Twilight Sparkle and her best friends have been sent to the paradise islands of Iluikatliltik for over a month so that Twilight can learn the secrets of the ancient Iluikatliltik ponies—a tribe who have mastered Earth Pony magic like no other culture has.

Each of her companions has a role to play... although it just might not be the one they wanted.

But really, what else could Applejack's role be?

**This is a commission for GaPJaxie
*Additional thanks to The Masked Ferret for moral support and The Abyss for combing through the mess of words for mistakes.

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Trollestia is behind this, isn't she?

(checks rating) Whew.

Yup. Applejack is Best Pony. And she got the first statue too. Heck, does Twilight have a statue yet? Even Spike has one.

Well, that's a pretty good start. Looking forward to more.

8174021 You got me thinking... Do the other princesses/royalty have statues?

You had me at earth pony magic. The ending of the chapter is just the icing on the cake. Eagerly looking forward to seeing where you go from here.

This is a cool story, looking forward to hearing more.:pinkiegasp:

Well...uhh...that was unexpected.

8174411 I pretty much expected this subversion of presumed expectations, but that doesn't mean it won't be loads of fun! :raritystarry:

"Conscience" should have been "consciousness"

I asked Starlight Glimmer and Spike to help out too.

So much for that harvest.

I know it's not easy for your to leave things to others,

for *you

they all have to fulfill some roles: The Guard, the Jester, the Advisor, the Healer and the Gardener.

Gosh, these sure sound tailor made for the Mane 6.

Maybe if I trained you for ten years or got you super, uber high on something and then spoon fed you a sense of humor.

This sounds perfect for AJ being assigned the Jester position.

the statue, from the mane to the hat, Yolilistlitlatlakoli was an exact replica of Applejack.

Well, not the twist I was expecting, but sure, we'll roll with this.

Do the Mane 6 get sacrificed to Old Gods so the weird island ponies can keep their mastery of earth magic?

Cuz that would make an awesome B-movie plot which I'm certain would eventually show up on Redlettermedia's 'Best of the Worst' segment. If only Roger Corman was still around to write and direct...

"And Maud!" Pinkie exclaimed.

Maud bucks an apple tree...

The result is kinda like this... Genos = The Apple Tree

All the apples from the single tree fall neatly into buckets... the rest of the farm is pulverized.

the island of Iluikatliltik

The isand of-- The island of-- The island of Li--

The isand of Kat.

Yeah, that works.





So far I really like it. :yay: for the pony who finally gets to be plot significant. :yay:

Oh great. Time travel stories always cause headaches no matter how well written they are.

Well Applejack could becoming an alicorn. Also Celestia you this was a little uncalled for as you could have privately informed Twilight and Applejack about this.

Wanderer D

8175323 I can pronounce all of the names tho :pinkiecrazy:

This definitely ain't no background pony story. :)

I'd imagine that Applejack might be a little ticked-off about how they're treating Twilight, not to speak of being treated like a deity herself. That might feel a little bit dishonest, and immodest--some of Applejack's least favorite things.

...Twilight's the Gardener, isn't she?

The situation is quite complicated... I wonder how this will unravel.

Despite the confusion of the Mane Six—and Twilight's disappointment, in particular—I somehow suspect that everything is going precisely as planned.

Hey Fluttershy Twilight is going crazy let's just go somewhere else.

Well this will end well. So how much of this island remain when Twilight goes nuts becuase she has an epic breakdown?

8177459 On the bright side, she's got a whole new, empty island to work her frustrations out on!


If there will be an island after she works out her anger is the next question.

I'm sure someone is hoping that Twilight will learn a Very Important Lesson about humility and serenity, the importance of earth ponies and hard work, respect for nature, and so on and so forth.

I, however, hope Twilight will decide that, if she's going to be stuck with this, she'll do it her way, and create a meticulously organized zoological preserve or precisely calculated megafarm or some similar display of her, neuroses and all. I'd even be happy if she used earth pony magic doing it- so long as she uses her other alicorn aspects too.

There's no reason to invoke time travel just yet; Celestia and Luna easily could have sent the islanders pictures of Applejack. After all, what would be the point of teaching Twilight the more advanced Earth pony magics if she hasn't mastered the basics yet? The first thing that a master needs to impress upon a new apprentice is just how much he or she doesn't understand.

