Diamond.....!!!!"

Shattered Instead of Cracked...

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Scootaloo cycled her way back to school, mumbling things under her breath, Rarity just shut her out even though she helped that ungrateful bitch find her stupid awards. She now wonders if helping her or even having her on her side is even worth it...

She got off her bike and decided to go around to find Twilight, Spitfire, Spike, and Ember to tell then the info she found.

Scootaloo found Twilight neat the library, which was still under construction due to the parasprites attacking it. "Twilight!"

The alicorn looked back and rolled her eyes when she saw the orange pegasus make her way to her. "What do you want, can't you just leave me alone?"

"No no, this time I got proof that I wasn't the one who put the parasprites in the library..." Scoots took out her phone and showed the alicorn the picture of The Street Sweepers putting the parasprites into the crates that got sent to the library. "It was The Street Sweepers all along!"

Twilight looked at the picture and gasped. "Oh my god..." She looked at the pegasus and hugged her tightly. "Scootaloo I'm so sorry! I knew that you wouldn't do something that terrible...but Diamond reassured me that it was you..."

"It's okay...but I need help reassuring Spitfire, Spike, and Ember that I didn't do all of this...I already got all the pictures I need, I need you to send them to-" Then out of nowhere, Rainbow Dash rammed Scootaloo to the ground, which made the pegasus drop her phone on the ground as Twilight gasped.

"I told you the next time I see you I won't be friendly!" Rainbow yelled Spitfire was right behind Rainbow as she went over to Scootaloo's phone and she stomped on it repeatedly, completely destroying it and the pictures inside of it.

All of Scootaloo's photos that she took in order to prove her innocence was completely destroyed. Spitfire smiled victoriously. "Now you know how it feels to have your phone destroyed!"

Scootaloo was crushed, every single picture she took of the Street Sweepers doing the things she was blamed for was all gone. Twilight growled and took out her metal baton, she was about to whack Rainbow but the pegasus grabbed it and nailed the alicorn in the stomach with her fist, knocking her down to the ground with Scoots as the two leaders of The Wonderbolts clique high-fived each other.

Twilight struggled to get up, holding her stomach. "Sc-Scootaloo...d-didn't do...t-those t-things to u-us.....she was t-telling t-the truth..."

"Yeah right, of course, you would believe this bitch..." Spitfire kicked Scootaloo, making her grunt and cough. "You Eggheads were always a bunch of ass-kissers."

The two ponies walked away as Twilight got up and helped Scootaloo on to her feet. "You alright?"

"Y-Yeah..." Scootaloo coughed. "But what the hell am I gonna do...my pictures are all gone...I got nobody except for Gilda and Sweetie Belle."

Twilight put her hand on her shoulder as Scootaloo wiped some saliva from her mouth. "You got me...and the rest of my clique on your side now...and hell, for helping me find the real culprit of the destruction of my library...I'll get Spike and Ember back on your side again, I can assure you."

"Really? Thank you so much Twilight..." Scootaloo smiled and hugged Twilight who patted her back, just then the intercom went on and Ms. Luna spoke into it.

Scootaloo...please report to the main office immediately.

Scootaloo looked up at the speaker and sighed, but Twilight still held her shoulder. "I'll get the gang back together and we'll wait for you at the school dorm."

The pegasus nodded and walked away from the alicorn as she jogged in the other direction.

Scootaloo walked into the main office and Celestia was there sitting at her desk with a cup of tea next to her, she looked at Scoots with a serious expression. "Ah, there you are Scootaloo...now I don't usually get involved with students thoughts..."

"I can tell by the way you dress."


"I'm saying you dress great ma'am."

Ms. Celestia stood up. "Anyway...like I said, I'm not really involved with what students think about others, but in this case, I'm going to make an exception."

"An exception?"

"Yes, it seems that you are without a doubt the least popular girl in this school right now..." She turned to Scootaloo with her hands behind her back. "Even that pegasus who's terrified of her own shadow is more popular than you...and It is also caught to my attention that you are a terrible, violent, foul-mouthed, awful little vandal."

"Yeah well, we kinda already knew that from the get go..." Scoots said.

"Very hilarious, young lady....a comedian to the end," Celestia said, sitting back down in her chair. "But sadly, you will have to achieve your comedic talents elsewhere little filly...Ponyville Academy is not for you."

Scootaloo knew that as soon as Celestia said that, she instantly got angry. "I'm not the one who's funny! Do you know what's funny? YOU! You're a freaking joke you old cow!" Celestia's eyes widen as Scoots continued. "You and this stuck up stupid ass school, with its bullies and psychotic assholes! This place is a huge dump!"

"This school praises bullies with a lust for sadism, I just stand up to them and do the right thing!"

"The right thing?!" Celestia shouted. "What about these pictures, does this look like 'The right thing'?!" Celestia put down several pictures on her desk showing Scootaloo's acts. From beating up various students, throwing eggs at Rarity's house, and just overall looking like the opposite of what she described herself as.

Scoots also noticed that these were the exact same pictures that Spitfire had and that she destroyed from her phone and the physical copies off, she stayed silent as Celestia continued. "You were also the one who planted the stink bomb in the teacher's lounge! Do you know how long it took to get the stink out of the first floor?! The janitors were demanding 10x their normal payment!"

"Wait! That was all Diamond Tiara's idea! Sure I planted it, but Diamond was the one who wanted to do it in the first place! Check the security cameras or something, she was there!"

"We went to the cameras and only saw you there, we didn't see Diamond there."

"She was standing under the camera's blindspots...I assure you she was there!! And sure, I'm no saint but that mare likes to torture ponies!"

"Diamond Tiara is the next head of this school. She's responsible, courteous, and not afraid of taking leadership."

"NO, she isn't!! She's a bucking backstabbing, sociopathic bitch!!"

"Watch your language young lady!! Now tell me this...do you have any proof of sweet innocent Diamond doing horrific acts like you've been doing yourself?!" Celestia picked up one picture of Scootaloo beating up Spitfire on the roof of the gym. "If you do then show me."

"I DO have proof, I have pictures!"

"Then show me!"

Scootaloo paused. "Well I mean I had proof but Spitfire destroyed my phone! But I swear-"

Celestia cut her off. "And what does 'I had' mean?"


"What does 'I had' mean?"

"D-Diamond is-"


Scootaloo growled. ".....I don't have proof....but ma'am-"

"NO MORE BUTS, YOUNG LADY! You are leaving and that's final! I've tried to contact your mother but she's still on a cruise...until I hear from her, I will have to let you stay here in your dorm room." Celestia places a hand on her desk. "You are not allowed to wear the school uniform or attend any classes!"

"My friends can vouch for me!"

"I need more than words in order to talk to a kind soul like Diamond! Now take off your uniform in your room, pack up your things and wait till I can get in contact with your mother. You are leaving the academy to get your education somewhere else, NOW GET OUT OF MY OFFICE!!!!!!"

Scootaloo actually felt like crying right now, Diamond had actually got her expelled from school, it's all over. "Fine...but what about my phone?"

"Spitfire destroying your phone is a separate matter, I will have a talk with her later."

She stormed out of the office and walked in anger to the dorm as students passed by her with smirks on their faces, knowing that she got expelled. Scootaloo kept repeating something in her head.

"Diamond's gonna pay.....Diamond's gonna pay.....Diamond's gonna pay.....DIAMOND TIARA IS GONNA PAY!!!!!!!"

Taking Down: The Street Sweepers

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Scootaloo stormed into the dorm as Twilight, Spike, Ember, Sweetie Belle, and Gilda were waiting for her in the lounge.

"Yo, Scoot you alright? Twilight told us everything..." Ember walked over as Scoots put her head on the wall and slid down it till she was on her knees. "What's up?"

"I've been expelled guys..." Scoots said, clearly not in the mood.

"What?!" Gilda said, getting up from her chair. She then rolled up her sleeve. "I'm gonna teach that bitch some manners!"

"NO!" Scootaloo held up her hand and stood up. "Celestia is not the problem... it's those Street Sweepers, Garble, and Diamond..."

