• Published 21st Sep 2017
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Bully: Scootaloo's Story in Ponyville Academy - TwinSwords79

Scootaloo has been sent to school called Ponyville University for her serious behavior and to avoid juvenile detention, but she then realizes that this place is a serious dump.

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Asylum Teacher Abduction

Thunderlane kept running away from the girls’ dorm, making his open letterman jacket and mane flow behind him thanks to the wind he was picking up from the amount of running he was doing. He couldn't believe he actually did it, he took those type of photos of Scootaloo and he managed to get away with nopony knowing what perverted thing he was doing with a camera.

He stopped to catch his breath and got some water from a nearby water fountain. After resting for a few minutes his phone started to ring, he saw it was Spitfire and answered it.

"Hey, Captain..." Thunder panted slightly, still a catching his breath.

"Scrape, you have the pictures?"

"Yeah...and I hope you like them...The amount of crap I do for you is nothing compared to this bitch!"

"Quit your wining, Thunder...unless you want me to hurt you again, remember when I hit you before? This next one is gonna be so much worse that you'd think the first one was a very gentle love tap..."

Thunder began to sweat, not from the running, but from the amount of terror that's floating in his mind. "S-Sorry...Captain…I just get pissed when I'm put into these types of situations...So anyway, I do have the pictures...want me to give it to you back at your office?"

"Yeah and come here quick, I have somepony here with me who has another job for you, it's a paying one. Crash is already here."

"What's Rainbow doing there?" Thunder began to walk to the clubhouse, where Spitfire is.

"She's waiting to get paid, smartass, get over here now." Spitfire demanded, hanging up on him.

Thunder let out a sigh. "Alright...let's see what the deal is..."

Scootaloo walked into the main school building and saw Ms. Cadence crying in the cafeteria. She walked inside and tried to get her attention.

"Ms. Cadence?"

Cadence looked up with tears in her eyes. "S-Scootaloo?"

"You ok, why are you crying?"

"I'm just..." Cadence started before wiping her tears. "Sulking...my Shining Armor is gone..."

"What happened to him, did he get fired?"

"No...He just...had a lot on his mind...he went crazy...the bastard!" the pink alicorn then slammed her fists on the table. "Macintosh has gotten under his skin again...he's gotten him so crazy that he had Shining abducted by asylum doctors..."

"The Equestrian Psychiatric Hospital?" asked Scoots sitting next to the saddened teacher.

"Y-Yeah...and that bucker Macintosh told those doctors to never let me see him...said I was the one who made him act that way..."

"I don't know if I could be much help...but maybe I can try to get him out of there..."

"What? But Scootaloo you can't just bust him out of there, you could end up in prison or worse killed."

Scootaloo stood up. "I'm not taking "No" for an answer, Ms. Cadence. If I don't get Shining out of there I'm just letting Mr. Macintosh get the better of us."

Cadence got up as well and hugged Scootaloo very tightly, making fresh tears come down Cadence's face. "Oh, Scootaloo...God bless you!" She let go of her but still had her hands on Scoots' shoulders. "Please...get Shiny back for me!"

'Shiny...?' thought Scootaloo.

Scootaloo rode her bike all the way to The Equestrian Psychiatric Hospital and saw that the place was pretty huge with big gates and a tall building that likely housed lots of psychiatrists and crazy mentally unstable ponies. The orange Pegasus looked around the metal gate to find a way in and managed to get in through a hole in the bottom fence.

"OK...now I just need to find Shining..." Scootaloo whispered to herself, she made her way through the asylum yard by hiding in various places, once she hid in a bush near the door, she saw a burgundy unicorn mare security guard blocking it.

Scoots looked at the security guard's utility belt and saw that she has keys, a flashlight, a taser, a walkie-talkie, and for safety measures...a holstered H&K 9mm USP.

'How the hell am I gonna get in?' Scoots thought. 'Hmm...Maybe if I cause a ruckus out here it would lure her away from the door...'

Scoots saw a nearby rock and grabbed it, throwing it at a nearby fountain. The guard heard the noise and took out her taser. "Who's there?!"

Scoot stayed silent as the guard went towards the noise with her taser pointed in front of her. "You're not allowed to be here, come out with your hands up."

