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I'm older than your average brony, but then I've always enjoyed cartoons. I'm an experienced reviewer, EqD pre-reader, and occasional author.


Dinky follows in her mother’s hoofsteps: just a little bit different. So naturally when she finds an interesting frog in the forest, the correct answer is to see where it takes her.

An entry in A Thousand Words Contest II and one of the bronze medal winners in the Slice of Life category.
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:pinkiehappy: That's so nice
:derpytongue2: Kermit ? Where's his piggy friend?
:yay: Slaughtered
:ajsmug: Yep, That was some mighty fine pork
:moustache: And bacon
:duck: Mmmmmmmmmm bacon

Absolutely lovely Pasco! The rhymes would make even Kate pleased I bet n_n

An interesting idea

Nice little story!

For a moment, Dinky froze. She didn’t want to intrude. The bees making honey, the air soft and sunny—except for that bunny. He was glaring at her.

This got a snort out of me.

This was fun! A nice little sort-of poem. The little rhymes really brought it all together.

I am never quite sure who's still lingering about the site and who isn't, but I was very happy to see you starting back on Compati again.

Always here, always lurking, always struggling to get words out so I can post them. The usual.

That was an adorable slice of life, with some nice references. Thanks for posting it!

That was a good story.

Greetings. Your reading has been completed and can be found below. I hope you enjoy.

Author Interviewer

Kermit! :D And Michigan! XD

It was so fun to make up little rhymes in her head. Maybe she’d get a cutie mark in poetry, but on her walks home, she always enjoyed searching out snakes and bugs and all the other things that most of her friends shrieked and ran away from.

aww that is a nice idea for a Dinky characterization, sharing her mother’s characteristic shrugs at the strange reactions of other ponies

According to Princess Twilight, when she came to give a talk to the class (one that probably only Snails also enjoyed… and maybe Scootaloo and Apple Bloom), a mantis had its ear in the the middle of its chest!

aww love that Princess Twilight gave a talk to the class

Nice and emerald, with sapphire stripes on its sides and ruby eyes. She’d better not let Miss Rarity see it, or it’d get gobbled up into a fashion job. And knowing that nasty cat of hers, quite possibly gobbled up for real.

aww but if so  neither Rarity nor Opalescence would have done anything wrong

“Yes sir, Mister Frog!” Dinky said with a salute. It clearly had something to show her.

what would be a charming example of the imagination of children in a more mundane world

The bees making honey, the air soft and sunny—except for that bunny. He was glaring at her.

dang that bunny sure does spoil the atmosphere

Kermit peeped again, and Miss Fluttershy giggled. “He only has one eye, so he can’t help but wink,” she said. Then an identical frog hopped over and blinked both eyes at once. “That’s his best friend, Michigan. And Kermit tells me you like bugs.”

aww that explains the winking! and very fitting for it to be Derpy’s daughter in this little adventure

“I’d love to! Thanks, Kermit!” Dinky said, and he winked back. This time, Michigan winked, too.

and a perfect way to end it. very adorable, thank you for it!

Best Filly’s involved? You have my interest.

Lovely stuff throughout. Dinky truly is one with nature in the most adorable way. Thank you for a delightful little quest and congrats on the bronze.

Some of the most fun I've had in writing any of my stories has been the ones done it this style. It's also the style where I can most easily just shut off my brain and go with it, so maybe that says something about my mental state...

Hello! You already know about my review of this, but here's the accompanying courtesy note, like and fave. Very sweet and contains Fluttershy. What more do I need to say? :yay:

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