"What are we gonna do?" Sweetie Belle cried. "Scootaloo's expelled...everyone hates us." She puts her head down. "Let's face it...Diamond won."

"Like hell she did!" Spike snapped, slamming his fists down on the table they were sitting at. "I will not let some stupid little bitch and a jerky bastard, walk all over me like a door mat...we are gonna stop them, one way or another!"

Scoots looked at Spike and knew he was right, Diamond Tiara is not and will never win after everything she's done for the school, she's gonna take care of her, Garble, and the rest of The Street Sweepers...in fact, maybe someone could help.

"You're right, Spike..." Scoots stood up. "But if we're gonna take on those Street Sweepers we're gonna need some backup...and I know just the pony who might be able to help..."

Scootaloo (now in her original outfit but still retained Spitfire's goggles) and her friends rode on their bikes all the way to the red house where a certain pony Scoots had in mind lives in. The orange pegasus walked up to the house and knocked on the door, the pony who opened it looked at her with an uncaring look. "Oh...it's you."

"Hey Apple Bloom, I need some help, I gotta talk to Rumble."

Apple Bloom took a cigarette out of her pocket. "Why? I don't think he'd want to talk to you..."

"We have to take care of Diamond Tiara and Garble..."

"Oh, those guys? Heh, no prob." AB said, getting out of her house and closed the door. "I don't know why...but there was something about that mare that I didn't like...in her eyes all I could see was just simply...psychotic."

"Exactly. So you with us?"

"Sure...I'll grab my bike." Apple Bloom went to the back of her house and got her bike, as Scoots and her friends rode with the southern pony in front of them, leading them to The Street Sweepers new hangout spot under The Weather Factory.

The girls and Spike made it to the hangout under the factory and burst through the front door, the members inside looked at them. "Hey, isn't that the pegasus who screwed up our deal!?" "Yeah, that's her! get them!"

Scootaloo kicked one of the members in the chest and flipped them over by using her strength. She roundhoused kicked a unicorn trying to punch her, but it missed and the unicorn grabbed her leg, pushed it away and kicked Scoots in the side.

Twilight was using her metal baton to whack her pursuers, along with kicking the males in the nuts, and uppercutting females in the jaw. Two members then ganged up on her and grabbed her baton, throwing it away, the alicorn then delivered an elbow to the face and a down kick for one and a hard sock to the jaw from another.

Sweetie Belle, the weakest of the group, kept grabbing objects such as plate, chairs, and vases to defend herself from The Street Sweepers which was surprisingly working for her.

Spike and Ember were tag teaming, throwing each other and kicking at enemies, using their tails to whack them if they got too close, along with swiping their claws and roundhouse kicking them.

Apple Bloom was fighting too, despite The Street Sweepers being her friends. She was flipping over some of them and kicking them into walls, she headbutted a few members along with crotch kicking the males. She was even using her flips to kick the ponies, dragons, griffins, and changelings in the gang.

Soon enough, all of The Street Sweepers were laying on the ground, completely hurt. Scootaloo looked at Apple Bloom who was panting a bit, along with wiping her forehead. The two ponies made eye contact and smiled at each other.

"You sure got some moves there Bloom..." Scoots said.

"For a little twerp...You're not so bad yourself Scoot..." AB replied, smiling before they all heard a griffin member coughing a bit as he held his chest, blood coming out of his beak.

The 7 friends made their way over to him, Scootaloo being the one to go down on one knee and grab the griffin's shirt. "Where's Rumble?"

"H-He's...H-He's in The Weather Factory...upstairs..." The griffin took out a keycard. "Take this keycard...it'll get you through the door to the Factory..."

Scoots grabbed the card and slipped it into her pocket, looking at her friends. "I'm gonna go after Rumble...you guys wait here..."

The 6 friends nodded as Scootaloo ran up the stairs to finish off The Street Sweepers' leader.

Scootaloo used the keycard to gain access to The Factory, looking around as the sounds of thunder rang in his ears and strong gusts of wind flowing through her mane, she walks further into the factory and she heard a voice. "Well Well Well...if it isn't my old stabby buddy Scootaloo..."

The orange pegasus looked up and saw Rumble standing on a platform with a smirk. "Sorry I couldn't make it to your stabby fest last month...but I got worked up over someone...and yet now that I see you...shouldn't you be dead from all that infection from the dumpster?"

"You can't get rid of me that easily Rumble...also I don't want to fight you...I just want to talk."

"TALK?! You want to talk after you beat up my gang and cause my friend Garble trouble? I'm sorry but I don't see that." He pointed to himself. "I told you before, nobody screws with me! You should've learned from when I stabbed you!"

"Well...now I feel like screwing with you even more..." Rumble growled and pulled out a slingshot, firing at Scootaloo as she dodged and opened up a gate. "It's over Rumble!"

"Just try it, bitch!" Rumble ran up a staircase as the orange delinquent followed him, there were 3 Street Sweepers upstairs as their leader got close to them. "It's Scootaloo!! She's coming up the stairs, kick the bitch!"

"Okay boss!" The three members went down the stairs to Scootaloo who was in the middle of the staircase. A dragoness swung her fist which made Scootaloo duck and rams her fist into her stomach. The dragoness coughed as Scoots went around and elbowed her, making the dragoness fall down the stairs and hit the ground with a thud and a grunt.

The second member was a griffin who kicked Scootaloo, which made her fall down the stairs as well, hitting her head, her back, and her arms. She reached the bottom and slowly stood up as the griffin and the other member, an earth pony mare run down to get her.

Scootaloo strafed a bit to the left and pushed the griffin away, along with swiftly kicking the mare in the leg when she got too close. The mare went to the floor on one knee and looked at Scoots, grunting as the pegasus socked her in the face, knocking her down.

The griffin came up behind her and put her into a choke-hold, as she started to choke, the griffin unfurled his wings and started to fly up which made Scoots look down as the floor was getting further and further away.

Scootaloo then swung her elbow at the griffin repeatedly, knocking him in the side a few times. "Hey...careful, I let go, you fall."

"I-I'll t-take my...c-chances!" Scoots managed to sputter out, knocking the griffin in his head and causing him to drop her. Scoots fell for a bit before grabbing a pipe at the last second, she used the pipe to flip herself onto another platform which was actually the top of the stairs Rumble climbed.

She looked at the pipe then at her feet as she walked further onto the platform. "I didn't know I was an acrobat..." She then continued running after Rumble, locking the griffin out of another gate she came across and ran down the stairs the gate lead to.

She reached the bottom of the steps and was met with a hard whack to the face with a rusted pipe, which caused her nose to bleed a lot.

"I told you Scoot...nobody screws with me!" Rumble yelled, being the one who whacked her. "It's time for you to pay..."

Scoots gritted her teeth and spit blood onto his face, which made him wince in disgust. The orange pegasus took the opportunity to grab another pipe and rip it off the wall with her bare hands.

After wiping his face, Rumble opened his eyes and was met with a pipe whack to the face just like he did to Scoot. The gray pegasus held his muzzle as blood dripped through his fingers, Scoots saw that on his belt was the knife he used to stab her, so she took the knife out of the holster and threw it away, making it land in a vat of rainbows.

Rumble came to and the two pegasi began to fight with pipes, hitting each other in the sides and faces, along with hitting them together like swords. Scoots slammed the pipe into Rumble's stomach which made him cough, Rumble in return, pounced her and started to punch her face repeatedly with his fists.

Scoots growled and tucked her legs under him, pushing him off of her. She got up and the two began fighting with their fists.

Rumble swung his leg around, trying to kick her in the side but Scoots quickly grabbed his leg, but she didn't see Rumble throw a punch, which connected to her face hard. The pegasus dropped Rumble's leg and slapped him in the face, leaving a red handprint on his left cheek. The orange delinquent then looked down and smirked, swinging her leg in between Rumble's legs and nailing him straight in the nuts.

Rumble's pupils shrank to pin-pricks as he put both of his hands on his privates, tears rolling down his face a bit. Scoots took the opportunity to roundhouse kick his face, making him hit the ground face first.

She looked down at him as Rumble looked at the pegasus and started to crawl backward, afraid of her. Scoots slowly walked closer. "You had enough? Do you want some more?! You still think bucking with me is a good idea?!"

