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The Entity is many things to those few that have encountered it: an errant star, or a harbinger of doom... others have tried to reach out to it, but the Entity always remained unaware of their intent or influence: it's curiosity the only thing that demanded its focus until it encounters the one being that it can't ignore.

Commission for Kapuchu

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Easily my favourite part here is the beginning. When we're still just exploring what exactly the Entity is. The sense of wonder and curiosity is well portrayed, and I felt myself smiling as I read it. You really did pull through with the alien-ness of the Entity, if that makes sense. In the sense that it was easy to envision it, as more like something without shape, without tangible thought. Just driven by emotions and intent. Handled that better than I ever could :pinkiesmile:

I'm not going to lie, though, when I say that there were a bit more of Celestia and Luna than I expected. It's by no means bad, but the change in tone I felt was a wee bit jarring going from introduction to Luna and Celestia chatting in third person (I thought that was a nice touch, btw).

In the end, there's not much more to say than I love it. In many ways it's exactly what I thought of myself, and in other ways it's different, yet still great all the same. There was more sadness than I expected, but the regret was also there - and well portrayed.
So, I'll say, well done, and thanks for working with me on this :twilightsmile:

Also, Skeeter! You never wrote it, so I had to get someone else to do it :derpytongue2: hope you like it as much as I did.

A nice and neat little interpretation of things, on both sides of the spectrum. I rather enjoyed this.

A cosmic being of great and undefined power, capable of assuming different forms and states of being within and without consciousness, encounters a being of great and esoteric power, capable of spurning dreams to reality, and whose jealousy is, or will be, literally legendary.

Being One and Being Two shake hooves and mind meld.
Being One Assumes Direct Control.
Being Two discovers the concept of 'You F:flutterrage:ed Up.'
Being Two has second thoughts, consults Pandimensional Energy Entity Etiquette Handbook.
Being Two taps Being One on the shoulder. It doesn't work.

United Federation of Planets? Q.
Q? United Federation of Planets.
United Federation of Planets? Borg.
Borg? Um...


They aren't much for pleasantries. Oh. You discovered that, I see. No, sorry, we don't do refunds.

Would you care for a towel?

Insatiable, eternal and drifting curiosity.

V-ger. :raritywink:

Wanderer D

8371949 O_O OMC. I didn't even make the connection. I can't unsee now.

When NMM returns what will happen to the entity?
Did it give itself to Luna and not be reconstructed?
I the entity the tantabus?

8372006 I am such an immense nerd, there was no way I couldn't make that connection... for I have seen Star Trek I through III over 200 times!

1 - I have no idea. Presumably it is purged from Luna, but not destroyed.
2 - Its exact properties are unknown. It is hinted that they are separate until the very end, so likely it will be "reconstructed (the phrasing of your question is a bit strange)
3 - I did have the Tantabus in mind when I wrote down the idea for Wanderer, however it is not it. The Entity is something wholly different, and completely alien to the world of Equestria.

4 - (Your unasked question) - Why am I answering your questions? Because I was the one who commissioned the story and is as capable of answering them as Wanderer D :pinkiehappy:

Beautiful. It started so innocently, and then it had a sad, but beautiful display of the age-old saying - the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
The Entity did not want to harm... but it did not fully understand, and thanks to that, history came to be.

Here's your damn comment. Cool story, tho.

Fascinating. I don't think I've ever seen an external entity-assisted Nightmare Moon scenario where Luna overwhelmed said entity before. You pull it off exquisitely well, capturing the alien perspective as well as any physical flesh being can. The Entity's final sacrifice is especially poignant. In its final monents, it truly understood friendship.

Thank you for this.

this was a beautiful tale, i'm happy i read it.

Poor zero you only stopped at the eighteenth station
May you rest and be reborn under her guiding light

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