• Published 21st Sep 2017
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Bully: Scootaloo's Story in Ponyville Academy - TwinSwords79

Scootaloo has been sent to school called Ponyville University for her serious behavior and to avoid juvenile detention, but she then realizes that this place is a serious dump.

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The Fight [Edit]

Scootaloo ran up to the stallion with her fist out and swung at him. The red stallion blocked it by grabbing her hand, he pushed it away and punched Scoots in the gut two times.

Scoots coughed as the stallion turned her around and knocked her right under her spine. The orange delinquent arched her back and yelled.

Scoots turned around from pain and began throwing a ton of punches at the stallion who just parried every single one of them by pushing them away. The stallion slammed his fist down at Scoots' head, knocking her down a little, before Scootaloo kneed him in the gut, and elbowed his face.

The stallion grunted as Scoots backed up and kicked his arm, making it crack, paralyzing it. The stallion grabbed his arm in pain and smacked Scoots with the back of his hand. While she was distracted, he did a leg sweep and knocked her off of her feet, she tried to get up but the stallion slammed his foot on her head, keeping it and her down.

"Not much of a badass now are ya, toots?" The stallion asked rubbing his foot on Scootaloo's head.

Instead of wincing in pain, Scoots was actually smiling a little, the stallion arched an eyebrow."I wouldn't be so sure of that, bud..."

"Huh?" was all the stallion said before Scoots moved her right hand and did a karate chop on the top of his ankle, which made him yell in pain and crash down to the floor, hitting his head hard. Scootaloo then quickly got up and grabbed her slingshot, she then ran up to the stallion and planted her foot on the top of his chest, while aiming her slingshot at his head.

Scoots laughed a little. "Not much of a stallion now are ya, little colt?"

Now it was the stallion's turn to smile. "Nice job, New kid....you actually beat me."

"Hell yeah, I did." Scoots replied, she then moved her sights down to his crotch and aimed her slingshot there now. "Unless you want me to go further?"

"That won't be necessary." The stallion said, not even scared that she was now aiming at his balls. "I want to make it up to you."

The orange delinquent arched an eyebrow. "I'm listening..."

"Can you maybe get off me first? I'm not gonna attack you again, don't worry."

Scoots stopped aiming and put her slingshot away, while she removed her foot from the top of the stallion's chest. The red stallion got up on one leg since of his paralyzed ankle and dusted himself off with his left hand since Scoots also paralyzed his right arm. He then grabbed his right arm and looked at her with a smile.

"I see you know about pressure points....you actually paralyzed my ankle and arm without breaking them."

"Ha...yeah, I learned that on my own, when I fought in a lot of fights at my old schools. Yes i said schools, plural."

"Figures...but hey I heard a lot about the fights you were in lately so I thought I see for myself, sorry about the sudden attack..."

"Whatever, man. We're cool."

"I can actually help you learn some new moves, if you want that is...I've had extensive combat training with my father back home, so maybe I can pass some of that knowledge to you...Fun fact is that when we were fighting I was cutting down on what I've learned from my dad, since I just wanted to see how you fought. But If I did use them, I would've literally broke every single bone in your body."

"Okay...what's the catch?"

"Oh right, the catch is that I've lost some papers that I've made to help me remember the moves to a very strong gust of wind...you find a paper and I'll teach you the move that's on it."

"How many are in total?"

"6, so if you find 6 papers you'll learn 6 new moves."

"Alright...I'll get back to you if I find one..."

"Cool, come by the parking lot if you find a paper. Name's Red by the way..."


"Alright, Scootaloo...see ya soon."

Red hopped away on one leg down the stairs as Scoots looked at the shivering Fluttershy. "Sorry you had to see all that, come on."

Fluttershy nodded nervously as Scoots led her to her locker."It's right here..." Fluttershy said, opening it up and grabbing her library books. "Thanks so much Scootaloo." Fluttershy reached into the back pocket of her khakis and took out the bits she owes Scoots. "Here's the money, I can finally tell my mother that not everypony at school is mean..."

Scoots grabbed the bits from Flutters' hand and watched her walk away happily. She then looked at her clock and saw that it was getting close to 6:00. "Welp...time to go back to the dorm..."

Scoots slid down the stair banister and ran out of the building to the girls dorm.

The next day, Scoots got her books and was about to walk out of the dorm when all of a sudden the intercom turned on, and Ms. Luna made an announcement.

Attention all students, Today's speeches for Student Council will be held in the auditorium after school, whoever is running, please hand in your speech paper to the office at this time.

The intercom turned off and Scoots just blinked. "Student Council? Damn, I should've made a speech so I can run for Treasurer...I always got away with stealing bits when I counted them. Oh well, maybe next time..."

Scootaloo then walked out of the dorm and went into the main school building for her art class to, art had always been her favorite subject no matter if she liked school or not, she always liked to draw.

Scootaloo walked into the classroom and sat down at a random desk, letting her art teacher began the lesson, as Scoots began to draw her masterpiece to show to the entire class.

She was also still thinking about who was gonna run for Student Council, more specifically who's running for Student Council President?

Author's Note:

That picture is another one created by ToxicScootaloo

Red belongs to redsopine

[Edit]: Instead of 10 moves, I changed it to 6 (Just like with the Hobo from the game)

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