"N-No! Nononono! You win alright! I'm sorry!" Rumble cried, a bit high-pitched considering the hard kick Scoots delivered to his balls.

"Good...now, explain to me what made you think it's a good idea in the first place to doing all of that stuff you did in Ponyville Academy?"

"I hate that school..." Rumble confessed. "My parents couldn't send me there and now I'm stuck in this dump of a town...and was giving Garble a hard time too...Diamond said we'd make them all pay."

"Diamond and Garble will backstab you when they get the chance Rumble...heh also I bet Diamond told you guys could take over the school or some other garbage..."

Rumble looked at her with widened eyes. "How did you know?"

"Cuz she told me the same bullcrap! Didn't do me any good either..." Scootaloo held her hand out and helped Rumble onto his feet. "Come on...you are gonna help me and my friends make her pay for her lies...and the first way to do that is to don't bully any more kids and give me access to all of your gear and guys." Rumble nodded as Scoots continued. "Also...cut your ties with Garble and Diamond completely, they are our enemies...got it?"

Rumble nodded again. "Got it...also can you help me walk out of here? My nuts hurt like a lot."

"Yeah, sure..." Scootaloo put his arm on her back and helped him walk out of the factory.

Scoots walked with Rumble out of the factory where some of the Street Sweepers got into their fight positions to fight the orange pegasus but Rumble held up his hand, telling them to stand down. "Scoots is our friend now...we're gonna help her get back at Diamond and Garble for lying to all of us..."

The Street Sweepers stood down and nodded, agreeing with their leader as Scoots gave the pegasus to Apple Bloom.

AB took Rumble and smirked at Scoots, leaning forward and kissing her cheek, making the orange pegasus blush as she watched AB carry Rumble away from her 5 friends who smiled at the pegasus.

"Ooo, you scored a pony, Scoots!" Ember said.

"Yeah, and you know..." Scoots looked at Apple Bloom. "She's great..."

"So what now?" asked Spike.

Scoots looked at her friends. "Now that Rumble's gang is on our side...we can now prepare for the final battle..."

Complete and Utter Mayhem

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Later that night, Scootaloo along with her friends rode their bicycles all the way to a building near the Weather Factory and looked at it.

"Rumble said I could stay here in this building close to them since I'm expelled." Scootaloo said, getting off of her bike as she yawned. "I'll catch you guys tomorrow."

"Okay, just be careful around here..." Sweetie Belle said. "I know these guys are on our side, but they are still a bit dangerous."

"Yeah, I got it, don't worry." The orange pegasus waved it off, she fist-bumped her friends and watched them cycle away from her new place. "It was nice of him to provide me with this." She went over to the door and opened it up with a key.

Inside the room were various of stuff: There was a gaming machine on the right, a bike rack, a radio, a TV, and even an old bar with empty alcohol bottles. She looked at the bed on the left and sat down on it, sighing.

"I got my friends back, I got Rumble on my side, but...I'm still expelled." She puts her hand on her face. "This is just so messed up..."

Scoots heard a knock at her door. She got up and opened the door seeing the pony in front. "Apple Bloom? What are you doing here?"

"Jus' came to check up on ya, can Ah' come in?" Scoots nodded and let the earth pony walk in, closing the door. "So how've ya been? Things lookin' up after gettin' Rumble on yer side?"

"Yeah...but I'm still expelled and Diamond basically rules the school with an iron fist...I don't know what to do..."

AB put a hand onto Scoots' shoulder. "Hey, you've come this far...no backin' out now."

"I know...but, its just crazy that I've done all of this good and just have it taken all away from me...now everyone hates me..."

"Not everyone hates ya. Your friends like ya, Rumble likes ya now, but also..." AB went closer to her. "I like ya..."

Scoots and AB smiled as their faces went close to each other to the point where their muzzles touched, till the sealed the deal with a kiss. Their hands roamed each others bodies as they went on Scoots' new bed, the kiss not breaking as they began to express their new found love for each other.

The next day, Scoots and AB were sleeping next to each other on her bed, holding each other. Then they woke up to the sound of Scootaloo's phone ringing. She reached over and grabbed it putting it to her ear as AB rubbed her eyes a bit. "Hello?"

The pegasus heard grunts, shouting, and sounds of punches on the phone as Sweetie Belle spoke loudly. "Scootaloo! Get down here!"

Scoots sat up, the blanket over her chest as AB sat up with her the blanket over her chest as well. "Jesus Sweetie, what's happening?!"

"Its the cliques! They've gone out of control! Its a bucking riot here, get to the school now!"

Scoots sighed. "Damn it!"

"What's up?" AB asked as Scootaloo got up from the bed completely naked.

The pegasus grabbed her panties and pants putting them both on quickly. "We gotta get Rumble! All hell's breaking loose at the school!"

Apple Bloom gasped and got up from the bed, she was naked also as she grabbed her bra from the floor. "Oh crap..."

Scootaloo and Apple Bloom got fully dressed and rode their bikes all the way to The Street Sweepers' hangout.

Scoots dressed in the black leather jacket Ember gave her with a white tank top, grey sweatpants, and gray sneakers with her purple fingerless gloves and her goggles. Apple Bloom wore her crop top and short shorts along with brown cowboy boots, this time she didn't have her bow on.

Rumble was with 3 Street Sweeper members as Scoots and AB's bikes screeched to a stop. "Rumble!"

The gray pegasus turned around looking at the girls. "What is it?"

"It's Ponyville Academy, all hell's breakin' loose, we need help!" Apple Bloom said, earning a concerned look from Rumble.


Scootaloo spoke this time. "I just got a call from Sweetie Belle, I heard a ton of fighting and yelling...she said the school's a complete riot!"

Rumble looked at the guys next to him. "Grab some more of our guys...we got some students to school..." The 3 creatures nodded and ran off to get some more members.

Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, Rumble and 7 Street Sweepers made it to the school, there were about 2 police cars blaring loud sirens and inside, Scoots could see all of the students just running around beating each other up and using prank weapons like fire crackers, BB guns, stink bombs and other stuff.

"Scoot this is your turf, what the buck is going on, the whole place has gone mental." Rumble shouted, Scoots turned around.

"I know, it's your old pals Diamond and Garble...they got the teachers and prefects on their side and made everyone go crazy...we have to put a stop to this."

A black gryphon Street Sweeper walked a up a bit. "Uh I don't mean any offense to this ma'am...but how the hell are we gonna stop a bunch of teenagers from beating the crap out of each other?"

"Simple...we beat the crap out of them until they calm the hell down, but first we got to find my friends!" Scoots replied.

"Got it." Apple Bloom said, nodding and going over to the gate, opening it with a swift and hard kick. "Let's do this!"

Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, and Rumble all ran through the crazy riot dodging punches and kicks, along with throwing a few punches themselves till they got to the girls dorm. They went inside and saw that it was ransacked and vandalized, Garble was there with Spitfire, Thunderlane, Rarity, and Coloratura.

"Garble!!!" Scoots yelled.

The red dragon turned around and smirked when she saw the pegasus. "Ah...Scootaloo, it's so good to see you again. I was wondering when you'd show up...what is it like on the streets?"

"Big Brother?!" Rumble said, surprised to see that he's on Garble's side.

"Little Bro? What are you doing here?!" Thunderlane exclaimed. "And why are you with that bitch Scootaloo?!"

"Garble is bad news Thunderlane...he's workin' for Diamond who's the cause of all of this..." Apple Bloom explained. "All Diamond wants to do is spark a feud between everyone in the school...why do ya think there's a huge riot going on outside?!"

Thunderlane looked down as Garble put his arm out. "Don't listen to these pansies Lane...Diamond wants to bring order to this school...the reason why everyone is fighting is so we can have the perfect balance of peace..."

"What perfect balance, you damn lizard?!" Scootaloo yelled. "Letting everyone beat up each other is what keeps the balance, you sick buck?! You know nothing about peace!"

"You're the one who knows nothing Scoots...and why do you even care, you're not in this school anymore!"