Convenient, no? :pinkiehappy:

Oh, Twilight. She's never been very good at recognizing practical lessons without having them pointed out as such. Just because it's not what she expected doesn't mean it's not important. Besides, she'd have to apply the theory at some point. Now if she could just calm down and put aside her preconceived notions, she might actually learn something.

Still, I'd say the odds are good that she's going to keep up this royal snit until Applejack demonstrates that she's more adept at earth pony magical theory than Twilight ever imagined. I suppose we'll have to wait and see.

Twilight is being very bitter about this and as far as I understand it if an alicorn has negative emotions then they can take over very quickly.

8181622 Yeah, so they steal all of Twilight's magic and give it to Applejack, making her the Princess of Apples and Twilight the Princess of Failure. :trollestia:

This is actually a really great story of Twilight learning about Earth Pony magic without even realizing it at all. Even though it's obvious that they're giving her lessons like this because we all know Twilight isn't much into Earth Pony magic and what she said about learning the theory shows that she doesn't understand that it takes hard work to learn a new thing and when it's really about physical Labor that requires you to work hard and take care the plants, she'll need to stay on that island for a long time.

I have expected something like this to happen :rainbowlaugh:
Welp, Twi has to probably learn that, while she is an alicorn now, it doesn't mean she's automatically the most important one in the group.
Poor thing will have a breakup about this soon.
Let's watch this train wreck unfold!

Angry at the shamans, herself and her inability to escape her current fate, she collapsed onto the earth and flopped onto her stomach, breathing heavily and glaring at the distant lights and sounds of partying ponies.

"That should've been me..."

This story's pretty cool for exploring a facet of Twilight that I don't think I've seen done before. She'll never admit it, but after six seasons of adventures, she's probably grown used to being treated as the default leader of the group, especially when it comes to magical or academic matters.

In this case, the powers that be have saddled her with a task way outside her area of expertise and instructed her to go about it in a very inefficient (non-magical) manner. To add insult to injury, the position she coveted was given to Applejack, who is supposedly the least academically inclined of the whole group. Worse still, everypony else seems to be enjoying their roles.

Poor Twilight. :fluttercry:

Um, Twi? It's pretty clear that this society reveres agriculturalists. Your role IS THE MOST IMPORTANT. Very in-character for Twi who tends to only value herself for her ability to learn and is uncomfortable with things outside her comfort zone.
Also, I'm looking forward to the moment she comes into her own with Earth Pony magic. Looking forward to more. Great story.

Hello, Twilight the Entitled.

You are really doing amazing job on writing Twilight and the lessons she really hates but is so much good for her. It will take time when Twilight realizes that the lessons she is being taught are Earth Magic and when she looks back she'll be really surprised on how much she learn. Learning physical work like either its farm, dance, music or anything that isn't about reading a book or writing a test takes effort each day and is totally different then sitting down all day reading a book that even though would help you learn something it won't be much effect if you don't use that in physical terms.

Like I would say in Dance... You may read a dance book and learn all these cool moves all day but it wouldn't be any effort if you don't actually physical practice them.

Hope one day Twilight sees that there is more then just books.

Maybe when AJ meets with the ancestor spirits, she will set things straight by telling them in pure honesty that she isn't understanding word ONE of all this magic stuff, and that Twilight should be learning it while she should be learning all the gardening secrets of the island.


She did end up as the gardener!:rainbowlaugh:
Interesting setup and i am exyremely curious about Applebutts lessons.:ajsmug:

Seriously, guys. Listen to Yolilistlitlatlakoli incarnate. Otherwise, this is just a taste of what will descend upon these islands.

I'm not saying Twilight's in the right, mind you. Her disappointment and unseen prejudice are clearly coloring her interpretation of events. But if she and the shamans keep working at cross-purposes, a millennium from now, these ponies' descendants will live in fear of the wrathful volcano goddess who cursed their once-verdant land.

Or Twilight's friends will get through to her in time for her to get over herself. Hopefully the latter

Wanderer D

8190838 Worst case scenario they can escape into the Plane of Elemental Loyalty.

I'm actually starting to suspect that the shamans made a big mistake with Applejack and Twilight. Everyone else is in the perfect position while Applejack is getting bored with theory and Twilight is starting to become heavily depressed because she feels like a failure.

It's possible that both sides have something to learn, here. I believe that we're all in agreement regarding Twilight and her prejudices, but it's possible that the islanders may soon learn that they themselves have cultural prejudices past which they need to move.

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