Scoots slowly came out of the bush and went behind the guard while she was still looking around for the unknown noise. The orange Pegasus then grabbed the guard's foot and yanked it back with force, the burgundy mare then fell forward and hit her head hard on the fountain, knocking her out cold completely.

The orange Pegasus grabbed the keys the guard had on her belt but left the gun and taser alone near her. She saw that the door was clear and made a silent break for it while the guard was still out cold and before anyone else showed up.

Scootaloo made her way past the completely white colored lobby and made it to the second floor very discretely to find out where Shining was. She managed to find a few rooms and the laundry room but no English Teacher. She looked around the laundry room and managed to find a doctor's uniform, which was a blue smock, white pants, white gloves, a face mask, and black boots.

The orange delinquent grabbed a nearby duffle bag from the laundry room and she began to strip out of her clothes so she can put on the uniform that was surprisingly her size.

She walked through the halls wearing her new uniform and thanks to that, the patients and employees passing by though she was just a normal doctor.

She kept walking and to her surprise, she found a map of the building. She saw that the floors were divided into letters from A to E. Floor A was the lobby, Floors B (Where she was now), C, & D were room floors, and Floor E held an auditorium, cafeteria and a hangout place for the patients and the employees. But something caught her eye, she saw a name that was all too familiar to her.

'Shining Armor Sparkle, Room 13 Floor D'

Scootaloo nodded and made her way to Floor D, where Shining was supposedly being held.

She finally got to her English teacher's room and used the security guard's keys to open the door. Looking inside she sees Shining pacing back and forth with his now unkempt mane and tail, a dirty and wrong buttoned white dress shirt, black suit pants, and brown loafers. He was whispering to himself very quickly.

"I must be a better pony...I must be a better pony...I must be a better pony...I must be a BETTER PONY!" On that last note, he leaned his body in front of the pure white wall and slammed his fist hard against it. "DAMN IT! I-I'm a complete mess..."

Scootaloo walked in very slowly. "Mr. Shining?"

Shining looked at Scootaloo and cowered in fear after looking at her outfit. "AH!!!! NO!!!! I don't want another therapy group session!!!"

"Sir, it's me, Scootaloo!"

Shining calmed down and looked at the orange Pegasus. "Scootaloo...what in god's name are you doing here?"

"Ms. Cadence sent me, she's really worried about you, come on let's go." Scootaloo grabbed Shining's hand but he took his hand away from her.

"I...uh...I can't right now, Scootaloo. My next rehabilitation session is starting soon, it’s just amazing. I finally figured it out something about myself, my life is meaningless!" Shining sat back down on his cot and put his hands on his face. "Oh...Macintosh was right...I'm a drunk...a stupid drunk scumbag..."

"No you're not, stop saying that!" Scoots grabbed his right hand again and pulled him out. "Come on, we can't let bullies like Mr. Macintosh win."

"But I can't just walk out, Scootaloo. If they find me outside of my room, they'll taze me and shove me back in." Shining said.

"Don't worry about that, I have a uniform on, I'll just say there was a misunderstanding." Scootaloo reassured him.

Cadence was pacing back and forth in front of the asylum gates, worried sick about Shining Armor. But it soon faded when she heard the door near the gate open, revealing Scootaloo along with her English Teacher.

"Shiny!" Cadence yelled happily.

"Cadence!" Shining happily said back.

Both teachers ran to each other and Shining lifted her off of the ground and turned her around along with a big hug. He put Cadence down and both ponies kept holding each other as tears fell down their eyes. They shared a quick kiss and both of them looked at Scoots.

"Scootaloo, thanks so much for your help, you are a really are an angel." Shining told the filly with a smile.

"Yes, I'm so happy to have my Shiny back in my arms." She walked up to Scootaloo and grabbed her hand, she then dug into her pocket and took out 50 bits, placing them onto Scootaloo's hand and closing it. "Take these for all the trouble you went through."

Scootaloo smiled and slipped the bits into her pocket. She watched Shining and Cadence both go into the pink alicorn's car and as it drove away from the asylum, Scoots waved good-bye. Once they were out of her sight she dropped her arm back down and looked around.

"Alright...now that that's done...where the hell is my bike?"

Author's Note:

I wanted to try and get the Galloway and Hattrick arc dealt with as soon as I can, that's why I skipped a few missions from the arc and only doing the final two. :pinkiehappy:

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