"Because I know what is right...sure...I'm no saint but I'm a much better one than you will ever be Garble!" Scootaloo said, looking at Rarity and Coloratura. "You guys are not idiots...Rarity, what would Sweetie Belle say when she sees you with this bastard? Saying that fighting everyone and hating each other is what keeps peace and balance to this school?"

It was Rarity's turn to look down, thinking how ashamed and disappointed Sweetie must be for siding with Garble and agreeing that all of this fighting is what keeps the peace, she looked at Coloratura who too shared some of the shame, thinking about how her girlfriend Applejack would think of her seeing her like this.

Thunderlane, Spitfire, Rarity, and Coloratura then all looked at Garble angrily and slowly moved away from him, coming over to Scootaloo's side. Finally understanding what his intentions were...to keep the peace away from the school and just keep fighting.

Garble growled, seeing that Scootaloo, Rumble, and Apple Bloom had managed to turn the 4 ponies against him. "Y-You think you losers won!? I never lose, Diamond would remain supreme as the Queen of the School! You're a bunch of bucking nobodies!!"

Scootaloo smirked. "A bunch of nobodies...that are about to kick your ass."

Garble & Diamond: The Final Takedown

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Garble growled and took a deep breath, blowing fire at the ponies in front of them and all of them dodged, AB and Scootaloo both did a side roll as Rumble, Thunderlane, Spitfire flew up, the fire not hitting them. Rarity and Coloratura both did a back-flip and landed on their hooves as the dragon stopped. All of the ponies hid behind various walls and rooms.

AB and Scootaloo looked at each other. "How are we gonna beat a freakin' dragon?" whispered AB, very nervous.

"I beat this guy before...but it was only because Twilight made me fire-proof." Scootaloo replied, looking around the corner at Garble who was slowly walking towards the ponies with a smirk. "I don't stand a chance without something that can protect me from fire..."

Apple Bloom looked around and saw something near the wall of Scootaloo's dorm room, whispering. "Scootaloo, the fire extinguisher."

Scootaloo looked at Spitfire who was the closest to it and beckoned her head towards it. The pegasus waited till Garble was close enough and she jumped out and punched him hard in the stomach, the dragon grunted and wheezed as Spitfire quickly grabbed the extinguisher off the rack and hit the dragon with it, kicking him to the ground.

Garble readied his fire-breath again but before he could, Spitfire sprayed the fire extinguishing chemicals onto him. "KNOCK IT OFF WITH THAT FIRE BULLCRAP!" she yelled.

Garble used his tail to whack the extinguisher away from the pegasus and smiled as he readies his fire breath again.
Spitfire looked and grabbed a nearby garbage can lid, holding it up as a shield, until a green flame came around behind her and torched Garble, causing him to grunt.

The green flame came from The Fire Dragon's leader, Spike. He held out his arm towards Spitfire telling her to backup and have him take over, which she obliged but still held the shield in front of her incase Garble tried something funny.

"Spike!" Scootaloo exclaimed with a smile as the purple dragon looked at her and Apple Bloom.

"Get everypony out of here!" He yelled. "I'll take care of this bastard..."

"Are ya sure?" asked Apple Bloom, Spike nodded.

"Yeah...it's about time I get even with this sorry excuse for a dragon..." Spike got into his fighting position as Garble laughed, Scootaloo leading AB, Spitfire, Rumble, Thunderlane, Rarity and Coloratura out of the building.

"OH...I'm a sorry excuse? At least I'm not a bucking suck up to that bitch Scootaloo." Garble snickered. "What did she do that made you change your mind about working with us? Did she let you feel her up like I'm sure what you and Ember have been doing?" She then motioned his hands to make it look like he was feeling up a mare's body, stopping when his hands squeezed where the mare's chest would be.

"Don't you talk about my friends like that..." Spike smirked. "And If anything, if that does happen, then it's proof that I get way more tail than you would ever get."

Garble growled and clenched his fists. "What the hell did you just say to me, wuss?!"

"You heard me, virgin." Spike replied, smirking.

Garble roared and ran towards Spike as the purple dragon did the same, both of them connected hands and proceeded to push each other with their own strength.

Scootaloo and her friends burst out of the door back into the outside riot, looking around to see Twilight, Sweetie Belle, Ember, and Gilda take out a few Fire Dragons, Eggheads, and Bullies that gone rogue from their respected leaders.

The 4 notice Scoots and the other leaders of the cliques, running over to them. "Scootaloo, you made it!" Sweetie Belle quickly hugged her best friend as Twilight put her metal baton away in her back pocket.

Scoots looked at them, pointing behind her at the dorm. "Garble is taken care of...Spike is on it...now, we just need Diamond..."

"We looked everywhere..." Twilight said. "She might be in the main building..."

Scootaloo looked at the building in the distance and nodded, she then took off her leather jacket and goggles giving them to Sweetie Belle, she stood there with just her tank-top that was under her jacket. "You guys wait here...I'm gonna deal with Diamond alone..."

"No way Scoot...you can't go in there alone!" Gilda exclaimed, Ember smirked.

"She won't be alone..." The blue dragon took out an Uzi BB gun from her own leather jacket, giving it to Scootaloo. "We all got a friend in the almighty."

Scoots pulled the slide back of the realistic looking plastic gun, smirking. "Amen..." She looked at the gang leaders. "You all try to calm everyone down."

Apple Bloom put her hand on Scootaloo's shoulder, turning her around and giving her one final kiss. "Be careful..."

Scoots nodded with a blush. "I will." The pegasus then ran away from the group avoiding as much fights as she could to make it to the main school building, ready to take care of Diamond once and for all.

The orange delinquent burst through the door with her gun pointed in front of her, looking around to see that the place was completely empty, not a single teacher, student, or prefect in sight.

"Well Well Well..." Scootaloo looked forward with her weapon pointed as the main mastermind behind everything walked around the corner of the school staircase. "I was wondering when you'd show up Scootaloo...and hey have you been working out the last time I saw you at Rarity's house back in December?"

"Why did you do this Diamond?!"

"Cuz why not?!" Diamond yelled. "I won!! I tricked everyone! Starting with you and Sweetie Belle!! The cliques!! The prefects!! And even Celestia!! ME!!! I WON!!!!"

"You are a complete sicko!!"

"I maybe a sicko but I pull the strings!! Don't forget bitch, you've did all of my dirty work for me! It was like lining up dominos! It all fell together so perfectly!!"

"I'LL MAKE YOU FALL DOWN PERFECTLY ONTO THE GROUND WITH MY FOOT UP YOUR ASS!" screamed Scootaloo, earning a smirk from Diamond.

"Fine then! You want me? COME AND GET ME!!" Diamond yelled, running up the stairs as Scootaloo fired at her with her BB gun in full auto.

"Come back here you coward!!!" Scootaloo ran up the stairs after her, Diamond hid behind a locker and threw a fire cracker at the pegasus, making her back up with a growl.

Scoots fired her gun again and hit Diamond in the head, the earth pony grunted and continued to run, going into another staircase and climbing them all the way to the roof. The delinquent followed suit and looked up at the amount of stairs she had to climb as she heard Diamond talk clearly thanks to the echo in the staircase.

"You were always too trusting Scootaloo, from the start you were completely naïve. I suggested, let Scootaloo have her fun with Twilight, Gilda, Rarity, Garble, Ember, Spike, Spitfire, and Rumble and then wait for the right moment to just swoop down and take it ALL away!"

Scootaloo climbed up the flights stairs as fast as she could to the roof as Diamond continued to talk.

"Poor little Scootaloo, all alone in big scary Ponyville desperate for help from Gilda and her goons. I saw it in your eyes when we met Scoots, you had a lust for power but without intelligence to back it up, using you as a pawn was the perfect route for me to take over! While you were flashing your breasts and ass like a slut to Spitfire's camera, I was in the dorm planning. When you went away to see Red at the cemetery, my plan was already coming together since I manipulated him just like everyone else." She laughed evilly. "Oh, you should've seen him cry!"

As Scootaloo burst through the door to the roof, Diamond jumped her and made the pegasus drop her plastic Uzi off of the ledge, Scootaloo tucked her legs and kicked Diamond off of her as the earth pony landed on the ground then slowly got up, continuing to talk as wind blew through her mane and clothes along with Scootaloo's as dark clouds rode in and it started to rain.


