• Published 21st Sep 2017
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Bully: Scootaloo's Story in Ponyville Academy - TwinSwords79

Scootaloo has been sent to school called Ponyville University for her serious behavior and to avoid juvenile detention, but she then realizes that this place is a serious dump.

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The Attack

Scootaloo walked outside after her classes and went inside the girls dorm, she put her bag down and saw that Sweetie Belle was sitting on the couch watching TV by herself. She walked over to her and leaned on the couch near her.

"Hey Sweetie Belle, you alright?" asked Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle slightly looked back.

"Hey, Scoot." She replied looking back. "I guess you wanna kill Diamond now that she motivated my sister's gang to throw eggs at you..."

"Diamond is gonna get what's coming to her...that bitch screwed me for the last time..." Sweetie gave out a weak laugh before she got back to feeling sad. "What's wrong, why are you watching TV by yourself like a loser?"

Sweetie Belle sighed and stood up, looking at Scoots. "Well, once I had great friends....You and Diamond. Yeah, Diamond's a snake and...well your psychotic."

Scoots smiled a little. "Aw c'mon."

"You both were kind of assholes to me but at least I had ponies talking to me and now I'm out on my own again." Sweetie sat back down and sighed again. "Now, I'm too cute to be weird and I'm too weird to be anything else..."

"Hey don't sweat it, you'll be fine." Scoots said, rubbing Sweetie Belle's mane a little. "At least you're not like me. Otherwise you'll have a lot of enemies who would want to kick your ass than be friends with ya..."

"Yeah, that's true." The little white unicorn replied, feeling a little better.

"Anyway I'll catch you later." Scoots smacked the couch two times and stood up so she can walk to her room.

When she opened her room door she saw a that were wardrobe closet was gone. "Huh? What the hell?" Scootaloo walked back into the lounge back to Sweetie Belle. "Sweetie do you know where my wardrobe closet is?"

Sweetie arched an eyebrow. "Your wardrobe closet? What would I be doing with your closet?"

Scoots shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know, it's gone..."

"Maybe someone threw it out behind the dorm?" asked Sweetie.

"I don't know...come with me."

Scootaloo and Sweetie walked outside of the dorm and went around to the back and there was Scootaloo's wardrobe with Rarity and three Fashionista stallions with cricket bats.

"Hey, What the hell are you fashion freaks doing with my closet?!" asked Scootaloo, Rarity walked up.

"You don't have any idea what you just did to my house?!" asked Rarity looking at the orange delinquent straight in the eyes. "You ruined the 1st ever trophy I won at my first fashion show, I was only 4 when I won that!"

"So you stole my wardrobe filled with my clothes?" asked Scoots. "That's a weird thing to do for revenge..."

Rarity gave an insane smile. "Oh, you haven't seen nothing yet!" She reached into her back pocket and took out a small box of matches and took one out.

Scootaloo caught on to what she was about to do as she walked near her wardrobe. "Don't you dare! I will kick your ass!" The mare lit the match and drew it close to Scoot's closet. "DON'T YOU DO IT, YOU FASHIONISTA BITCH!"

"Sis, stop! This is crazy, even for you!" yelled Sweetie Belle.

Rarity motioned her clique members to back up from the closet and once they were Rarity threw the match and set her whole wardrobe on fire, since it was wooden the whole thing caught flame immediately.

Scoots and Sweetie Belle watched with pinprick pupils as they saw the closet along with all of Scootaloo's clothes burned down right in front of their eyes as Rarity began to laugh crazily.

As soon as the flames died down and the closet was now just ashes, Scootaloo screamed with pure rage. "YOU BITCH! YOU WON'T GETAWAY WITH THIS!"

Rarity continued to smile. "I just did, deal with her boys! See you at home, Sweetie Belle." The 3 Fashionista stallions ran at the two mares as Rarity conjured her magic and disappeared.

"Sweetie go inside!" yelled Scootaloo, The little white unicorn obliged and ran back inside the girls dorm as Scoots got into her fighting stance.

All 3 stallions charged at her and swung their paddles before it hit though, Scootaloo did a back flip and managed to kick the green stallion in the jaw, knocking him to the ground.

She landed on her feet and then an orange stallion ran at her, she managed to dodge his swing attack with a duck but the stallion kicked her in the chest and she went down.

He swung the paddle down and she managed to roll away and get up, Scoots then punched the stallion's face and grab the paddle right out of his hand, she then planted the paddle to his head which knocked him to the floor completely knocked out.

The third stallion was just about to hit her in the back of the head but she swung the paddle and managed to hit him square in the face, spitting out some saliva and a little blood, he hit the ground also completely knocked out.

The first stallion got up with a really bloody lip and managed to surprise Scootaloo's with a swift face punch. She fell onto the concrete ground and just when she was about to get up, the stallion went on top of her and grabbed her throat with a strong grip, choking her.

The pegasus began to choke as she reached for the stallion's face and planted two of her fingers to his eyes, The stallion screamed in pain a little and closed his eyes before quickly opening them, his eyes were now a bloodshot red with tears. He put some more strength in the hold, which caused Scootaloo to give out a large gargle.

Scootaloo began to slowly squirm as her world was slowly blacking out, the stallion began smiling victoriously and he began to whisper. "Shh Shh, it's OK, it's OK, it's almost over, It's almost over."

Just when Scootaloo was slowly about to black out she heard a metal clang and saw that the stallion was slowly letting go of her. Which caused her to fully open her eyes and saw that the stallion suddenly had blood coming down his head and onto his face, He then fell down to the side and just laid there next to her.

Scootaloo slowly looked up and saw a stallion with black gloves, a black cloak with a hood over his head and he was holding a crowbar that was resting on his shoulder, he also wore dark blue school khakis, and black dress shoes.

Scootaloo slowly backed up, a little scared until the stallion dropped his crowbar with a clang and pulled his hood back revealing his face.

"Red..." Scootaloo said with a smile. "You saved my life!"

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