"WHY DID YOU DO THIS DIAMOND?!" Scootaloo yelled.

"BECAUSE I CAN!!!" Diamond yelled back. "Because making little nobodies like you and the BUCKERS who run this place, eat out of the palm of my hand feeeels GREAT!!!!"

"I never did anything to you!!!!" Scootaloo replied.

"You know you would've if I given you the chance! I'm smarter than what you would ever be!!"

"Oh good for you! You're smarter than me! You hate everypony and everypony hates you!"

"That old bitch Sunbutt likes me!!" Diamond said. "I had her tied up, turn her entire school into a battleground, got kids expelled unfairly, put several of them into therapy AND SHE STILL LIKES ME!!!!"

Scootaloo grabbed Diamond. "YOU'RE SUCH A LOSER!!!!"


"YOU BITCH!!!!!"

Scootaloo slammed her fist into Diamond's face, the earth pony grunted and headbutted Scootaloo, the pegasus letting her go. Diamond roundhouse kicked Scootaloo's face, making her grunt and put out some blood onto the roof's floor.

Diamond swung her leg again but Scootaloo grabbed her leg, pulling it so Diamond could trip and fall down to the ground. Scoots pulled Diamond over to her and went on top of her, punching the earth pony's face repeatedly. "You turned my friends against me, you maimed me to Celestia, and you just MADE MY LIFE. A. LIVING. HELL!!!!"

The earth pony used her strength to turn them over, now she was on top and was punching Scootaloo's face. "OF COURSE I DID!!! AND IT FELT SUPER SATIFYING TO WATCH. YOU. SUFFER!!!!"

Scootaloo grabbed Diamond's fists and spit blood onto her face, Scoots then threw the earth pony off of her and wiped some blood from her mouth. She proceeded to grab Diamond and put her up against the door, slamming her head over and over on the door. Once she was done with that, she kneed her in the stomach and slammed her onto the ground, knocking a tooth out of Diamond's mouth along with her tiara that came off of her head.

Diamond coughed a bit, grabbing Scootaloo's ankles with her own and tripping her to the ground. Diamond then booted Scoots' face with her left hoof, making the pegasus grunt, more blood rolling down her chin as her eye went swollen.

Diamond slowly got up, holding her head as she spit some of her blood out onto the ground, she watched Scoots try to get up before the earth pony kicked her right in the stomach, making the pegasus stop. "It's over Scootaloo...after I'm done with you...you're gonna get out of here on a stretcher with handcuffs. I'll be the innocent victim...you'll be the one who caused all of this."

"N-Never..." Scootaloo groaned, holding her stomach as she slowly got up. "The one getting out of here in a stretcher...IS YOU!!!!" Scootaloo jumped up and tackled Diamond, both ponies then struggled a little before falling off the roof and landing on top of a scaffolding.

Scootaloo and Diamond continued to fight, slamming their fists into each others faces, kicking each other in the face, side, and stomach, and even slamming their heads onto the scaffolding's safety bar.

Diamond had Scootaloo up against the wall and had her arm press into Scootaloo's neck, beginning to choke her as she taunted the pegasus. "Once I'm done with you...I will remain the Queen and I'm gonna have all of your friends be my slaves that way NO ONE can stop me....not. even. YOU!!!!!!"

Scootaloo gasped a bit and yelled. "NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" She grabbed Diamond's throat and tackled her, their combined body weight breaking the scaffolding in half, the two ponies then plummeted all the way down towards the skylight, both of their eyes closing, bracing for impact.

Both mares crashed through the skylight and we’re heading straight for the floor, but when Diamond landed, she got hit in the side of the head very hard on something, causing her to get knocked out instantly, the impact giving her a huge bloody gash on her forehead.

Scootaloo landed onto the floor with a hard thud and after a few seconds of lying there in pain, slowly lifted up her head and coughed violently; she looked past her wet mane and saw Diamond’s bruised, bloody, and unconscious body, making the pegasus smile at her victory.

Scootaloo then looked upwards to see that the skylight they fell through landed them in Ms. Celestia's office and the thing that Diamond hit her head on was the principal’s desk.

Speaking of the principal, Scoots saw Ms. Celestia sitting on a chair with her arms and wings tied up along with her horn having a power disabling ring on it.

Celestia looked at both mares with widen eyes, till she saw Diamond which made her face turn into a furious one. "TIARA! YOU LITTLE MANIPULATIVE BRAT! YOU'RE EXPELLED!!!" She looked at Scootaloo. "Scootaloo, give me a hand here!"

Scoots slowly got up from the floor and dusted herself off. "Yes ma'am!" She looked at Diamond one more time before slamming her foot onto her stomach, earning a defeated grunt from the earth pony as she chuckled. "Sorry, didn't see ya there."

She walked over to Celestia and began to untie her as the adult mare spoke. "Ya know after everything you've done girl, I may have judged you unfairly." She got up from the chair after Scootaloo took off the power disabling ring from her horn. "Sure, a little rough around the edges but you are a beautiful gem stone Scootaloo, thank you."

"It was my pleasure, ma'am." Scootaloo used Celestia's ropes to tie up Diamond in case she tries to get away.

Celestia went over to her desk and sat down on it, beckoning her hand to Scootaloo to have her sit down on the chair in front of her desk, once the pegasus did, she felt a serious sense of Déjà vu, she was sitting in the exact same chair when she first arrived at the academy, now look at her, she just beat Diamond Tiara and it ended where it began...inside Celestia's office.

"So it was you who took out this monsterous wretch wasn't it?" Celestia asked.

"Yep." Scoots nodded, as Celestia smiled.

"Wow, what a hero, a lone wolf."

"Well to be honest ma'am, I did have a lot of help with some friends...if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be here right now."

"Oh, do pray tell who are your partners in justice?"

"Well this girl Apple Bloom for one, she got expelled because she complained about the janitor hitting on her."

"Zephyr Breeze? Then he's fired, I hope the sicko rots in hell!"

"A couple of other members of cliques helped me out too: Gilda, Twilight, Spike, and Ember."

"Ah, then those 4 would be honored as well."

Scoots held out her hand. "Wait ma'am, there's one more pony I like to thank too."

"And who's that?"

"Sweetie Belle, she's a good friend of mine."

Celestia raised an eyebrow. "Who? I never heard of her, she goes to my school?"

"Yeah, also you might not know her considering she's kind of shy."

"Shy you say?" Scootaloo nodded. "The mare must be a genius, why she should become my apprentice!"

"Sweetie? Great idea!" The pegasus then scratched the back of her head. "Now...about that note to my mother...?"

Celestia's look then turned into a serious one as she looked down and opened up a drawer, taking out the note she wrote to Scootaloo's mother about her daughter's expulsion. She got up from her desk and walked over to a paper shredder, turning it on and putting the paper inside, shredding it into nothing as she looked at Scootaloo with a smile.

"What note?"

Scootaloo could only smile brightly as Celestia came over and held her hand out, which the pegasus gladly shook.

A few minutes later, The Solar Guards along with Paramedics arrived at the school. Scootaloo, Celestia, Luna, and the rest of the school watch as 2 SG's held onto Garble's arms handcuffing, his face a bruisy, bloody mess. They took him over to a squad car and it drove away with the dragon in the backseat.

"So long, sucker." Spike said with a smile as his face was only covered in a few bloody scratches.

Then the moment the school had all been waiting for (Scootaloo the most), 2 Paramedics had Diamond Tiara on top of a stretcher and she was handcuffed to it, just like what the earth pony said Scootaloo would be in.

Celestia asked the paramedics to stop and when they did, Celestia smiled at Scootaloo letting her know that she can rub it in that she won in the end. Scootaloo did just that, she walked over to Diamond's stretcher, seeing the pony breathing into an oxygen mask, she then whispered to the barely conscious pony who looked at her angrily. "I told you before when we first met...if you double cross me I won't hesitate to kick your ass...and it came through in the end didn't it?"

"B-B-B-B-Bu-ck...y-y-y-y-ou..." Diamond struggled to spit out as the paramedics continued to take Diamond, putting her inside the ambulance and driving away with her.

When the ambulance was out of sight, everyone slowly separated to go on with their own business, as Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Ember, Spike, Twilight, Gilda, Apple Bloom, and Rumble continued to stare off.

"So...what do we do now?" Ember asked. "It's all over..."

"Well, I know what I'm gonna do..." Scootaloo looked at Apple Bloom and wrapped her arm around her. "Gonna show my new roommate a good time~"

Apple Bloom smirked and kissed Scootaloo's cheek as Rumble looked at his watch. "I gotta go get Thunderlane, Mom wants us home by 7 for dinner. I'll catch you guys later!"

Rumble proceeded to jog away from the group to get his big brother, Twilight looked at the large clock on the main school building, gasping. "OOOOO! The new books are coming in just 10 seconds, I gotta go, bye!" In a quick flash of light, Twilight disappeared.

Spike and Ember said they have to clean up around The Fire Dragon's hangout after Scoots' destroyed nearly half of the inside when fighting the other members and Gilda said she wanted to talk to Red about some things. Finally, Sweetie Belle said good-bye to Scoot and AB, saying she has to get a head-start in putting up next year's special fundraiser events.

Now alone, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom looked at each other one more time, smiling before leaning in and kissing each other passionately on the lips.

"Finally...everything is sorted. Not like I'm saying we're all gonna live happily ever after or something like that....but life surely is gonna get easier now that Diamond Tiara is out of the picture and out of my life."

Epilogue - Summer Time // Final Moves

View Online

3 days later (June 4th)

Scootaloo was inside her dorm room packing up her things, getting ready for the Summer Vacation she desperately needed after she finally finished off Diamond Tiara once and for all. She was wearing the clothes she wore when she first arrived at the school (A black open hoodie with a white tank-top inside, light ripped jeans, clean white sneakers and purple fingerless gloves that were the same color as her mane).

Apple Bloom appeared in her doorway wearing her school uniform, which consisted of an untucked red shirt with the PHS logo on the right side of her chest, tight blue short shorts, and red sneakers. "Hey babe, whatcha doing."

Scoots looks over and smiled at her marefriend. "Hey, I'm just packing up my things...for once, I'm actually excited on seeing my mother again..."

"She's on her way here?"

"Yeah." Scoots closed her suitcase and looked at it. "Can't believe it's already been a year...seemed like only yesterday when I first walked into this school." She looked over at AB. "And sure...for a complete crap-hole...I'm gonna miss this place."

Scootaloo took her hands off of her suitcase and walked over to where Apple Bloom was, passing by her and sneakily smacking her butt with a smirk.

Bloom gave a small squeak and a blush, smiling at Scoots. "Hey!"

Scoots stuck her tongue out at her. "Not my fault you got a great ass."

Apple Bloom blushed and kissed Scoots' cheek. "So, what are ya gonna do now?"

"Thought I pay a few visit to some creatures before I set off, I'll see you later at the school gates."

Apple Bloom nodded and watched her marefriend get out of the girls dorm. "That mare is something else."

Scootaloo's first stop was the library, she walked through the door and sees a few members of the Eggheads clique smile and they each said hi to her.

-"Hey Scootaloo."
-"Hi Scootaloo."
-"Hey Amiga."
-"Salutations Madam Scooter."
- "Uhm...S-Sup my gurl?"

The last greeting made Scoots laugh a little as she waved. She looked around and sees that everything was in place and the building was littered with new books on the shelves, despite just a few little bite marks on some of the shelves, tables, and chairs, the library was pretty much back to normal. But who she really came for was her Eggheaded friend Twilight Sparkle.

"Yo, Sparkle!" called Scoots, the alicorn took her nose out of her book and looked at her with a smile.

"Oh, hey Scootaloo!" Twilight got up and hugged the pegasus. "You heading out for the summer?"

"Yeah, my mom is picking me up. I'm certainly gonna take a nice looooong break after all the craziness this year gave us...you planning on doing anything?"

"Not really...I have a few more books I have to catch up on...and I'm totally busy with the summer reading we have to do...so yeah it's gonna be quite a doozy but I'm really fired up on doing it."

"Okay cool, do you know where Sweetie Belle is?"

"She's with Gilda and Ember near the gym."

"Perfect...I'm gonna say my goodbye's to them along with stopping by to see Spitfire and Rumble."

"Alright, as soon as I finish this book I'll meet you by the gates to say goodbye."

"Great, AB is already there so just look for her."

"Oh, right I didn't ask...How're things with you and Apple Bloom?"

"Oh its going great!" Scoots exclaimed with a smile. "AB is just awesome, to be honest...I kept wondering myself where she's been all of my life..."

Twilight giggled and patted Scoots' shoulder. "Alright, that's adorable. I'll see you by the gates."

Scootaloo nodded and gave Twilight a final hug before walking out of the library.

The orange delinquent arrive outside the gym to see Sweetie Belle, Ember, and Gilda just like Twilight said they'd be at.

"Hey guys!" Gilda, Sweetie Belle, and Ember looked at her and smiled. When Scoots came over, Sweetie hugged her and Gilda and Ember both gave her a fist-bump.

"How ya doin'?" Gilda asked.

"Just fine, I'm gonna go away for the summer with my mom." Scoots replied.

"Aw, really?" Ember asked, receiving a nod from Scoots. "Well, that’s fair...after all the crap that happened this year, it's no surprised you want a take a vaca."

"True that." Gilda said. "You deserve it my girl."

"How have you two been?" Scoots asked.

"Well..." Sweetie began. "I've been given so many tasks from Principal Celestia...first off, I put up a petition on better school lunches."

"Which I for one, think is super awesome." Gilda replied, giving the white unicorn a small head rub, messing up her mane. "I'm still leading my fellow clique, but instead of The Bullies, we decided to rename ourselves to prove we changed our way of bullying."

"Really? What name did you settle on?"

Gilda smiled. "I was thinking of...The Rebels...what do you think?"

Scootaloo nodded. "Not too shabby, I think it'll be a good name."

"Oh yeah, we were talking about the name change to her clique before you got here." Ember said. "Me and Sweetie thought it was a good change."

"Well as Queen of Ponyville Academy." Scoots began with a chuckle, pointing at Gilda. "You and your clique are now dubbed, The Rebels!"

Ember, Sweetie Belle, and Gilda all shared a laugh with Scootaloo as the pegasus rubbed the back of her head. "Well, I hope I see you guys at the school gates when I depart, cuz Twilight and AB are already there."

"Don't worry, we'll all be there." Gilda replied for the three of them. "We'll grab Spike on the way."

"Good, I'm gonna go talk to Spitfire and Rarity." Scootaloo said, Sweetie Belle pointed behind her at the gym.

"Both of them are in the gym...I think Rarity and Coloratura is teaching Spitfire, Thunder, Rainbow, and Rumble how to box..."

"Alright, I'll see ya guys..." Scootaloo went passed her three friends and opened the doors to the main gym.

When Scoots entered she sees Rarity and Coloratura punching the air as a demonstration for their new students: Spitfire, Rumble, Thunderlane, and Rainbow Dash.

Rumble and Thunder were wearing blue boxing shorts and were shirtless, showing off their muscular torsos. Thunder easily had more define muscles than Rumble but the younger pegasus made up for it a little bit with having pretty cool looking scars on his torso. One was a small slash on the left side of his chest, the next one was a slash on his developing six-pack, and the last one was a stab wound on his right side.

Spitfire and Rainbow both wore form-fitting female boxing outfits. Spitfire had on a dark red sports bra with matching shorts and Rainbow wore the same expect they were dark blue instead of red. Scoots defiantly noticed that without the letterman jackets and the jeans, Spitfire and Rainbow had perfectly well-toned muscles on their arms and legs along with pretty good looking abs that showed just how much they work out in The Wonderbolts clique.

Rarity was wearing a purple boxing outfit and Coloratura was wearing a green boxing outfit. For Rarity, the purple sports bra she had on was seriously hugging her chest, while Coloratura was fitting in it just fine. All of them were wearing red boxing gloves except for Rarity, her boxing gloves were purple like her boxing outfit and had a blue diamond on both wrists.

"Yo!" Scootaloo called out. All of the ponies in the room looked at her and smiled.

"Hello Darling!" Rarity called. "We're just doing a little practice."

"Oh great, I can see all of you have gotten along." Scoots pointed out.

"Thanks to you." Spitfire said. "Oh and have you noticed?" She pointed to her arm and made a muscle. "The doctors took off my cast!"

"Oh yeah! Looking good there Spitfire, looks even better than when I broke it." Scootaloo replied, laughing.

Spitfire gave a small chuckle and nodded. "You're right, it feels awesome..."

"So, what's up?" Asked Thunderlane. "You must've wanted to find us all for a reason."

"Oh yeah, I wanted to tell you guys that I'm leaving for the summer." Scoots said, that was when everyone stopped their training and looked at the pegasus.

"Huh?" They all said at the same time.

"Yeah, my mom's picking me up today."

Rumble walked up to her. "Well damn Scoots, you could've told us sooner... we would've thrown you a party or something."

Scoots swatted her hand down and shook her head. "Nah, that's not necessary...if anything it would mean a lot to me if you guys could come and see me go at the school gates."

"Of course Darling, we'll all be there, right guys?" Rarity asked, looking at everyone in the room, which on cue made everyone nod, acknowledging that they would all be there.

"Great, I'll see you guys there." Scoots said, walking out of the gym as everyone watched her with a smile.

As Scoots was walking past the school's parking lot she heard someone call her name. "Hey, Scootaloo..." She looked and saw her trainer and ex-friend that tried to kill her at the graveyard, Red.

Scoots wasn't all that happy to see him. "What do you want psychopath?"

Red didn't walk up to her, knowing full well what he did and knows that Scootaloo pretty much doesn't want anything to do with him anymore. "Listen...I'm terribly sorry for what I did back at the cemetery…"

"I have nothing to say to you Red...I get that you said that Diamond poisoned you...and I forgive you for that. But you nearly sticking your demon-esque claws into me along with nearly squishing my head like a melon, I just can't forgive you for those things...and that's saying something considering that the friends I made punched and kicked me so much...but you with the claws and the intention to kill me...that's just way too bucked up to forgive and forget about..."

"I get it..." Red said, looking down. "I won't bother you again..."

The red pegasus was about to walk away from her before Scootaloo spoke up and made him turn around. "But....you did save me from Garble along with saving my life by getting me to that zebra chick...that's another thing I won't ever forget."

She looked down at the ground, thinking before looking back up at Red and opening up her arms for a hug. "Bring it in you demon bastard."

Red smiled and went over to the pegasus, hugging her tightly along with speaking. "Just know Scootaloo...I will do anything I can to protect you from now on."

"I'm glad...but promise me..." She stopped the hug but still held onto his arms. "When you have doubts about me...just talk to me...no attacking...just talk."

Red nodded. "I promise..."

"Now...let’s go to the school gates...everyone's already there."

"Actually, I was wondering if you wanted to learn 3 more moves before you leave...?" Red reached behind his back and showed Scoots that he found the last of his papers. The final moves he was gonna teach her was used for instant knockouts: A Temple Punch, A Jaw Knockout Punch, and A Knockout Kick.

"Oh, sure...I haven't learned any new moves since I had to teach Rarity and her clique some manners." Scootaloo smiled, following Red into the parking lot.

The two pegasi stood in the parking lot as Red spoke, taking out a training dummy from a nearby garage. "Now, the final 3 moves I'm gonna teach you have to deal with instant knockout..."

"The first one I'm gonna teach you is the 'Temple Punch'." Red got into his stance as Scootaloo watched him. "When we sparred I saw you're powerful with throwing punches with your right hand. So in order to do this...just get into position, place your left leg in front of you and your right leg back. Your knees should be slightly bent."

Scootaloo followed his movements as he continued. "As you gain momentum, make sure your body is relaxed. It will increase your momentum and the force of the hit. Most importantly, make sure you're aiming for the temple, the temple is the area on the side of a creature's face, between the hairline and the eyebrows, at eye level. If the temple is accurately targeted, the punch will cause the brain to swing violently against the skull lining, causing a blackout."

Scootaloo nodded as Red continued speaking. "Then, clench your fist and follow through. It's sometimes easier to use the palm of your hand for hitting, but in this case a fist is more accurate. Aiming at the side of the creature's face, and hitting them from the side, is extremely hard to do with force when only using the palm, so a fist is more accurate and effective."

Red did the movements perfectly as Scootaloo copied. "Finally, use your hips to generate force, not just your arms. Generate more force with a hit by twisting your hips while you move into the target. If you want to put more force into your swing, be sure to use your hips as well as your arms."

Red walked up to the dummy and did everything he just explained to Scoots and did a perfect temple punch, he moved out of the way for Scoots to try.

Scootaloo went into the stance Red showed her and she did a temple punch on the dummy, the red pegasus watched with a smirk. "Good. Good...didn't mention it before but you're a fast learner."

"Now the next one is The Jaw Knockout Punch." Red got into his stance as Scootaloo got ready too. "First, put your left leg forward. If you are going to strike with your right hand, then your left leg should be in front of your other leg. Keep your knee slightly bent and your left leg back. Feel a loose bounce in the stance."

Scoots did just that as Red nodded. "Practice twisting at the waist. Pull your right elbow in close to your body with your fist clenched as if you are about to punch. Your body should be facing to the right. Then, practice twisting your upper body to face your opponent. This will give your punch more force."

Scoots began to start twisting her waist like what Red said, earning a nod from the trainer as he continued talking. "Make sure you tense your body. Right before you throw the punch, tighten your body. Remember to breathe. This will focus your body and tighten your muscles releasing more power. Also it keeps you calm and this will help in the event of a continued confrontation."

The orange pegasus tensed up her body as Red went over to her and put his hands on her to change her position a bit to the correct stance. "Now aim for the jaw or the middle of the chin. Hitting your opponent in the jaw or chin is more likely to cause a knockout. There are one of two ways you can hit the jaw: Either an Uppercut or a Sideswipe. For an Uppercut you want the recipient's head to snap straight up and for a Sideswipe, you want the recipient's head to snap to the side, causing a blackout."

Scootaloo nodded as Red held her hips. "Remember, use your hips to generate force, not just your arms. you will generate more force with a hit by twisting your hips while you move into the target. This movement should look familiar to baseball players, they use this strategy to generate more force when they swing the bat. Got it?"

"Yeah...but can you please not grab my hips...makes me think you're gonna try something..." Scootaloo deadpanned, making Red nod and take his hands off of her hips.

"Good point..." He walked around her and towards the dummy. "Don't forget to follow through with your arm. Your goal is to clip the target's jaw from the bottom or on the side. If performing the Sideswipe, make sure your range of motion is a bit curved. You want the path of your punch to be more circular than linear."

Red did a Sideswipe knockout punch to the dummy then an Uppercut knockout. "Here, try both of them." He moved to the side, which in turn made Scoots walk up to the dummy and preform the knockout punches, first she did the Uppercut then the Sideswipe. "Great job...now its time for The Knockout Kick."

Scoots backed up from the dummy and watched Red get into a new stance. "For this one...stand in a solid stance. Place your feet about shoulder width apart and plant them firmly on the ground." The orange pegasus did just that as Red continued. "Make sure to protect your face. Bend your elbows and keep them locked. Then, put up your fists so that they are guarding your face."

Scoots guarded her face as Red kept explaining. "Now for the kick...lift your right leg up. Swing your right leg upward and aim for the area of your opponent's face just below the jaw." Red executed the kick as Scoots did the same. "Expect that your opponent will snap their head back and fall off-balance."

Red went over to the dummy and did the kick to it, when Scootaloo walked up she did the same thing to the dummy. "Great job, Scoots...it seems you learned all of the moves my father taught me...I'm proud of you."

Scoots looked at him and smiled as he grabbed the dummy and put it back in the garage. "Thanks Red and hey can I tell you something?"

"Sure..." Red walked up to Scootaloo and was met with a swift punch to the temple, getting knocked unconscious almost instantly. Scoots looked at the downed pegasus and picked him up, carrying him firefighter style all the way to the school gates.

When she got close to the gates, she put Red down and took out a water bottle, pouring it on Red's face. The pegasus woke up and looked at Scoots angrily. "What the hell was that for?!"

"That was payback for nearly killing me..." Scoots said, as he got up.

"I thought we were good!" Red exclaimed.

"We are...but I wanted to get a free shot on ya since before you didn't listen to me about Diamond...this was your own fault."

Red wanted to argue but he couldn't since Scoots did make a point. "Grr...fine...can we just get to the gates?"

"Sure." Scootaloo and Red got to the gates and saw all of Scoots' friends there, along with a surprise visit from Mr. Shining and Ms. Cadence.

Mr. Shining waved at her. "Scootaloo, my little filly. It's great to see ya."

Scootaloo walked over to them. "Mr. Shining...Ms. Cadence...you came to see me go?"

Cadence chuckled. "Why of course we did sweetie, its the least we could do after everything you did for us."

"Wow, thanks guys..." Scootaloo went and hugged Shining and Cadence who gladly returned the hug. "See you soon Scootaloo..."

Shining and Cadence both walked away from the kids, Scootaloo watched them till they were out of earshot and that was when she turned to her friends.

"Now..." Scootaloo pointed to each creature she called. "Ember, Spike, Spitfire, Rainbow, Thunderlane, Twilight, Rarity, and Coloratura...get in a straight line in front of me."

The eight ponies did just that with Twilight in front. "Now...you guys have done bad against me...such as not believing in me when Diamond was framing me for everything."

"But we all came back to your side!" Thunderlane barked.

Scoots called him out. "Shut up!"

"Now...the punishment for betraying me and pushing me aside...is pain. I already punished Red with a knockout punch because he tried to kill me at the cemetery and he didn't believe me when I said that Diamond was using him...and Rumble gets a pass because of the amount of pain I put on him at the Weather Factory was enough of a beating for all of the sins he and his gang have committed. So you eight are gonna deal in different pains...the amount of pain varies on what you did wrong...and you are gonna take it like a man and/or a woman."

"Now...Twilight..." Scootaloo looked at the alicorn and saw she was sweating from how scared she was. "You and your clique were the first to betray me....but you were the first to come back to me...so your punishment...is a slap to the face..." Twilight tensed up as Scootaloo slapped her hard in the face, leaving a red handprint on Twilight's cheek.

Twilight looked at her sadly with tears in her eyes, which in turn made Scootaloo give her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "I love you little egghead...now, move for the next one."

Twilight moved to the left with a small smile but her face still hurt. Scootaloo saw the creature next was Ember and behind her was Spike. "Spike...you and Ember will receive the same punishment...stand next to her."

Spike moved and stood next to Ember as Scoots talked to them. "You two....claimed that I was the whole reason that Garble came out of prison and went back into the school...you guys didn't listen to me at all when I tried to explain myself and you betrayed me...In order for me to get you guys back...I had Twilight tell you everything...So your punishment...Is a punch in the gut."

Ember and Spike both tensed up and Scootaloo punched them both in the gut individually. Both dragons coughed as they got on their knees. The pegasus helped them both up and hugged them both. "I'm gonna miss you guys..."

"W-We're...gonna...m-miss you t-too..." Spike wheezed out with a smile, him and Ember both limped to where Twilight was standing, seeing that the handprint on Twilight's face already fading away a bit.

The next creature was Spitfire and lucky enough, Rainbow Dash and Thunderlane were behind her. "Rainbow, stand next to Spitfire...Thunder, stand next to Rainbow." They both listened. "All three of you are receiving harsh punishments..."

Scoots walked over to Spitfire. "Spitfire...you didn't believe me when I told you that I didn't burn down the gym, you beat up me and Twilight, and to top it off..." She grabbed Spitfire's shirt and pulled her towards her, her forehead touching Scootaloo's as the fiery maned pegasus started to sweat. "You...bucking destroyed....my BUCKING phone. When I had proof of Diamond and The Street Sweepers doing all of those acts to frame me..."

"Hey, you destroyed my phone!!" Spitfire barked back, Scootaloo punched her in the face.

"SHUT IT." Scootaloo snarled. "You destroyed EVERYTHING I had on Diamond, Garble, and The Street Sweepers! If it wasn't for YOU...I would've gotten Diamond out of here in a flash...so your punishment...is a punch to the gut and a roundhouse kick to the face..."

Scootaloo let go of Spitfire and punched her in the gut, the fiery maned pegasus wasn't ready, she coughed heavily and dropped to her knees, after that she looked at Scootaloo and saw her swing her leg very fast, her foot connecting to Spitfire's face and sending her crashing to the ground head first. Scoots went over to grab her mane to lift her face from the ground where she saw Spitfire bleeding profoundly from her nose, she whispered into her ear. "Also...I'm not gonna give you back your goggles...I'm keeping them." She then kissed her cheek. "Gonna miss you..."

Spitfire coughed. "G-Gonna miss you t-too..." Scootaloo lightly placed Spitfire's face back on the ground and got up, walking over to Rainbow.

"You don't get that harsh of a punishment...all you really did was kidnap Sweetie along with beating me and Twilight up with Spitfire...so your punishment is a punch to the face and an uppercut..." Scootaloo backed up and punched Rainbow in the face, giving her a black eye. She then proceeded to uppercut Rainbow in the jaw, making the rainbow pegasus back up, holding her chin. Scootaloo walked over to her and gave Rainbow a hug. "Gonna miss you..."

"H-Heh..Im goa mish ou toh" Rainbow said, not speaking so good cuz of how hard Scoots uppercutted her jaw.

"Don't worry, your jaw will me fine is a few minutes." Scootaloo told her, she then walked over to Thunderlane who was already shaking. "Now...Thunderlane...during the past 3 days...it came to my attention that you were the one who took those dirty photos of me...you disgusting pervert..."

"B-But it was all S-Spitfire's idea! She was my boss what was I supposed to do say no?!"

"Yes..." Scootaloo deadpanned. "And for doing the dirty act...your punishment... is a knee to the balls."

"Wha-?" Before Thunderlane could finish the word he was met with a very hard kick straight into his balls courtesy of Scootaloo. The orange pegasus made sure her knee was digging into his nuts which only added to Thunderlane's pain. The black pegasus dropped onto his knees and held onto his balls with his hands.

Scootaloo went down and hugged Thunderlane, but he didn't hug back because of the amount of pain he was in but he could still speak, just in a higher pitch than his normal voice. "I'm...g-gonna miss you...too Scootaloo...T-Take c-care...."

The last ones in line were Rarity and Coloratura. "Rarity...Coloratura...You two didn't believe me when I said that I didn't steal your boxing and fashion awards...I even showed you a picture of The Street Sweepers, Diamond, and Garble torching your trophies...but you dumbasses still said I did it...so your punishment...is 3 bitch slaps across the face and a gut punch..."

Scootaloo stood in front of Rarity and gave her 3 hard bitch slaps across her face with the back of her hand and then punched her really hard in the gut. She did the same to Coloratura and watched them both fall to the ground on their knees, their cheeks were red from the slaps. Scootaloo helped them up and hugged both of them just like Spike and Ember. "See you when I get back..."

"N-No problem...D-Darling..." Rarity wheezed out with Coloratura giving out a 'Mhm'. They then heard a car horn from behind them and saw it was Scoots' mother and her step-father.

Apple Bloom walked over to Scootaloo and handed the pegasus her suitcase. "See ya soon, sugarcube...Imma miss ya..."

Scootaloo smiled and pulled Apple Bloom into a loving and passionate kiss, after separating, Scoots smiled. "I'll see ya when I get back..."

Scootaloo waved goodbye to her friends as she got into the backseat of her step-father's car with her suitcase. Her mother looked at her as her step-father started driving away from the school. "How was your school year, sweetie?"

The orange delinquent started to think. "Well mom...I'll tell you this..."

"My school year.....was actually....interesting and adventurous..."

All Scootaloo's mother could do, was smile at her daughter.